Game Progression Workbook Compilation

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- Proposition Editor: An incredibly intricate prototype Proposition Editor, using 
all the knowledge I had access to on them.  This allows you to modify Gil / 
Treasure / Land Rewards, availability, location, "best" Jobs, etc.  This 
Spreadsheet will likely see constant updates as I either add more convenience-
related features or more data on editing the remaining portions of Propositions 
is found.  This, unlike my other Spreadsheets, is a drop-down menu oriented 
Spreadsheet.  You can edit the names of the Propositions in Column A and use 
listings to the far right to edit things such as town names, Job names, etc., but 
be sure to "refresh" any menus that had the name listed before the edit because 
they will not refresh automatically.  (Note: The only things missing are minute 
things like modifying precise Gil Reward tiers, bonuses for more days committed, 
etc.  By convenience features, I later intend to add bits that track things like 
how many Propositions are in each town, are opened by each Story Byte value, 
etc., but that may not be for a long while still.  I'm rather burned out now 
after the hell of making the initial spreadsheet.)
- ATTACK.OUT Battle Event Conditionals Editor:  A rather amazing spreadsheet 
originally made by Xifanie, allowing you to edit in-battle triggers for events.  
All I did was edit out unnecessary code to make editing easier and allow it to 
create an XML file for use with FFT OrgASM.  For a Tutorial on how to actually 
use this spreadsheet, I made a handy one here.
- ATTACK.OUT Map, Music, Squad, Etc. Editor:  Sets the Map/Music/Squad 
Formations/etc. loaded by the game for each corresponding event.  Drop-down boxes 
make this incredibly easy to handle, unlike its GUI counterpart.  Currently 
incomplete and missing default settings