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{8C} UnitAnimRotate


Makes the unit immediately rotate to a certain direction and execute an animation.

See also: {11} UnitAnim{2D} RotateUnit{58} LoadEVTCHR{59} SaveEVTCHR

Unit ID : Byte (hex)

ID of the unit specified in the ENTD.

x00 : Byte (hex)

This value is always set to x00 in the original game; it probably doesn't have a function.

Direction : Byte (hex)

Check the Map section to know what direction to use.

FFT Rotations.png Rotation Angles.png

Humanoids in their standing frame ({11} UnitAnim/{8C} UnitAnimRotate with animations x01 or x02) use 8 possible frames at different angles, while monsters and battling humanoids are limited to 4.

Depending on the camera angle, if you move it directly between 2 frames, the next one will have priority. In the images with the Squire and Panther, it is identified using a darker line of the given color.

  • 8 Frames: [ -22.5° ― +22.5° [
  • 4 Frames: [ -45.0° ― +45.0° [

To reset a unit's rotation to what it was during a battle before it changed during an event, set this to x14.

Animation ID : Byte (hex)

Load an animation sequence from the corresponding SEQ file for a unit, or an EVTCHR Animation. See lower for EVTCHR Animations.

Video of SEQ animations by Elric42 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuy1yEL_Nhk

SEQ Animation

  • x0000: Vanish
  • x0001: Standing
  • x0002: Standing
  • x0003: Walk
  • x0004: Walk Fast
  • x0005: Walk Slow
  • x0006: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0007: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0008: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0009: Float
  • x000A: Float Fast
  • x000B: Float Slow
  • x000C: Walk Fast
  • x000D: Run
  • x000E: Walk
  • x000F: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0010: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0011: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0012: Walk Fast
  • x0013: Run
  • x0014: Walk
  • x0015: Counter-Clockwise Spinning
  • x0016: Critical/Bow Frame (Eyes Open)
  • x0017: Defend
  • x0018: Dodge
  • x0019: In Pain (Loop)
  • x001A: Dead
  • x001B: Raise Hands/Jump (Frame Only)
  • x001C: Level Up (Loop)
  • x001D: Job Level Up (Loop)
  • x001E: Jump Animation (For use with SpriteMove)
  • x001F: Flying?
  • x0020: Pickup (Stone, Not Treasure)
  • x0021: Charge
  • x0022: Charge
  • x0023: Walking Frame (Right Foot Out)
  • x0024: Bow/Critical Frame (Eyes Closed)
  • x0025: Confusion
  • x0026: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0027: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0028: Sing
  • x0029: Dance
  • x002A: Charge Spell
  • x002B: Chant Spell
  • x002C: Found Item
  • x002D: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x002E: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x002F: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x0030: Walking Frame (Left Foot Out)
  • x0031: Walking Frame (Right Foot Out)
  • x0032: Vanish
  • x0033: Found Item (Hands Stay up)
  • x0034: Character Death
  • x0035: Bow (Eyes Closed) then Stand
  • x0036: Bow (Eyes Closed)
  • x0037: Struck + Dodge
  • x0038: Struck + Dodge
  • x0039: Raise Hands (Sticks)
  • x003A: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x003B: Vanish
  • x003C: Teleport From & Teleport To
  • x003D: Attack High (Unarmed)
  • x003E: Attack Middle (Unarmed)
  • x003F: Attack Low (Unarmed)
  • x0040: Attack High (With Temp/Equipped Weapon)
  • x0041: Attack Middle (With Temp/Equipped Weapon)
  • x0042: Attack Low (With Temp/Equipped Weapon)
  • x0043: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x0044: Throwing Frame 1?
  • x0045: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x0046: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x0047: Throwing Frame 2?
  • x0048: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x0049: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x004A: Throwing Frame 3
  • x004B: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x004C: Throw (No Temp Weapon) (Throw Stone?)
  • x004D: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x004E: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x004F: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x0050: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x0051: Throw (with Temp Weapon/Doesn't actually throw item)?
  • x0052: Spear?
  • x0053: Bow
  • x0054: Crossbow?
  • x0055: Gun
  • x0056: Book Strike
  • x0057: Harp
  • x0058: Upper Weapon Guard
  • x0059: Middle Weapon Guard
  • x005A: Lower Weapon Guard
  • x005B: Cast With Sword?
  • x005C: Cast With Sword?
  • x005D: Cast With Sword?
  • x005E: In Shock, Step Back?
  • x005F: In Shock, Step Back?
  • x0060: In Shock, Step Back?
  • x0061: Draw Weapon Back
  • x0062: Draw Weapon Back
  • x0063: Draw Weapon Back
  • x0064: Flip Switch On Ground
  • x0065: Raise Hands (Sticks until next Animation)
  • x0066: Raise 1 Hand, Cast
  • x0067: Spin Fist
  • x0068: Quad Strike
  • x0069: Cast Revive?
  • x006A: Push out both hands
  • x006B: Book Strike or Talk Skill?
  • x006C: Talk Fast (less than 1 second)
  • x006D: Slowly Bow
  • x006E: Normal attack w/ Temp Weapon
  • x006F: Pause during Dance
  • x0070: Spin, Dance Fast then Pause (Casting Dance)
  • x0071: Steal
  • x0072: Steal Heart
  • x0073: Draw Out (uses Temp weapon in Event)
  • x0074: Level Up freeze, slightly in air
  • x0075: Jump (Lancer Jump)
  • x0076: Land Jump (may need to have used Unitanim 75 first)
  • x0077: High Throw? (Buggy uses Temp Weapon)
  • x0078: Mid Throw? (Buggy uses Temp Weapon)
  • x0079: Low Throw? (Buggy uses Temp Weapon)
  • x007A: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x007B: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x007C: Walking Frame (Standing)
  • x007D: Goblin Punch (Spin then Punch)

EVTCHR Animations

Animation EVTCHR Block 1 ID EVTCHR Block 2 ID
0 x01F4 x0258
1 x01F5 x0259
2 x01F6 x025A
3 x01F7 x025B
4 x01F8 x025C
5 x01F9 x025D
6 x01FA x025E
7 x01FB x025F
8 x01FC x0260
9 x01FD x0261
10 x01FE x0262
11 x01FF x0263
12 x0200 x0264
13 x0201 x0265
14 x0202 x0266
15 x0203 x0267
16 x0204 x0268
17 x0205 x0269
18 x0206 x026A
19 x0207 x026B
20 x0208 x026C
21 x0209 x026D
22 x020A x026E
23 x020B x026F
24 x020C x0270
25 x020D x0271
26 x020E x0272
27 x020F x0273
28 x0210 x0274
29 x0211 x0275
30 x0212 x0276
31 x0213 x0277
32 x0214 x0278
33 x0215 x0279
34 x0216 x027A
35 x0217 x027B
36 x0218 x027C
37 x0219 x027D
38 x021A x027E
39 x021B x027F
40 x021C x0280
41 x021D x0281
42 x021E x0282
43 x021F x0283
44 x0220 x0284
45 x0221 x0285
46 x0222 x0286
47 x0223 x0287
48 x0224 x0288
49 x0225 x0289
50 x0226 x028A
51 x0227 x028B
52 x0228 x028C
53 x0229 x028D
54 x022A x028E
55 x022B x028F
56 x022C x0290
57 x022D x0291
58 x022E x0292
59 x022F x0293
60 x0230 x0294
61 x0231 x0295
62 x0232 x0296
63 x0233 x0297

About EVTCHR Animations

IMPORTANT: This should apply to most, but not all EVTCHR slots.

EVTCHR animations are few, and slot specific. You can edit them yourself using Xifanie's EVTCHR Frame Editor, but there is no easy way to tell which slot has which animation.


x00 : Byte (hex)

This value is always set to x00 in the original game; it probably doesn't have a function.