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PSX Version:

00 Default

01 +2 MA (Rune Sword)

02 Always: Protect (Save the Queen)

03 Absorb: Holy, Boost: Holy, Always: Haste (Excalibur)

04 Always: Shell (Ragnarok)

05 Always: Regen (Chaos Blade--observe that inflict petrify is Inflict Status 11)

06 Boost: Lightning (Thunder Rod)

07 Boost: Ice (Ice Rod)

08 Boost: Fire (Fire Rod)

09 +2 MA (Wizard Rod--this is redundant)

0A +1 MA (Wizard Staff--observe that white staff cancels death sentence 25% of the time off of attacks, it doesn't nullify it)

0B +2 PA, +1 MA (Mace of Zeus--observe that healing staff heals because it uses a different weapon formula)

0C +1 MA (C Bag--this is redundant)

OD Always: Regen (P Bag--this is redundant)

OE +1 SP (H Bag)

OF Absorb: Ice, Halve: Fire, Weak: Lightning (Ice Shield)

10 Absorb: Fire, Halve: Ice, Weak: Water (Fire Shield)

11 +1 MA (Aegis Shield--this is redundant)

12 Boost: Fire, Lightning, Ice (Kaiser Shield)

13 Halve: Fire, Lightning, Ice (Venetian Plate)

14 Null: Darkness, Sleep (Grand Helmet)

15 +1 PA (Headgear)

16 +1 MA (Triangle Hat--this is redundant)

17 +1 SP (Green Beret--this is redundant)

18 +2 PA (Twist Headband)

19 +1 MA (Holy Miter--this is redundant)

1A Null: Silence (Golden Hairpin)

1B +1 MA/SP (Flash Hat)

1C +2 SP, Null: Don't Move, Don't Act (Thief Hat)

1D Always: Reflect (Reflect Mail)

1E +1 PA, Null: Dead (Judo Outfit)

1F +2 PA (Power Sleeve--this is redundant)

20 Absorb: Earth, Boost: Earth (Earth Clothes)

21 +2 SP, Start: Transparent (Secret Clothes)

22 Null: Stop (Black Costume)

23 Null: Lightning (Rubber Costume)

24 +2 MA (Wizard Robe--this is redundant)

25 Absorb: Holy, Cancel: Dead (Chameleon Robe)

26 Halve: Lightning, Fire, Ice (White Robe--this is redundant)

27 Boost: Lightning, Fire, Ice (Black Robe--this is redundant)

28 Nothing (Light Robe...did the creators of FFT intend to give light robe a status effect but forget?)

29 +2 PA, +1 MA, Always: Protect/Shell (Robe of the Lords)

2A +1 Move (Battle Boots)

2B +1 Jump (Spiked Boots)

2C +1 Move/Jump (Germinas Boots)

2D Null: Lightning, Don't Move (Rubber Boots)

2E Always: Float (Feather Boots)

2F +1 Speed (Sprint Shoes--this is redundant)

30 +1 MA/Move (Red Shoes)

31 +1 PA (Power Wrist--this is redundant)

32 +2 PA/MA (Genji Gauntlet)

33 +2 MA (Magic Gauntlet--this is redundant)

34 +3 PA (Bracer)

35 Always: Reflect (Reflect Ring--this is redundant)

36 Null: Sleep, Death Sentence (Defense Ring)

37 Null: Berserk, Silence (Magic Ring)

38 +1 PA/MA/SP, Always: Undead, Null: Invite (Cursed Ring)

39 Null: Dead, Darkness, Start: Re-Raise (Angel Ring)

3A +1 PA/MA, Null: Slow (Diamond Armlet)

3B Null: Stop, Petrify (Jade Armlet)

3C Boost: All Elements, Null: Frog, Blood Suck, Undead, Poison (108 Gems)

3D Null: Confuse, Charm, Halve: Dark (N-Kai Armlet)

3E Null: Don't Move, Don't Act (Defense Armlet)

3F +1 MA (Wizard Mantle--this is redundant)

40 Start: Transparent (Vanish Mantle)

41 Always: Re-raise, Regen (Chantage)

42 Always: Float, Reflect (Cherche)

43 +1 MA, Always: Haste, Start: Transparent (Setiemson)

44 Always: Protect/Shell (Salty Rage)

45 Null: Undead, Darkness, Silence, Frog, Poison, Slow, Don't Act, Don't Move, Death Sentence (Cachusha)

46 Null: Dead, Petrify, Invite, Confusion, Blood Suck, Berserk, Stop, Charm, Sleep (Barette)

47 Null: 45+46 (Ribbon)

48 Always: Petrify (Stone Gun--note that you can't get the gun to inflict petrify on enemies because the only two safe formulas for guns are NS)

49 Always: Faith (Faith Rod)

4A-4F (Blank)

Total number of Blanks + Redundancies = 23

PSP Version:

50 Always: Haste (Moonblade)

51 +3 MA (Nirvana)

52 +4 MA (Dreamwalker)

53 +3 MA (Stardust Rod--this is redundant)

54 +4 MA (Crown Scepter--this is redundant)

55 Always: Protect/Shell (Durandal--this is redundant)

56 Halve: All Elements (Reverie Shield)

57 +2 SP, Null: Confuse, Berserk, Charm (Acacia Hat)

58 +3 MA, Null: Silence (Brass Coronet)

59 Always: Re-raise, Regen (Grand Armor--this is redundant)

5A Always: Re-raise, Regen, Protect, Shell (Onion Armor)

5B Cancel: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Dark, Halve: Water, Ice, Holy, Earth (Minerva Bustier)

5C +1 SP, Null: Petrify, Sleep, Poison (Mirage Vest)

5D Always: Re-raise, Regen (Brave Suit--this is redundant)

5E Halve: All Elements (Sage's Robe--this is redundant)

5F +2 Move (Gaius Caligulae)

60 +1 SP, Always: Haste (Brigand's Gloves)

61 45+46 (Onion Gloves--this is redundant)

62 +1 SP, Null: Slow, Stop, Don't Move (Empyral Armband)

63 +3 PA/MA, Always: Protect/Shell/Haste (Tynar Rouge)

64 Absorb: All Elements (Sage's Ring)

Total # of redundancies = 30