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October 30, 2020, 09:47:51 pm


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

CCP - Update Log: Current Dev is v1.967 (Get it here!)

Started by Celdia, June 24, 2011, 09:48:18 pm


Going to be keeping the latest version in this thread now.

Re-uploading v1.95 Homemaker SCC patch by request.


June 28, 2011, 08:24:41 am #1 Last Edit: August 26, 2012, 01:53:32 pm by Celdia
Updated patch to v1.931. Only changes are some modifications to Poaching, War Trophies and Move-Find Item rewards of weapons. See the Master Guide thread for details on the new data on these. Armor and Accessories are coming soon.

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July 02, 2011, 10:19:45 am #2 Last Edit: July 02, 2011, 10:22:15 am by Celdia
Updating to v1.932. Modified a lot of the enemy levels on Armor and Helmets. Magic Armor should show up more at lower levels and the HP-only armors will be at higher levels. Only the top end helmets were changed to help reflect this change. Also some minor ENTD edits were made on Dorter 2 so the bows the Nomads come equipped with are static.

A slightly more major change involves an edit on proc rates and a good number of skills, but specifically Sadomasochism and Flash Freeze which didn't appear to have their status effects proc much at all. They should now properly proc 25% of the time. Unfortunately the fix I attempted for this is having no change on the skills as intended. A new fix is in the works though.

Additionally, many R/S/M skills had their JP costs modified. Most were made lower. A very few were raised a bit. As always, some minor text edits were done because I don't think I've ever done an update without a few of those.


Updated to v1.933. Just a quick bullet list of the changes.

- Fixed Mustadio's skillset to have his new skills.
- Increased the Vertical on Sugary Candy.
- Added the new weapon animation for Whips. (Thanks Kage)
- Modified Brawler's PA Growth and Multiplier. You should notice a significant increase in their damage output now.
- The ever-present minor text edits, of course. (How did no one notice that the job list for who could equip armor was inverted?)
- Implements Glain's "Random unit gear based on story progression" hack. You should stop seeing enemies with gear equivalent to their level now but rather based on where you are in the story.

Let me know how that last one works out for you all. Poachable items will likely not be available to steal from enemies at all now because of this if I've got my understanding of it right.

One last note: I'm taking a break from this project. I will still be around to respond to feedback and check for major bugs but I don't think I'm going to be posting any major updates (except to fix bugs that cripple the game) in the near future. I will endeavor to get the master guide complete, but beyond that CCP is officially on-hold: duration unknown.

Again, I thank everyone that has supported this project and those of you that continue to play it. Personally it has been alternately a joy and a terror working on all of this and I'm so happy to see how far CCP has come from its humble origins here some two and a half years ago. Both CCP and I never would have come this far if not for all of you. I hope to be back to work on this sooner rather than later, but I am just so very burnt out lately that I need to take a serious break from patching. A note to anyone that may be inspired by this project to make their own patch: Don't let anyone fool you into thinking this isn't work because it is...and it is worth every minute of it when you finally reach the end of the road.

Happy hacking and have fun! ^_^


Okay, this is mostly a bug fix patch but there are some new elements as well so let's just get down to it, shall we?

- Cook's Toast skill was made instant cast.
- Nomad's Updraft skill was made instant cast as well as having its MP cost increased and its hit% dropped a tiny bit.
- Both Champion and Ghaele had a handful of skills set to hit 100% of the time now. Warp Time's AoE was reduced.
- All of the Homemaker's skills now follow target. To hell with flavor, that shit has been annoying since v1.2
- Alchemist's Venom skill lost Don't Act as part of its effect.
- Tactician is fixed! They can also move now. Their Lie In Wait skill has been replaced by Battle Plans, a self-target only skill that adds Transparent AND Don't Move now. Between that and Tactician's Shoes you should have plenty of easy access to Don't Move to fuel your Strategy skills.
- Tactician and Demagogue have been reversed on the job tree.
- Ramza's Tend Wound skill has had its hit% and HP% restored increased.
- Bandage can now target self. Additionally, Defend was removed as a skill from Ramza/Delita/Algus due to the redundancy of Bandage adding Defenfing already.
- Magic Attack Up, Attack Up, Magic Defend Up and Defend Up bonuses have all been reduced to 25%.
- Brawler now has Innate: Attack Up. Martial Arts is no longer accessible to human units.
- Wiegraf has had Stasis Sword removed from his skillset at the Windmill Shed. He gained a couple lesser skills in its place.
- Jump +3 has been removed. In its place, Ignore Height has returned as the Vanquisher's Super Jump skill. It now reduces Move by 1.
- Lowered the Brawler's PA Multiplier a little. Hopefully they won't be skyrocketing out of control with damage now. Its not nearly as low as it was before the last buff they got.
- Some R/S/Ms have been shuffled around. Notably Lapidary gained a new skill - Grey Soul - which neutralizes elemental weaknesses. They lost Distribute because it was already on Tactician (and nobody noticed this in like 3 major update patches. -__- Maybe Tactician will get some love finally.)
- Rafa and Malak have had their skillsets updates with a few more powerful skills. Each of them also now has a new unique skill as well; Rafa got Zalmo's ne'er-used Holy Light and Malak got the new Void skill only used by Lucavi.
- Orlandu's Triple Strike skill now properly targets enemies and not allies. Also his MA Multiplier was increased to help him utilize that new skillset.
- Mustadio's PA Multiplier was raised a bit as well. His Holy Shot and Dark Shot skills now use their own formula and should be more powerful than a basic gunshot. (These may need a modification later if they're too powerful. Someone give him a good test and let me know, please.)
- There are 8 'new' Move skills, each tied to an element and sometimes even multiple pre-existing move skills. They each neutralize weakness and resistance to their respective element while also granting Absorb for that element. Four can be accessed by generics and four are only on unique characters.
- Some minor ENTD edits: Zalera has had his speed reduced and Gunslingers at Berevenia Free City now scale in level properly most notably.
- Fixed the weapon swing animation on Elmdor's sword.
- Fixed Half of MP on Elmdor's helmet and Cancel: Fire on the Oven Mitt.
- The new move skills kind of ruined the idea of a couple accessory items. Firewalker Boots and Sandals have been removed. New items have been put in their places and are still buyable in shops.
- Minor text edits on equipment and skills as always.

New Known Issue: Stonestance will display +3 Jump due to the skillslot I'm using for it when you go to equip it but it will NOT add +3 Jump. I'll fix this later.
I think that's everything for right now. There may be a tiny graphics update patch in the near future.


Quick Celdia-Is-An-Idiot patch, AKA v1.941

- Bandage really does target self now. I promise. I even tested it several times.
- Battle Plans should now properly add both Don't Move and Transparent.
- Descriptive text was updated on Power Guard and Titan Guard to properly reflect jobs that can equip them.
- Zalera had to be modified to get around a glitch that was causing him to have an MA of 50. He lost Fly and gained Teleport 2.
- There is actually another glitch in there I didn't fix but noticed after I made my PPFs and I'll get to it later. Its beneficial to the player though so I'll leave it to you to find. ^_^


Alright, this is kind of an important update for the v1.94x series. This newest update should fix the following:

- Alchemy Skillset should properly show all learned skills now.
- Red Mage skills should no longer track so slowly from target to target. (No more 30 second Heal animations! Hooray!)
- Wizard Guard now grants Innate: Absorb Used MP.
- Removed the Tactician's Forced March skill. I may replace it with something else in the future. No plans yet. I'll take suggestions.
- The 'other' glitch was a Shoes accessory that was giving +1 more Move bonus than it should have been. This has been fixed.
- Descriptive text on the Torero's Terminar skill now properly reflects the skill's MP cost.

I think that's the big stuff. There may have been little stuff too.


The update to v1.943 is only one fix but it seemed pretty major. Red Mage spells were canceling their Charge after Moving. This update will fix that issue.


Finally got a little more work done on the master guide for equipment so I'm updating to make it all actually applicable.

I also finally took care of that random Champion under playing control at Poeskas Lake. Kept forgetting about him...

MLAPAN in the Deep Dungeon is now a new unique battle. You've fought the "Vampire" in NOGIAS, now go fight the Vampire Hunters! A unique reward is available for winning the battle, but it won't be easy.


Wow. Over 250 downloads of v1.944. This mess of a patch must be getting popular. Well, here's a not-so-minor update that is also not quite complete. Let me explain.

After taking a lengthy break from working on CCP (and by extension pretty much anything FFT related at all) I've found myself without anything to occupy my creativity. This usually results in a very irate and frustrated Celdia and this time was no exception. Since I was still hanging around here though I couldn't help but be exposed to FFT on all fronts and eventually my mind got to working on things. I've actually got a difficulty hack in the works which was born of being idle, but more on that when I decide to make a thread about it. You came here for CCP, now lets get down to the changes in v1.95. First the bug fixes - if you reported something to me and you don't see it noted here, please let me know again as I likely lost my notes on it.

- Wizard Guard description fixed to show Innate: Absorb Used MP
- Demagogue and Tactician Job Requirement text has been updated to reflect the proper requirements.
- Morning Star was changed to properly give +1 PA.
- Ramza's Hero skillset lost Heal. That wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. :/

Now for the interesting bits...

- Monsters got some minor changes to better reflect the effects of the new move skills introduced in the last update. Some monsters had intrinsic abilities removed to compensate for the new changes, notably Teleport being remove from Ghost type monsters and instead being replaced with Sump Jump (Ignore Height) to keep most of their intended mobility.
- Changed the Bandage skill to heal MA*9, ignoring Faith.
- All guests should now be controllable by the player.
- Meliadoul no longer requires a sword to access her equipment breaking skills. This leads some usefulness to the other weapon types she has access to.
- The "Vampire" in NOGIAS appeared glitched in a test run. I tried to fix this but incase the glitch persists there is one generic battle option there now to allow teams to get past a super-powered boss fight and just move on with the DD. Sadly, no other battles except the new one at MLAPAN have been added yet.
- Homemaker's stats have been boosted. They have gained access to Crowns for equipment. Cooks have been removed entirely.
- The new class, Butler, takes the Cook's place. They share the Homemaker's new stats and equipment access. This job should actually be usable. I'll try to get the guides updated sometime soon to reflect these changes.
- The Butler skill 'Rare Vintage' doesn't show targeting information for the amount of healing it will do. Formula is Heal_F(MA*34) if you need to try and figure it out for some reason. Generally works out to A LOT though.
- As always there are have been some minor text edits on other various things that I didn't bother to note in my edits.

And finally, the big announcement...

- There is finally a new character in CCP. Cloud has been (mostly) removed to make way for Cyan from Final Fantasy 6. I say 'mostly' there because I have not yet put in the new events for Cyan joining. Suffice to say I will not be using the old events for Cloud as they are in the final product, but for now the events and their triggers remain the same. Just follow the game as you would normally to get Cloud and instead you'll get Cyan. Yes, the events will look stupid because of this. Yes, I know how bad it looks. For the time being I don't care how it looks. I wanted to get him put in for testing and I wanted to release this patch, so it was let it look stupid or don't release the patch. Somehow I have a feeling you all would have voted for a stupid-looking-release over no new patch. :P

I think that's everything this time. Time will tell I suppose.

Oh, since I put it together I may as well post it here for those of you up to the random challenge. In addition to the usual No-Music patch is also a special Homemaker Edition of CCP. It also has the No-Music hack applied and has only one difference from the normal CCP patch: Ramza's gender byte has been switched to female so he can access Homemaker instead of Butler. This is the Homemaker SCC patch. Have fun!


Hey folks, sorry about that. Anyone that downloaded the normal, with-music version of the update will want to grab it again. It seemed my mouse slipped and the PPF I made there was from a slightly older version instead of the newest one. I've updated the first post with the new v1.95 and I doublechecked the PPF file in there to make sure its the right one this time. Happy gaming! ^_^;;


I know it was a quick turn around, but with the advent of Raven's EasyVent tool I felt obligated to get the new events I had planned into place. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you CCP v1.951, now with customized events at Goug (after restoring Reis to human form) and at Zarghidas Trade City (after activating the 'heavenly globe'.) I hope you enjoy them.

Just to note, for the time being I'm not updating the Homemaker SCC patch but I will leave the original v1.95 of it up there for others interested in it. If there is enough demand for it I suppose I'll post an updated version of that.

Other changes in this version are as follow:

- Reloaded some vanilla sprites into blank space I had in an attempt to make some events look less buggy.
- Reduced/fixed the JP cost on a couple of Bandit skills.
- Changed the 'Vampire's weapon in DD:NOGIAS to try and mitigate his damage output since after the last update he was throwing 999 damage on everything.
- Removed Chef's Hat. Moved Red Hat down to Chapter 1 gear. Added Winged Cap which has Always: Float on it.
- Minor text edits/fixes on some equipment.


Quick bugfix patch in v.1952. Only two things on the agenda but one is major enough to warrant the fix.

- The Alchemy bug returned due to some bad file organization on my part. This fix will restore the Alchemist's skillset to full access again. Without it they only ever have access to Grease and Phoenix Down.
- The Bandit's Blinding Powder skill has a greatly increased hit% now. Should actually be usable.


October 01, 2011, 07:00:53 am #13 Last Edit: October 01, 2011, 07:06:00 am by Celdia
Well I finally got around to the next update and its a big one. With v1.96 we will be saying farewell to the Warlock and greeting its replacement, the Loremaster. Loremasters are an equipment-dependent class. Without a Book type weapon in hand, they can't access their skills, while special books will grant them access to extra skills in their skillset. Now, on to the bullet list.

- Warlock was removed and replaced by Loremaster.
- Nomad has been given some new skills as well as getting a small stat modification. They are now very focused on PA. Most of their skills have had the JP costs lowered. Some of the skills have been slightly modified for damage or hit%.
- Tactician no longer requires Don't Move status for ALL of their skills, only one. Some status requirements have been changed on their skills. Most of the hit% on Tactician skills have been lowered.
- Orlandu's Triple Strike skill has been given an AoE of 1 as originally intended. Lightning Step no longer has -1 Move.
- Torero's Acelerar ability has been modified for balance. It costs less to use but now inflicts Slow on the user.
- Fixed the vertical flag on the Brawler's Air Slash, and the Vanquisher's Axe and Axe Sweep skills.
- Fixed the problems with Stonestance giving a Jump bonus by replacing what skill it was working with. Stonestance now acts as Any Weather. Dark Passage lost the benefits of Any Weather.
- The Red Mage's Cure and Heal spells have been renamed Aura and Aura Wave. They still function the same. Aura has a slightly different animation now.
- Ghaele skills should now all have the 'clean' summon animations where applicable.
- Due to needing some space to modify a formula, Dragon Level Up has been removed. I don't think it will be missed.
- Some other skills have been given new names but they should function just the same as always.
- Staff weapons have been removed entirely. A couple were made into Wands, which now deal damage correctly. The rest were made into the new books.
- Longbows, Knives and Bandit Knives have been given a straight PA*WP formula.
- The Labrys axe has been fixed to show up at the appropriate time in the game. It was showing up in shops way too early before.
- The top tier elemental guns - Inferno, Thunderclap and Frostbite - are all now available in the shops near the end of the game. Inferno and Frostbite have had their elemental flags swapped to the right elements.
- Mantles have been completely revised. Most suffered a loss in evade% but gained an immunity to a status effect.
- Fixed the Flashy Costume. It should now properly give the Enhance Support skill when equipped and not Faith Up.
- New sprites have been put in for the Male Champion as well as the Male and Female Enchanters.
- Added the updated portrait to the Female Lapidary.
- The 'Hunters' battle in the DD on MLAPAN has been revised.
- Queklain has had his MA reduced.
- Fixed a misplaced flag on Malboro type enemies. They should now take damage properly from elemental attacks.
- Other minor ENTD edits have been made (though I did forget to take Tactician's Shoes off of some Warlocks...those poor Loremasters are going to be sitting ducks.)
- Many text edits were made, some addressing previously reported inconsistencies.
- I've started replacing the weapon graphic animations with the proper ones to reflect the weapon icons from the equip/shop menus. This isn't complete yet. If you see anything glitchy when a unit makes a normal weapon strike, please let me know.

I think that's everything. I'm not even sure at this point. I didn't get everything I wanted into this update but I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep until I posted something.

Oh, since its not in the game text anywhere yet, here's a list of what books give access to what skills for Loremaster (in no specific order.)
Royal Tome - Resurrection, Bless
Gravity Tome - Gravity Well, Meteor Strike
Destruction Tome - Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm
Ruination Tome - Weakness, Feeblemind
Hypnotic Tome - Enthrall, Entrance
Ancient Tome - FADE, NUKE


Just a quick update to 1.961 to fix some oversights I made before and also to bring in a couple new monsters.

- Made moderate changes to the Chocobo monster family. Yellow Chocobo is mostly unchanged. White and Blue Chocobos replace the Black and Red.
- Made heavy changes to the Skeleton monster family. All three types have been remodeled and given new or different skills. The only thing remaining from Vanilla is Knife Hand.
- Due to the edit on Skeleton, Meliadoul lost Ice Soul can gained access to the new Dark Wave skill, learnable from the top tier Skeleton.
- Got the correct move skills put on Rafa and Malak.
- Fixed the Guest flags on two units at Poeskas Lake.
- Removed Tactician's Shoes from forced equipment on enemy Loremasters.
- Changed the formula for Loremaster's Weakness and Feeblemind skills. They have a lower hit% now but no longer require Faith to function.
- Fixed some text on various things including the new Loremaster spells and what books they require/what spells the books give access to.

That should be it.


October 06, 2011, 06:53:08 pm #15 Last Edit: October 06, 2011, 06:54:59 pm by Celdia
Since I'm making a bit of headway here I thought I'd post another update. Here's the details for v1.962:

- Removed Knife as an equip on all jobs, replacing them back to their original jobs. The AI was making some silly equipment choices because of that change and I didn't like it. Bandits kept Knives.
- Champion loses Equip Sword. The skill has been entirely removed and was replaced by Equip Knives. This allows access to Knives AND Bandit Knives.
- Bandit Knives have FINALLY been fixed. They no longer grant Always: Defending.
- Battle Plans renamed back to Lie In Wait. Function is unchanged from 1.961.
- Tactician gained a new ability: Take Cover. It requires Don't Move and Poison to use and grants Protect and Shell to all allies, including the Tactician. (Note: I didn't test this one to make sure it worked. If anyone gives it a shot, let me know if there's a problem.)
- Started replacing some spell quotes on Ghaele and Red Mage skills.
- As always some small ENTD and text edits have been applied.
- Brawler's Pummel skill is now evadable.
- Fixed a glitch with Wild Healing that caused it to do damage. It should heal properly now.
- Skeletons lost Counter and gained Soulshield as a reaction.
- Bombs have been modified and renamed to Elementals. There are two new types, the Ice Elemental and Spark Elemental. Fire Elementals will be very reminiscent of the original Bomb while Ice have a higher HP max and Spark run a bit faster than their brothers. Look for them at Sweegy Woods!

I think that's it. Nothing here should be grounds for a restart if you're already a fair way into v1.96x.


This update is mostly a few fixes for annoying oversights. There is a remodel of the 'Morbol' enemy class.

- Remodeled Ochu, Morbol and Great Morbol monsters. The new versions are Anemone, Worm Hydra and Malboro. Better bring your Ribbons because that Bad Breath is worse than ever!
- Loremaster skills Lightning Bolt and Ice Storm were improperly flagged for Random Hits. This has been fixed.
- Many Ghaele skills have been reverted back to a Faith-based system. Master Guide updates will follow.
- As above, some Red Mage skills have had the X-values on Faith modified, all increased I believe.
- Several text errors in skill and item descriptions have been fixed.
- Some ENTDs have been modified for new items, classes or AI functionality.
- Wizard Guard was still doing things it wasn't supposed to. It should finally be functioning as intended.
- Shop lists were fixed. Some items that shouldn't be for sale were showing up while others that should have been in shops never appeared.

Look out for some Tacticians now in the AI's finally capable hands as well more White and Blue Chocobos, not to mention of course the new Malboro monsters. Dolbodar Swamp needs to be renamed Malboro Swamp now. :D

Update Edit: Looks like the big glitch was actually a false alarm! Hopefully it'll stay that way. -_-;;


Normally I wouldn't bother with an update for literally 2 bytes of data but they're an important two bytes. Keeping the same version number on it though since its otherwise exactly the same. MoveFindItemFix patch should make all items and traps functional again. Sorry about that one folks. This is what happens when I try to do too many projects at once.

Yes, two is too many. -_-;;


I think I'm burning myself out again. I'm not even if all of the following is in the update after the problems I had with it but it SHOULD be. We all know how much that counts for though... -_-

- New Monster! The Lamia family now replaces Panthers with three fairly distinct flavors: Siren, Salamander and Medusa.
- Meliadoul loses access to the Look of Fright skill in trade for being able to learn the Lamia's 'Slavery Song' skill. Pretty sure all three types have it...
- Malboros got a minor update due to some idiot removing their ability to walk on water and thus making their sprites look all kinds of wrong. >_>
- Torero and Demagogue swapped access to Train and Monster Talk.
- Fixed some problems with Tactician skills not showing up with the right statuses on. They should all be working right now.
- A lot of random ENTD setups got modified a bit either for the new Lamias, modified Malboros or making more logical placing for Elementals. A few more Tacticians have specific equipment, too.
- Go play in Araguay Woods South 5.
- My notes say something about AI Item functioning properly. I'm not sure it was ever broken. I have no idea what that even refers to now...
- Text edits as always. 

....I'm tired. Enjoy!


My apologies to the few people that recently downloaded v1.964 but here's another tiny update. With the finalization of Kagebunji's Tortoise sprite that I was eagerly awaiting, I finally got to implement all my notes for that monster family. Thus I bring you CCP v.1964T. The T is for turtles. ^_^

- Removed the Tree family of monsters, replacing them with the new Turtles: Tortoise, Glaicoise and Adamantoise.
- Mediadoul lost Leaf Spirit from her Blue Magic list and gained access to the new Critical Rush skill found on all three types of turtle.
- Due to popular demand, I finally got around to swapping Gained JP Up and Gained Exp Up on Training Vest and Laborer's Clothes. Sorry that took so long.
- With the addition of the Lamia family I thought some Charm protection was in order. The Maiden Charm accessory has lost Cancel: Chicken and gained Cancel: Charm. It retains Cancel: Frog as well.
- Minor text edits.
- Several ENTD edits for turtle placing. There are even a few in some story battles now.