Level Up Simulator

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OS Console Versions Requirements Authors
Win.png Psx.png Psp.png 1.0 Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 Ganon

This tool allows you to calculate the stats of a character after leveling it up in a certain job. Although not purely modder friendly, you can edit the .txt files to edit the job stats and have it suit your needs.

Warning: The data that comes with the program have errors, and also won't be right for WotL. Here are replacement .txt data files for the simulator. They include:

  • USPSX data (with corrections).
  • USPSP data. Some jobs had to be removed to fix the data.

How to use

Detailed instructions are found within the program itself.

Known bugs

  • Only processes 150 jobs.
  • There are data errors propagated from the BMG. For example, Ninja should have 122% PA.