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This allows you to choose what status effect your ability will inflict on the target.

If the damage formula only deals damage, your status effect infliction rate is 25%. You determine the number of your status effect by viewing Inflict Statuses.

If the damage formula has only a variable hit chance, your status effect infliction rate is equal to that of the hit chance.

If the damage formula has a variable hit chance and variable damage, your status effect infliction rate is 25%.

If the damage formula is curative and inflicts a status effect, the status effect must be inflictable for cure to function. The only exception is Dragon Cure, which has a fixed amount of healing (contrary to what the damage formula says).

If a damage formula has NS, unless otherwise stated, you cannot inflict any status effects. (Although not stated in FFTPatcher, Formula 0C is also NS).

If the damage formula is 02, then the "status effect" inflicted is a spell. Observe that you can only pick from the first 256 spells (from 00 to FF--or from Cure to Holy Bracelet). To figure out the number of your spell, go to the items tab and click on the ice brand. This sword already uses formula 02 and thus already has a menu for selecting a spell, each of which is numbered.

If the damage formula says 100%, then if your status effect says all or nothing/cancel, it inflicts/cancels status effects for 100%, if it says separate, each status will be inflicted for 25%, and random will inflict one of the randomly chosen status effects for 100% (personal note--this last part needs harmonization with Zodiac's post).

1 - Antidote [Cancel: Poison]
2 - Eye Drop [Cancel: Darkness]
3 - Echo Grass [Cancel: Silence]
4 - Maiden's Kiss [Cancel: Frog]
5 - Soft [Cancel: Petrify]
6 - Holy Water [Cancel: Undead, Blood Suck]
7 - Remedy [Cancel: Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison, Sleep]
8 - Phoenix Down [Cancel: Dead] (Same as 20)
9 - Blind Knife [All or Nothing: Darkness] (Same as 15,30,49)
A - Mage Masher [All or Nothing: Silence] (Same as 34,4A,63)
B - Assassin's Dagger [All or Nothing: Death Sentence] (Same as 3D,48)
C - Zorlin Shape [All or Nothing: Sleep] (Same as F,1B,39,47,6D)
D - Spell Edge [All or Nothing: Don't Act] (Same as 38,46)
E - Ancient Sword [All or Nothing: Don't Move] (Same as 2D,41)
F - Sleep Sword [All or Nothing: Sleep] (Same as C,1B,39,47,6D)
10 - Nagrarock [All or Nothing: Frog] (Same as 28,42,61,73)
11 - Chaos Blade [All or Nothing: Petrify] (Same as 3A,44,53,5D,70,72)
12 - Slasher [All or Nothing: Slow] (Same as 2B,4B,62)
13 - Poison Rod [All or Nothing: Poison] (Same as 16,27)
14 - Faith Rod [All or Nothing: Faith] (Same as 31)
15 - Night Killer [All or Nothing: Darkness] (Same as 9,30,49)
16 - Poison Bow [All or Nothing: Poison] (Same as 13,27)
17 - Ramia Harp [All or Nothing: Confusion] (Same as 36,45)
18 - Fairy Harp [All or Nothing: Charm] (Same as 3E)
19 - Gokuu Rod [All or Nothing: Innocent] (Same as 32)
1A - Octagon Rod [Cancel: Darkness, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Don't Move, Don't Act)
1B - None [All or Nothing: Sleep] (Same as C,F,39,47,6D)
1C - White Staff [Cancel: Death Sentence]
1D - None [Empty] (Same as 1E,1F,7A-7F)
1E - None [Empty] (Same as 1D,1F,7A-7F)
1F - None [Empty] (Same as 1D,1E,7A-7F)
20 - Raise, Arise, Revive, Squeal [Cancel: Dead] (Same as 8)
21 - Reraise [All or Nothing: Reraise]
22 - Regen [All or Nothing: Regen]
23 - Protect, Protectja, Guardian Nymph, <Slot 168> [All or Nothing: Protect]
24 - Shell, Shellja, Shell Nymph, <Slots 169-16E> [All or Nothing: Shell]
25 - Wall, Kiyomuri [All or Nothing: Protect, Shell]
26 - Esuna, Purification [Cancel: Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Sleep, Don't Move, Don't Act]
27 - Poison, Venom Fang [All or Nothing: Poison] (Same as 13,16)
28 - Toadja [All or Nothing: Frog] (Same as 10,42,61,73)
29 - Death, Suffocate, Heave, Compress, <Slot 167> [All or Nothing: Dead] (Same as 4C)
2A - Haste, Hasteja [All or Nothing: Haste]
2B - Slow, Slowja, Ama-no-Murakumo [All or Nothing: Slow] (Same as 12,4B,62)
2C - Stop, Shadowbind, Bind [All or Nothing: Stop] (Same as 43)
2D - Immobilize, Embrace, Leg Shot [All or Nothing: Don't Move] (Same as E,41)
2E - Float [All or Nothing: Float]
2F - Reflect, Carbuncle, Lick [All or Nothing: Reflect]
30 - Umbra, Darkness, Blindja, Blind, Eye Gouge, Ink, Goo [All or Nothing: Darkness] (Same as 9,15,49)
31 - Belief, Faith [All or Nothing: Faith] (Same as 14)
32 - Disbelief, Doubt [All or Nothing: Innocent] (Same as 19)
33 - Corruption, Zombie [All or Nothing: Undead] (Same as 6C)
34 - Quiescence, Sylph, Aphony, Silence [All or Nothing: Silence] (Same as A,4A,63)
35 - Fervor, Insult, Berserk [All or Nothing: Berserk]
36 - Delirium, Befuddle, Confuseja, Confuse [All or Nothing: Confuse] (Same as 17,45)
37 - Harmony, Dispelja, Dispel, Dischord [Cancel: Float, Reraise, Transparent, Regen, Protect, Shell, Haste]
38 - Hesitation, Fowlheart, Arm Shot, Disable [All or Nothing: Don't Act] (Same as D,46)
39 - Repose, Mimic Darlavon, Sleepja, Sleep [All or Nothing: Sleep] (Same as C,F,1B,47,6D)
3A - Induration, Break [All or Nothing: Petrify] (Same as 11,44,53,5D,70,72)
3B - Nameless Song [Random: Reraise, Regen, Protect, Shell, Haste]
3C - Forbidden Dance [Random: Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Sleep]
3D - Doom Fist, Condemn, Doom [All or Nothing: Death Sentence] (Same as B,48)
3E - Steal Heart, Charm, Snort [All or Nothing: Charm] (Same as 18)
3F - Entice, Dragon's Charm [All or Nothing: Invite]
40 - None [Cancel: Petrify, Oil, Poison, Stop]
41 - Sinkhole [All or Nothing: Don't Move] (Same as E, 2D)
42 - Torrent [All or Nothing: Frog] (Same as 10,28,61,73)
43 - Tanglevine [All or Nothing: Stop] (Same as 2C)
44 - Contortion [All or Nothing: Petrify] (Same as 11,3A,53,5D,70,72)
45 - Tremor [All or Nothing: Confusion] (Same as 17,36)
46 - Wind Slash [All or Nothing: Don't Act] (Same as D,38)
47 - Will-o'-the-Wisp [All or Nothing: Sleep] (Same as C,F,1B,39,6D)
48 - Quicksand [All or Nothing: Death Sentence] (Same as B,3D)
49 - Sandstorm [All or Nothing: Darkness] (Same as 9,15,30)
4A - Snowstorm [All or Nothing: Silence] (Same as A,34,63)
4B - Wind Blast [All or Nothing: Slow] (Same as 12,2B,62)
4C - Magma Surge [All or Nothing: Dead] (Same as 29)
4D - Muramasa [Random: Confusion, Death Sentence]
4E - Masamune [All or Nothing: Regen, Haste]
4F - Salve [Cancel: Darkness, Silence, Poison]
50 - Dispelna [Cancel: Petrify, Confusion, Silence, Blood Suck, Frog, Poison, Stop, Sleep, Don't Move, Don't Act]
51 - Celestial Stasis [All or Nothing: Stop, Don't Move, Don't Act]
52 - Celestial Void, Corporeal Void [Random: Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Poison, Slow, Sleep]
53 - Petrify (B5) [All or Nothing: Petrify] (Same as 11,3A,44,5D,70,72)
54 - Nightmare [Random: Sleep, Death Sentence]
55 - Vampire (C8) [All or Nothing: Blood Suck]
56 - Bio (CA) [Separate: Darkness]
57 - Bio (CB) [Separate: Poison]
58 - Bio (CC) [Separate: Oil]
59 - Bioga (D1) [Separate: Undead]
5A - Bioga (D2) [Separate: Dead] (Same as 77)
5B - Bioga (D3) [Separate: Petrify]
5C - Aegis [All or Nothing: Reraise, Regen, Protect, Shell, Haste]
5D - Seal Evil [All or Nothing: Petrify] (Same as 11,3A,44,53,70,72)
5E - Dragon's Gift [Cancel: Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Stop, Sleep, Don't Move, Don't Act]
5F - Finishing Touch [Random: Dead, Petrify, Stop]
60 - Bequeath Bacon [All or Nothing: Crystal]
61 - Biora (CD) [All or Nothing: Frog] (Same as 10,28,42,73)
62 - Ague, Biora (CE) [All or Nothing: Slow] (Same as 12,2B,4B)
63 - Biora (CF) [All or Nothing: Silence] (Same as A,34,4A)
64 - Choco Esuna [Cancel: Petrify, Darkness, Silence, Poison, Stop, Don't Move, Don't Act]
65 - Self-Destruct [All or Nothing: Oil] (Same as 6E)
66 - Blaster [Random: Petrify, Stop]
67 - Mind Blast [Random: Confusion, Berserk]
68 - Toot [Random: Confusion, Sleep]
69 - Bad Breath, Parasite [Separate: Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison, Sleep]
6A - Grand Cross [Separate: Petrify, Darkeness, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Slow, Sleep]
6B - Vampire (11C) [Separate: Blood Suck]
6C - Zombie Touch [All or Nothing: Undead] (Same as 33)
6D - Sleep Touch [All or Nothing: Sleep] (Same as C,F,1B,39,47)
6E - Oily Touch [All or Nothing: Oil] (Same as 65)
6F - Bewitching Gaze [Random: Petrify, Darkness, Silence, Don't Move, Don't Act]
70 - Beak [All or Nothing: Petrify] (Same as 11,3A,44,53,5D,72)
71 - Dark Whisper [Separate: Dead, Sleep]
72 - Petrify (BB), Biora (D0) [All or Nothing: Petrify] (Same as 11,3A,44,53,5D,72)
73 - Toad [All or Nothing: Frog] (Same as 10,28,42,61)
74 - Poisonous Frog [All or Nothing: Poison, Frog]
75 - Judgement Blade [Separate: Stop]
76 - Cleansing Strike [Separate: Death Sentence]
77 - Northswain's Strike [Separate: Dead] (Same as 5A)
78 - Hallowed Bolt [Separate: Silence]
79 - Divine Ruination [Separate: Confusion]
7A-7F None [Empty] (same as 1D,1E,1F,7A-7F

The following can be condensed down, freeing up nearly as many new ones as you want:
F, 1B, 39, 47 -> C
15,30,49 -> 9
16, 27 -> 13
20 -> 8
28, 42, 61, 73 -> 10
2B, 4B, 62 -> 12
2D, 41 -> E
31 -> 14
32 -> 19
34, 4A, 63 -> A
36, 45 -> 17
38, 46 -> D
3A, 44, 53, 5D, 70, 72 -> 11
3D, 48 -> B
3E -> 18
43 -> 2C
4C -> 29
6C -> 33
6E -> 65
77 -> 5A

1B and 40 appear to not be used by any abilities or weapons, though they are not empty.
1D, 1E, 1F, and 7A-7F are unused and empty, ripe for the picking.