Event Instruction Upgrade

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This hack created by Xifanie alters and adds the following instructions. It requires the latest CONFIG.INI and to apply EventInstructionUpgrade.xml


  • v1.12
    • Automatically recalculates the text offset for savestate eventing

New instructions

Altered Instructions

{92} InflictStatus

Adds status ID x04, which tries to apply every status to be inflicted. However, just remember that InflictStatus wipes the said information to apply them visually, so if you wish to see them applied in battle, you'll need to re-alter the corresponding bytes.

Check the instruction page for more information.

Variable Instructions

Adds multiple tables of data that can be altered with these instructions. You can find all of them on the Variables page.

Click here for the list of Variables

Savestate eventing

Savestate eventing was already possible, but now you don't need to worry about saving space for additional instructions so it doesn't break the text. The text offset will be automatically recalculated when needed, making Text(x????????) forever useless from now on.