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Note: The job "Delita's Sis," which obviously refers to Teta, must have "Innate Status: Dead" to function properly in the vanilla Fort Zeakden sequence.

The special jobs and characters, such as Wiegraf or Beowolf, are hardcoded to their skillsets. Even directing the skillset to something other then the default under the "Job" tab results in no effect.

There are some limitations to giving Two Swords and Two Hands innate to a single job. Two Hands will function properly, and Two Swords will as well to a certain extent. When you do this using the Best Fit option will only equip one sword. You can still manually equip a second one with no problem. However, if enemies have their weapon slot(s) set to random then they will only equip one sword. The obvious work-around is to manually set a weapon in each hand, but that has obvious draw backs.

The numbers corresponding to each job class is found here Jobs List.