Skill and Skillset Workbook Compilation

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- Generic Skillset Fix: This "Fix" causes Skillsets to mime the properties of 
other skillsets, for the purposes of things such as dodging the hardcoding of 
Throw/Jump/Etc.  Just enter the Hex ID of the Skillset you want to mime in the 
Row, or FF if you want it to work normally.  I mostly added this because I know 
some people have trouble using this hack without a guide for anything other than 
the defaults Xifanie set it to on her page, when it's really good for so much 
- Pre-Raw Stat Editor: This allows you to edit several things.  The first is 
Ramza's starting Gear, Gender, Brave/Faith, Level (which will affect Soldier 
Office recruitment level) PA, MA, SP, HP, MP, and variance in each.  The second 
thing it'll allow you to edit is the base stats (HP/MP/SP/PA/MA) and variance for 
each the Male, Female, and Monster Genders.  By "base stats" I mean the Level 1 
stats of any unit of that Gender regardless of Job when equipped with no gear.  
This allows you control of the gap between Males and Females, allows you to add 
randomness to human stats or remove it from monster stats, etc. with ease pending 
needs.  Now has a preview of the converted Raw Stats on the bottom half of the 
sheet, which can then be used to calculate growths over time with a program such 
as LvlSim.  Also includes miscellaneous functions like setting the modified HP/MP 
raw stat divisor for ???-flagged units.  Because this is a divisor, making it 
smaller will increase the HP/MP gain, and making it larger will decrease it.
- Job Defense Boost ASM: This allows you to give every Job without exception it's 
own innate Defense and Magic Defense damage reduction percent.  The percent is 
set in the spreadsheet as XX/FF, and to make a skill become affected by either, 
you set the AI DEFUP and AI MDEFUP flags in FFTPatcher.  The original spreadsheet 
work was by Pokeytax, hence why the layout is different from what my spreadsheets 
usually used.  I fixed a number of bugs, added some instructions, and did some 
miscellaneous things to it though to make it work for OpenOffice users, and 
included it here for completion's sake with Pride's permission.