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Event Instruction: {21}Sound
See Also: {22}Music {6B}BGSound

Terminate currently playing sound created by this instruction & plays the indexed sound once.
For Background sounds (such as wind, thunderstorm, etc.) see {6B}BGSound.

Sound ID : Half-Word (hex)

Sound ID : Half-Word (hex)
Plays the sound from a list (*=loop/continuous):
x0001 Confirm Selection
x0002 Cancel Selection
x0003 Move Cursor
x0004 Rolling Numbers (gil won)*
x0005 Invalid
x0006 L1/R1/L2/R2 shifting
x0007 Remove Item or Ability
x0008 Power Up
x0009 Unit Removal
x000A Set
x000B Clockwise Rotation*
x000C Anti-Clockwise Rotation*
x000D Stop Rotation
x000E Zoom In (quick)
x000F Zoom In
x0010 Zoom Out
x0011 Zoom Out (quick)
x0012 Help Message Popup
x0013 Slash
x0014 Double Slash
x0015 Punch 1
x0016 Punch 2
x0017 Punch 3
x0018 Door Knock
x0019 Punch Air
x001A SHalf-Word Swing 1
x001B SHalf-Word Swing 2
x001C Landing (Dragoon)
x001D Igros Castle Gate Opening
x001E Beta Magic Charging*
x001F Magic Charging*
x0020 Balmafula's scream 1
x0021 Summoning*
x0022 Trap
x0023 Water Landing 1
x0024 Water Landing 2
x0025 Walking with soaked shoes???
x0026 ?????
x0027 Jumping
x0028 Land 1
x0029 Land 2
x002A Land 3
x002B Balmafula's scream 2
x002C Throw ??
x002D Flip Page
x002E Shield Block Light
x002F Shield Block Heavy 1
x0030 Blade Grasp / Catch
x0031 ?????
x0032 Sparkle 1
x0033 Sparkle 2
x0034 Sparkle 3
x0035 Sparkle 4
x0036 Sparkle 5
x0037 Sparkle 6
x0038 Hit 1
x0039 Hit 2
x003A Land on Wood
x003B Land on Water
x003C Menu Cursor Move 1
x003D Menu Cursor Move 2
x003E ?????
x003F ?????
x0040 Footsteps Arrive
x0041 Exit Map
x0042 Cloud Freaking / Murond Death City' Gate Destruction spell
x0043 Menu Confirmation Yes
x0044 Male Death
x0045 Female Death
x0046 Monster Death
x0047 ?????
x0048 Locked Door
x0049 Blocked Arrow
x004A ?????
x004B ?????
x004C Open/Close Door
x004D Proposition Completed 1
x004E Proposition Completed 2
x004F Proposition Completed 3
x0050 Chocobo Steps?
x0051 ?????
x0052 Choke Hold 1
x0053 Choke Hold 2
x0054 Arrow 1
x0055 Arrow 2
x0056 ?????
x0057 ?????
x0058 ?????
x0059 Arrow 3
x005A Gun Load
x005B Gun Shot Loud 1
x005C Gun Shot Loud 2
x005D Gun Shot Loud 3
x005E Crush / Explosion
x005F ?????
x0060 ?????
x0061 Ability Un-Equipped
x0062 ?????
x0063 Slap
x0064 Female Scream (Balmafula)
x0065 SHalf-Word Clash
x0066 Zodiac Stone Spirit Howl 1
x0067 Zodiac Stone Spirit Howl 2
x0068 Zodiac Stone Spirit Howl 3
x0069 Door Lever Pull
x006A Teleport Out
x006B Teleport In
x006C Random Encounter 1
x006D Random Encounter 2
x006E Crossbow Arrow 1
x006F Crossbow Arrow 2
x0070 Riovanes Castle Footsteps
x0071 In-Battle AT Halt
x0072 Cinematic Impaling Hit
x0073 Text Typing
x0074 Lever Pull
x0075 Sparkle 7
x0076 New Map Course Drawn
x0077 In-Battle Selection
x0078 Reinforcements Footsteps Arrive
x0079 Reed Flute 1
x007A Reed Flute 2
x007B Reed Flute 3
x007C Failed Reed Flute
x007D Whistle
x007E ?????
x007F Lionel Gate Open
x0080 ?????
x0081 ?????
x0082 ?????
x0083 ?????
x0084 Bad Breath
x0085 Crystal Pickup
x0086 Feather Bomb
x0087 Scratch Up
x0088 ?????
x0089 Altima I Knife Strike
x008A Shield Block Heavy 2
x008B ?????
x008C Lick
x008D Straight Dash
x008E ?????
x008F ?????
x0090 Dash
x0091 Shield Block Heavy 3
x0092 Monster Strike Heavy
x0093 Equipped
x0094 ?????
x0095 ?????
x0096 ?????
x0097 ?????
x0098 Ability Learned
x0099 Magic Hit
x009A Male Death
x009B Bio Hit
x009C Dictionary / Book Hit
x009D Final Fantasy Theme Harps
x009E Laugh 1
x009F Laugh 2
x00A0 Laugh 3
x00A1 Zodiac Stone Pulsing Sound
x00A2 Church Bells
x00A3 Male Zodiac Death
x00A4 Impact 1
x00A5 Impact 2
x00A6 Impact 3
x00A7 Zodiac Stone Sparkle

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