Shishi Sprite Editor

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OS Console Versions Requirements Authors Repo
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png 0.271
Glain (0.482+)

This tool allows you to edit many things in regards to sprites, such as:

  • The sprite itself (import/export as .spr or .bmp)
  • A sprite's SHP (frame data)
  • A sprite's SEQ (animation data)
  • A sprite's SP2 files, which are loaded dynamically for extra frames (automatically attached to the main spritesheets)
  • Various flags

You can find a list of custom sprites made by members of FFHacktics here:

It also allows editing many other graphics present in the game (imported and exported as .png); just to give a few examples:

  • The world map
  • Town graphics
  • Shop backgrounds
  • "Chapter End" backgrounds
  • Treasures/Lands
  • The "Sony Entertainment America Presents" when booting the game
  • Map titles

Warning: Shishi does not have a save feature; everything is automatically saved on the fly; you cannot revert any changes!

How to use

  • Select "File/Open ISO..." and select your FFT Image
  • If it asks you to restructure, if you are planning to make actual changes to that FFT Image, you should restructure.
  • Edit as you wish. ShishiSpriteEditor saves on the fly so there is no need to manually save.


How do I change the formation/squad portraits and sprites?

  • Shishi does not currently, and will likely never support this feature. However, you can use FFTEVGRP to accomplish this.

Known bugs

  • Will not import/extract properly a lot of graphics (other than sprites)
  • OPNTEX5 to OPNTEX20 cannot be read properly, and thus cannot be re-inserted (latest version)
  • For the reason above, Import all images and Dump all images functions fail to work (latest version)