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Quote from: dw6561 on August 30, 2015, 03:28:41 pm
This sounds interesting! It's always good to have a plan before you start things, after all. I particularly like the way you're portraying Delita in a positive light. You could also throw in some conflict about Ovelia if you wanted, and have some old characters show up. What do you need help with? I know how to use FFTPatcher and some rough ASM stuff (haven't really done anything myself yet), but I am completely blind about eventing and spriting. Many basic questions can be answered if you look around for them, and I know I learned quite a lot about the do's and don'ts of FFTPatcher from just hanging around on the PSX hacking section.

I have plans for a hack too but I can't really get the job classes right and have no idea where to begin with their stat multipliers/constants. I don't want to post it until I have at least something to show for it though.

For classes so far, I have some advice and critiquing. Meko looks fantastic. A lot of the abilities already exist in some form and you can just rename them/use them. Keep in mind that there is limited space for new abilities, especially if you still want monsters/generics in the hack, and you can't really use some skill slots (charge/jump/item/elemental/draw out) normally because of hard coding.

And by the CTs you have listed, I'm assuming you mean the speed of the spells listed in game, because they would be way too high to be the actual CT of the spell. The CT is the number of clockticks the spell takes to resolve, and the speed listed in game is 100/CT, meaning:

0 CT - now
1 CT - 100 speed
2 CT - 50 speed
3 CT - 34 speed
4 CT - 25 speed
5 CT - 20 speed
6 CT - 17 speed
7 CT - 15 speed

So that means no 19 speed spell, because the CT will always be an integer. And 5 AOE is quite a lot, I'm not sure if that's what you meant to do. Did you want the elemental sword abilities to be like the sword skills in vanilla? Also, break should probably cost quite a lot more MP or have a low hit percentage unless you plan on having copious ways to cure/prevent petrify. You can probably work out the details later, I just wanted to throw my two cents into it.

Thanks, I do plan on making very few changes Job and Item wise I was thinking of replacing the Mediator, Mathmatic, Dancer and Bard with new jobs but I haven't decided on what I want to do.

My main issue is... well I dunno where to start XD I know very newbish thing But I look at the programs and I'm just like "where do I start?" to which i want to make a few notes and story line ideas and see how it can flow and develop.

I'm glad you like my Idea for Delita, I have had other friends get mad at me saying He was evil and lead Ivalice to ruin, But I want to think that He actually brings Ivalice to a more peaceful age and the people who hated him and tried to ruin his name were former supporters of Larg and Goltanna who joined the Church to spite Delita.

And thank you Meko is one of my versitile characters and I want to put her in the Hack as it would be fun to have a female lead xD.

And yes I do mean the speed of the skill XD, I ment for them to have a few turns to go off and have a few more powerful skills having a longer CT or higher MP use. I like the cleric Class but admittedly Aegis was OP where it gave you almost every buff and with 30 Mp cost and a short CT It was too powerful but this way I wanna make her a powered up white mage but also have Aegis but this time make it more of a late game ability.

Quote from: nyzer on August 31, 2015, 01:06:30 am
Due to the sheer amount of work such a mod would require, I'd suggest aiming for a very, very short storyline, with minimal changes to the base game, if you're coming in as a complete newb to modding. Even if this short storyline is set up in a way that allows you to return to it again later and expand the story into something much greater, it should still be something minimal that comes to a decent close in a decent amount of time for now.

The reason I say this is because Journey of the Five has been in development for years and still only has the first Chapter of four released. Granted, it's a very robust mod, but this is somewhat balanced out by the fact that it's had a team of people working on it instead of just a single person.

One of the things I feel compelled to point out is that you're giving two characters innate Dual Wield in their base jobs. This will make them flatly overpowered compared to every other one of your party members, without exception. Innate DW works on Ninja because of how high-tier of a job it is, the fact that Throw is a stupid skillset, and the fact that Ninjas have a limited set of equipment.
This only gets a hundred times worse if they're an early-game character (and while I'm not sure if that's the intent there, it's a possibility, so just sayin') who appears before you can reasonably expect to have a Ninja.

This is a seriously ambitious project for someone who doesn't have experience with the tools necessary to make the changes they'd like. And the more you change, and the longer you make your game, the more difficult and time-consuming it becomes on an exponential scale.

Indeed they will be very late joining characters (if I keep them I mean) and I may remove the Ninja for another class who knows.

Right now I'm in the planning stages of it and I do want to start with a small hack maybe one chapter and if it grows from there then hey It might be fun to do I still have a few more Ideas and notes to make and my work has gotten busy all of a sudden.

But I will be updating what changes and jobs I do want to make as I can though.
Well, This is a Hack I do plan to work on my own but to be honest I need help using the editing tools to pursue it, I do want to work on it but I need a lot of teaching and practice, But I do have one hack in mind that I wish to do.

I don't mind collaborating and getting different viewpoints as this is what I have in my head right now ^^;

I do plan on changing many of the jobs from Vanilla and replacing many of the Jobs and items and trying to re balance everything, making the game a bit more difficult but also fun.

here is what I have planned so far, I do plan to update this when I can, Real life work and such gets in the way.

Updates: Removed all the lists of Items that have been moved to the Database, also added a few more key characters and more info. 

--Final Fantasy Tactics: Another story--

Several Years after the Lion War and Delita rules a united Ivalice as King, A young Cat girl named Meko has been studying at the Gariland academy to become a knight, However while shes out on a training exercise her Unit is attacked by Knights under the flag of the church.

Meko and a few of her fellow Cadets escape, When they arrive back at Gariland the dean does not know of any sort of activity being planned with the cadets and asks for the teachers whereabouts, Meko states her case and tells him about the attack.

The Glabados Church and Delita are at arms with each other, after their plans to overthrow the royal family and install a puppet government failed The church has been secretly arming for another war.

as Legends and Rumors about Ramza and The Holy stones surface Meko sets out on her journey to bring peace to the war sick Ivalice.

All Class notes and Items are slowly being transferred over here to this Excel Spreadsheet and will be updated as much as i can any suggestions would be appreciated xD I left the older notes here to compare notes and what I have done.


All story and battle notes are being compiled here:

at least now this version makes me try out new classes and abilities so that i'm not going through the game with one setup for every battle XD
wow I didn't think you could MAKE a synthesis shop in FFT XD
Quote from: Elric on July 02, 2015, 11:19:56 pm
1. We actually already have (sortof) 3 things like this already being done :P 2 of the ones you mentioned are a lot like 2 marks that appear in Ch2, and 1 of them is a lot like a Story battle in Chapter 2

2. When making marks is always best to consider sprite space. If we can get away with using a different palette it's always preferable over a different sprite. Though of course it would have to be written in a way that a new palette makes sense, rather than just making a new palette and calling it a completely different type of monster (which comes off a bit cheap)

oh wow O.o okay...

well if modifications need to be done then that's fine xD like I said these are some suggestions I have and if they need to be edited for space then so be it xD
so another Job class I wanted to create for Final Fantasy Tactics was a Cross Knight, I have been working on some stats and skills it can use as well as its abilities and trying to make it a balanced class, I have also been thinking about design and what not so i am interested if someone who is good with sprite work can work off some of the refs I made using the Rpg Maker VX ace sprite maker.


Cross Knight
Warrior with elite training of Knighthood, Fights without a shield and uses two swords instead.

Innate: Two swords, Weapon Guard

Brave: 60
Faith: 50

Stat Growth
Hp: low
Mp: low
Attack: High
Magic: Med
Speed: med

Knight swords
Heavy Armor


Job Skill Sword Skill: Cross Knight Job command, uses various attacks using the sword.

Stasis Sword -------- 10 Mp ------- Deals Holy Damage can cause Stop
Split Punch ---------- 15 Mp ------- Deal Holy Damage can cause Doom
Night Sword ---------- 8 Mp ------- Deal Dark Damage and absorb Hp
Dark Sword ---------- 16 Mp ------- Deal Dark Damage and absorb Mp
Cure Sword ---------- 10 Mp ------- Target one Ally and Heals them (Range 3 vert 1)
Healing Sword -------- 25 Mp ------- Target one Ally and Heals Them (Range 3 Vert 2)
Flame Sword --------- 20 Mp ------- Target's an enemy and uses Flame sword magic 25% Berserk (Range 3)
Blizzard Sword -------- 20 Mp ------- Targets an enemy and uses Blizzard sword magic 25% Slow (Range 3)
Lightning Sword ------ 20 Mp -------- Targets an enemy and uses Lightning sword Magic 25% Paralyze (Range 3)
Ultima Sword --------- 99 Mp -------- Targets a group of enemies and uses Ultima Sword Magic. (Range 4 Targets 4 enemies)

Reaction Ability's
Counter Tackle

Support Ability's
Equip Axe
Equip Sword

Movement Ability
Move +1
I had this in mind and was thinking of the Rare random battles from Vanilla.

well what if you had Rare encounters involving some random non generic characters.

Like a random Divine Knight with his or her group in one of the battle fields or a random Holy or Dark knight and their party?

Sorta like little challenge battles you can run into XD.
I have thought about making a 'Necromancer' Or 'Exorcist' Class for Final Fantasy Tactics

I was thinking for Necromancer They would be Physical oriented Mages able to equip Rods, Poles, Daggers, and Axes as well as heavy armor and clothes with Moderate Hp Growth and low Mp Growth with Innate Short charge and undead. 

Necromancer:  Unit that uses powerful Magic that effects the dead and living alike and often uses "Necromancy" To empower the dead and harm the living.

Necromancy: Necromancer Job command, Magic that is bound to darkness.

Life Break --------------------15Mp ----------------- Deal damage to targets Hp. -------------------  300 Jp
Dead Rising ------------------ 30Mp ---------------- Adds Protect and Shell to an undead unit ------- 500 Jp
Dark Holy -------------------- 45mp ---------------- Dark elemental magic -------------------------- 700 Jp
Spiritual Surge --------------- 20mp ---------------- Adds 1Pa, 1Ma, 1Speed to any undead unit ----- 800 Jp
Dark Whisper ---------------- 50mp ---------------- Dark attack adds Sleep or Death if it hits -------- 900 Jp
Nightmare  -------------------55mp ---------------- Adds sleep and doom --------------------------- 350 Jp
Zombify --------------------- 80mp ---------------- Revives a fallen unit as an undead. -------------- 400 Jp
Bio ------------------------- 16mp ----------------  Deal non elemental damage and inflict Oil, Blind or Poison. --------- 250 Jp                           
Bio 2 ----------------------- 32mp ----------------  Deal non elemental damage and inflict Toad, Slow or Silence. ------ 500 Jp
Bio 3 ----------------------- 48mp ----------------- Deal non elemental damage and inflict Undead, Death or Stone. -----600 Jp

the Exorcist on the other hand is Pure magic and has attacks that Harm the Undead and protects Allies.
I was thinking the Exorcist would use Staffs, Rods, Robes, Hats and Clothes. With stats focusing on Mp, Ma and Speed.

Exorcist: Divine unit of the clergy used to combat demons and other unholy beasts

Exorcism: Exorcist job command, Channels holy power to smite foes and help allies.

Dia ------------------- 30 Mp ----- Deals Holy damage to all Undead enemies deals 0 damage to living enemies. ---- 150 Jp
Dia 2 ----------------- 40 Mp ----- Deals Holy damage to all Undead enemies deals 0 damage to living enemies. ---- 300 Jp
Dia 3 ----------------- 50 Mp ----- Deals Holy damage to all Undead enemies deals 0 damage to living enemies. ---- 400 Jp
Heavens Song -------- 25 Mp ----- Heals All Allies Mp by 10. ----------------------------------------------------- 100 Jp
Holy Strike ----------- 10 Mp ----- Adds Holy element to weapon attack. ----------------------------------------- 100 Jp
Smite ---------------- 27 Mp ---- Deals Extra damage to undead and Demonic Enemies with weapon attack. -------- 200 Jp
Angelic Aid ----------- 75 Mp ---- Adds Haste, Regen, Float, Protect, Shell, Re-Raise, Faith to Caster. -------------- 1200 Jp
Holy Surge ----------- 45 Mp ---- Raises One ally Pa by 1 and Ma by 1. -------------------------------------------- 300 Jp
Divine Aid ------------ 35 Mp ---- Casts Protect, Shell and Regen to one ally. -------------------------------------- 600 Jp 

well I think I should at leas contribute a Mark Idea or two XD

I have added personal Thoughts and notes at the end of these that explane my inspiration for them.

Sleepless Souls

Bar Notice:
Ever Since the Hokuten put down the remaining bands of the Death Corps, and the events at Fort Zeakden countless spirits have been reported at the old Fort.
Strangely it looks like someone has been doing repairs to the fort over time and sightings of a man and young girl have been reported.
Roomers are abound that the man is a Necromancer who is playing with the bodies of the fallen soldiers at the fort and using them for Unholy ends.
The Church has offered up a large reward for his head as his evil magic must be stopped.

Upon arriving at Fort Zeakden Ramza sees the scene where Algus Murders Teta play out, as he laments about what has happened here an old man wearing ragged Robes exits the Fort, He tells the party to leave as the spirits are restless and many are looking for vengeance, But before Ramza can ask about the Necromancer A familiar voice is heard and Algus appears on the battle field and berates Ramza on his friendship with Delita, Algus says he wishes to Murder Teta again to make Ramza feel Helpless like he did Delita when Teta exits the fort and Ramza looks up with shock as she was supposed to be dead.

Algus sees her and aims a crossbow at her but Teta uses an explosion spell to Interrupt Algus' attack as she says "Algus' spirit has been very active lately... we must send him to the other side..." Before they could do so Algus starts to gather all his rage and transforms into a Death Knight and summons the spirits of the Fallen Death corps Members from the fort saying "I will use these animals as I see fit to kill you all!!"

Very Hard- Algus is a death knight with some nasty abilities accompanied by Golagros' Ghost, and the ghost of several other Death corps members, all are undead versions of their jobs and are at a high level.

Should be obvious but Fort Zeakden

Boss: Algus A Death Knight with the abilities: Night sword, Dark sword, Icewolf Bite, Shellbust stab, Dispel sword, and Death.
Golagros Undead Knight
and 6 other undead random enemies with the Death corps Pallet.

Tellah (here's a blast from the past, that and I couldn't think up a name) Holy Priest
Teta: Cleric (Limited abilities compared to Alma)

5000 Gold, Various Items and equipment.

-Personal Thoughts-
I thought of this as something I wanted to do in Final fantasy tactics where Teta was on the Brink of death when the Holy Priest came to prepare the bodies of the fallen for burial but came upon Teta who was still alive from her wounds, his followers helped to fix the fort and to bury the dead and to help care for the wounded Teta who was very touch and go, I had thought about a storyline or side quest where you find the Phoenix Materia/Magicite etc and use it to bring her spirit back akin to Rachel from FF6 temporarily, but I thought against it.

I also thought about getting a Sprite done of Teta as an Angel Knight from Tactics Ogre and have her locked as that class but able to learn some skills via JP or have limited Job options but I didn't think that would work to well still I think the story itself and the enemies and guests can be modified to fit the needs of the story.

Blast From the past 1

Strange Warriors have arrived in Goug and Claim to be the Fabled "Warriors of Light".
So Far they have not been very welcomed here as they are getting in our way of life by constantly fighting many of the Chocobo's we raise to help transport our goods and the Machines we dig up, Please put the chase to these People.

Easy - Med as these guys are just starting off...


Fighter (Squire)
Black Belt (Monk)
Thief (Rogue)
Black Mage (Wizard)
White Mage (Priest)
Red Mage (Redguard)


-Personal Thoughts-
A guilty fun battle i thought of where the "warriors of light" Invade Ivalice and cause some light hearted trouble and get beat up for it.
I also wanted to do squeal jobs as the "Heroes of light" Upgrade their classes and are further made fun of because they don't understand how Ivalice works.

Hunt the Dark Dragon Tiamat



Goland Coal City

Boss: Tiamat Dark Dragon
x2 Dragons
x2 Blue Dragons
x2 Red Dragons
x3 Hydra's

The Holy Dragon Awakens

We unearthed a seal in Goug and released a Holy Dragon, it does not seem to be attacking anyone but it seems agitated by something in the Slums Can you investigate?


Goug Slums

Ultima Demon
x3 Archaic demons
x3 Apanda's

-Personal Notes-
What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment and these fights would be very punishing.


Yugo Woods has been known for its hauntings and spirits, but now Nightmareish creatures have invaded and are causing trouble for local Spiritualists as they cannot send these demons back to the afterlife.

You will kill me when you see the enemies...

All the Zodiac bosses

Bragging rights?

-personal thought-
Yeah still bitter at the fact that I could NEVER find anyone to do the nightmare missions on War of the Lions with... worse is at high levels my team and my partner got WREAKED by the bosses and I want satisfaction...

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
June 25, 2015, 05:34:23 pm
is it just me or do people expect to raise characters as their base job from initial level to 99?

I mean I try and branch specials out in many jobs, example I made Malak in Vanilla a Ninja and made his Hell Knight class a pseudo assassin or Classic Ninja depending on how I felt like raising him.

Rafa  I mostly made a White Summoner or a "red mage" by having her as a Heaven Knight with Math skill but only Cure, Cure 2, Cure3, Raise, Raise 2, Esuna, Haste, Slow, Don't Move, Stop, Blind, Don't Act, Berserk, Petrify, Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3, Ice, Ice 2, Ice 3, Bolt, Bolt 2, Bolt 3, Poison learned.

Agrias I mixed up usually because I raise her to be a paladin so she gets mage heavy but doesn't lose out on PA (To fix that i raise her remaining levels as a Mime)

but yeah special characters should be branched out when you are developing them.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
June 24, 2015, 06:16:26 pm
Quote from: Elric on June 24, 2015, 05:59:22 pm

I also wanted to add that it appears we do have an ASM to make every unit have Innate Weapon Guard. I'll speak to Raven and find out why this was decided upon.

No worries ^^ I'll just keep stabbing my enemies in the back  :mrgreen:
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
June 24, 2015, 04:36:35 pm
Quote from: Elric on June 24, 2015, 08:29:20 am
You hit the nail on the head

I'm actually very confused about Selius's comment since Link is the MVP for lots of people I've talked to (though mine is usually Dante or Snake, depending on the situation.)

Most people that had issues had them because when it comes to Special units (as opposed to Generics) they don't want to branch out of their main class right away. However, since these ARE you starting units, it should be done more as it is in Vanilla. It's cool to get all the unique abilities for the 5, but it's counter productive to their growth and overall usefulness as a unit.

Also, I should mention, the JP formula has been changed and will be in the re-release. The new formula is: Caster Level / 3 + 10

Being a nerd has its perks XD

but yeah i'm still replaying the first chapter mostly to see what other things I can do or find xD
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
June 24, 2015, 06:51:34 am
Quote from: Selius on June 24, 2015, 06:03:38 am
? You LIKE the fact that he's the slowest character in the game?

that was one of the first things i changed.

I didn't mind Link's speed growth as it could easily be rectified by leveling him up as a Rogue, Ranger or Ninja Snake has the highest speed which makes sense as he is all about stealth and out maneuvering his enemies before they could target him, Link wasn't all that Agile in Ocarina of time on his own and needed special items to boost his agility like the hover boots, and in most other Legend of Zelda games he can't jump without the Roc's feather.

so making his growth with high attack medium Magic and low agility makes sense as Link was a swordsman and was limited in his acrobatics in his games Ocarina of Time especially.   
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
June 23, 2015, 08:07:29 pm
Quote from: Elric on June 23, 2015, 07:37:54 pm
This is not within our limits sadly. We only have as many weapon types as vanilla. Not to mention we still have to work within Vanilla's item count.

I'd have to disagree on the portion about his brothers. His brothers didn't defeat the Lucavi and survive all that Ramza did by far. Ramza will recieve several new abilities. But they far from make him on par with someone as OP as Orlandu. Ramza's main function is as a Paladin.

We are extremely limited on ability space. And at the same time, each member was balanced in a way to try to make them equally useful on all fronts. Bomb may be added at some point but I can't guarantee that. You must consider that if we don't have a way to make an ability work (There is no way to make a boomerang effect that would make sense) we can't do a lot with it.

As you mentioned with Dante, he was made to fill some of these gaps, as his character in DMC3 supports it. Link may not have gotten boomerang or bomb, however Dante makes up for this with several of his ranged abilities.

Finish touch was never 100% those things in Vanilla ;)

Interesting... If you could PM me a list of these situations and in what battles they all occured in, I will make sure to address it before the re-release comes out.


Generic units are there for those that want to use them and as well as to enjoy all the beautiful new sprites that were made for Jot5. There is also the ability to use them for ability/crystal farming, (since you can get generics to join after certain battles). There was one guy here named Brittmarv who did a TON of different playthrus, including parties of 5 generic blue mages. This is a neat way to do Random battles to gain abilities without increasing your main 5's levels too much or feeling FORCED to use them. Among other things :)

I'm glad you've enjoyed the first Chapter so much and I thank you for taking the time to comment with your thoughts :) I also apologize that it took me a while to respond.

no worries, I have noticed a few things that I will PM you about.

But yeah space and memory limitations are a big issue, I wish we could expand the limits on it  :twisted:

but yeah I do like using generics as well and I think jp gains should be adjusted with job levels like in Vanilla mostly because 10 jp per action doesn't do you to well when you're trying to get a skill that's 500+ Jp to learn, still though at least now we can't spam accumulate for free exp and jp in one battle  :D
Quote from: Jumza on June 23, 2015, 06:47:48 pm
You are the only person I've seen willingly put a unit on Auto-Battle without the intent of having the AI grind for them. Just wondering, why?

I usually put my party on AI and control one character mostly because I sit back and say "Okay do something funny" and the AI does some funny things sometimes.

I've seen in Vanilla for an example Units in the Fight you save Algus who were set to protect him Ko him and revive him to avoid him being killed by the enemy AI, as well as several times I've tried to make a red mage by making a Geomancer with limited abilities and math skill learned only to have most of my party disabled by poor math >.<

a lot of times too its because I use Items a lot in battle and I often mess up the aiming when throwing items so I sometimes throw a well needed potion into a rock face...
Today I had a pretty interesting battle At Zyrikle Falls.

I Had Cloud, Snake, Agrias, Link, and a Generic facing 6 Turtles.

I set Link and Snake to AI to protect Agrias and the rest I controlled myself.

at one point after a LUCKY finish touch petrified 2 of the turtles and Stopped one of them Link decided to cast Tornado on Agrias, I thought "Okay maybe he targeted her to move closer to the turtles to extend the range?"

Nope she moved into a corner and allowed herself to be hit by the spell and Snake had to spend a few turns healing her.

Cloud was getting lucky with Finish Touch this battle as the turtles lined themselves up and another finish touch this time killed 2 more and stopped another one so now I go from 6 turtles to 2.

Agrias drops a Split Punch on one turtle and dooms it, and Snake pulls off a successful Assassinate to kill the Turtle without doom on it.

I spend several turns just dealing small damage to it because of damage split and it's defense up abilities and it died when the doom counter hit 0.

all in all it was a fun battle.   
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
June 22, 2015, 08:14:11 pm
I've done some playing and I think I may have a few suggestions, please take them for what they are as these are only things I would like to suggest.

1. For weapons like the Masamune katana's that have a 2 panel attack range I think they should be their own weapon type as "Great Katana's" and be double handed as Great Katana's are akward and hard to balance, Yes Sephiroth was able to use his Masamune with ease, but not everyone could use it.

Or to cut out the middle man make one Masamune for Sephiroth and another for others to use.

2. I did some digging and saw Ramza's hidden skills as well as played around with Agrias' abilities a bit (even though shes a guest.) I like that they cost MP but the hit rates in general seem a bit off for me, I've been in battles where some of the Sword skills get blocked or miss at a high rate, In several battles Agrias had 80-99% hit rate with Stasis Sword and missed every time Maybe I'm just unlucky.

I do think Ramza's sword skill abilities that are hidden should be expanded upon, Like not have him on the same level as Orlandu (As that would make Ramza broken as all hell...) But even if he learned like  Night sword, Dark Sword, Stasis Sword, Ice wolf Bite, and one of the ruin Abilities (Speed, Power, Magic, Mind) just to showcase his willingness to learn new skills over time and hone his abilities Hes not as experienced as Orlandu or his brothers but hes far from being meek, as he can now take on both a support and leadership role.

3. Link does need more abilities to work with his character, don't get me wrong you have done a great job in creating him for Final Fantasy tactics and I like his Hero of time stat growth, but I think it needs maybe 1 or 2 more sword abilities and Bomb or other item abilities useable when Link is barehanded like boomerang, Longshot, Bombs, etc. I'm not asking for an Final Fantasy Tactics incarnation of Din's Fire, Naru's Love and ...oh crap I forgot the last one X_X... But right now hes still a solid character maybe he will get an upgrade in chapter 2 onwards?

Snake is fine as is although his Move! and Assassinate skills  have extremely low success rates I've see it at between  5-26% hit rate tops was 34% for either one to work, maybe a small boost would help a bit not much as if they hit 100% that's overpowered, but even a 5-10% boost wouldn't be so bad.

Dante's skills are really good and he can play a role your party is lacking should the need arise, I like looking at his abilities and thinking "do I need an attacker, defender or healer in this fight?" and look at Dante and think "what role do I want him to play?"

Cloud's skills are great and they do NOT need tweaking as now it makes you think "Okay do I want Cloud's limits to resolve faster with Short Charge, or hit more with concentrate?" I like the new sprite and I like that Finish Touch is no longer 100% Stop, death or Petrify as that made the game way too easy at times.

4. I noticed something and I was wondering do ALL classes have the innate Weapon guard? I noticed in many battles characters were blocking attacks with their weapons so I was curious about that, another thing I noticed was a few misnamed monsters, I had one battle in Barious Valley I fought 3 Mounted units on Chocobo's, A yellow red and black one and the Black one had the skills, name and stats of the Red Chocobo even having the Job name "Red Chocobo" but the portrait and sprite of the Black one and no longer flying just wanted to point that out.


Some of the animations need work for the red mage spells but other than that Great job.

my one complaint is that With the characters you have starting off with Generics don't seem to matter as much as they did back in the original game, they kinda feel like a hassle to raise and train while you work on The main 5, and your guests I do LOVE that you can put guests in random battles now, but now it seems that there's no real point in having Generic units anymore.
The Lounge / Yo hello...
June 21, 2015, 12:55:34 pm
Hey I'm new here.

I've been interested in the Final fantasy Tactics mods and hacks for a while now.

It started innocently enough with game shark codes to add characters Like Alma, Zalbag, Dycidarg etc into my party, Using codes to make some of the battles a bit more challenging (I accidentally made the intro battle at Orbonne Monastery unwinnable by having all the enemies with the best items and stats and my characters had 1 in ALL stats and no items...

I stopped playing for a bit until I played the war of the Lions remake for the PSP and I fell in love with it again, and I enjoyed the multiplayer modes but with no one to do the multiplayer maps with I grew bored of it.

It wasn't until I saw a lets play of The Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Gods lets play on you tube that sparked my interest again, having to relearn basic strategy and be adaptable to whats going on again rather than going through the game with the same setup over and over again really brought my love for the game back.

I started to play War of the gods and I also played the 1.3 mod and also played the Journey of the 5 mod and it all rekindled my love and interest in the game, and I wanted to make my own mod of the game but my main talents are in story ideas, character ideas, balancing ideas and item job skill ideas as the most I've done with game editing was using rpg maker to make my own rpg games.

I do want to learn and I do have some Ideas but I don't know where to start but I do want to get to know people and learn how to do a mod or hack of Final Fantasy Tactics as I do have a few good ideas.

thanks everyone for your time.