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{28} WalkTo


Makes a unit attempt to walk to a given tile.

If the unit cannot reach destination, it will only enter walking state and not move at all.

Units in events have 3 Jump regardless of equipped or innate abilities using this instruction, but {70} Jump ignores this limit.

WARNING: A unit cannot WalkTo into/over water! However, you can use {70} Jump to counter this problem, and it will work just as well.

See Also: {29} WaitWalk(xID,x00) ― {80} March

Unit ID : Byte (hex)

ID of the unit specified in the ENTD.

Unknown 1 : Byte (hex)

Almost always x00; Very rarely xFF, xFE or xFD

X coordinate : Byte (unsigned)

Value of the tile on the X axis.

Y coordinate : Byte (unsigned)

Value of the tile on the Y axis.

Elevation : Byte (hex)

  • 0x00 = Default elevation tile
  • 0x01 = Higher elevation tile.

Unknown 3 : Byte (hex)

Most of the time x00. Other values are too random to list.

Speed : Byte (signed)

  • +008 : Walk
  • +024 : Run

Unknown 4 : Byte (hex)

Most of the time x01; sometimes x00.