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How to edit the wiki Because of spam, now only registered users will have the privileges to edit the wiki. You can request an account on the forum or on our discord to Xifanie or Raijinili, or use the account FFHGuest with the password "hacktics" (without the quotes). The guest account may be removed upon abuse.

Getting Started

Related Tools: FFTPatcher Suite (All purpose Patcher)

Forum Links:

ASM Hacking

Related Tools: FFTOrgASM (ASM Applicator), MassHexASM (ASM encoder/decoder), LEDecoder (Scans files for ASM code)

Community Space Management
ASM references
FFT's assembly code

Address Reference

ASM Hacks

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but some are listed here for better documentation how to use them.


Related Tools: EasyVent Editor (Event Editor), EvtchrView (Event Sprites Viewer/Importer), ATTACK.OUT Editor (Scenario Editor), Gameflow Editor


Related Tools: FFTEVGRP (Formation Sprite Importer), Shishi Sprite Editor (Spritesheet Importer), Palette Editor


Related Tools: Ganesha (Map Editor), Map2gl (Map Viewer)





Other Games