Offset Conversion

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PSV = pSX savestate

  • PSV to RAM: Subtract 0x2B0
  • PSV to BATTLE.BIN: Subtract 0x672B0
  • PSV to SCUS_942.21: Subtract 0xFAB0

  • RAM to PSV: Add 0x2B0
  • RAM to SCUS_942.21: Subtract 0xF800
  • RAM to BATTLE.BIN: Subtract 0x67000
  • RAM to WORLD.BIN: Subtract 0xE0000
  • RAM to ATTACK.OUT: Subtract 0x1BF000
  • RAM to WLDCORE.BIN: Substract 0x67000
  • RAM to REQUIRE.OUT: Subtract 0x1BF000
  • RAM to EQUIP.OUT: Subtract 0x1BF000

  • SCUS_942.21 to PSV: Add 0xFAB0
  • SCUS_942.21 to RAM: Add 0xF800

  • ATTACK.OUT to PSV: Add 0x1BF2B0
  • ATTACK.OUT to RAM: Add 0x1BF000

  • BATTLE.BIN to PSV: Add 0x672B0
  • BATTLE.BIN to RAM: Add 0x67000
  • WORLD.BIN to PSV: Add 0xE02B0
  • WORLD.BIN to RAM: Add 0xE0000

  • WLDCORE.BIN to RAM: Add 0x67000