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OS Console Versions Requirements Authors
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png 1.06
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP, 7, 8
  • Microsoft Excel 2000/2003 (with analyst toolpak) or 2007+
  • (Other spreadsheet editors might work)

These tools were originally developed back in 2007 and act as the base of FFTPatcher. Therefore it is old, and lacks most new options. But some people might like the ability from Excel to edit many values at once with minimal effort.

This package includes 5 excel sheets:

  • US & JP PSX exe workbook.xls: Edits a good amount of what the FFTPatcher Suite allows.
  • ENTD1.ENT.xls: Part 1 of the ENTD data
  • ENTD2.ENT.xls: Part 2 of the ENTD data
  • ENTD3.ENT.xls: Part 3 of the ENTD data
  • ENTD4.ENT.xls: Part 4 of the ENTD data

The Analyst ToolPak is included for old versions of Microsoft Excel which is required for functions like Hex2Dec() or Bin2Hex() and so on.

Warning: Newer versions of Excel might have a hard time handling the ENTD spreadsheets because of all their dropdown boxes

How to use

  • Extract the file you want to edit using CDMage or cdprog: either SCUS_942.21, ENTD1.ENT, ENTD2.ENT, ENTD3.ENT or ENTD4.ENT
  • Edit the spreadsheets according to your needs
  • Select the "END" sheet and copy the contents of the yellow block
  • In your favorite hex editor, open the file to edit you extracted earlier
  • Paste making sure it won't increase the file size by simply overwriting the previously existing data at the right offset. 0x4F3F0 for SCUS_942.21 and 0x0000 for the others.
  • Import the new file using CDMage or cdprog

Known bugs