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Quote from: Xifanie on September 17, 2015, 11:52:10 am
I'd like you to show me a PSX emulator that supports more than 2mb of RAM.

besides one that has been modded to all hell? XD
Yeah Izlude did get shafted, he wasn't that bad a character and Vormov was a Dick, I mean the dude went on a rampage and murders his own son and then sends his daughter out thinking Ramza did the deed and regardless if she won or lost the battle she chases Ramza to avenge her Brother only to figure out the truth when Elmdore Becomes Zalara and openly says "Yeah, Ramza didn't kiss your brother, Your father did because he was worthless to our cause."

I did like the Algus battle added into the War of the lions, but it was really anticlimactic, by this time you have Orlandu and several Jobs mastered and Algus doesn't bring much to the fight, just an added chance to teach Ramza Ultima. if he was made into a Boss that would have been a bit more fun I think.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
September 15, 2015, 06:20:55 pm
Quote from: Hyraldelita on September 15, 2015, 03:39:42 pm
P.S most of the time you're out numbered by enemies, and they got powered up with counter and skill (that previously they didn't have, which is perfect cause it's lot more fun this way..), so i really can't see any harm in letting people raise faith/brave if they want !

well actually ALL monsters in Tactics had counter as a reaction, now they have changed and better reaction abilities to make it more challenging.

The only ones without counter were often the special monsters but again just about all of them had counter and reaction abilities all have the same formula to be set off Brave%
Quote from: gatebuster202 on September 13, 2015, 11:54:07 pm
Agree with Squire, give it more options or change the poor bas**** out for something else.
Geomancer. Leave it intact, as you can't mod it in Patcher and then attach a Special Skillset via ARH v2 when Xifanie releases the next version. (Complete personal opinion.)
Mime... Never liked the class, but such is my opinion. (Kill it, but make it Level 8 everything in requirements in the patcher, that way you can set a Baddie to Mime, when you want him to have large swaths of a skillset mastered.)
Thief. Agree 110% with Elric. actually, 125%, because thief is as old as FF3, (or was it 2), anyway, leave Thief and apply Maintenance when theft would break the difficulty curve...

Just opinions, but strong ones. I've spent tons of time thinking on the design of FFT since I opened the patcher almost two months ago. (Actually since I've been planning on making my patch, so, since last December.) The limitations of Throw, Item, Geomancer and Jump (Staples of the Franchise), won't really matter as Xifanie's ARH2 changes make them open to being very customizable skill-sets.

If you nerf Mighty Sword to a percent break chance, (25-33%) I wouldn't think it was broken, but I would still be PO when Formav breaks my Excal in Murond. Because I probably won't put Maintenance on whomever is wielding Excal and then just assume it won't proc...

Well I do plan on doing the following with the jobs:

Squires: Giving them a few Stat raising abilities and weak physical and Healing abilities to make them basic but still useable.

Geomancers: I'm pretty much keeping them the same in Vanilla but maybe raise their stats effects to about 30%.

Mime: Yeah I keep debating if I wanna keep it as is or make it into a whole new class, I may just make it really hard to unlock but allow you to place other skills on it or just replace it who knows...

Thief: This has been around since Final fantasy 1, the very first game, stealing didn't come in until Final fantasy 3 though if you wanna get technical Lila from FF2 although a Pirate was also considered a thief since she tries to rob you when you meet her, But any way's yes I plan on keeping the stealing and breaking skills in I am not budging on this at all, I'm not looking to make the game all that much easier but the thieves need some love and their skill set maybe modified a bit later on.

I will defiantly be nerfing Mighty sword to a 30% chance of the breaking to go off as opposed to the 100% break and the high damage it does, I was also thinking of capping the damage at 100 damage per use so that it's not overly powered and if an item breaks it's not an instant KO or big PO when you deal about 3000 damage to a unit and all they have left at the end is a shield IF they got revived.

bear with me, I'm still deciding on who goes and who stays and I'm still planning things out and my work is really busy now so bear with me. The main topic on the first page will be updated as much as I can as I am still planning out what I want to do ^^
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Re-Release Info and Changes
September 11, 2015, 03:55:59 pm
I can't wait to see the upcoming changes XD
Quote from: dw6561 on September 11, 2015, 02:24:00 am
Actually, I used steal secondary on a female sagittarius monk with attack up. :P

And I definitely agree with nerfing mighty sword. No more removing all my stuff for the meliadoul fight, or having to put maintenence on everyone.

Good thing I didn't bet my rent money on that XD

Yeah to me Mighty sword was the most OP of the swords skills because it did INSANE damage and broke things 100% which to me made fights against human enemies way too easy, Oh your a level 90 Black mage with barely 300 Hp? well I'ma gonna hit you for 890 damage and break that nice light robe you love so much.

I'm debating on who to bring back, but thats something I can work out while I am or if I am at work tonight.
Quote from: Elric on September 10, 2015, 10:46:32 pm
Fuckin' A

i'm glad you agree XD

well I mean seriously, how much use DID you get out of a thief in vanilla?

I bet many people would say "The Elmdore battle in chapter 4 to get his Genji shit" and i bet many of you used steal as a secondary for a Ninja or Lancer to do it as well.

Plus there were always More monster encounters early and Late game than Human encounters further making steal Kinda "Useless" sure if you were lets say over leveled in Chapters 1-3 you could get Items from enemies till Late LATE game, (Also isn't it funny enemy Knights NEVER have a knight sword equipped in Vanilla?) so again I wanna get more use out of thieves.

Also another thing I'm hoping to do is not only reduce the damage output of the Mighty sword abilities (Lets face it many of them KILLED before factoring in the broken equipment) and reducing the Breaking aspect for each of the skills to 30% so it's not a constant 100% "I wreaked your shit bitch" with a single mighty sword ability. Ive seen other hacks like War of the Gods and FFT 1.3 for an example try and nerf them by adding Mp costs and making sword skill evade-able but wen they hit they HURT and they Kill.
Quote from: Elric on September 10, 2015, 07:26:13 pm
I could kind of agree with Squire and Geomancer (to a technically stance, not a fun stance, since i love both classes...) but Thief and Mime are kinda staples of FFT. Shit, Thief skills are a staple of FF games in general O_o

If a player is upset cuz their shit got stolen, then they shoulda had an ability to make it so their shit didn't get stolen.

I got some time in since an issue with the network has halted things, seriously I started at 4:00pm and its now 11:00 pm and I've been unable to do ANYTHING, Okay as I was typing this we got the call to back out of the project

I like the Squire as a starting job, mostly because you gotta start somewhere, starting as a knight or other 2nd tier class to me would be pretty overpowered from the get go when used correctly and it can impact the fun players have.

Geomancers I MAY change later on, This is mostly a planning stage but I get the reason why some people hate Geomancers but I personally like them, they can be tweeked to be more balanced.

Mimes I do plan to have as enemy units mid to late game in both random and story battles, yes I did put in that they will be equipping stuff but they will remain Locked from having added abilities on them when you use one.

Thief: I'm not removing nor am I removing the break abilities, if you don't want your shit stolen or broken use Safeguard/Maintenance to prevent your stuff from getting broken or stolen as many of the items I listed in my equipment list are ONLY going to be made available by stealing from enemies to give thieves a more useful role in battle and in game play.

I am also taking a look at many of the special Characters, who will be returning what role they will have etc I will be looking at new characters as well so bear with me.
While I'm at work the next few nights I'll be making updates and changes to everything, Seriously I need SOMETHING to do while I wait 8-10 hours for PC's to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 at the work sites I'm at XD.

Tonight i'll be updating the Equipment lists and if I have time I'll also change and update the Special Jobs for guests and people who join the party via the story, and Yes I will be updating the story as well, I'm also interested in how people feel about some of these changes and if they are balanced or if they need some work on them.

Anyways if you want to PM me about this topic, feel free, I'll be on whenever I can.
Just redid all the Jobs, will work on the special jobs later on.
Quote from: dw6561 on September 06, 2015, 04:25:28 pm
Commenting on all of the equipment is going to be quite the ordeal. I haven't actually read all of them yet, but it seems like there are more items then there were in vanilla? As far as I know, you can only change existing items, not add new ones. I'm assuming you mean to hack the PSX version. I will edit this post if I come across anything specific that I find.

Specific Things:

I don't think the speed-1 on Iron Sword is worth it, and I would advise against giving that property to early gear because of the drastic difference even just one point of speed gives. As an example, if you look at FFT Arena, the masamune gives always: haste and -2 Speed, and nobody ever uses it because of the speed drop.

First of all, will Cloud even play a part in your hack? If not, you can replace Buster Sword/Materia Blade (or at least its property to enable limit, which I always thought was stupid anyway) with something else. Second, good choice on nerfing Excalibur to initial: reraise instead of always: haste.

Yeah I was thinking of changing some of the Items around to add in new ones, But I may edit them out as them being a "wish list" of sorts, If it can't be done then no big deal.

I'm debating on weather Cloud would return or not, though if not Materia Blade /Buster sword could be changed to be a reference item rather than enable Limit breaks Or I may replace Cloud with Zack who knows.

The speed penalty even I debated on with many of the Iron Items, mostly because of how heavy they are but yeah speed is more important in this game than any other, so I may edit that.

Thanks, I think haste was very overused in Vanilla and in War of the Lions as many pieces of equipment gave always haste and to me Haste broke the game more than Dual wield, Yeah your hitting for between 500 and 1998 Damage tops but when you are getting 2-5 turns to your enemies 1 it kinda ruins it, although my hack wont be as hard as lets say the War of the gods types of hacks where your speed literally makes or breaks you, but I felt Initial reraise fit more with Excalibur than Always Haste.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Re-Release Info and Changes
September 06, 2015, 04:18:59 pm
it's fun having a different take on a similar Idea.

People have different ideas when it comes to balancing and abilities what works for one may not work for another, Some people might not like it but if it can inspire someone then it is still good.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Re-Release Info and Changes
September 06, 2015, 02:28:39 pm
I'm looking forward to the update and chapter 2 XD

seriously this game is fun even in an unpolished unfinished state and I enjoy playing it ^^

it's also giving me inspiration for ideas for my own hack that I want to do XD
Okay major update.

Added in the Equipment and made a few small changes to the jobs, Later on when I get the chance to I'll go into more detail of the Jobs skills and their effects, right now I think I did a good job on equipment balancing and working within the limitations of the memory available, Let me know what you guys think. 

I like the idea of the Soldier shops letting you buy monsters like they did in the Tactics Ogre games, maybe have it each month is a different monster or job type that you can hire but more powerful Jobs/monsters be more expensive.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Re-Release Info and Changes
September 05, 2015, 01:44:24 pm
Quote from: KingUrameshi on September 05, 2015, 01:36:52 pm
I second this and was actually expecting it when I played Ch.1.

Oh the wave around ability that the Bull demons use, yeah I was kinda thinking the same thing.
updated the jobs this time.

will add Items later.
I added an update to some of the jobs so take a look and added some personal notes. I may make a few changes this weekend.
Quote from: gatebuster202 on September 01, 2015, 12:45:21 am
I, personally am removing Dual Wield on most items, and it is no longer innate. I have two classes of Guns, one of which can be Dual Wielded. This requires me to make sure that classes that can equip melee Dual Wield weapons will be segregated from Ranged Dual Wields. Dual Wield is powerful, more then Attack Up or Two Hands. If you plan on adding in Innate Weapon Guard, even more so. You get a second attack. Stacking with Attack Up or Concentrate gets stupid powerful. Making it a choice though. Now you have to ask, why choose the Vanilla Ninja if it only has Throw and really high speed?? And I point to to Xif's ARH 2 hack. (But I am getting off topic.)

Innate Dual Wield was the most broke thing in Vanilla. Equip Swords and pack on a pair of Rune Blades and Cast any Black Magic... Yeah. Or any number of stupid combos. (Two Hands on the other hand is a little easier to balance.)

Yeah I was also thinking of limiting what can be dual wielded, keeping it limited to normal swords and Daggers, making Katana's and Knight swords and Lances two handed. while yes dual wield in Vanilla was really OP I think it can be balanced by lowering the Weapon power of many of the weapons people use with it Chaos Blade for an example was WAY too OP to the point there was no point in it having the petrify effect because enemies would either die in one hit or are immune to petrify.

Again I'm working on what I want to do to Balance it out i'll update the first post when I get the chance to.
Quote from: gatebuster202 on August 31, 2015, 08:28:13 pm
Eventing. Because everything else is easy in comparison and your mod is story based. The entire story is told in events. Eventing is the hardest thing, most daunting and no-one can really help you who isn't already engaged in their own projects. Elric and Xif can help if they have time. (This is not me speaking for them, they are the resident went experts though.)

See my project and posts in spam/FFT Lounge. I asked the same questions, Elric PM's me an event motivational once a week to keep me going. (Thanks Elric!!!)

yeah XD I need to work on what I want to do and do up more notes as to how I want to event my story xD

someone shoot me XD