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Yo hello...

Started by RayKamiya, June 21, 2015, 12:55:34 pm


Hey I'm new here.

I've been interested in the Final fantasy Tactics mods and hacks for a while now.

It started innocently enough with game shark codes to add characters Like Alma, Zalbag, Dycidarg etc into my party, Using codes to make some of the battles a bit more challenging (I accidentally made the intro battle at Orbonne Monastery unwinnable by having all the enemies with the best items and stats and my characters had 1 in ALL stats and no items...

I stopped playing for a bit until I played the war of the Lions remake for the PSP and I fell in love with it again, and I enjoyed the multiplayer modes but with no one to do the multiplayer maps with I grew bored of it.

It wasn't until I saw a lets play of The Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Gods lets play on you tube that sparked my interest again, having to relearn basic strategy and be adaptable to whats going on again rather than going through the game with the same setup over and over again really brought my love for the game back.

I started to play War of the gods and I also played the 1.3 mod and also played the Journey of the 5 mod and it all rekindled my love and interest in the game, and I wanted to make my own mod of the game but my main talents are in story ideas, character ideas, balancing ideas and item job skill ideas as the most I've done with game editing was using rpg maker to make my own rpg games.

I do want to learn and I do have some Ideas but I don't know where to start but I do want to get to know people and learn how to do a mod or hack of Final Fantasy Tactics as I do have a few good ideas.

thanks everyone for your time.


Wrk r to the forum!  I hope you have a good time.
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Guess I missed this before, welcome and feel free to join us on our IRC channel.

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