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Lists all the items in the game. Virtually everything can be modified, but:

1) You cannot currently change the slot of any item. In short, even if you change cachusha to be a body slot armor item, it can still only be worn on the head (and because the game now considers cachusha to be a "body slot" item, you cannot equip anything else in your body slot either.)

2) You cannot currently add or remove shops where a given item is sold. Even with 457's WORLD.BIN edit (Shop Inventories), the shop will still display only the items it had in the original. If you want to prevent the user from having a given item, you need to set availability to the last blank (slot 20).

3) The box next to weapon elemental determines range of the weapon. If nothing is checked, the attack will have a minimum range of 3, gain +1 range for every two panels you are above your enemies, but be limited to 3 vertical height tolerance (so the effective maximum range is 4). If you check direct, the gain in range is removed, but obstacles in the line of sight will block your attacks. Striking means fixed 1v2 range from below and 1v3 from above. Lunging means fixed 2(linear)v2 range from below and 2(linear)v3 range from above. Arc means the attack will function like longbow.

4) If two hands is checked, a user with the two hands support ability can wield this weapon for double the normal WP. If two swords is checked, a user with the two swords support ability can wield another weapon. The empty flag underneath "2 Hands" determines whether the player can throw a given weapon (the AI will do so regardless). Forced 2 Hands means the weapon requires two hands to wield (which overrides the two hands effect).

5) Guns should not use weapon formula 00, 01, 02, or 05 because these will allow a gunner to deal 999 exploitable damage (the AI will do this too) by repeatedly referencing the expected damage on a target with good Zodiac compatibility with the gunner. This is true also for skills using those formulas. Magic guns will default to ice elemental if they are assigned an element other than ice, fire, or lightning. For weapons that do use these formulas, know that weapon type is the automatic determinant of the type of damage dealt.

6) To edit the effect of chemist attacks, you edit potions under the item tab. (Thus, editing echo grass under items also modifies what echo grass does when used.) Auto-Potion will reference whatever effect is in the Potion, Hi-Potion, and X-Potion slots, in that order. Note that "Remove Status" is actually 100% (so it technically could add status as well). To avoid bugs observed with guns, do not use the weapon formulas (00,01,02,05). Like weapons, potions automatically have a X and Y value of 0.

7) We currently do not know how to remove the gender requirement booleans for bags and perfumes. If you want all units to be able to use such items, you need to manually edit this under the jobs tab.

8) Only accessory and shield items can grant P-EV and M-EV. Such items also cannot boost WP.

Features and Tricks:

1) Here is the link to the palettes of all items. Item Palettes

2) If you don't want enemies using given equips, set the equips to be rare. If you don't want high-level enemies throwing certain weapons, set their level requirement above 99.

3) Enemies will randomly choose amongst all possible equips (meaning all non-rare equips) for a given slot, with higher weight towards gear that boosts HP and MP, as well as higher level requirement gear (as long as the enemy unit's level > level requirement of the gear in question, of course).

4) Only item attributes can boost a given element's attacks. The list of item attributes is given here: Item Attributes