Memory Card Format

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Memory Address pSX quicksave Start End Size Amount Description
0x0000 0x0003 ID?
0x0004 0x0043 0x02 32 File Name
0x0044 0x005F
0x0060 0x0112 Icon
0x0113 0x0123
0x80057D02 57FB2 0x0124 0x0158 ???
0x0159 0x016A
0x80057C7C 57F2C 0x016B 0x1D6 ???
0x80057D24 57FD4 0x01D7 0x0236
0x0237 0x0237 0xFF?
0x80059594 59844 0x0238 0x034F ???
0x0350 0x03F7
0x80057F34 581E4 0x03F8 0x0437 ???
0x0438 0x0438 0x1F?
0x8005819B 5844B 0x0439 0x0480 ???
0x0481 0x0483 0xFFFFFF?
0x80057F74 58224 0x0484 0x1603 0xE0 20 Units (They are stored with 0x100 size in RAM)
0x800596E0 59990 0x1604 0x1703 0x01 256 Player Inventory
0x80059494 59744 0x1704 0x1803 0x01 256 Fur Shop Inventory
0x80059414 596C4 0x1804 0x1843 1bit 512 Move-Find Items
0x80059414 596C4 0x1844 0x1883 1bit 512 Unknown
0x8005771C 579CC 0x1884 0x1B2F varies 1024 Main Variables
0x800579C8 57C78 0x1B30 0x1C7F Free space?
0x80057B18 57DC8 0x1C80 0x1D45 ??? Different structure than in RAM
0x1C80 0x1FFF