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October 30, 2020, 09:20:06 pm


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FFT (Anti-Breaking) Beta

Started by Rfh, July 04, 2012, 10:17:31 am


July 04, 2012, 10:17:31 am Last Edit: July 04, 2012, 10:48:09 am by Rfh
Well, this patch hasn't got any news and is really simple, I only edited the things that make FFT unbalancing in lategame (now isnt a game children here and the game is not based on OHKO or rare 2HKO in Chapter 4) and I edit obvious things, and I fix all bugs. This patch maybe is the game that Square must have to sell, and is for anyone who want replay original FFT and he can enjoy the original game since the game start and when it finish (or also the base for new patch). This patch would be work fine with FFT Complete.

Main Changes:

- Max Level Up is 50


- Speed grow with Status CT and ability CT gain completaly descontrol is las 50 levels.
- Gear, and levels magics are completaly unbalanced with the formulas based (PA+Y)*PA in last 50 levels
- Some growts like mosters HP overflow in last 50 levels.

Other Changes and Bugfixs:

Speed Save = CT + 20
MA Save = +1 MA, -1 PA; if PA = 1, fail
A Save = +1 PA, -1 MA; if MA = 1, fail
Blade Grasp fails if range > 2 and reduces accuracy by (Br * 2/3)%
No Item Duplication (v1)
Damage Split returns 33% of damage
Formula 07 only multiplies by Zodiac Compat once [vanilla multiplied it twice]
No JP Overflow (v2)
Oil = 2x to Fire (Correct Version)
Undead units receive 25% max HP damage from Phoenix Down
JP scroll glitch fix v1.2
Auto Potion Ignores X-Potion Slot
Auto Potion Ignores Hi-Potion Slot
Sets the title screens default option from New Game to Continue
Remove forced slowdown for Math Skill (Skillset ID 0x15)
Mighty Sword has 50% chance to break equipment
All formulas apply elemental
Converts Knight Sword Formula to PA*WP
Teleport Chances Per Extra Tile Reduced by 25%
Magic Defense Up bonus becomes 25%
Defense Up bonus becomes 25%
Magic Attack Up bonus becomes 25%
Attack Up bonus becomes 25%
MP Switch Overflow damages HP
Two hands bonus becomes 50%

Summary of class, abilities, items and skillsets Changes:

- Lucavi has the WotL HP, are inmune to dark for prevent things like Demi.
- Altima is much more strong, with much more HP and CT is reduced from her abilities. (and Immune to Don't Act)

- The Templars in the chapter 4 are more strong.
- Orlandu has normal stats and competaly nwe skillset: Power Ruin, Mind Ruin, Speed Ruin, Lightning Stab and Icewolf Bite.
- Swordskills are much more less power, evadeable, and countergrash, and now cost some MP. Lighting Stab is only available for Orlandu, and is a ''normal'' sworskill (less power)
- Beolwuf skills has range 3 and less precision.

- Summon Magic has less CT(only with last summons) and less power in general. (A bit less than WotL)
- Meteor CT is less and power is much less and Holy and Flare has a bit less power too (A bit less than WotL)
- Draw Out power start with 8 (Ashura) and finish with 17(Chirildrajen) Masamune and Kiyomori are ramdom inflict and all Draw Out hit allies and enemies.
- Cloud has normal stats and his skillset is much less power (Braver has 8 and Cherry Blossom has 22)

- Calculator, Bard, Dancer and Mime has normal stats.
- The spell that can be calculated is very small, and 4 and CT is removed from his skillset.

- Almost of items that have permanet status now are innate.
- Power of last weapons are always +1. For example: Rune Blade has 14WP, Defender has 14, Save of the Queen has 15, Excalibur 15WP, Ragnarok 16WP and Chaos Blade has 17WP.

For more changes open your patched ISO with FFTPatcher.

NOTE: The patch is tested only until the Dycedarg battle and there aren't any text change. (need to do the MP costs and CT and some other things)
  • Modding version: PSX