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September 10, 2013, 12:32:30 AM

This is something that really deserves attention, and not just from our usual forum goers.

You can find lirmont's topic here and the Kickstarter page here. Give these links out like candy!
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September 04, 2013, 04:50:40 PM

I'd like to apologize for the server downtime which start 2 hours ago. While trying to get the support to fix the issue, I found out the company shouldn't even be hosting IRCD, and sadly, we have to backup everything and move to a new server.

Toshiko & I are working our asses off to move everything to a new server, so please hang in there. It will still be on irc.ffhacktics.com, don't worry.

Quote from: Chat log with xzibition's support
*** Processing connection to il.us.irc.xzibition.com
*** Looking up your hostname...
*** Checking Ident
*** Got Ident response
*** Found your hostname
[ http://www.xzibition.com ] Please open a ticket via support@xzibition.com for support. - Ask question in here and wait for an @ please or open a ticket.
Topic set by layzkat!layz@admin.xzibition on Mon Jul 15 2013 05:49:11 GMT-0400 (EDT)
<ChanServ>: Welcome to our support channel, Xifanie.
<ChanServ>: We will never ask you for your shell or bnc passwords. Never g...
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August 06, 2013, 05:38:45 AM

Zareb's Tournament Patch has been released, as a full version 1.0. It's a complete overhaul of... well, everything, really. There's an awful lot of work that has gone into this project, and is definitely worth a look. Just don't be too intimidated by the very thorough master guide!
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July 15, 2013, 02:17:35 AM

After being frustrated with the horrible netsplits, humongous lag, and routing issues with Esper, we decided it was time to just get our own IRC server. So do please join us at irc.ffhacktics.com - still on #ffh as always. All of the chat links on the home page as well as the top of the forums now redirect to this new server.

Staff will remain on Esper until everyone has migrated, so no worries.
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July 05, 2013, 07:08:18 AM

We're past the submission deadline and now it's time to cast your votes! See the submissions over here: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=9852.0
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June 28, 2013, 03:57:22 AM

Dear FFH Community, this is a call to arms.

As you may know I've been working hard on my patch for now about 4 years (Counting about 1.5 years of AFK). I’ve since tried multiple times to finish the job quickly, but as always, life got into the mix and forbade me from working adequately, be it job, procrastination or love life. Meanwhile, Call of Power is getting older and not worked on like it should.

Recently I made a promise to try to finish Chapter 3 by September's end, and Chapter 4 by January 24, to have a final version at March 31, 2014 and finally semi-retire from the FFH community, as I spent way too much time here.

After watching the playthroughs of my patch, I’ve seen its main weakness. The main problem people seem to have is that the combat in CoP is very boring. The classes are hard to use, the battles do not follow a difficulty curve and the skills are confusing. However, to fix all of this myself would require more time than someone who is experienced in gameplay...
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May 05, 2013, 01:29:12 PM

Back by popular demand, the latest FFH Spriting Contest has officially begun! Head over to this thread and see what it's all about!
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March 29, 2013, 05:08:59 AM

(NOTE: Current Version is Journey of the Five - Chapter 1 v1.97e, so make sure you're up to date!)

It's finally released!  The first Chapter in an epic story, pitting the most unlikely of forces both with and against each other to prevent the fabric of the entire multiverse from unraveling!

Enter the expansive land of Ivalice and join Ramza Beoulve and his younger sister Alma Beoulve as they cope with the less-than-favorable aftermath of both the Lion War and their own personal war against the Zodiac Beasts and their leader, the Bloody Angel Altima.  Forced into hiding, Ramza, under the assumed name Drake Seymour is reunited with one of the strangest of his previous companions - Cloud Strife, who Ramza met on his previous adventure after powering some kind of dimensional-forwarding device with one of the retrieved Zodiac Stones and calling him from his own world.  Thou...
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