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OS Console Versions Requirements Authors Repo
Win.pngBlank.pngBlank.png Psx.png Psp.png 0.271
Glain (0.482+)

This program allows basic changes to abilities, equipment, and jobs as well as modifications to the enemies and items in each battle. FFTPatcher is compatible with both PSX and PSP versions of Final Fantasy Tactics, and can generate a patch or Gameshark codes for the PSX, and a patch or CWCheat codes for the PSP. A patch is usually preferred, however, as codes can span several hundred lines of GameShark or CWCheat codes, and only a patch allows for battle modifications to be implemented.

FFTPatcher requires a Final Fantasy Tactics image file to apply the patch, however it can generate a patch without an image of the game. Applying the patch through FFTPatcher will overwrite any changes to the files being replaced.

How to use

  • Select "File/New PSX-PSX Patch" or load your FFT Image with "PSP-PSX/Open Patched ISO..."
  • Navigate through the tabs and make your changes
  • For Gameshark/cw cheats, check the corresponding tab. Not all data edited by FFTPatcher can generate a Gameshark code! The only way to make sure you play with all your changes is by playing a patched version of the game
  • Select "PSX-PSP/Patch ISO..." and select your FFT Image



Post any questions about FFTPatcher below and they will be answered!

Q. What, precisely, is the difference between Vertical Fixed and Vertical Tolerance with regards to the Abilities section? - The Damned

A. Vertical Tolerance makes it so that the "vertical" value of a skill is actually taken into consideration, instead of only just being casted. Vertical Fixed, fixes the vertical to specific heights, as listed in the Vertical value of said skill.

Q. At present, is it possible to give any ability with Ranged Weapon turned on an Effect Area greater than the number zero? - The Damned

A. Not as far as I'm aware.

Q. With regards to the Abilities instruction box, what exactly is "Normal Attack?" for, if anything? - The Damned

A. It's only used originally in the "Attack" command in FFT Patcher, so I believe it was called "Normal Attack?"

Q. With regards to the AI Behavior part of Abilities, does "Direct Attack" tell the computer that the Ability has "Direct" turned on? If so, does it do anything else?/If does not, what does it do? - The Damned

Q. What specifically does Targetting do? How does it interact with Target Self, Hit Caster, and other selective targetting aspects of abilities such as Hit Enemies and Hit Allies? - The Damned

A. Targeting, makes it so the skill will continue to target the enemy or ally, if it is not on, it will stay rooted to the spot it was cast.

Known bugs