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{70} Jump


The given unit will jump up or down 1-4 tiles distance. It works perfectly for jumping down, but might look weird when trying to jump to tiles too height. Does not have an elevation parameter. If the height difference is very minimal, the unit will just walk instead.

If the target tile is off the map, the unit will freeze in its frame and slide off the screen.

Unlike {28} WalkTo, this instruction is not subject to height restrictions and can allow a unit to walk/jump into water.

See also: {28} WalkTo{29} WaitWalk{79} WalkToAnim

Unit ID : Byte (hex)

ID of the unit specified in the ENTD.

x00 : Byte (hex)

This value is always set to x00 in the original game; it probably doesn't have a function.

Distance : Byte (unsigned)

Other values will work, but only ever result in a 1-4 range.

  • 001: Jump 1 tile long
  • 002: Jump 2 tiles long
  • 003: Jump 3 tiles long
  • 004: Jump 4 tiles long

Direction : Byte (hex)

Those directions may seem weird, but they don't seem to be wrong.

  • x00: East
  • x01: West
  • x02: South
  • x03: North