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Spreadsheet hacks allow the user to modify various aspects of the game by inputting values in a spreadsheet, which then create a .XML file based on the changes. The .XML file can then be loaded into FFTorgASM to patch the iso and apply the changes.

These compilations were put together by RavenofRazgriz, who credits various people with their contributions in the descriptions for each spreadsheet.

These spreadsheets can be downloaded here:


For more information, instructions, and in-depth descriptions, read this thread:


Item and Shop Workbook Compilation:

- Store Inventory Editor (By me, information found on the ffhacktics.com/wiki.)
- Weapon Battle Sprites and Palettes Editor (By me, information researched by  Cheetah, Vanya, RandMuadDib.)
- Player Starting Inventory Editor (By me, research by formerdeathcorps.)
- Unrestricted Equip X and Gender Equips ASM (By Secondadvent.)
- Weapon Proc Rate ASM (By Pride.)
- Critical Hit Rate ASM (By Secondadvent, also covers monster jobs.)
- Weapon Formula ASM (By formerdeathcorps.)

Skill and Skillset Workbook Compilation:

- Generic Skillset Fix (By Xifanie.)
- Pre-Raw Stat Editor (By me, information documented by Razele, newer info  documented by secondadvent.)
- Job Defense Boost ASM (By Pride, original spreadsheet by Pokeytax, bugfixes by me.)

Game Progression Workbook Compilation:

- Proposition Editor (By me, information documented by LastingDawn and Melonhead.)
- ATTACK.OUT Battle Event Conditionals Editor (Original Spreadsheet 100% by  Xifanie, all I did was trim some code and make it output an XML file.)
* - [MISSING DEFAULTS] ATTACK.OUT Map, Music, Squad, etc. Editor (By me, 
information sourced from Wiki.  Fills the same function as 
Xifanie's GUI ATTACK.OUT Editor, but with Copy/Paste functionality and the Ramza 
Mandatory flag.  Currently missing the ability to handle Forced Portraits and 
Removable Objects, and won't be able to edit PBFs most likely.  The GUI Editor is 
far better  for PBFs anyway though, this is meant to expedite editing large 
numbers of  entries for patches such as Call of Power that would essentially need 
to  rewrite this portion of ATTACK.OUT, because the GUI takes forever to do so