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Here is a list of Routine locations in RAM. To view the actual code of the routine follow the link under it. If you add routines PLEASE keep them in order. When unfinished routines are deciphered they'll be inserted in the correct location. Thanks! These locations are during a battle and the majority of them found in Battle.BIN. If you know the return locations of the routine, please link to them under the routine code. See "Defense Up" for an example.


000000a0: Jump to 0x5c4 (Bios call - First table)

000000b0: (Bios call - Second table)

000000c0: (Bios call - Third table)

SCUS_942.21 RAM

00011bf4 - 00011dd4: 0x11bf4

00012518 - 0001255c: Play Sound Effect (Inner Routine)

00013b20 - 00013f70: Play Sound Effect (Worker Routine)

00017e7c - 00017eb4: Get Sound Effect Data For ability effects?

0001bec8 - 0001d64c: Initialize some screen data

0001bf38 - 0001bfb8: Frame Timing Related? (0x1bf38)

0001c04c - 0001c050: Return -1

0001cb04 - 0001cba0: ? 0x1cb04

0001cba4 - 0001cc40: ? 0x1cba4

0001d0a8 - 0001d0d4: Store Rotation matrix elements to GTE

0001d0d8 - 0001d104: Store Light Source Matrix Elements to GTE

0001d108 - 0001d134: Store Light Color matrix source RGB's to GTE

0001d138 - 0001d154: Store Translation Vectors to GTE

0001d158 - 0001d160: Get Projection Plane distance from GTE

0001d164 - 0001d184: Store Background RGB to GTE

0001d188 - 0001d1a4: Store far color RGB to GTE

0001d1a8 - 0001d1bc: Store Screen offsets to GTE

0001d1c0 - 0001d1d0: Store Projection plane distance in GTE

0001d1d4 - 0001d1fc: Multiply vector and store results

0001d200 - 0001d224: Depth Cue Color Light

0001d228 - 0001d260: Depth Cue Triple

0001d264 - 0001d284: interpolate

0001d288 - 0001d2ac: square vector

0001d2b0 - 0001d2d4: square matrix/vector (duplicate routine?

0001d2d8 - 0001d2f4: Find Average of 3 Z values

0001d2f8 - 0001d318: Find Average of 4 Z values

0001d31c - 0001d370: calculate outer product of 2 vectors

0001d374 - 0001d3c8: calculate outer product of 2 vectors 2

0001d3cc - 0001d3e0: Get leading 0 or 1 count

0001d578 - 0001d59c: 0x1d578

0001db58 - 0001db84: Get Inverted Button Input

0001dcf0 - 0001dd88: Wait for Vertical Sync

00021ff4 - 00021ffc: PAD_dr (Gets controller button state)

000220f4 - 000220fc: Change Clear Pad

00022104 - 0002210c: Change Clear RCnt

0002228c - 00022294: Write String to Terminal

000222dc - 000222e4: bcopy (Copies data from one section of memory to another; like memmove)

0002230c - 00022314: rand | Random Number Generator

0002398c - 00023a50: ? Calculation (0x2398c)

00023c68 - 00023c8c: ? 0x23c68

000245bc - 000245c8: ? Accessor (0x245bc)

00024740 - 00024864: ? 0x24740

000248fc - 0002495c: ? 0x248fc

000249c4 - 00024a84: ? 0x249c4

000254cc - 00025520: ? 0x254cc

00040934 - start of meaningful code

00040bd8 - 00041380: Build Image Data for Now Loading message

00042a10 - 00042aac: Starting Inventory

00042ab0 - 00042b18: ? 0x42ab0 (Starting new game related)

00042b1c - 00042b28: Store Three Consecutive Halfwords

00043ff8 - 00044014: Play Sound Effect

000444dc - 000445fc: ? 0x444dc

00044a34 - 00044a5c: ? 0x44a34

00044a60 - 00044a78: ? 0x44a60

00045938 - end of meaningful code

00059854 - 00059abc: Initialize Status Check Data

00059ac8 - 00059aec: Clear Party | Initialize Party ID to FF

00059af0 - 00059b14: Get Party Data Pointer

00059b18 - 00059bac: Unit Initialization

00059bb0 - 00059d58: Save Unit to Party | Add Unit to Party/Store Unit's Party Data

00059d5c - 00059e14: Find Free Party Index | Find Free Party Slot

00059e18 - 00059ed0: Create Monster Egg

00059ed4 - 00059f90: Generate Party Unit In Empty Slot | Find Empty Party Slot and Generate Unit

00059f94 - 00059fdc: Find Unit's Party Data Location

00059fe0 - 00059ff8: Remove Unit from Party

00059ffc - 0005a3dc: Out of Battle Unit Generation

0005a3e0 - 0005a3fc: Generate Unit's Base Raw Stats Prep

0005a400 - 0005a444: Prep for Generating Base Raw Stats

0005a448 - 0005a51c: Generate Unit's Base Raw Stats

0005a520 - 0005a564: Transfer Job's Growths/Mults to Unit

0005a568 - 0005a634: Load Ability From Skillset

0005a638 - 0005a728: Store Skillset's Abilities

0005a72c - 0005a880: Calculate Ability Pointers and Type

0005a884 - 0005a8a0: Get Item Data Pointer

0005a8a4 - 0005a8d0: Get Job Data Pointer

0005a8d4 - 0005a9b0: Initialize Unit's Job Data

0005a9b4 - 0005aafc: Unit Battle Initialization

0005ab00 - 0005ab44: Equipment/Move/Jump +X/Name Storing/Generation

0005ab48 - 0005ac18: Store Ramza's Name/Birthday/Zodiac

0005ac1c - 0005b034: ENTD Data Calculation

0005b038 - 0005b0cc: Prep for Initializing Unit's Job Data

0005b0d0 - 0005b2b0: Initialize Unit's Battle Data

0005b2b4 - 0005b4fc: Calculate ENTD Unit Jobs

0005b500 - 0005b5d8: Sprite Set and Random Secondary Job Calculation

0005b5dc - 0005b79c: Transfer Job's Data to Unit's Data

0005b7a0 - 0005b828: Enable Unit's R/S/M Flags

0005b82c - 0005b87c: R/S/M Flag Setting

0005b880 - 0005ba6c: Calculate Actual Stats (Used for Stat Capping as well)

0005ba70 - 0005bdac: Calculate Unit's Abilities

0005bdb0 - 0005bdec: Monster Equipment Storing

0005bdf0 - 0005c278: Calculate/Store ENTD Unit Equipment

0005c27c - 0005c394: Equippable Item Setting (Support/Female-only)

0005c398 - 0005c5c4: Equipment Stat Setting

0005c5c8 - 0005c8e8: Equipment Attribute Setting

0005c8ec - 0005c980: Move/Jump +X Calculation (can be used to load data at start of battle)

0005c984 - 0005cbcc: Store/Generate Character Names

0005cbd0 - 0005cc60: Calculate Highest Party Level

0005cc64 - 0005cc94: Store X into Y (r4 = Loading Pointer, r5 = Storing Pointer)

0005cc98 - 0005ce70: Calculate Random Equipment

0005ce74 - 0005d0b8: Calculate Learned Abilities

0005d0bc - 0005d3c0: Calculate Unit's R/S/M

0005d3c4 - 0005d410: Find Skillset's Job ID (Not used?)

0005d414 - 0005d46c: Status Initialization

0005d470 - 0005d4cc: Nullify CT/Initialize Death Counter

0005d4d0 - 0005d5b8: Float/Current Statuses/Status Immunities/Status CT

0005d5bc - 0005d5dc: Status Setting/Checking + Equip/R/S/M Stats Prep

0005d5e0 - 0005d600: Status Setting/Checking + Equip/R/S/M Stats Prep 2 (Level Up)

0005d604 - 0005d624: Status Setting/Checking + Equip/R/S/M Stats Prep 3

0005d628 - 0005d87c: Status Setting/Checking + Equip/R/S/M Stats

0005d880 - 0005d8f8: Check if Unit Leveled UP

0005d8fc - 0005da0c: Level Unit to Specific Level

0005da10 - 0005db6c: Level Up Section

0005db70 - 0005dc10: Status CT Setting

0005dc14 - 0005dd44: Calculate Unlocked Jobs

0005dd48 - 0005ded4: Proposition JP Gain

0005ded8 - 0005def0: Store 3-Byte Data

0005def4 - 0005df34: Calculate Job Level

0005df38 - 0005dfa8: Initialize Unit's Job Levels

0005dfac - 0005dfd0: Initialize Some Unit Data

0005dfd4 - 0005e014: Minimum SP Capping/War Trophy Nulling/Status Initialization

0005e018 - 0005e04c: Get Ability's Range

0005e050 - 0005e084: Get Ability's AoE

0005e088 - 0005e0c8: Calculate Unit's Palette/Portrait (return Portrait)

0005e0cc - 0005e11c: Pass/Fail Roll | Check if Random is greater/equal to Chance

0005e120 - 0005e1ac: Get Unit's Portrait/Palette **changes sprite that's loaded in battle

0005e1b0 - 0005e1fc: Status Checks (r5 = set to check)

0005e200 - 0005e228: Get Known Abilities

0005e22c - 0005e250: Copy Byte Data (20 Bytes) (Used Action data) | Transfer Target ID? Through Mount Data

0005e254 - 0005e284: Store X Byte into Y

0005e288 - 0005e474: Get Total Equipment Quantity (Equip Change/Formation Screen?)

0005e478 - 0005e4e4: Initialize Unit's X/Y+Facing/Battle Rewards

0005e4e8 - 0005e5d4: Find Action Highest Order Status Effect | Get Lowest Order Status' 0x08 Check Data? (Status Checks 2)

0005e5d8 - 0005e640: Calculate Zodiac Symbol

0005e644 - 0005e66c: Data Nullifying (requires r5 = Limit, and r4 = Starting location)

0005e670 - 0005e6c8: Increase Casualties/Injured Counters

0005e6cc - 0005e740: Inflicted Status Changes

0005e744 - 0005e774: Store Current Statuses

0005e778 - 0005e7a4: Transfer Last Ability Used CT

0005e7a8 - 0005e8e4: Status infliction/removal?

0005e8e8 - 0005e908: ? removed code?


0006aed0 - 0006b268: 0x6aed0

000830a8 - 00083438: 0x830a8


000e1ed8 - 000e1ee8: Set Scroll Sound Effect (WORLD.BIN)

000e4668 - 000e4b00: Find Text Coordinates (WORLD.BIN)

000e6edc - 000e6f10: Find Text Entry (WORLD.BIN)

000ebb08 - 000ebdc8: Handle Menu Action (WORLD.BIN)

000ebdcc - 000ebe78: Menu Scroll Related (0xebdcc)

000ebf8c - 000ec104: 0xebf8c

000ecf20 - 000ed100: Handle Formation Screen Triangle Menu

000ef1a8 - 000ef258: Get Script Variable (WORLD.BIN)

000ef25c - 000ef2f8: Set Script Variable (WORLD.BIN)

000fda34 - 000fda50: Get Menu Controller Input (WORLD.BIN)

000fdaa4 - 000fdb18: Image Loading Setup (0xfdaa4)

000fdcf0 - 000fdf34: Image Loading Setup? (0xfdcf0)

000fe774 - 000fe7a0: Display Menu Text Entry (WORLD.BIN)

000fe7d4 - 000fe814: Display Specific Menu Text (WORLD.BIN)

000fe818 - 000fef30: Display Menu Text (WORLD.BIN)

000ffd70 - 000ffdf0: Initialize Thread (WORLD.BIN)

000ffdf4 - 000ffe0c: Mark Thread As Running (WORLD.BIN)

000ffe10 - 000ffe24: Mark Thread As Stopped (WORLD.BIN)

000ffe28 - 000ffe60: Stop Current Thread (WORLD.BIN)

000ffeec - 000fff04: Check Thread Running Status (WORLD.BIN)

000fff08 - 000fff24: Store Thread Function Parameters (WORLD.BIN)

000fff50 - 00100080: Switch To Next Thread (WORLD.BIN)

00100090 - 001000c0: Get First Thread Parameter (WORLD.BIN)

001000c4 - 001000f4: Get Second Thread Parameter (WORLD.BIN)

00100164 - 00100184: Check Thread Running Status (WORLD.BIN) (0x100164)

00100348 - 00100380: Get Inner Text (WORLD.BIN)

00100384 - 00100424: Call Inner Subroutine (WORLD.BIN)

00108920 - 001089f4: Generate Formation Unit Name String

0011241c - 00112608: Handle Simple Selection Menu (WORLD.BIN)

00113dd4 - 00113efc: ? 0x113dd4

001140bc - 00114754: Formation Screen Frame Processing

0011a378 - 0011a4e0: ? 0x11a378

0011a778 - 0011a87c: ? 0x11a778

0011f5f0 - 0011fc14: Learn Abilities Menu

001200f8 - 001202f8: Order Unit Menu Processing

00120344 - 001207b8: Handle Dismiss Unit Menu

001207bc - 00120818: Obtain Gil

001208f8 - 0012092c: Dismiss-able check

00120930 - 001209c0: Dismiss unit (by formation index) (with checks)

001210e8 - 001212b4: ? 0x1210e8 (Formation screen related)

0012243c - 00122484: Get Base Job (Formation Screen)

0012257c - 00122768: Calculate Job Wheel Jobs

00122c20 - 00122e3c: "Set Ability" menu display

00125374 - 001253cc: Sort equipment as weapon/shield/hat/body/other based on item number

00129b7c - 00129ce8: Menu Page Up/Down

0012a08c - 0012a0e4: ? 0x12a08c

0012ab78 - 0012ac10: Run Menu Thread (WORLD.BIN)

0012bb88 - 0012bd10: Find New Formation Screen Unit Index (Checks directional input, L1/R1)

00136548 - 001368d8: Fitting Room Related (0x136548)

0013702c - 001370f8: Buy From Fitting Room


  • 00067000 - 00067794: Return Addresses

000683e4 - 00068414: Transfer Unit's X/Y/Map Level

00068418 - 00068490: X/Y Data Gathering for Attacks?

00068534 - 00068630: Palette modification based on team

0006867c - 000686ac: Increment AT List ID

00068e80 - 000690f4: Special Status Flag Enabling?

000692bc - 00069338: ? 0x692bc (WalkTo Animation inner routine for Mounted units?)

0006bbfc - 0006bce0: ? 0x6bbfc

0006c024 - 0006c2b8: ? 0x6c024

0006d818 - 0006db0c: Process Single Unit Movement

0006f5bc - 0006f630: Player Camera Zoom (L1 Button)

0006f678 - 0006f7c0: Camera Zoom Related (0x6f678)

000707c4 - 0007081c: Process Unit Movement

00072928 - 00072a0c: Rider/Mount X/Y/Facing Setting?

00072a88 - 00072acc: Check if Facing Needs Changed?

000732c8 - 000734c8: Battle Message Display

000736d4 - 000739c8: Display calculations for current ability critical hit, reflect, etc.

00073eec - 00073fb4: Action processing?

00074308 - 0007446c: Select Target Tile

00074f5c - 0007530c: big Misc unit data routine

000773f8 - 0007775c: ? 0x773f8

00079a98 - 0007a1d0: Main BATTLE.BIN Loop

0007a218 - 0007a258: Get Source Unit Misc Data Pointer

0007a2b8 - 0007a3f4: Find Unit at Coordinates (Misc Data) (0x7a2b8)

0007a5d0 - 0007a6e0: Get Overlapping Unit Misc Data Pointer

0007a6e4 - 0007a720: Get Unit Misc Data Pointer | Find Current Misc Unit Data Pointer (external ID)?

0007a724 - 0007a770: Find Misc Unit Data Pointer (checking for specific unit)?

0007ac60 - 0007aca8: Unit RGB/Sprite Type/? Initialization

0007af44 - 0007b4e8: Display Related? (0x7af44)

0007b4ec - 0007b52c: Store Display Data

0007c80c - 0007cff4: Slope Calculations

0007eb8c - 0007eebc: Determine Status Bubble Parameters

0007eec0 - 0007f1d0: Display Status Bubble

0007f1d4 - 0007f23c: ? 0x7f1d4 (Status Bubble Related?)

0007f45c - 0007f508: Store Item's Display Data

0007f5f8 - 0007ff40: Post Action Display Routine

0007ff44 - 0007ff78: "Speed" display

0007ff7c - 0007ffac: "CT" display

0007ffb0 - 0007ffe4: "Br" display

0007ffe8 - 0008001c: "Fa" display

00080020 - 00080050: "Attack" Sword display

00080054 - 00080088: "Magic" Rod display

0008008c - 000800b8: "Missed" display

000800bc - 000800e8: "Guarded" display

000800ec - 00080114: "Caught?" display

000803e4 - 000808b4: Post-Action Display Setup

000808b8 - 00080bc0: Set Exp/JP Display Data and get Palette

00080bc4 - 00080c3c: *One-Digit Experience*

00080c40 - 00080cf4: *Two-Digit Experience*

00080cf8 - 00080d80: *One-Digit JP*

00080d84 - 00080e38: *Two-Digit JP*

00080e3c - 00080e78: *"No Target" Display*

00080e7c - 00080eb8: *"Silenced" Display*

00080ebc - 00080f00: *"No MP" Display*

00080f44 - 00080fe8: Prep for Displaying Earned Exp/JP

000810a4 - 00081974: More post action display?

00081978 - 00081984: Store unit animation and facing value

00082508 - 0008254c: Determine Status Bubble Activation Byte | Status/? Misc ID checks

00082550 - 00082588: Transparent Check (for opacity?)

00082b80 - 00082c0c: Set unit animation based on ability

00082eec - 000831b4: Set Animation based on status

00083758 - 00083850: Set thrown item graphic/palette also throw stone

00084818 - 0008522c: Animate party units?

000865a4 - 0008663c: Process Status Bubble Display

0008b834 - 0008b85c: Set Camera Zoom Parameters

0008ba60 - 0008ba88: Set Camera Rotation Values

0008bf1c - 0008bf80: 0x8bf1c

0008c410 - 0008c438: Get Unit Screen Location Data Pointer

0008c664 - 0008c79c: Walk To

0008ca48 - 0008ca78: 0x8ca48

0008ce20 - 0008ce74: Get Unit Misc ID By Unit Index

0008ced0 - 0008cef8: Find Unit's Misc Data Pointer (+0x15c)

0008dc24 - 0008dc70: Get Unit's Spritesheet Value

0008dc9c - 0008dcc0: Find Unit's Misc Data Pointer and Load Spritesheet Value

0008dd10 - 0008dda4: Start New Effect

0008dee8 - 0008df0c: Set Event Speed Inner

0008df10 - 0008df44: Store Selected Tile Coordinates

0008df48 - 0008df74: Store Map Max Coordinates

0008df78 - 0008dfa8: Get Tile Data Pointer From Unit Misc ID

0008e17c - 0008e1f4: ? 0x8e17c

0008efb4 - 0008f12c: Color Screen Related (0x8efb4)

0008f710 - 00090044: Palette Modification

00090840 - 00090c44: Map Darkness

00092620 - 000926d4: Extract Colors Data | Extract RGB+Alpha from Palette

000926d8 - 000927b8: Extract Palette Data | Get Palette Data

00092f98 - 00093044: ? 0x92f98

00093170 - 000931c0: Color Field

000934d0 - 00093500: Map Darkness Wrapper

00093654 - 000937f4: ? 0x93654

000e840c - 000ec714: Background Tile Color For Targeting/Movement

000ec718 - 000ee100: Background Tile Color For Targeting/Movement (Partial Tiles)

0011acdc - 0011aeec: Throw Determination Routine

0012cc54 - 0012cf40: Set Tile Background Color (Partial Tiles)

0012cf44 - 0012d2b0: Set Tile Background Color

0012df98 - 0012e18c: ? 0x12df98

0012f04c - 0012f108: ? 0x12f04c

00132824 - 00132858: Prep for Loading Text

001330e4 - 0013312c: Copy Unit Screen Location Data

00133158 - 00133490: Get misc ID (For event commands?)

00133c98 - 00133ce8: Has Status Effect (For Status Window)

00133cec - 00133eec: Display Inner Character Window

001340ac - 0013417c: Dismiss Unit Event Instruction

00134438 - 001346f0: Display Height

001346f4 - 0013493c: Height Number Display Setup

00134a74 - 001352b8: Display Projected Action Effect

00136b10 - 00136bcc: Get Item Graphic Data

00137c10 - 00137ed0: Handle Menu Action

00138094 - 00138170: ? 0x138094

00138174 - 001383c4: ? 0x138174

00138ed8 - 001390b8: Display Simple Selection Menu

0013b590 - 0013b640: Get Script Variable (called from steal item decrement/stat changes/price change?? And weather effects on crossbows/bows)

0013b644 - 0013b6e0: Set Script Variable

0013bb70 - 0013bb38: ? 0x13bb70

0013bc14 - 0013bcb8: Load File

0013bfbc - 0013c024: Display Triangle Selection Menu

0013c284 - 0013c2d8: ? 0x13c284

0013c710 - 0013c73c: Show Graphic (Outer Routine)

0013da00 - 0013da24: Set Event Speed

0013db9c - 0013dfac: Camera Fusion Event Instruction

0013dfb0 - 0013e544: Camera Fusion Inner Routine

0013e5c0 - 0013e658: Walk To Event Instruction

0013e904 - 0013edd4: Block Start Event Instruction

0013f668 - 0013f768: Store Selected Tile Data

0013fa6c - 00140224: Skillset Display and a bunch of AI calculation (abilities greyed/blinking red)

00142508 - 001425ac: Get Battle Unit By Unit ID (For scenario conditionals?)

001425d8 - 00142688: Process Scenario Conditionals (ATTACK.OUT Scenario Conditionals)

00142694 - 00142b58: Process Scenario Conditional

00142b5c - 00142ba0: 0x142b5c

00142bd0 - 00142c20: ? 0x142bd0

00142c24 - 00142ca4: ? 0x142c24

00142ca8 - 00142d28: ? 0x142ca8

00142d2c - 00142d54: ? 0x142d2c

00142d58 - 001433a8: 0x142d58

00143418 - 001439bc: ? 0x143418

00143bd8 - 001449f8: Event Instruction Main Routine 1

001449fc - 00145750: Event Instruction Main Routine 2

00145754 - 00145f70: Event Instruction Main Routine 3

00145f78 - 00014600: ? 0x145f78

00146078 - 00146090: Load Halfword

00146094 - 001469a0: Store Halfword

00146110 - 001466b0: Camera Event Instruction

001466b4 - 00146728: Map Darkness (Async)

001467dc - 0014693c: Color Screen Event Instruction

00146940 - 00146ee0: Sprite Move

00146ee4 - 00146f1c: Sprite Move (Outer)

0014703c - 001472d8: Map Light (Async)

001474a4 - 00147580: ? 0x1474a4

00147584 - 0014777c: Focus Event Instruction

00147780 - 00147914: Focus Speed Event Instruction

00147e60 - 00147fa8: Warp Unit

00149398 - 0014948c: Unit Anim

001495e0 - 00149688: Color Unit Event Instruction

00149bec - 00149c44: Get Next Available Thread ID

00149d48 - 00149d68: Set Thread Task ID

00149ebc - 00149f0c: Find Event Instruction Byte Offset

0014a018 - 0014a2e8: Run Script Variable Command Jumped to from subroutines of steal routine - Calculate party inventory?

0014a3f8 - 0014a460: Wait Value Event Instruction

0014a5e8 - 0014a65c: Image Loading Setup (0x14a5e8)

0014a6cc - 0014a6e0: ? 0x14a6cc

0014a834 - 0014aa78: Image loading setup? (0x14a834)

0014b2f0 - 0014b31c: Display Menu Text Entry

0014b320 - 0014b34c: Display Menu Text Entry (Unused?)

0014b350 - 0014b390: Display Specific Menu Text

0014b394 - 0014ba24: Display Menu Text

0014ba28 - 0014bae0: Find Next Text Character

0014bf54 - 0014bf78: Copy Bytes (0x14bf54)

0014c4a8 - 0014c754: ? 0x14c4a8

0014c858 - 0014c89c: Wait (Switch To Next Thread Multiple Times)

0014c8a0 - 0014c920: Initialize Thread

0014c924 - 0014c93c: Mark Thread As Running

0014c940 - 0014c954: Mark Thread As Stopped

0014c958 - 0014c990: Stop Current Thread

0014c9d0 - 0014ca18: Wait For Thread

0014ca38 - 0014ca54: Store Thread Function Parameters

0014ca80 - 0014cbb0: Switch To Next Thread

0014cbb4 - 0014cbbc: Return Global Pointer

0014cbc0 - 0014cbf0: Get First Thread Parameter

0014cbf4 - 0014cc24: Get Second Thread Parameter

0014cc94 - 0014ccb4: Check Thread Running Status

0014ce78 - 0014ceb0: Get Inner Text | Find Text ID's Location

0014ceb4 - 0014cf54: Call Inner Subroutine (Function call wrapper; forces call on main thread)

  • 00174068 - 0017436c: Return addresses

001743c8 - 0017442c: Chocobo Check

001780ec - 00178138: Calculate WalkTo Pathing

0017813c - 00178ca0: Calculate Pathing

00179204 - 00179258: Moldball Virus Depth Check

001792a4 - 001793fc: Check Vert Tolerance and if Tiles can be Chosen

00179400 - 00179420: Null some Tile Data (192dd9)

00179424 - 00179514: more map/targeting stuff

00179518 - 00179638: Calculate Tiles Hit by Ability

0017963c - 001797b8: Calculate Possible AoE Tiles

0017a16c - 0017a28c: calculate ability range with map parameters?

0017a290 - 0017a514: Set panels affected by ability?

0017a7bc - 0017a8bc: some map calculation

0017a8c0 - 0017aaf4: Calculate ability range for menu types?

0017aaf8 - 0017ac8c: Calculate Targeting for Menu Types

0017ac90 - 0017afbc: Targeting validation (weapon flags)

0017afc0 - 0017b3f0: Auxilary targeting validation

0017b3f4 - 0017b49c: Height/coordinate validation

0017b4a0 - 0017b4cc: Disable Green Panel Flags (initialization?)

0017b4d0 - 0017b7b0: Calculator Routine

0017b7b4 - 0017b870: Disable Green Panel on all but Target's Tile

0017b874 - 0017bc74: Targeting routine

0017bc78 - 0017bdcc: Check Allies/Enemies that can be Targeted

0017bdd0 - 0017be64: Check if Unit can be Targeted

0017be68 - 0017c040: Linear/3-direction AoE Calculation

0017c044 - 0017c154: Linear Attack Tile Calculation

0017c158 - 0017c3b4: Calculate Height Data

0017c3b8 - 0017c3d8: Call Attack Preparation (ability selected)

0017c3dc - 0017c458: Call Attack Preparation (AT list preview)

0017c45c - 0017c908: Attack Preparation

0017c90c - 0017c950: Unit exists/party member checkReturns 0x16e in unit data

0017c954 - 0017c9b4: Player Item Quantity decrement

0017c9b8 - 0017cac8: Prep Current Action Data

0017cacc - 0017cd20: Reaction Target/Hit Calculation

0017cd24 - 0017ce40: Map calculations for attack Attack, charge, ranged weapon flag

0017ce44 - 0017d34c: Main ability loading routine?

0017d350 - 0017d40c: set target coordinates for ability? also set regenerator target

0017d410 - 0017d49c: draw out routine dealing with experience gain

0017d4a0 - 0017d704: Current Action Ability Data Setting / Multi Hit Formulas

0017d708 - 0017d84c: Targeting/panel routine

0017d850 - 0017da1c: more map/panel targeting

0017da20 - 0017dbc4: Ability Usage Checks and MP Reduction

0017dbc8 - 0017dc84: Store Some Acting Unit Data

0017dc88 - 0017dca4: Get ID of Unit if Tile is Targetable

0017dca8 - 0017decc: Find Unit at Specified Coordinates | Check if another unit is on the same Tile

0017ded0 - 0017def8: Clear targeting panel data?

0017defc - 0017e174: Big... Contains Hamedo check

0017e178 - 0017e58c: Main reaction routine?

0017e590 - 0017e64c: Counter magic targeting?

0017e650 - 0017e77c: Store counter ability?

0017e780 - 0017e7e0: Auto Potion

0017e7e4 - 0017ea24: Gained JP Up Section

0017ea28 - 0017ea7c: Load Job Level

0017ea80 - 0017ec14: Store JP; Calculate Unlocked Jobs

0017ec18 - 0017f01c: big map/panel routine

0017f020 - 0017f0e8: Float/Float/Fly movements

0017f0ec - 0017f178: Move Cap?

0017f17c - 0017f2d4: Calculate Projected Action Effect | Pre-Pre formula calculations

0017f2d8 - 0017f318: Get Elemental Ability ID

0017f31c - 0017f384: Initialize party members Job data, Sp cap, Status initialization

0017f388 - 0017f5f4: Initialize units battlefield data(ENTD ID/flags, Map location, palette, control, etc.)

0017f5f8 - 0017f61c: Initialize players battlefield units

0017f620 - 0017f63c: Initialize enemy battlefield units

0017f640 - 0017f6c0: Set unit placement and validate

0017f6c4 - 0017f89c: Validate unit placement

0017f8a0 - 0017fbe8: Load ENTD Units | Big ENTD unit loading routine

0017fbec - 0017fcc4: ENTD AI?

0017fcc8 - 0017fd04: Disable/Remove unit

0017fd08 - 0017fd7c: Check for unit availability(existance) and ENTD level setting

0017fd80 - 0017fda8: Set unit cannot exist(but can), return r2 = 0

0017fdac - 0017fdd8: Erase unit, set to be removed from party

0017fddc - 0017ffbc: Set Rider/Mount's X/Y Data

0017ffc0 - 00180130: Set target for mounted unit, move find item/trap

00180134 - 00180174: Get movement support flags (move-MP/HP/EXP/JP up)

00180178 - 0018020c: Remove charging status/ability CT

00180210 - 0018022c: Disable acting statuses

00180230 - 001802c4: Rare/common item determination

001802c8 - 001804c0: Set map Item/trap data

001804c4 - 0018052c: Move find item flag calculation

00180530 - 00180900: Generate Crystal or Treasure

00180904 - 00180a04: Learn from Crystal

00180a08 - 00180af8: Generate Treasure

00180afc - 00180b28: Get Unit's Data Pointer

00180b2c - 00180c8c: Check Base Class | Ramza Causes Game Over

00180c90 - 00180dac: Find Unit Data Pointer For ENTD Unit ID | Unit Existence/crystaltreasure check

00180db0 - 00180dfc: [[Party level + XX modification?

00180e00 - 00180f3c: Find War Trophies and Bonus Money

00180fe4 - 0018109c: Prep for Special Status Flag Enabling

001810a0 - 001810d0: Map Location Calculation

001810d4 - 00181110: Get Existent Battle Unit Pointer | Load unit Data (exists check within)

00181114 - 00181148: Find Active Unit Data Pointer?

001811f8 - 00181308: Player Control Routine?

0018130c - 001813bc: Weapon Guard Usability (Check if Unit can React)

001813c0 - 00181580: Player Skill Set

00181584 - 0018171c: Skillset Loading?

00181720 - 001817bc: Ability Loading?

001817c0 - 00181b6c: Load ability data for skillset (MP, CT, req. sword booleans)

00181b70 - 00181cb4: Item Inventory

00181cb8 - 00181eec: Throw

00181ef0 - 00182060: Math Skill

00182068 - 001821c8: ???

001821cc - 001822c8: Elemental

001822cc - 0018242c: Monster skill, frog attack ability loading

00182430 - 00182504: Monster Skill check prep

00182508 - 00182660: Monster Skill check

00182664 - 00182784: Draw Out

001827f0 - 00183074: In between turn control routine

  • 001829b8 - 00182a40: Next clocktick
  • 00182a44 - 00182ba8: Dead processing, next turn processing (100CT)
  • 00182bac - 00182c04: Ability CT decrement
  • 00182c08 - 00182c8c: Post-ability CT setting
  • 00182c90 - 00182ce4: Status CT decrement
  • 00182ce8 - 00182d4c: Set AI CT data?
  • 00182d50 - 00182d88: ???
  • 00182d8c - 00182dfc: Find highest CT
  • 00182e00 - 00182e6c: Validate units turn
  • 00182e70 - 00182ea8: Poison and regen
  • 00182eac - 00182fa0: Poison marsh
  • 00182fa4 - 00183074: Mimic ability setting

00183078 - 001832c8: Death sentence, crystalization, treasurization, etc also: reraise, defend removal, chicken brave increment

001832cc - 00183370: Status checks

00183374 - 001834b8: Gameover by party incapacitated

00183544 - 001835a4: Calculate AT List and Get Specific Unit ID

001835a8 - 001835f0: Unit doesn't exist/deadcrystaltreasurepetrify/being ridden check

001835f8 - 00183708: Removed Code? action loading routines

0018370c - 00183ac8: Calculate AT List

00183acc - 00183e90: AT List Sorting

00183bf0 - 00183c68: Various Flags r4= data pointer

00183c6c - 00183d0c: End of Turn

00183d10 - 00183d6c: Able to move/act checks (Menu?)

00183d70 - 00183ddc: Change of Turn check

00183e00 - 00183e38: another intermediate routine

00183e3c - 00183e8c: Unit exists checks

00183e90 - 00183e9c: Activates move/act

00183ea0 - 00183f5c: something involving map coordinates

00183f60 - 00183fb0: Load Move Find-Item data to Current Map

00183fb4 - 00184018: Get Tile Data Pointer

0018401c - 00184148: Return Various Tile Data

0018414c - 001842f4: deals with map coordinates 3

001842f8 - 00184308: Clear r2 2

0018430c - 00184338: Force Attack Miss

0018433c - 0018435c: Cause Action Miss | Force Attack Miss?

00184360 - 001843e4: Dance/Song hit % Returns if attack hit or not

001843ec - 0018460c: Knockback Calculation

00184610 - 001848d4: Knockback 2

001848d8 - 00184960: Attack Evaded Calculations

00184964 - 00184b20: Compatibility

00184b24 - 00184e3c: Modify Status Inflictions | Validate Status Changes

00184e40 - 00184e94: Elemental Nullification Nullify Action - Glain

00184e98 - 00184f98: Elemental Damage Modification

00184f9c - 001851c0: Equipment Evasion Setting (Physical)

001851c4 - 001852e0: Equipment Evasion Setting (Magical)

001852e4 - 00185324: Concentrate Calculation

00185328 - 00185378: Dark/Confuse Caclulation

0018537c - 001853f0: Abandon Calculation

001853f4 - 001854b4: Evasion Changes due to Statuses

001854b8 - 001854f8: Transparent Calculation

001854fc - 00185734: Facing Evade Calculation

00185738 - 00185810: Weather effects on Bows

00185814 - 00185a98: Calculate Final Hit %

00185a9c - 00185c90: Base XA Calculation

00185c94 - 00185cbc: Store MA and Y

00185cc0 - 00185d3c: Base XA and YA for MA + Y / 2

00185d00 - 00185d7c: Store PA and PA + Y / 2

00185d40 - 00185d7c: Store MA and PA + Y / 2

00185d80 - 00185da8: Store MA and X

00185dac - 00185dd4: Store PA and X

00185dd8 - 00185e00: Store PA and WP

00185e04 - 00185e2c: Store PA and Y

00185e30 - 00185e58: Store Speed and X

00185e5c - 00185e90: Store PA and WP + Y

00185e94 - 00185f7c: Formula 64 or Jump Base XA / YA

00185f80 - 00185fa0: Charge Calculation

00185fa4 - 00185ff8: Weapon Element Strengthen

00185ffc - 00186050: Elemental Strengthen

00186054 - 00186148: Attack UP/Two Hands/Martial Arts

0018614c - 00186200: Formula 32, 33, 34, 35 Attack Up and Martial Arts

00186204 - 00186250: Magic Attack Up routine

00186254 - 001862c8: Attacker Berserk/Frog Check

001862cc - 00186318: Defense UP routine

0018631c - 00186368: Magic Defense Up routine

0018636c - 0018645c: Target XA affecting Statuses (Physical)

00186460 - 001864f4: Target's Status Affecting XA (Magical)

001864f8 - 00186564: Critical Hit Calculation

00186568 - 00186598: XA * YA Calculation

0018659c - 00186620: Set XA + YA for Status Formulas (Stupid section)

00186624 - 00186688: Calculate % of damage

0018668c - 001866e8: MP Damage Routine (Uses Y instead of X.)

001866ec - 00186740: Gravi2 Damage Routine

00186744 - 00186810: Steal Gil

00186814 - 001868ec: Set EXP Stolen

001868f0 - 00186918: Formula 36

0018691c - 001869e8: Damage and Knockback Routine (Dash, tackle, throw stone)

001869ec - 00186af4: Song abilities

00186af8 - 00186c00: Dance abilities

00186c04 - 00186cfc: Talk Skill

00186d00 - 00186d28: Formula 3a

00186d2c - 00186d54: Formula 39

00186d58 - 00186db8: Formula 3B

00186dbc - 00186e24: Formula 3C

00186e28 - 00186e50: Formula 43

00186e54 - 00186e74: Formula 44

00186e78 - 00186ea0: Formula 45

00186ea4 - 00186ecc: +Y brave

00186ed0 - 00186fcc: Weather Elemental effects?

00186fd0 - 00186ff4: Elemental Damage Modification (Prep)

00186ff8 - 001870f8: Ability Elemental? Apply Elemental - Glain

001870fc - 0018714c: Elemental Absorption

00187150 - 00187244: Faith Calculation

00187248 - 0018734c: HP Absorbtion (Seems needlessly complex)

00187350 - 001873d4: Undead Reversal

001873d8 - 00187468: Undead Absorb Attack

0018746c - 001874e8: MP Recovery Routine -MP Absorb*

001874ec - 0018750c: Convert HP Damage into MP Recovery

00187510 - 001875b8: Use Specific Action Hit Percentage | Set XA*YA as hit% (Often appears after elemental absorb routine)

001875bc - 001875f8: Dragon Check

001875fc - 00187634: Sleep Check

00187638 - 0018768c: Maintenance

00187690 - 001876e0: Conditional Status Proc Roll (19%) Inner Routine

00187730 - 00187838: Magic Gun Ability Decision

0018783c - 0018785c: Quick Effect

00187860 - 0018790c: Determine which stat will be reduced

00187910 - 001879c4: Katana Break Chance

001879c8 - 00187c9c: Steal/Break/Might Sword Hard Coding

00187ca0 - 00187eb0: Formula 01 - 06 Aftermath

00187eb4 - 00187f20: Apply status (to action) - (Preserve hit status, evade type, hit %)

00187f24 - 00188284: Apply status (to action) Formula 38

00188288 - 001882c4: MP Healing Item Formula

001882c8 - 001882f4: 100% HP/MP Healing (actual)

001882f8 - 001883a8: Finger Guard

001883ac - 00188484: Catch

00188488 - 001884bc: Calculate Hit %

001884c0 - 0018850c: Conditional Status Proc Roll (19%)

00188510 - 00188564: Physical Evade Calculation

00188568 - 001885b4: Physical Evade Calculation(Charge)

001885b8 - 001885f4: Magical Evade Calculation

001885f8 - 00188634: Physical XA Modifying Statuses/Support

00188638 - 001886a0: Weapon Damage Calculation

001886a4 - 001886d0: Damage Calculation

001886d4 - 00188718: Routine used in formula 2B

0018871c - 00188740: Elemental Absorb + Status proc

00188744 - 00188778: Magical Support/Status/Compat

0018877c - 001887c0: Elemental XA * YA

001887c4 - 001887fc: Elemental Absorb/Status

00188800 - 00188854: MA + X

00188858 - 00188884: Magical XA * YA

00188964 - 001889a0: Truth/Formula 5E-5F Magical damage

001889a4 - 001889c8: 2Truth/Formula 5E-5F Calculate damage

001889cc - 00188a20: Calculate Accuracy for Magical Spells

00188a24 - 00188a80: Calculate Accuracy for Magical

00188a84 - 00188ad8: MA + X without faith

00188adc - 00188b10: Cluster of Physical Routines

00188b14 - 00188b60: Physical Routine for Hit % abilities

00188b64 - 0018ac70: Formulas

0018ac74 - 0018acd8: remove transparent status if Jump is used?

0018acdc - 0018ad54: Pheonix down on undead

0018ad58 - 0018adf0: Double WP if two hands is equipped?

0018adf4 - 0018ae38: action data nulling

0018ae3c - 0018af28: Knockback?

0018af2c - 0018b270: Perform reaction abilities

0018b274 - 0018b348: Store used weapon based on action menu byte

0018b34c - 0018b9f4: Pre Formula Setup (FDC)

0018b9f8 - 0018ba40: Remove Status

0018ba44 - 0018bcec: set some data for current attack

0018bcf0 - 0018bd30: Called by Nullify Action - Glain

0018bd34 - 0018bd70: Remove Knockback Flag | ?Nullify steal item?

0018bd74 - 0018bdd0: Current Action Data Nulling

0018bdd4 - 0018be04: Null Some Status Data

0018be08 - 0018c67c: Main Reaction Routine - performs ability effects

0018c680 - 0018c754: Poach Calculation

0018c758 - 0018c858: some kind of ENTD/Unit manipulation

0018c85c - 0018c91c: Level up/down ability

0018c920 - 0018c964: Check if unit can react 1

0018c968 - 0018c99c: Check if unit can react?

0018c9a0 - 0018c9e0: Reaction check?

0018c9e4 - 0018cafc: 'Reflect', Blade Grasp, and Arrow Guard

0018cb00 - 0018cc30: Sunken State, Caution, Dragon Spirit, etc. usability

0018cc34 - 0018ccd4: MP Switch, Distribute, and Damage Split usability

0018ccd8 - 0018ce00: PA Save, MA Save, Speed Save Regenerator, HP Restore, MP Restore, Critical Quick, Meatbone Slash, Auto Potion, Gilgame Heart check

0018ce04 - 0018ce84: Counter, Counter Tackle, Counter Flood, Brave Up, Dragon Spirit, Sunken State, and Caution Usability usability

0018ce88 - 0018cef0: PA Save, MA Save, Speed Save, Regenerator, Auto Potion, Gilgame Heart usability

0018cef4 - 0018cf70: Critical Quick, HP Restore, MP Restore, Meatbone Slash usability

0018cf74 - 0018cfe4: Face Up and Absorb Used MP usability

0018cfe8 - 0018d04c: Reflect Reaction?

0018d050 - 0018d0e4: Blade Grasp Usability

0018d0e8 - 0018d1b4: Arrow Guard Usability

0018d1b8 - 0018d2a4: MP Switch Usability

0018d2a8 - 0018d314: Distribute Usability

0018d318 - 0018d380: Damage Split Usability

0018d384 - 0018d3bc: Chance to React

0018d3c0 - 0018d56c: Steal Routine

0018d570 - 0018d61c: Stat Increment/Decrement

0018d620 - 0018d708: Attacker's Earned Experience

0018d70c - 0018d7c4: Store target stats pointer + data calls main action loading routine

0018d7c8 - 0018d864: Poison and Regen

0018d868 - 0018d90c: Transparent removal routine

0018d910 - 0018da00: Process Expiring Statuses | status CT decrement and innate statuses?

0018da04 - 0018da40: Set Action Target Variables | target pointers

0018da44 - 0018da84: Crystal, Dead, Jump, Petrify, Treasure check

0018da88 - 0018dbac: Poison Marsh Routine

0018dbb0 - 0018dd40: Traps Routine

0018dd44 - 0018df08: Move-HP Up, Move-MP Up, Gained Exp Up\

0018dff8 - 0018e078: Main Reaction subroutine - ENTD/ID stuff - Calculate Unlocked Jobs/set ability element = dark?

0018e9bc - 0018e9e4: Determine if Status Flags can be Enabled

0018e9e8 - 0018ea94: Item quantity increment for steal/break?

0018ea94 - 0018eb4c: Steal Gil/Exp routine?

0018eb50 - 0018ec0c: Handle Steal Exp | Apply Exp gain / Level up

0018edf8 - 0018ee20: Store ability data 80193868 + 0x10 bytes

0018ee24 - 0018ee64: Count # of targets hit by ability

0018eea0 - 0018eed4: Random Process, gives a number between 0-7fff

0018eed8 - 0018ef28: Random Process, (gives a random based on r4 (MOD) and checks against r5 (chance to work))

0018ef34 - 0018f034: Current Action Attacker Data Setting

0018f624 - 0018f7a0: Formula Table

001941f8 - 00194310: Acting Unit's Data Setup (AI?)

00195878 - 00195940: AI Ability Data Setting

00195944 - 001959d0: Attack

001959d4 - 00195a20: AI Item Inventory

00195a24 - 00195a2c: Katana Inventory

00195a30 - 00195a8c: Weapon Inventory

00195a90 - 00195b9c: Jump

00195ba0 - 00195bb8: Charge

00195bbc - 00195bfc: Arithmeticks

00195c00 - 00195d90: Default

00196ce8 - 00196dac: Check if Unit can be Targeted (Cryst/Trea/Mount/Trans)

001978e4 - 00197958: Find Direction of Target

00199124 - 00199368: Calculate Physical? Target

0019936c - 0019939c: Calculate Distance Between Units

001998c8 - 001999c4: Check if Regen/Charm/DM/Reraise/DA Can be Inflicted

00199b98 - 00199c84: Calculate Clockticks Until Unit Acts

00199ec8 - 0019a2c8: Usable Ability Setting/ENTD AI Calculations

0019a2cc - 0019a2ec: Dividend * 4 / Divisor

0019a2f0 - 0019a528: Set AI Flags/Usable Abilities

0019a52c - 0019a5f4: Store Weapon? Attack Data

0019a5f8 - 0019a638: Usable Ability Setting

0019a63c - 0019a66c: Part of the Weapon Inventory

0019a670 - 0019a6a0: Ability Loading

0019a6a4 - 0019a7a0: Weapon Inventory 2

0019a7a4 - 0019a7e0: Arithmeticks 2

0019a7e4 - 0019a814: Charge 2

0019a818 - 0019a994: Others

0019a998 - 0019a9c4: Jump 2

0019a9f8 - 0019aa4c: Jump 3

0019aa50 - 0019ab04: Load Known Ability Flag

0019ab08 - 0019ab44: Transfer Halfword Values

0019ab48 - 0019ab74: Transfer Byte Values

0019ab78 - 0019abb0: Word Nulling

0019ad74 - 0019ae2c: [[Determine if Height Difference < 3]]

0019b6b0 - 0019b750: Calculate Height Difference Between Units

0019bb20 - 0019bbb8: Check Unit for Crystal or Treasure Status

0019d294 - 0019d304: Find Unit at Coordinates (0x19d294)

0019e160 - 0019e374: Transfer Unit Data to AI Data

0019e378 - 0019e53c: Transfer AI Data to Unit Data

0019ef24 - 0019efac: Check if Status Should/Can be Added

0019f258 - 0019f2a0: Save Coordinates to Temp Unit

0019f2a4 - 0019f2f0: Transfer Unit Coordinates to AI

001a0e80 - 001a0f6c: Effect Palette Setup

001a0fa0 - 001a0fd0: Set Effect Frame Data Pointer | Get Start of Frame Pointers Address

001a0fd4 - 001a100c: Get Start of Parameter Sets Address

001a1010 - 001a1040: Get Header before Motion Data Address

001a1044 - 001a1074: Get Coordinate Data Address

001a1078 - 001a10a8: Get Motion Data Address

001a10ac - 001a10e8: Get Misc. Data and Palette Data Addresses

001a1198 - 001a11c8: Get ??? Data Address

001a13bc - 001a15b0: Effect Related (0x1a13bc)

001a15b4 - 001a1810: Ability animation uses animation flags (Ball Hardcoding) | Effect Related (0x1a15b4)

001a1814 - 001a1850: Load ability effect also has accumulate hardcoding?

001a1880 - 001a18a0: Play Effect

001a18d8 - 001a1c3c: Effect Stage Processing | Effect Control Routine

001a1c40 - 001a1c8c: Effect Cycle Processing

001a1c90 - 001a1d24: Effect Related (0x1a1c90)

001a1d28 - 001a1d98: Effect Related (0x1a1d28)

001a1d9c - 001a2080: Effect Related (0x1a1d9c)

001a20b4 - 001a20e4: Clear some data

001a20e8 - 001a2210: Effect Related (0x1a20e8)

001a2374 - 001a23a4: Effect Code Script 0x05

001a2998 - 001a29dc: Effect Code Script 0x16

001a2c28 - 001a2c78: Effect Code Script 0x1d

001a4000 - 001a419c: Effect Related (0x1a4000)

001a4cf0 - 001a4d98: Run Effect Block

001a4de8 - 001a4e98: 0x1a4de8

001a5c3c - 001a5d70: 0x1a5c3c

001a60ac - 001a7f58: Effect Graphics

001a90d0 - 001a9314: Get Effect Screen Location Data From Unit Data

001aab90 - 001aac24: 0x1aab90

001aad98 - 001ab1d0: Effect Camera Rotation

001ab1d4 - 001ab58c: Effect Camera Movement

001ab724 - 001aca54: Effect Related (0x1ab724)

001acf90 - 001ad194: 0x1acf90

001ad198 - 001ad628: 0x1ad198

001ad828 - 001ad940: Effect Related (0x1ad828)

001add54 - 001ade78: Effect Related (0x1add54)

001adfac - 001adfe8: Get Ninja Ball effect based on weapons element. Only valid entries for fire,water,lightning

001b47e0 - 001b48cc: Effect Related (0x1b47e0)


000670f0 - 00067208: OPEN.BIN Main Routine

00067d84 - 00067e64: Button Input Related? (0x67d84)

00068268 - 00068380: Button Input Related? (0x68268)

0006854c - 000685e8: ? 0x6854c

00068cd0 - 00068d7c: ? 0x68cd0

0006920c - 000696c4: Birthday Menu Related? (0x6920c)

000697b0 - 000698bc: Birthday Menu Graphics Related? (0x697b0)

00069eb4 - 00069f20: ? 0x69eb4

0006b990 - 0006bb70: Display Birthday Menu Text

0006bde0 - 0006c0cc: Handle Birthday Menu Input

0006c464 - 0006c74c: Handle Confirm Menu Input (OPEN.BIN)

0006c96c - 0006c9c0: Display Birthday Menu Text Entry


001c3078 - 001c33a4: ? 0x1c3078 (Determines fieldable units)

001c33a8 - 001c33c0: Load Halfword (ATTACK.OUT)

001c34b4 - 001c3afc: Load Scenario Conditionals

001c9d68 - 001c9ebc: Show Map Title


001c4740 - 001c4ab0: Post-battle (0x1c4740)

001c6000 - 001c609c: Get Free Party Slot Status

001c60a0 - 001c6984: Post-battle party full unit join selection

001c6988 - 001c716c: Post-battle Unit Changes

001c7170 - 001c7358: Handle War Trophies and Bonus Money


001bf01c - 001bf3d4: Show Graphic

001c017c - 001c03a8: Show Chapter Title

001c03ac - 001c05d0: Show Gameover Image

001c05d4 - 001c0644: Show Graphic (Async)