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News / TLW Beta Testing Submissions
« on: Today at 12:06:23 AM »
It's just about time to start the FFT - The Lion War, beta test, there is still a couple minor bugs, and we need your help to locate and document them!

I have already made a spreadsheet to track nearly everything added to the game, so that would be filled out while playing the game, and making saves between each battle.

For more details, please PM me on this site!

- Member of FFH for at least 1 year & has at least made some posts or contributed to the site in some way in the past.
- Mostly the person must be trustworthy so I know they aren't going to leak anything until the release is finalized.

Spriting / Sprite Thread Links
« on: September 12, 2019, 07:46:09 AM »
Decided to make one of these threads as I noticed that we sorely neglected the spriting section back when Raven and I redid all the link threads. If anyone else has any links to spriting threads that should be shared, post them here and I will add them, and then remove the link to keep the thread as clean as possible.

Also, note that some images from these threads have been removed or lost, so if anyone happens to have them still in a backup somewhere (I know I have some), let me know and I'll edit the posts associated with them and add the images in. Thanks!

Member Specific Sprite Threads
Silent One
Theultrawolf 2

Spriting Contest
Ivalicians Abroad

Journey of the Five Chapter 1

Non-FFT Modding / Elric's Fallout 4 Mods
« on: October 29, 2018, 01:35:22 PM »
I know this thread won't get much attention, nor do I expect it to, but since it is a collection of other works I have done, I thought I would share it here as well.


STS Base Game (Core mod for Scrap that Settlement!)        PS4 | XB1
STS Vault Tec Workshop (addon for STS)  PS4 | XB1
STS Nuka World (addon for STS)  PS4 | XB1
STS Far Harbor (addon for STS)  PS4 | XB1
STS Automatron (addon for STS)  PS4 | XB1
STS All-In-One  PS4 | XB1
STS Extras - Living & Dead (Base Game)  PS4 | XB1
STS Extras - Living & Dead (Season Pass)  PS4 | XB1

For more info, see the FAQs HERE

The list of remaining addons/versions is as follows:

    STS: Structures, Walkways, Light Sources & Idle Markers
    STS: Structures, Walkways, Light Sources & Idle Markers: Season Pass Edition
    STS: Bonuses (includes STS: Structures, Walkways, etc + Living & Dead)
    STS: AIO GOLD (includes AIO &  STS: Bonuses)


PAWA Base Game (Power Armored Wasteland Adventures)  PS4 | XB1
PAWA Collectibles  PS4 | XB1
PAWA AWKCR 4.0+ Compatibility Patch  XB1
PAWA Bounty Hunting  Still in Development
PAWA Brotherhood of Steel Restructure  Still in Development

PAWA is a mod that does quite a few things, including but not limited to adding 100+ new Paintjobs/Coatings for Power Armor & Much More!
FAQs for this mod can be found HERE


Cages Overhauled & More (Wasteland Workshop)                 PS4 | XB1
Cages Overhauled & More (Season Pass)  PS4 | XB1

This mod adds hundreds of new cages to catch just about everything in the wasteland and in varying sizes.
FAQs for this mod can be found HERE


Manufacturing Overhauled (Contraptions)  PS4
Manufacturing Overhauled (Season Pass)                             PS4

This mod adds ~60 new Builders for the Contraptions, giving you much more freedom when it comes to factory builds.
FAQs for this mod can be found HERE


Standalone Shipment Packager                                            PS4 | XB1

A standalone version of the Shipment Packager, which normally only comes with Manufacturing Overhauled (by request).


Power Armor Frame Crafting & Moving (Base Game)  PS4 | XB1
Power Armor Frame Crafting & Moving (Season Pass)           PS4 | XB1

The main function of this mod is actually that it lets you not only scrap frames to create new ones, but that it also lets you pick up and move power armor frames around in your settlements. I know some other mods do this, but most of those only work with the frames you are able to create via the mod itself, rather than all the frames in the game.


Wild Plants, Drinks & Chems for Settlements (Base Game)  PS4 | XB1
Wild Plants, Drinks & Chems for Settlements (Season Pass)  PS4 | XB1

My first Fallout 4 mod. This mod allows you to plant wild plants in your settlements, craft any alcohol, soda or chem, that wasn’t previously craftable, as well as their ice cold variants.


Whispering Pines                                                                 Still in Development

This is a story/new worldspace mod loosely based on Silent Hill. We’ve currently got a worldspace built, along with a town layout and a large portion of the town itself, as well as many interior cells and quite a bit of navmeshing. There is still much to be done, but we are moving along steadily.

News / Auto-SCC Patch Release!
« on: September 09, 2018, 04:15:31 PM »
If you are a fan of SCC challenges, be sure to check out the new Auto-SCC patch by Glain.

This completely removes any hassle from having to unlock whatever class you are doing your playthrough as and also eliminates any need to self impose limits in said playthrough!

Be sure to give feedback and thank Glain for the work he did to make this patch possible!

Event Editing / Bravestory Shenanigans
« on: August 18, 2018, 09:46:45 PM »
While working on TLW, I have come across some trouble with bravestory events, and rather than keeping the info on this on IRC/Discord, or to myself and the others involved, as is the norm these days, I thought I would chronicle the findings here, incase anyone ever gets the urge to try to make a tool to get around the seemingly weird hardcoding that is related to events and their bravestory counterparts.

So basically this was the issue:

STEP 1: I finished rearranging all the events for TLW. Removed all the setup events, redid the entire attack.out (both GUI and spreadsheet event conditions), and the worldmap. Tested the entire game from start to finish and verified that all events played where and when they should according to WotL, plus our changes. This was a success.

STEP 2: Redoing the attack.out slot calls for the Bravestory events. This was pretty easy stuff, since it was just matching up the event slots with my own workbook that I made for tracking the events. However, this is where the trouble started.

Now, we know that the Bravestory events are supposed to skip variables when replayed, so that they don't change story/shop/etc variables and muck up the playthru. However, upon testing scenes in the Bravestory in TLW, this was NOT happening. You can view story progress via pSX (aka PSXFin) by monitoring r3000 and watching offset 0x800578D4 in the memory window. I was able to watch the Balbanes death event revert the story progress, which at the time, was at 0F, back to 02. So something was definitely wrong.

At this point, I went WTF at Xifanie, Raven and Pride. After Xif spent a while trying to decipher wtf is going on, she ended up running out of time and we decided to go with a solution presented by Pride, which was to simply use this setup to control variable calls/saves/etc. for the end of Bravestory events:

//Variables changes

With ???? being the value before the change

And this was working PERFECTLY, until of course I hit the inevitable wall. This wall being the interrogation scene in the broken down shed, at the end of the Dorter Slums battle in Chapter 1. I tried a bunch of stuff, but no matter what, the story would not progress past 6E = 5. Pride then said I should try to zero out the variables 0000 and 0001, and try again. Lo and behold, this solved the issue... for now... I was able to progress past this event and then progress the story. I then viewed the event via the bravestory and verified that it indeed, did not reset the story progress in any way. So success. This made the new standard setup for these events, as follows:

//Variables changes

I have not yet tested the rest of the game. However, I wanted to document this as this sort of thing happens ALOT while working on both TLW and Jot5, which most people don't ever realize or even consider in the grand scope of things how something so small can fuck us so hard during testing.

I've also made this post in an effort to provide as much info as possible incase someone, at some point, wants to find whatever table or hardcoding controls these event slots.

So, why did this happen? Well, I don't have an answer for that, but I can provide a couple of would be reasons, for anyone looking for a more permanent solution in the future.

- We removed the setup events (we already know that this will mess with saves that lead directly to battle formation without a roster/equipment formation screen in between the save and the battle, ie: academy into the gariland battle, which we now have a standard formation seperating to combat this. Without the setup event, upon loading a save that didn't have a formation (variable 55) between it, the battle formation screen will be completely derped, and any attack.out set portraits will not hold)

- We redid the attack.out/event slot order. Obviously this needed to be done since we made space for more events by removing setups, however if there is indeed hardcoding for the event slots themselves, to control the bravestory viewed versions of the events, and their variable calls, then this would have been mucked up by our rearranging.

I'm inclined to believe that the issue is the latter rather than the former, but at this point, I cannot say for sure what the hell was going on, and I am glad to have the fix we currently have, at least.

I know this post was extremely convoluted and for 99.9% of people, completely unnecessary, but hey, that's the name of the game when it comes to doing things others haven't before. Hopefully someone can find some sort of use of this information and the pain suffered to acquire it.

I will update this thread with more info as it comes about (if it does) likewise, i invite Xifanie, Raven or Pride to offer more insight on this if they so choose (or any other ASMer/Modder who might also have some ideas on this).

News / *New* Index of Xifanie's Hacks & Tools
« on: May 23, 2016, 12:36:15 PM »
For the last week or so, I've been working to compile all of Xifanie's hacks, tools, spreadsheets into one nice thread, since it was sorely needed, and should help people out quite a bit when it comes to finding what they are looking for.

You'll also find a few new things here as well! There is a list and description of every hack in the new Xifanie.xml file, (You can also find the new Phoenix Formula here as well as some of the other Jot5 Hacks, including the Proposition hack that we use to create Marks, for which I've written a short tutorial.) as well as a list of all Xifanie's spreadsheet hacks and tools. Many of these are newer tools designed to make your life easier when it comes to modding FFT, so be sure to take advantage of the amazing work she has done for the community, and don't forget to give her some serious props!

You can find the new index of Xifanie's Hacks and Tools HERE.

News / Call of Power Chapter 3 & A Stone's Ripple Updates!
« on: December 27, 2015, 12:30:49 AM »
Hello everyone, after a long time in development I would like to announce that Kokojo has release Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy Tactics - Call of Power! In addition Jumza has also released a demo of his own story mod called Final Fantasy Tactics - A Stone's Ripple!

I've asked both Kokojo and Jumza to write a short summary to post here for anyone who is unfamiliar with these mods or perhaps just wants a refresher, I will also provide links to both of these mods, so be sure to check them out! LPs are a wonderful way to gain popularity on these and we also always encourage forum comments, as most of our motivation comes from these things! The more comments and interest mods get, the more motivation we have to work on them, so be sure to give some huge props to both Kokojo and Jumza.

Now, without further adieu:

Kokojo on FFT - Call of Power

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that Chapter 3 of Call of Power is out for everyone to enjoy, just in time for the holidays!

Not only is there a completely new chapter with new story and events, there is also a small overhaul of other events, some map changes, and a medium sized-overhaul of many skills and jobs, notably the Golem, Thaumaturge and Mindmaster!

The job wheel has been expanded a little to make the game flow better, and the difficulty has been adjusted too. Most notably, there is now a small tutorial to explain most of the basics of CoP, making it better for new players.

Please be sure to post any feedback you may have in the Call of Power section, including but not limited to bugs, suggestions, and LPs or Battle Logs, I'd love to hear from you!

Jumza on FFT - A Stone's Ripple

Final Fantasy Tactics: A Stone's Ripple is a project made by Jumza that changes just about everything from the original. Story, Jobs, World Map, Items, it's all getting redone! In this re-imagining of Ivalice, the Holy Stone's existence are common knowledge. They are powerful magic items that are used by the church to keep many towns and cities across the country safe from monsters and disease. The "Church" as it will be referred to for the entirety of the game rules the land. There is no king, just a Pope who leads Ivalice along it's religious path.

Zoom in on the slums of Zarghidas, where the story begins. A young man (the main character) is on patrol when he runs into a newly appointed Church Surveyor investigating some strange events in Zarghidas, curiously she had no idea that the once glorious port town was now a slum. Much plot ensues.

Please be sure to post any feedback you may have in the FFT - A Stone's Ripple thread!

Again I would like to thank Kokojo and Jumza for the serious amount of work they've put into their respective projects, story mods are no easy task to make or even work on, and the dedication that comes with doing so is not something that most people can handle, make sure to give them some kudos even if you don't have time to play the mods right away!

You can download FFT - Call of Power here:

You can download FFT - A Stone's Ripple Demo here:

PS: One of the events from Call of Power Chapter 3 was actually a collaboration event between Kokojo, Jumza and Myself, can you spot which one it is? Make a post in the CoP section if you think you found which one it is, I'm curious to see who guesses correctly first! And congrats once again to Kokojo and Jumza!

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Sound Novel Testers Wanted!
« on: October 15, 2015, 05:05:41 PM »
As some of you have probably already noticed. I've been working on the inputting the Sound Novels into the game in English. (3 out of 4 are in english now)

Due to how busy most of the team is with what they are already working on for Jot5 we would like some people to volunteer to test some of these. All of them function as intended, the testing is mainly for any spelling errors or bad delays in text (or anything else that seems out of place). Nyzer and Jumza have been doing a lot of testing on these and have found most of the bugs. However I can only ask them to test and re-test so many times.

If you are interested in helping out with these, there are a few conditions:

- Your account must have been active for at least 60 days
- You need to have had some kind of interaction with people on the forum or IRC
- You must not have any warnings

I only say this, because this work is still in Beta and I don't want it released until it is ready to be so. I would prefer members that have been around a while to help out with something like this as I feel I could trust them a bit more than someone who just registers and offers to help without any credibility.

If you meet these, and are interested send me a PM. I may send you 1, 2 or all 3 of the novels. I should respond within a few hours, or no more than half a day (only because I am currently very sick)

Serious members only! If you end up wanting to help and I send you the files, I expect to hear back from you within 1 day. I make updates and fixes as soon as I receive them and at that time I make a new patch for them.

-HUGE credits to Xifanie for making an absolutely amazing tool that I used to put these in game, but I won't spoil anything on that until it's finished and avaliable. Just know that without her, this would have taken me months/years instead of weeks.

-Translation credits go to Heian (aka DuranBubba) I've only changed some wording to either make it fit in the allotted space to make it make more sense, due to them having to be translated out of page order.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re-Release Info and Changes
« on: July 04, 2015, 12:16:32 AM »
I'm doing lots and lots of little changes and fixes to Ch1 to make the re-release even better when it does come out.

Even Duke Seymour is working hard on the re-release!

EDIT: Added image of edited Swamp map.

Currently working on:
Adding back in the Generic Unit Quotes that Square was too lazy to do for the PSX version.
Minor Ch1 event fixes, dialogue n such

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Random Battle Opinions / Changes
« on: April 04, 2015, 10:43:44 AM »
Okay so, I'm working on some of the final things for the Ch1 re-release.

I know there have always been complaints from some people about the difficulty. Some of this is being countered by new ASMs and the way you receive JP, so most people should find the game easier with just that.

However, I know some of the random battles are ridiculously hard.

I would like you all to post what you think were the hardest Random battles. The ones that you come across and know you have to reset the game because there will be no way to beat it otherwise. I intend to make adjustments to these to make life a bit easier on you all.

Please don't post here about other game mechanics, only the random battles you think are too hard. I will take past info on the site into account with this and adjust them as such. If you decide to post with something that's not regarding random battles, be prepared to be point and laughed at, followed by a warning.


Spam / Wild Wide Interwebs
« on: December 27, 2014, 02:31:31 AM »

Post whatever strange products and items you see online and find interesting here.

Non-FFT Modding / FO NV: Journey to the Four Winds MOD
« on: October 13, 2014, 01:38:41 AM »
(I will be updating this topic often, as I add things and remember things that I didn't document this time around, there is A LOT that I've
done here and won't be able to document and or post it all in one go)


So as I've mentioned in the past, my modding started back in the day with Duke3D/Doom mapping and scripting. Recently, playing New Vegas
on my PS3 and being upset that a majority of mods don't function correctly on the PS3 at all, I decided to make one of my own. This was
just supposed to be a small safehouse on Lake Mead with features of a few of my favorite mods all ported over into 1 mod file so they
would all play nicely with the PS3 version of the game. However, since I am who I am, and after finding out how similar it was to mapping
and scripting for Duke3D, it inevitably became something much larger in scale.

Due to PS3 limitations, I cannot use custom textures New Vegas, for this reason I have to resort to thinking outside the box and using
existing items to make different things, luckily there is a lot of unused content, but, I thought I should at least explaint this.


Journey of the Four Winds is a mod that expands (in a small, but lore friendly way) upon the story of New Vegas. The quest starts upon
leaving Doc Mitchell's home in Goodsprings, as all the official DLC does. You will find a letter written by a man named Jerry Flint, learning
of a secret 'safehouse' of sorts and the murder of his brother John, your quest begins.


I have more to post, but this is about all I could throw up here at one time.
Questions, Comments, and Suggestions are ALWAYS Welcome!

New Project Ideas / MOVED: TableTop Demo
« on: September 17, 2014, 02:20:26 PM »
This topic has been moved to Progressing Patches.

So go download it. NOW!

The Lounge / Elric's Console Mods
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:15:49 AM »
Okay so technically there is only 1 to showcase currently, but I plan on doing more of these in coming weeks
between working on TLW and Jot5. (And I bet you all thought that was all I did ;P )

I actually have a very long history of repairing and modding hardware and my knowledge of it is much higher
than my knowledge of video game modding, so it's nice to share something else I've worked on with all of you.

For this particular console, my pops did the paint job (3 stage primer, primer and textured topcoat)
I did the hardware/software modding and installing, which was a TON of cutting and drilling basically,
as well as some soldering. All in all I was pretty happy with it, so here it is:

This console is not for sale. However, we will be taking requests shortly for anyone who might want to have one.
NOTE: I will not ship any consoles with roms or games included, google can help you with that part.

My next mod will also be an original Xbox, however the main color will be green (and something else undecided)
and will (instead of 1 single fan) have 2 dual fans (originally custom fans for the Xbox360) with green LED's
mounted on the left and right of the top of the console.

I know there is a lot more fancy mods out there than this, but I wanted a more OEM look than something that
no longer looks like an Xbox. If anyone has any other ideas or color schemes feel free to post em, I'll try anything

Recruitment / Need Video Editors for FFT - The Lion War
« on: January 13, 2014, 03:47:27 AM »

Thanks to FFMaster we have been able to import the PSP Intro Movie into the PSX Version of FFT.
See an example of his work below:

The reason I'm making this thread is because we need someone who can help with cropping the
videos correctly, you can see/get a high quality version of the cut scenes HERE. As you can
see the intro is already done, but the other videos are a bit more complex with how they are made.
We need to achieve a proper 4:3 aspect ratio while trying to retain as much of the video quality as

The ones we would need would be the rest of the intro videos, from before the game starts, and
the End Game video. The cut scenes that play during the game cannot be added as no cut scenes
originally existed there in Vanilla.

Anyone interested in helping out with this feel free to respond here, or join IRC and talk to
FFMaster or myself.

New Project Ideas / FFT - The Lion War
« on: December 24, 2013, 03:36:50 AM »

What is FFT - The Lion War:
Final Fantasy Tactics - The Lion War is a mod that attempts to add content from War of the Lions to the
PSX version of Final Fantasy Tactics while keeping the original translation intact. This will also feature a
few of the newer console friendly ASMs to increase fun factor and add more re-playability to the game we
all know and love. As well as removing setup events and giving you much more room to play with, when
using TLW as a Base image, for your own mods.

Changes, Additions & Subtractions:

Event Related:
  • Add Wiegraf & Rofel scene
  • Add the two Playable Delita/Ovelia scenes
  • Add Delita and Ovelia chat scene
  • Add Undead Algus battle
  • Add Kletian vs Meliadoul battle
  • Add Agrias and Ovelia reunion scene
  • Add Reis kidnapped scene
  • Add Aliste battle
  • Add Bremondt Battle
  • Add Reis rescued scene
  • Add battle with Northern Sky
  • Add Mustadio's present for Agrias scene
  • Add Balthier scenes and Joinup
  • Add Ashley Riot in lieu of Luso

  • Add Dark Knight in Job Wheel thanks to Chotos Extra Job ASM
  • Add Xifanie's ASM to allow you to choose when you fight random battles. [Optional Addon Packaged with TLW]
  • Add Xifanie's ASM to turn the Fur Shop into a fully functional Synthesis Shop [Optional Addon Packaged with TLW]
  • Add Party Roster Hack Needs a better functioning Hack
  • Add New Game + Option Coming Later

Other Stuff:
  • Formation Screen Unit Quotes Translated & Restored.
  • Sound Novels Playable, 3 of the 4 in english, in game, for the first time ever.
  • DEB properly changed to 'Defeat Zalbag'

  • Guests will not be in formation, allowing full use of the Roster Hack a future Roster Hack
    • They can still be recruited if they'd normally do so.


#   EVENT                                  ENTD#        ATTACK#        OFFSET#          EDITS MADE     INFO
01Delita Falls Battle1DD1B8------Yes / DoneYes
02Wiegraf & Rofel1DC1BB------Yes / DoneYes
03Balthier Battle1E01BD------Yes / DoneYes
04Balthier Post1DF1C0------Yes / DoneYes
05Ashley Riot Battle1E21C2------Yes / DoneYes
06Ashley Riot Post1E11C5------Yes / DoneYes
07Delita/Ovelia Assassin Battle1DE1C7------Yes / DoneYes
08Delita/Ovelia Chat1E31CA------Yes / DoneYes
09Undead Algus Battle1E41CC------Yes / DoneYes
10Kletian vs Meliadoul1E51D1------Yes / DoneYes
11Agrias and Ovelia1E61D5------Yes / DoneYes
12Reis Kidnapped1E71D7------Yes / DoneYes
13Battle Aliste1E81D9------Yes / DoneYes
14Bremondt Battle1E91DF------Yes / DoneYes
15Reis Rescued1EA1E4------Yes / DoneYes
16Hokuten Battle1EB1E6------Yes / DoneYes
17Present for Agrias1EC1E9------Yes / DoneYes

ATTACK.OUT GUI        100%
ATTACK.OUT XML        100%
WORLDMAP XML        100%
EVENT EDIT/FIX        100%
EVTCHR FIX/PORT        100%
OFFSETS REDO        100%
EVENTS MERGED        100%
FFTACTEXT        100%
FFTPATCHER        100%
RUMOR/TRIGGERS        100%


Event Editing / Save / Formation
« on: November 30, 2013, 03:23:41 AM »
Xifanie made this guide a while ago and I posting it here so it doesn't get lost.

Save/Formation screens
This is a little guide to help you control the formation/save screens after events.
The ATTACK.OUT portion would be applied to the last event slot;
- 2nd, after the setup, in a normal event
- For battles, during the victory event
The event instructions are usually at the very end of the event, right before EventEnd()
     @ = Attack Out
  ???? = Scenario setup ID
No Save/Formation
    @ Go to next scenario [scenario setup ID]
    -no- ZERO/ADD(x0055)
    -no- CallFunction(x06)
Save Screen
    @ Go to next scenario [scenario setup ID]
    -no- ZERO/ADD(x0055)
    @ Go to world map
    -no- CallFunction(x06)
Save Screen + Formation
    @ Go to world map
Save party (Inside a dark screen)

Recruitment / Wanted: Additional Eventers for Jot5
« on: October 17, 2013, 11:49:50 PM »

I thought I would throw this out there once again, since I've seen several other people eventing lately.
Chapter 2 is now about halfway done storyline wise (in which there is about 60 total, more if you count battles)
However, there is another ~30 events or so in what would be considered bonus material; bonus scenes, marks,

There were several other people set to event for Ch2, but due to IRL issues, there hasn't been much work done
eventwise aside from my own (of the events done, 4 of them were not done by myself)

Prior eventing knowledge not required as long as you have free time and are able to follow directions. The Attack.out/
ENTD's/Music/Scripts/Offsets, are already chosen/written, so there isn't much in terms of having to do anything besides the
actual eventing.

As always, Jot5 will get done with or without the extra eventing help, but some help would certainly speed up the

Anyone interested, please PM me or reply to this thread.

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