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You can simply click the version number to download the file you want, but it is heavily recommended that you check out the tool's page to learn about the tool's particularities and info how to use it.

Some files are archived as .7z, you can use 7-zip to extract them.

OS Console Category Title Versions Authors
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png Emulator pSX 1.13 pSX Author
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png General FFTPatcher Suite

> Tools that will help you edit general stats, text, sprites
> and apply ASM hacks

Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png General Level Up Simulator
> Simulate a unit's stat growth by level
1.0 Ganon
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png General PSX SDK (251mb)
> Software Development Kit provided to developers
1998 Sony, Various
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png General Rad's Toolkit (spreadsheet)
> This was the base of FFTPatcher
1.06 Xifanie
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png General Raven's Utilities (spreadsheet)
> Preview Job Stats and Raw Stats
2012/08/27 RavenOfRazgriz
Blank.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Patching Extend ISO (ppf)
> Increase your FFT Image to 650mb potential
1.00 Xifanie
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Patching FFTOrgASM XML Generator
> Easily generate .xml files of your hacks
1.3 RavenOfRazgriz
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png Patching PPF Studio
> Create a .ppf of your mod
1.01b Starbee
Win.pngMac.pngTux.png Psx.png Psp.png Patching PPF Full Distribution
> Create and apply .ppf files
3.0 Paradox
Win.pngMac.pngTux.png Psx.png Psp.png Patching PPF-O-MATIC
> Apply a .ppf to your FFT Image to play a mod
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png ISO Editor CDMage
> Import/Extract files from your FFT Image
1.02.1 B5 TWoeMS
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png ISO Editor cdprog
> Import/Extract files from your FFT Image
??? ???
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Scenario ATTACK.OUT Editor
> Change a scenario's map, songs, ENTD, etc.
1.02 Xifanie
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.pngPsp.png Scenario ATTACK.OUT Editor Special Awesome
> GUI for scenario editing.
2017/04/23 RavenOfRazgriz
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png Scenario Camera Helper (spreadsheet)
> Helps you create Camera() Event Instructions
1.02 Xifanie
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png Scenario Arc Generator
> An event tool to create perfect arcs using Spritemove.
1.00 Xifanie
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png Scenario EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.1
> GUI for event editing with a map viewer
2019/12/03 RavenOfRazgriz, update by Elric
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png Scenario Event Conditions (spreadsheet)
> Edit the conditions to trigger a new event
1.00 Xifanie
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png Scenario Event Decompiler & Event Compiler
> Extract and compile events
2.04 Xifanie
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png Scenario World Map Instructions (spreadsheet)
> Edit the conditions to trigger events or draw paths
1.00 Xifanie
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png Graphics EVTCHR Frame Editor (spreadsheet)
> Change the frames and animation of EVTCHR slots


Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Graphics FFTEVGRP
> Change the formation portrait/sprites and palettes
1.00 Mr 273
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png Graphics Palette Editor
> Edit a spritesheet's palettes
1.31b Xifanie
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Graphics PsxMC (Psx Multi Converter)
>View .STR movie files, .TIM graphics files
2.53 Fyiro
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Graphics TIM Tool
> Convert BMP <->
3.0 SCEE
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Graphics TIM Utility (16-bit)
> Convert BMP <-> TIM with transparency
??? Yaroze
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Graphics UWEntries
> Reallocate which job uses which formation sprite
2011/09/02 Glain
Win.pngMac.pngTux.png Psx.png Psp.png Maps map2gl (Map Viewer)
> View FFT Maps without the game
Win.pngMac.pngTux.png Psx.png Maps Ganesha (Map Editor) (Deprecated)
> [Ganesha (Color Addon)
> Edit FFT Maps polygons and textures
0.72.rar addon
gomtuu, Twinees
Win.png Psx.png Maps Ganesha DX (Map Editor)
> Modern Map Editor with Advanced Features
v 0.83 alpha Garmichael
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png Multi Raven's Spreadsheet Shop
  • Item Workbook Compilation
  • Job and Skillset Workbook Compilation
  • Game Progression Workbook Compilation
  • Status, Terrain, and Multiplier Workbook Compilation
2013/07/15 RavenOfRazgriz
Blank.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Blank.png Music FFT MiniPSF archive
> Play FFT songs in raw PSX quality
08/21/08 Neill Corlett
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png World Map Random Battle Editor (spreadsheet)
> Edit which random battle is triggered where
0.01 Xifanie
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png World Map Random Battle Editor
> GUI for editing random battle triggers.
2017/04/12 RavenOfRazgriz
Win.pngMac.pngBlank.png Psx.png World Map World Map Editor (spreadsheet)
> Alter the world map's paths and location positions
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Save Editor FFTastic
> Edit your FFT saves in .gme MC format
1.44 Avaj, Donovan
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Blank.png Psp.png Save Editor Lion Editor
> Edit your FFT Saves (PSP WotL only)
0.147 melonhead