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{C6} TransformUnit


Levels down a character and levels them back up to the same level as a new one, changing their Main ID, Job ID and Gender accordingly.

Accurately preserves stats as much as possible (within the 3 byte raw stat length). There might be some loss of stats changing back and forth if one of the two jobs has insanely efficient stat growths, capping to 0xFFFFFF before level 99, but this is usually only achieved through cheating anyway.

See also: {C2} UnitAddress, {C3} WorldUnitAddress

Address Variable : Byte (hex)

The variable which holds the memory address to the unit. Specify 0x02 in parameters to make it a WORLD address, otherwise it will be considered a BATTLE address.

Parameters : Byte (hex)

  • 0x80: New Gender Male
  • 0x40: New Gender Female
  • 0x20: New Gender Monster
  • 0x04: Unequip Before Rransforming
  • 0x02: World Address Variable

To Job ID : Byte (hex)

Target Job ID. Also replaces the Main ID if the Job ID is not a generic job.