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The Inflict Statuses editor in FFTPatcher allows one to control the application of all status effects in the game. The name "Inflict Statuses" somewhat belies the all-purpose function of this tab. Not only does this tab deal with the infliction of negative status, such as that of the Black Magic spell "Poison" (All or Nothing Poison), but it also deals with both the cancellation of status such as that of the White Magic spell "Raise" (Cancel Dead) and the "infliction" of positive status such as that of the Time Magic spell "Haste" (All or Nothing Haste).

There are four conditions for status effect application under this tab:

1. All or Nothing - As many status effects as are checked off alongside this function either hit the target or none do at all. There is no in-between when it comes to the skill itself. Although, IIRC, if one has an item that guards against one status effect but not others in the set, then it will on guard the one. This may be my failing me since I have not had the change to test anything in quite a few months.

2. Random - Only one of the status effects will be applied among a set of many, even if this means that it will attempt to add a status effect that the target is immune to while the target is vulnerable to others in the set. It is pointless when used it alone. When used with formula 38 (100%), it will inflict one of the random status effects at 100%.

3. Separate - Any number of status effects can hit the target as the chances for all status effects in the set are gone through individually and either apply or do not apply. Unlike Random, it is actually somewhat useful when used alone. If it's interaction with formula 38 (100%) is to be believed, then it Separate is only 25% as likely to be applied as any equivalent All or Nothing status set.

4. Cancel - This cancels the status effect or status effects that are assigned to it. Rather self-explanatory.

All or nothing takes priority over everything. Cancel is always overrode by the others. I suspect the overrides go in sequential order (all or nothing > random > separate > cancel). Similarly, for a spell that adds two status effects, the negative status is always applied second (or at least the ones I, formerdeathcorps, tested: poison + haste, protect + sleep, and slow + regen).

Default Inflict Statuses List

Anyway, what follows will be a list of the Default Inflict Statuses set for FFT. The items (that cause the status on hit; that's different from Item Attributes) or active abilities that a number corresponds to will be put in brackets. Notes about repetition will be put in parentheses. The name used will be from the original PSX version of FFT as I have never played the PSP version. "All or Nothing" will be abbreviated as "All":

00: ~Nothing~ (This is used as for default for everything that doesn't have a status.)


01: Cancel Poison [Antidote]

02: Cancel Darkness [Eye Drop]

03: Cancel Silence [Echo Grass]

04: Cancel Frog [Maiden's Kiss]

05: Cancel Petrify [Soft]

06: Cancel Undead & Blood Suck [Holy Water]

07: Cancel Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison & Sleep [Remedy]

08: Cancel Dead [Phoenix Down]


09: All Darkness [Blind Knife]

0A: All Silence [Mage Masher]

0B: All Death Sentence [Assassin Dagger]

0C: All Sleep [Zorlin Shape]

0D: All Don't Act [Spell Edge]

0E: All Don't Move [Ancient Sword]

0F: All Sleep [Sleep Sword] (The same as 0C.)

10: All Frog [Nagrarock]

11: All Petrify [Chaos Blade]

12: All Slow [Slasher]

13: All Poison [Poison Rod]

14: All Faith [Faith Rod]

15: All Darkness [Night Killer] (The same as 09.)

16: All Poison [Poison Bow] (The same as 13.)

17: All Confusion [Ramia Harp]

18: All Charm [Fairy Harp]

19: All Innocent [Gokuu Rod]

1A: Cancel Darkness, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Don't Move & Don't Act [Octagon Rod]

1B: All Sleep (This is unused.)

1C: Cancel Death Sentence [White Staff]


1D: ~Nothing~

1E: ~Nothing~

1F: ~Nothing~


20: Cancel Dead [Raise, Raise 2, Revive, Oink] (The same as 08.)

21: All Reraise [Reraise]

22: All Regen [Regen]

23: All Protect [Protect, Protect 2, Protect Spirit]

24: All Shell [Shell, Shell 2, Calm Spirit]

25: All Protect & Shell [Wall, Kiyomori]

26: Cancel Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Sleep, Don't Act & Don't Move [Esuna, Stigma Magic]

27: All Poison [Poison, Poison Nail] (The same as 13 & 16.)

28: All Frog [Toad 2] (The same as 10.)

29: All Dead [Death, Stop Bracelet, Sudden Cry, Compress]

2A: All Haste [Haste, Haste 2]

2B: All Slow [Slow, Slow 2, Heaven's Cloud] (The same as 12.)

2C: All Stop [Stop, Shadow Stitch, Spell]

2D: All Don't Move [Don't Move, Hold Tight, Leg Aim, Goo] (The same as 0E.)

2E: All Float [Float]

2F: All Reflect [Reflect, Carbunkle, Lick]

30: All Darkness [Blind (Oracle), Darkness, Blind 2, Blind (Temple), Eye Gouge, Black Ink] (The same as 09 & 15.)

31: All Faith [Pray Faith, Faith] (The same as 14.)

32: All Innocent [Doubt Faith, Innocent] (The same as 19.)

33: All Undead [Zombie (Oracle), Zombie (Temple)]

34: All Silence [Silence Song, Silf, Lose Voice, Silence] (The same as 0A.)

35: All Berserk [Blind Rage, Insult, Berserk]

36: All Confusion [Confusion Song, Loss, Confuse 2, Confuse] (The same as 17.)

37: Cancel Float, Reraise, Transparent, Regen, Protect, Shell, Haste, Faith & Reflect [Dispel Magic, Despair 2, Despair, Odd Soundwave]

38: All Don't Act [Paralyze, Chicken Race, Arm Aim, Don't Act] (The same as 0D.)

39: All Sleep [Sleep (Oracle), Mimic Daravon, Sleep 2, Sleep (Temple)] (The same as 0C & 0F.)

3A: All Petrify [Petrify, Break] (The same as 11.)

3B: Random Reraise, Regen, Protect, Shell & Haste [Nameless Song]

3C: Random Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop & Sleep [Nameless Dance]

3D: All Death Sentence [Secret Fist, Death Sentence (Mediator), Death Sentence (Ahriman)] (The same as 0B.)

3E: All Charm [Steal Heart, Allure, Nose Bracelet] (The same as 18.)

3F: All Invite [Invitation, Dragon Tame]

40: Cancel Petrify, Oil, Poison, Stop (This is unused.)

41: All Don't Move [Pitfall] (The same as 0E & 2D.)

42: All Stop [Hell Ivy] (The same as 2C.)

43: All Frog [Water Ball] (The same as 10 & 28.)

44: All Petrify [Carve Model] (The same as 11 & 3A.)

45: All Confusion [Local Quake] (The same as 17 & 36.)

46: All Don't Act [Kamaitachi] (The same as 0D & 38.)

47: All Sleep [Demon Fire] (The same as 0C, 0F & 39.)

48: All Death Sentence [Quicksand] (The same as 0B & 3D.)

49: All Darkness [Sand Storm] (The same as 09, 15 & 30.)

4A: All Silence [Blizzard] (The same as 0A & 34.)

4B: All Slow [Gusty Wind] (The same as 12 & 2B.)

4C: All Dead [Lava Ball] (The same as 29.)

4D: Random Confusion & Death Sentence [Muramasa]

4E: All Regen & Haste [Masamune]

4F: Cancel Darkness, Silence & Confusion [Heal]

50: Cancel Petrify, Confusion, Silence, Blood Suck, Frog, Poison, Stop, Sleep, Don't Move & Don't Act [Deathspell 2]

51: All Stop, Don't Move & Don't Act [Galaxy Stop]

52: Random Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Poison, Slow, & Sleep [Space Storage, Space Storage Back]

53: All Petrify [Seal (Assassin)] (The same as 11, 3A & 44.)

54: Random Sleep & Death Sentence [Nightmare]

55: All Blood Suck [Blood Suck (Elmdor)]

56: Separate Darkness [Bio (first)]

57: Separate Poison [Bio (second)]

58: Separate Oil [Bio (third)]

59: Separate Undead [Bio 3 (first)]

5A: Separate Dead [Bio 3 (second)]

5B: Separate Petrify [Bio 3 (third)]

5C: All Reraise, Regen, Protect, Shell, & Haste [Magic Barrier]

5D: All Petrify [Seal Evil] (The same as 11, 3A, 44 & 53.)

5E: Cancel Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Stop, Sleep, Don't Move, & Don't Act [Dragon Care]

5F: Random Dead, Petrify & Stop [Finish Touch]

60: All Crystal [Please Eat]

61: All Frog [Bio 2 (first)] (The same as 10, 28 & 43.)

62: All Slow [Death Cold, Bio 2 (second)] (The same as 12, 2B & 4B.)

63: All Silence [Bio 2 (third)] (The same as 0A, 34 & 4A.)

64: Cancel Petrify, Darkness, Silence, Poison, Stop, Don't Move & Don't Act [Choco Esuna]

65: All Oil [Self Destruct]

66: Random Petrify & Stop [Blaster]

67: Random Confusion & Berserk [Mind Blast]

68: Random Confusion & Sleep [Pooh]

69: Separate Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Frog, Poison & Sleep [Bad Bracelet, Parasite]

6A: Separate Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Slow & Sleep [Grand Cross]

6B: Separate Blood Suck [Blood Suck (Panther)]

6C: All Undead [Zombie Touch] (The same as 33.)

6D: All Sleep [Sleep Touch] (The same as 0C, 0F, 39 & 47.)

6E: All Oil [Grease Touch] (The same as 65.)

6F: Random Petrify, Darkness, Silence, Don't Move & Don't Act [Look of the Devil]

70: All Petrify [Beak] (The same as 11, 3A, 44, 53 & 5D.)

71: Separate Dead & Sleep [Dark Whisper]

72: All Petrify [Seal (Zodiac), Bio 2 (fourth)] (The same as 11, 3A, 44, 53, 5D & 70.)

73: All Frog [Frog] (The same as 10, 28, 43 & 61.)

74: All Frog & Poison [Poison Frog]

75: Separate Stop [Stasis Sword]

76: Separate Death Sentence [Split Punch]

77: Separate Dead [Crush Punch] (The same as 5A.)

78: Separate Silence [Lightning Stab]

79: Separate Confusion [Holy Explosion]

7A: ~Nothing~

7B: ~Nothing~

7C: ~Nothing~

7D: ~Nothing~

7E: ~Nothing~

7F: ~Nothing~

All though all patches are different, everyone can easily save at least 51 spaces of 128 Inflict Statues spaces by consolidating similarities under one address and one address only. -- 03:03, 14 March 2010 (EDT)The Damned