Event Instruction 83

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{83} ChangeStats


Change the stats of affected units.

See Also: {92} InflictStatus

Affected Units : Byte (hex)

If Multi Targeting is set to x00:

  • Unit ID: ID of the unit specified in the ENTD.

If Multi Targeting is set to x01:

  • x00: Player's Team (blue)
  • x01: Player's Team (blue)
  • x02: All Enemy Teams (red/green/lightblue)
  • x03: All Enemy Teams (red/green/lightblue)
  • x04: All Teams

Multi Targeting : Byte (hex)

  • x00: One Target → Unit ID
  • x01: Various outcomes; see Affected Unit(s)
  • x02: Target All Teams

Stat : Byte (hex)

  • 0x00 = blank?
  • 0x01 = blank?
  • 0x02 = CT
  • 0x03 = Brave
  • 0x04 = Faith

Value : Half-Word (signed)

Adds this value to the previously existing one.