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May 22, 2021, 09:33:02 am

That's right, we finally reached 1000 members!
Actually we did back on the 17th April 2021, and now we're at 1067.

Regardless. Our discord server is extremely active and this is easily the most active FFH has been since its creation!
So, those who felt "Eh." about joining, I ask you to reconsider. See you soon!

Join here 🢂 https://discord.gg/xpXa8VEV2k
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July 02, 2020, 12:29:11 am

Hey everyone! Today I am very happy to announce that Glain has finished his newest hack which can finally help you get more than 16 units on the PS1 version of Final Fantasy Tactics, in fact it allows you to have up to 26 units, with one small catch. You'll have to bench 10 of those units.

In Glain's newest hack, titled 'Unit Bench Hack (10 extra unit slots!)' you have the ability to bench up to 10 of your units to create space for new units. Units can also be swapped out with Benched units, at the cost of the currently earned, but unspent JP. Of course you should not be expecting to be able to bench Ramza or Guest units, but you will also not be able to bench units who are set to Missing, currently on a proposition, or with ??? stats. Rule of thumb seems to be, if benching the unit would break the game, then you cannot bench that unit.

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March 31, 2020, 03:43:33 am


Now now, I know what you'll say: "There's nothing wrong with IRC!" And you'd be correct!

But IRC is for old people. So, for all the youngsters that refuse to get off my goddamn lawn, I decided to create a Discord server. I won't be necessarily very active myself on it myself, but I will receive and look at my @mentions and check from time to time. All of the admin team (Team XENA) will be available on IRC, and most of us should be on Discord too.

Why did it take so long?
It took this long for Discord to get its shit together when it comes to notifications. It looks like I can finally get @mentions on there for what really matters without having to mute everything
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February 18, 2020, 04:57:52 am

Please post about any bugs you find!

Huge huge security updates (like bcrypt password hashing for the forum's passwords) and hopefully this server with the newest version of will behave better for emails that have been down for what, 2 years now?

  • Upgraded to PHP 7.4.2
  • Upgraded the forum to SMF 2.1 RC2
  • Upgraded the wiki to MediaWiki 1.34.0
  • Fixed the mail system (WARNING: you won't receive emails for Private Messages until you enable the setting -here-)
  • Removed the ban from Microsoft email accounts, but any emails will likely end up in your junk folder, please mark the emails as "This is not junk" (it looks like it was an IP ban, and being on a new server, new IP!)

  • Fixing the forum style

Known Bugs:
  • [...
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December 03, 2019, 06:08:06 am

The resources for The Lion War, have finally come along far enough to become public. I know several people have been waiting to use TLW as a base patch to build upon, and now they can do exactly that!
Download the resources for The Lion War HERE

In addition to that, The Lion War 1.04 has released today as well, which fixes nearly every still existing bug that I know about.
Check out The Lion War v1.04 HERE

And lastly, since some bugs existed in a couple events in EasyVent 2.0, I released a Unofficial update to EasyVent. EasyVent 2.1 fixes a few events with incorrect commands that would cause the game to freeze. In addition to that, I've added the TEST.EVT from TLW, as well as added it's events to the event directory that was made for TLW before EVSP 2.0 was released.
Upgrade to the Unofficial EasyVent Super Perfect 2.1 [url=http://ffhacktics.com/smf/ind...
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September 28, 2019, 08:38:16 am

After many years of work (and admittedly some downtime) Final Fantasy Tactics - The Lion War is finally released for the public!

Please make sure to read the ENTIRE description, as well as the README.txt (or nfo). If you have any questions, please post them, and report any bugs you may find, as this is version 1.00 of the public TLW release, and no matter how many testers you have, things do sometimes get overlooked.

You can download The Lion War NOW, by clicking THIS LINK
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September 17, 2019, 08:06:23 pm

It's just about time to start the FFT - The Lion War, beta test, there is still a couple minor bugs, and we need your help to locate and document them!

I have already made a spreadsheet to track nearly everything added to the game, so that would be filled out while playing the game, and making saves between each battle.

For more details, please PM me on this site!

- Member of FFH for at least 1 year & has at least made some posts or contributed to the site in some way in the past.
- Mostly the person must be trustworthy so I know they aren't going to leak anything until the release is finalized.
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September 09, 2018, 12:15:31 pm

If you are a fan of SCC challenges, be sure to check out the new Auto-SCC patch by Glain.

This completely removes any hassle from having to unlock whatever class you are doing your playthrough as and also eliminates any need to self impose limits in said playthrough!

Be sure to give feedback and thank Glain for the work he did to make this patch possible!
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