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FFTPatcher is an application created by melonhead that allows the user to make changes to the game Final Fantasy Tactics. The application is built from the work of Xifanie, and based off her Excel Workbooks.

The program allows basic changes to abilities, equipment, and jobs as well as modifications to the enemies and items in each battle. FFTPatcher is compataible with both PSX and PSP versions of Final Fantasy Tactics, and can generate a patch or Gameshark codes for the PSX, and a patch or CWCheat codes for the PSP. A patch is usually prefered, however, as codes can span several hundred lines of GameShark or CWCheat codes, and only a patch allows for battle modifications to be implemented.

FFTPatcher requires a Final Fantasy Tactics image file to apply the patch, however it can generate a patch without an image of the game. Applying the patch through FFTPatcher will overwrite any changes to the files being replaced, such as formulas added separately by ASM hacking, in the case of replacing BATTLE.BIN

Using FFTPatcher