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There are three kinds of files in the MAP directory:

  1. GNS files, which tell the game where to look for map data given a certain set of criteria. (Weather, day/night, room arrangement.)
  2. Texture files, which are always 131072 bytes.
  3. Mesh files, which contain:
    1. XYZ/UV Vertices of the map's polygons
    2. Normal vectors of map's vertices
    3. Texture palettes (in color)
    4. Ambient light color and directional light positions
    5. Background gradient colors
    6. Terrain data (tile heights, slopes, and surface type for Geomancy purposes)
    7. Texture animation data
    8. Palette animation data
    9. Texture palettes (grayscale)
    10. Vertex animation data
    11. Eight sets of animated vertex data
    12. Polygon visibility angle data (for removing obstructions from the camera's line of sight when the camera is facing in different directions)

Here is a list of mesh files in the MAP directory and how many bytes can safely be added to each one.