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{92} InflictStatus


Inflict a status on a given unit. The changes are visible even outside of battle.

Statuses can be stacked, but sometimes need to be applied in the correct order; for example, Chicken needs to be applied before Float.

See Also: {83} ChangeStats{E5} WaitForInstruction(x43,x00)

Unit ID : Byte (hex)

ID of the unit specified in the ENTD.

x00 : Byte (hex)

This value is always set to x00 in the original game; it probably doesn't have a function.

Status : Byte (hex)

  • x00: Revive with 1 HP if necessary. Note that the use of this command will block any attempts at event-based HP restoration on this unit within the same event. See below for an alternative.
    • (It will also play a sound effect.)
  • x01: Crystal
  • x02: Poison + Critical
  • x80-xFF: Applies any singular status. Requires Event Instruction Upgrade hack v1.35+.
    • x80: Performing
    • x81: Defending
    • x82: Jump
    • x83: Charging
    • x84: Undead
    • x85: Dead
    • x86: Crystal
    • x87:
    • x88: Treasure
    • x89: Cursed
    • x8A: Blood Suck
    • x8B: Silence
    • x8C: Confusion
    • x8D: Darkness
    • x8E: Invite
    • x8F: Petrify
    • x90: Critical
    • x91: Frog
    • x92: Chicken
    • x93: Berserk
    • x94: Transparent
    • x95: Reraise
    • x96: Float
    • x97: Oil
    • x98: Wall
    • x99: Stop
    • x9A: Slow
    • x9B: Haste
    • x9C: Shell
    • x9D: Protect
    • x9E: Regen
    • x9F: Poison
    • xA0: Death Sentence
    • xA1: Reflect
    • xA2: Don't Act
    • xA3: Don't Move
    • xA4: Sleep
    • xA5: Charm
    • xA6: Innocent
    • xA7: Faith

In order to revive a dead unit with full HP, use the following commands. (Requires the Event Instruction Upgrade hack.)












Unknown : Byte (hex)

Often 0x0C, else 0x01.

x00 : Byte (hex)

This value is always set to x00 in the original game; it probably doesn't have a function.