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Final Fantasy Hacktics is a community/website dedicated to the hacking of Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) & Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP). Our community is constantly growing and unlocked editing possibilities are reaching the point where a lot of people would tell us to make an entire new game from scratch instead of hacking the game.


I, Zodiac, started hacking Final Fantasy Tactics in late 2005. I had many problems and no one to help me figure them out. Heck I was stuck on trying to convert Gameshark Codes to Memory addresses/offsets for months.
After a few months, I manage to compile enough information to compile an editor... in excel. I developed a insane ability to use excel to its fullest until I reached the point where I finally noticed its limitations. That editor was the PSX EXE's static data editor, which is basically most of what FFTPatcher can do today, minus the ENTD and the shop inventories. I planned to make it only for myself, but in the end I made it user friendly and thought it would be stupid not to share it; so I decided to post it on GameFaqs, home of the pedophile moderators. Philsov worked with it for a while and created FFT v1.1 and then FFT v1.2 which were balancing patches. A few days after 1.2's release, philsov mysteriously disappeared and melonhead guy came outta nowhere and released the famous FFTPatcher. FFTPatcher's popularity undoubtedly surpassed the excel spreadsheet's by far and this is when Karsten showed up. He proposed to provide hosting for a year, but I chose the alternative which was to use his website (www.auritech.eu). That was in late 2007. And because auritech only supported html, I coded an html website and created a forum on byethost (auritech.byethost13.com) which wasn't excessively active and it stayed that way for about a year.
I had no problem reading every single post on my forum. After a few months of development and suckass forum hosting on byethost, Dakitty offered a subdomain of his website to host the forum (auritech.fantopolis.com). We stayed there for about 3 months, which were way better than with the previous host. This is also where I started coding the main site, which was more of a beta version of the current design we have today. During that time, during 40 days and 40 nights I searched and searched and searched for the ideal host for Final Fantasy Hacktics. They had financial problems back them and I asked them questions before registering. After paying with my mother's credit card, I transferred everything to our final destination: www.ffhacktics.com.

Since then we never stopped making progress and Archael was the first one to release his FFT v1.3 patch which had, and still has a monster success. Here we are, still modding a game that is over 11 years old... Old school might you say; but it's a damn awesome game.
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