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Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs  (Read 55122 times)
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Taichii [Posts: 812]
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  • [January 18, 2012, 06:48:37 AM]
Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« on: January 18, 2012, 06:48:37 AM »
OOC:(still inspired by mordred and sixe LOL)


At the top of Mount Zerikyle lays a small bungalow where a hunter and his son reside…
The Teenage kid’s name is Taichii who specializes in a different type of combat, using a scythe as the main weapon and a blade as a shield... He has silver hair, red eyes and is handsome...
His father, Tsukasa is a hunter with jet black hair, a very muscular body and is huge.
One day he accidentally mistook one of the White Chocobos that was owned by the Limberry Castle’s Duke as a normal yellow chocobo... And thus he became an outlaw.

One night, chocobo’s wark and panther’s screech echoes throughout the mountain sides.
Tsukasa woke up as he heard the noise coming from the east side of the mountain beside the falls...
He woke Taichii up and told him to escape through the back door while he’s gearing up…
“But dad, why? What happened?” Taichii asked.
“Go out from the backdoor and hide until I kill all the trespassers ok?” Tsukasa answered with a smile.
Taichii nodded and his father gave him an amulet embroidered with two sharp fangs. After the both of them finished gearing up, Taichii went out the backdoor and hid inside a huge barrel with his scythe and blade tied at his back...
Tsukasa picked his Night Crawler bow and went to the edge of the mountain top…
Taichii peeked at the surroundings… the noises of the monsters slowly faded and turned into screams of human beings… He smiled as he felt assured that his father can handle the evil people who he thought are sabotaging their livestock.
A strong voice again echoed through the mountain path... “Surrender now Tsukasa… and you shall receive a quick death in exchange for the head of his majesty’s pet!”

As he heard his dad say “I am innocent!”
Taichii’s eyes widened and decided to take another look...
As he stood up and looked at his father from behind the house, a long lance pierced through his dad's armor…
Tsukasa turned and found his son staring at him… “Run.”  Tsukasa said as he lets out his last breath and faints unto the grassy mountain top.

He wants to scream, but he can’t… he covered his mouth with his right hand and he still won’t believe what just happened in front of him. “This cannot be” Taichii whispered as he took a step back and stepped on a rock… He lost balance and tumbled down the mountain foot at the edge of the forest.…

As he gained his consciousness back, it was morning. Lucky he was still alive... He opened his eyes and rubbed out the dirt at his lips and cheeks… Taichii looked at his right arm... it almost got hit by his blade... Meanwhile, his scythe is a feet away from his head.

Taichii tried to stand up... He held his scythe and blade and made it look like a cane and a crutch.
His left leg is hurt... Taichii walked slowly to the forest and chopped off a low branch from a small tree…
He also gathered barks… Taichii wrapped his damaged leg with the straight branch… He cried in pain... as well he remembered what happened to his father...  He didn’t want to eat... Slowly he fell asleep again…
The next morning, he woke up and found moogles pointing their glowing hands at his leg.
As he tried to move, the moogles was startled and they ran away…
Taichii tried to stand up... and fortunately, it doesn’t hurt anymore… It was a very beautiful morning…
Shades of gold and orange cover the tree tops and a silvery blue mist covers the forest grounds…
He put his blade back to its sheath and tied his scythe to his back. He began to explore the magical forest--that was named Araguay…  
As he reached the north side of Araguay woods, he heard some branches falling. He stopped and looked behind.

A single flame that keeps on fading behind the mist can be seen. Suddenly, the noise from the night his father died can be heard again... His eyes widened with hatred. Taichii ran towards the flame... When he thought that he seems close enough, he hid behind a tree… Taichii took a peek slowly... only to find out that a hundred soldiers are looking for him and shouting his name…
“How did they find out who I am” Taichii said while still confused… He remembered that his father always keeps record of everything that happens in his journey. “The books! No… But what about the secret training?” Taichii scratched his silver hair and tried to move away… “Why is this so heavy” Taichii thought as he picks something at the sack strapped around his waist...
Taichii picked up the heavy thing in his sack. “Oh... Dad hid it in my things... He always thinks ahead” He thought again as he keeps moving away…

Accidentally, he stepped on a wooden branch. The hard crunch of the wood echoed throughout the northern woods... Suddenly, the single flame turned into hundreds of knight in horses with their torches, spears and swords.

“There he is!” A knight with Silver armor and skull helmet with horns shouted.
The cavalry ran towards Taichii.
Taichii then rolled back and ran for his life, using the mist as a diversion to outrun the cavalry.
“Burn everything! Until he has nowhere else to hide!” The captain said.
Taichii fell and slid inside a huge log.
He kept his silence and hid his head…
The cavalry rode and rode forward missing the huge log, but the hard trunk can’t escape the fire... The forest is set ablaze…
He then rolled outside… he sat and prayed to his father’s amulet... The forest is scorched… flames, ravaging every wood, every leaf, every life… Then suddenly, dark heavy clouds fill the morning sky…
“Dad” he muttered while stretching out his bruised hand towards the sky.
Taichii passed out with his head lying beneath the edge of the log.
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formerdeathcorps [Posts: 1322]
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  • [January 18, 2012, 05:35:55 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2012, 05:35:55 PM »
A wolf sniffed his way across the damp terrain.  Something smelled different about the recently charred earth, and that pungent smell was only growing stronger as his nose led his body across the clearing.  It was the smell of recently cooked meat, but of a kind he had never tasted.  Whatever the meat was, it was marinaded in fear.  And yet, the wolf felt no hunger as he walked past; somehow, he knew whatever lay ahead was not prey.  Finally, the wolf came to a spot where there were no trees at all.  A completely burned expanse lay before him.  The wolf cried a mournful howl.

The wolf didn't know the meaning of the burnt out huts, but the human trailing him did.  The wolf didn't know the sadness conveyed in the charred cornfield, but when the boy saw it, his face hardened.  Running ahead of his pet, he walked down what seemed to be the main street of the village.  Charred little bodies were strewn along its sides.  The bodies were too round to be human children, but he cradled the nearest one all the same.
"Let's bury them, Moon.  They at least deserve..."

The wolf suddenly leapt ahead of him and began to growl at something towards the far end of the street.
"Is someone there?"
The wolf darted away from the main street and came before a charred bush.  There was no wind, and yet, the bush was rattling with an erratic rhythm.
"Whoever it is, show yourself!"

The destruction of the will is the rape of the mind.
The dogmas of every era are nothing but the fantasies of those in power; their dreams are our waking nightmares.
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  • [January 18, 2012, 11:51:24 PM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2012, 11:51:24 PM »
The bodyguard looked back at his duty. He couldn't help but feel, even with such powerful abilities, she should not be sent out on a journey like this. He asked himself, "How could she possibly grow up..." he tried to find the right word to use, he'd never been good at words, and that's not just because the cat got his tongue. "Normal," he settled on, though not entirely satisfied. He shook his head before hearing a wolf's cry in the distance. He always tensed up at the slightest sign of danger, immediately drawing a golden sword passed down from generation to generation and a katana. The katana he almost always wields into battle ever since he started protecting the littleling. With Kiyomori and Ancient Sword drawn, he continued with caution, all the while his task asking the same incessant questions she always does.
"Is everything alright?"
"Are we going to be okay?"

He's not the sort to shirk her, but when she asks these things and more everytime he draws his weapons...well...he gets a little sick of it.
Still, as he does all the time, he stopped and turned to her, nodded, then continued down the path twisting on the outskirts of the forest. The road would eventually lead them into a small village where they could finally rest and eat. As they neared it, however, the girl screeched in horror. Every hut burned and bodies scorched beyond recognition everywhere.
Leon, on the other hand, growled at the major inconvenience before spotting a wolf and a boy--the boy was screaming about something or other...he didn't really bother to listen.
His job was not the only thing he protected--he was a bodyguard. A wind swept over the village, placing barriers on all but the wolf. Immediately afterward, he sprinted at the beast, ready to slay it.

OOC: I am not assuming to be the lot in the bush. I came from a different side.
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Ryqoshay [Posts: 596]
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  • [January 19, 2012, 03:59:56 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2012, 03:59:56 AM »
   “Mama…” the girl sobs through red and puffy cheeks. Hot tears and mucus blaze trails down her face and intermingle under her chin. Her threadbare linen clothes provide a feeble barrier against the cruel world as she clutches her sole comfort in life, a well-made, but well-worn stuffed panda. She is a pathetic sight indeed.

   Somewhere in the distance, a wolf howls, but she makes no response.

   Presently, three men approach along the road. They spy the form of the crying girl directly in their path and they begin to talk among themselves.

   “How much do you think we could get for that one?” the youngest of the three asks, pointing.

   The eldest shakes his head. “She’s practically skin and bones, she wouldn’t be that strong.”

   “But she’s young.” The third points out. “There’s plenty of time to bulk her up and get her working.”

   The older man strokes his beard, thinking, though his expression says he is still hesitant.

   “Hey, gil is gil, man.” The first insists. “The likes of her ain’t going to put up much of a fight anyway.”

   The bearded man moves forward. “Very well, let’s do it.”

   Grinning, the young blonde moves forward confidently. “What’s the matter, little girl?” he asks as gentle as he can manage.

   The girl doesn’t seem to notice as her body continues to quake with fear and despair. “Mama…” she whimpers.

   “We’ll help you find your mama.” The older man assures, making his approach. “I promise.” He places his hand on her shoulder.

   “MA~~MA~~!” she wails to the heavens above.

   The man is startled by her outburst and blinks. When his eyes reopen, the girl is gone. The only evidence of her presence is the echo of her plaintive cry.

   “What the…” the third man starts.

   “NOT THE MAMA!” a voice calls from behind them. It is feminine and unquestionably young, but the tone, volume and energy behind it make it sound like a war cry.

   Suddenly, a black dagger buries itself in the back of the young blonde man, just missing the bow strapped there. He grunts in surprise and reaches back for the grip only to find that it has dissolved into him. His veins become visible for a moment as malevolent magicks make their way through his system.

   As the men turn, another dagger strikes its mark and the archer gasps as the dark energies damage his very soul. He collapses, dead before he hits the ground.

   The third man throws a weapon at what he believes to the be the perpetrator.

   “You’ve got throwing axes?!” the girl cries cheerfully, skillfully side-stepping the tumbling blade. “I want a throwing axe!” All traces of her sorrow are gone.

   The man responds by tossing another that buries itself in the girl’s belly.

   “I have a throwing axe!” she proclaims proudly. “Trade ya!” she announces, as another knife coalesces out of the aether at her fingertips. With a casual flick of her wrist, the solidified magic shoots forward with unparalleled speed to strike the man in the shoulder.

   By this time, the older man has drawn his sword and is charging. The girl simply shrugs and suddenly, a pair of black, feathery wings appear between her shoulder blades. With a single flap, she is borne aloft and the sword cuts nothing but air.

   “Come down here, coward!” he hollers up at her.

   “I don’t wanna!” she calls back childishly as she nimbly dodges another axe. She returns the favor, but the axe man evades as well. The next one, however, she manages to catch. “Thanks! Now catch this!”

   The idea implanted in his head, the man deftly stops the dark knife with only the fingers of a single hand. It matters not, however, and the magic seeps into him anyway. His eyes roll back in his head and he soon joins his companion on the gravel.

   “You’re a monster!” the older man shouts, confident that his armor will protect him as he plans his retreat.

   “May~be~ I a~m~!” a sing-song voice comes from behind him as the sizable blade of a sable scythe appears at his throat. “Bu~t” she coos “you’re dead.” With that, she draws the blade towards herself. It does not sever flesh and bone, rather it passes through as one might expect of a ghost. However, it leaves behind an unhealthy dose of profane force. Performing a pirouette in air, the girl smoothly turns the downward pull into an upward strike. This drives the toe of her weapon through her opponent, impaling him up to the heel. As his life fades, she releases the grips and allows him to fall. The weapon slowly returns to the aether that spawned it.

   The girl hovers in place for a moment to admire her handy work. A manic grin covers her face and she is about to laugh when suddenly, she grunts and grimaces instead. “Owwie!” she whines, removing the axe from her gut. “Charon!” She calls. “Owie!” she points to the wound.

   “Miss Anita.” A decidedly masculine, though quite monotone voice responds from a roadside tree. “Request: Return. Regret: cannot heal at range.”

   “I know, I know, I know.” The girl says before appearing among the branches, beside the sentient scythe.

   Meanwhile, the image she left behind continues to hover above the road. It duplicates the axe in its hands twice and begins to juggle idly before eventually fading from existence.

   “Inquiry: No success?” Charon intones as it casts mending magicks on the wounds of its charge.

   Anita shakes her head. “You heard them, they wanted to sell me.”

   “Confirmation: Indeed. Statement: Third attempt today. Precaution: Must find before…”

   “I know, I know, I know.” She interrupts.

   “…” the scythe pauses for a moment. “Warning: Last heal.” It lets her know its reserves are depleted for a while.

   The girl sighs. “Alright. I won’t fight again today.” She stares off into the distance for a moment before sighing again. “I suppose I should probably clean up a bit, shouldn’t I?” she looks down at the bodies below.

   “Confirmation: Indeed.”

   Anita drifts down to the road and grabs one of the dead men. She quickly teleports with it to a small, natural depression not too far away. She blinks back to retrieve the next, then repeats for the third. Once they are all out of obvious sight from the road, she searches them for anything of use. She finds a few daggers among their possessions, but they are common and boring, so she shoves them unceremoniously into her sack instead of adding them to her prized collection. There’s enough gil to get her a few decent meals in the next town and some rations, but nothing else catches her eye.

   Eventually, she heads back to the tree to gather Charon and the rest of her belongings. A ways away from the road, she remembers coming across a small lake. The water is cold and she complains the entire time, but it serves well to get the blood out of her clothes. There is little she can do about the damage to the garment, but perhaps she can get it repaired in town. If not, at least she has her beloved clerical vestments.

   The trees are thicker here, so she picks one and settles high in its branches. The jerky she took from the thugs is delicious and she eats her fill happily. Finally, she gathers her wings around her and curls into a ball at the base of a thick branch. She is asleep in moments.
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  • [January 19, 2012, 05:25:04 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2012, 05:25:04 AM »

   "...and so Tyr stuck his sword hand within Fenrir's mouth. Taking Tyr's hand, Fenrir allowed himself to be bound by chains to keep him from growing any larger. At least until-" The Knight yammered on.
   "I think that shall do dear," the woman interrupted with a soft voice. "I have heard that story too many times."
   "My apologies Mother." Cipher replied. "I could play you a song in place."
   "No need, child." She stopped in her tracks, and soon after, the knight did as well.
   The dirt road stretched far ahead into what seemed to be never ending wall of green and brown.
   "Beautiful... But, I hate it." She concluded after a moment.
   "We have been at this for hours, madam."
   "This, yes, I know." she says with a sigh. "Nothing new to me. I just dislike being outside of civilization for such periods of time, it drives me nuts."
   Silence fell upon the two. They traveled onward without speaking another word, until a growl killed the silence. Startled, Mother turned toward the sound, only to see a friendly figure.
   "Did you eat breakfast?" she asked displeased.
   "No....." Cipher trailed off.
"Cipher... What have I told you, time, and time again...?"
   The blank look upon the knight's face said it all.
   "Cipher.... What am I going to do with you?"
   Another growl was heard.
   "If possible madam, that could be good option." he said in a hopeful tone.
   Mother sighed yet again. "Right, I guess we can do that."
   The two walked off the road, and sat under a tree. Mother unzipped the pack on her side, and rummaged through it. Seven apples, a sausage, a loaf of bread, and some water. Reaching in, Mother pulled out two apples and passed them to the knight. She then claimed one for herself. The two sat, eating their food in silence; the horrible silence.

((Please tell me how this post looks in the OOC topic. I want to find a nice easy to read and understandable way to post my turn. The beige " are Cipher. The Pink ones " are Mother))
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  • [January 19, 2012, 06:10:52 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2012, 06:10:52 AM »
The wolf had heard the knight's metal shoes squish against the muddy road before the knight had even raised his sword.  As the knight charged, the wolf turned his head and growled loudly enough for his master to notice.  The boy immediately outstretched his hands, forming a barrier between the wolf and the hostile stranger.

"Moon is my companion.  Leave him be, or..."
Eight rivulets of mud, flowing against gravity then encircled Kanth.  As the rivulets died down to the smallest of slivers, eight dripping globs of mud danced above his shoulders, occasionally flecking drops onto his already filthy linens.
"...I'll send these..."

The wind picked up, screeching its call across the charred branches, but even that couldn't mask the sound of a broken twig, as something stepped out from behind the bush.
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The dogmas of every era are nothing but the fantasies of those in power; their dreams are our waking nightmares.
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  • [January 19, 2012, 07:22:30 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2012, 07:22:30 AM »
"HA HA HA HA HA, oh Ajora that's rich!" Laughter roared over the chatter in the tavern in Dorter. "So they sicked an entire unit on one boy, and they still couldn't catch him?! Hah hah hah! They even burned down the entire Araguay forest!" The man continued laughing while his companion nonchalantly light his pipe. "Well, I sure am glad I don't pay taxes right now, because I'd feel might ripped off." "Such a waste, why should a chocobo thief warrant so much force, and more importantly, how did he get away?" "I think if they knew how he got away, they wouldn't be asking us to catch him." "You know I don't do bounty work. Why ask me?" "Because if this kid really is good enough to get away from the army, we need our best men on him. Besides, you've been in a bit of a dry spell, so I thought I'd try being nice and throw you a bone." "I'm so touched you think so much of me. But I'm still wondering why they want this kid so badly?" Clayton's contact rolled his eyes. "Remember the saying: Only ask what you need to know." they reiterated simultaneously.

Clayton sighed and took a swig of his pint. "Well, I suppose I can add bounty hunting to my resume now. Expanding one's career field is never a bad move." "Remember, we need him alive." "Alive, but not well, am I right?" Clayton's contact looked unamused. "I know, I know, you'll have your boy alive." "We will be taking third of a bounty." "Okay, THAT better be better spent then using an entire army to capture a boy. Anyways, I'd better get ready. I'll be headed out to Araguay first thing tomorrow. He can't have gone too far since the army's little cookout. It's hard to gauge what he going to do next, him being so young. Hopefully he's not already dead." "Oh yeah, one more thing. The army has asked that all his possessions remain intact, as they will be used to identify him." "Fine I won't rob him blind." "Good, now get going." "Well, see you later, then." Clayton headed out of the bar and straight home. It was late out and he had to prepare for the hunt tomorrow.

He had to concoct some chloroform and put it in some gas bombs as well as soak a rag in it as well. He also had to get some rope and some medical supplies in case he was injured. His Short Blade and Platina Dagger had to be sharpened. He probably didn't need anymore than 40 kunai. As he was going over his mental checklist, he couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. Something just didn't seem right, not just about the strange circumstances of this boy. However, he could not just say no to this. He needed the money as jobs have been drying up recently. Oh yeah, a bag to keep the boy's weapons and possessions in. A spyglass, some flint, a compass, food and water...


Trekking all over the forest is foolish, Clayton thought. Instead he sought out the lake nearest the burnt portion of Araguay. It had a decent fish population and the water was clear. He immediately blended himself into the foliage as he approached the lake and scouted for other hunters situated around the lake. Rounding the lake and confirming that no one else was around the lake both relieved and unnerved him. "Aren't their other hunters out here? I'd figure that I would see at least a few hunters here, unless they are all out looking for him. Maybe I should look around as well? I know, I can just lure him here." He walked up to where the river fed into the lake and mentally recorded the roar of the river. He would just play the sound of the river over the forest and he would come running, assuming he was exhausted and not dead or captured. He replayed it once for himself and smiled at his secret weapon. No know currently alive has ever known about his illusion magic. That's the rule for illusionists: the less that know you are an illusionist, the better. Not even most of his former family knew about his talent. It was difficult letting them believe he was merely a mediocre assassin with low poison resistance, his father in particular. It was hard to bare his disappointment, but he also gained a malicious pleasure in knowing he can do more than his father thought he could.

Clayton had been stalking near the border of the charred forest making his water call for about 2 hours now when he spied fresh tracks coming from burned side of the forest. He excitedly began to follow them. And before long, he finally spied his prey. He really was just a boy. He looked weak and exhausted, but very on guard. I shouldn't underestimate him, Clayton thought. Even if his escape might have been pure luck, I don't want to have pit myself against his apparent favor of the gods. he quickly sneaks himself between him and the lake and begins his water call at a low volume. His head immediately snaps to the sound and follows the sound. This is too easy he thought. He immediate lays on the ground and blend in while he walks past. When he walks past, he begins to quietly follow him, the sound of water in front of him like a carrot on a stick concealing what little sound he was making. He needs him to make it to the lake so that he can get some water and food, so that he drops his guard a little more and making it unnecessary to initially coerce him into eating when he captures him

He has made it to the lake and has managed to get some water and cook him some fish. As he eating, he notices the scythe and blade on his sides. "Why would he be carrying a scythe around? It couldn't be his weapon, could it? Maybe he's just a lost wheat farmer?" He sneered at his own little quip. As he was finishing up and laying himself down for the night, he moves in. With a rag and bomb in hand, he approach him. The boy laying on his side with his back turned to the forest. I'm almost in arms length when he reaches for his weapons and rises instantly. It couldn't be too easy, Clayton thought.

He immediately through his bomb to the ground, enveloping the both of them in chloroform gas. Now this would normally knock out both parties, but even Clayton's diluted assassin blood grants him a high resistance to poison. Only the most potent poison can have an effect on him which did not include chloroform. In the boy's initial surprise at the mutual gassing, Clayton had already drawn his Short Blade and some kunai and immediately threw a few at him. The boy parring his first barrage did not surprise him, but parrying the second barrage and his Short Blade with only using his blade did. Clayton had made it look like he threw his kunai in a blink of a eye, but he had blocked them all and his Short Blade anyways. However, the point of his attack was to keep him in the cloud of chloroform.

The boy's eyes were beginning to lose focus. Clayton decided to use a little of his illusion power and go for a flurry attack as he wouldn't be able to remember these last moments of consciousness. The multiple illusionary arms striking at the boy looked very much like a product of insane speed. The boy simply could not keep up as he was parrying air. Clayton quickly locked with his blade and before the boy could strike with his scythe, he grabs his arm and ruin his sense of balance. He goes stumbling and Clayton goes for the sweep. Clayton immediately pins the boy to the ground with his foot, simultaneous giving the illusion that the ground is unstable. The combination of chloroform and loss of balance makes him unable to get up or retaliate.

OOC: Not quite done yet with this yet, I'll finish this up tomorrow.
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  • [January 19, 2012, 08:45:09 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #7 on: January 19, 2012, 08:45:09 AM »
   Despite having only drifted off moments ago, Anita finds herself awakened by the sounds of battle not far from her position. Yawning, she glances down upon two men fighting within a strange cloud of something. She remembers Charon saying it was out of magic for a while, so if she gets injured, she would have to deal with it until her guardian recovered some power. So, joining the fray directly was likely out of the question. Nonetheless, she found herself immensely curious.

   The girl makes a quick hand gesture and fades from view. Silently, she makes her way over to observe the battle from above. She is careful, however, not to fly too low so as to avoid entering the mysterious cloud.
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  • [January 19, 2012, 09:59:32 AM]
Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2012, 09:59:32 AM »
The forest is calm… A few drops of morning dew fell down Taichii’s face. Taichii’s eyes flinched as
He slowly regains his consciousness... He opened his eyes slowly and inhaled…
Taichii got up and sat while looking around.
“The forest became toasted. Oh great” Taichii said as his stomach started to growl…
“Oh man... I forgot I haven’t eaten for days...” Taichii thought.
He took the book from his sack and looked at it. He was confused as why the letters became unfamiliar.
He scratched his head and recalled what happened before he passed out…
“Dad... He protected me…” Taichii thought while still holding the amulet.
“I will hold our precious moments dad… everything… I will treasure it.” He said while wearing back the amulet embroidered with fangs...
As the center pendant touched the center of his chest... it started to glow…
“Huh? What’s happening?” Taichii’s eyes widened as the fangs of the amulet start to dig itself in his chest.
He began to feel pain and screamed at the top of his lungs, but no sound came out of his mouth.
Finally, the pain stopped. Taichii quickly looked at his chest. The pendant was the only visible part of the amulet and it merged with his chest.
“What happ- OW!” Taichii flinched yet again as he bit his tongue… He quickly covered his mouth and felt two sharp pointed things bulging from inside his mouth.
He snuck his finger in and felt two fangs that grew both side at his canine area.
“Oh my god! What Ish Haffening?!”
Taichii, not able to believe what again happened...
“After dad’s death, everything went crazy” Taichii exclaimed.
He then noticed that the letters became readable again. He then searched for a part of which involves the amulet. Fortunately, after 20 minutes of searching, he found out what it was.

“The Vampire Jade Amulet”
“The vampire jade amulet is an ancient family treasure handed down for ages. When one member of a bloodline family wears it with purity in his heart, it shall remain with it until his last breath. It shall grant him the ability to read the ancient vampire language, the vampire tongue, the great vampire reverted star w/c appears in the eyes only when in danger or when one doesn’t have any choice left. The vampire fangs which can be used to inject an ancient deadly poison. Enhanced hearing, sight, regeneration and agility. And when one’s concentration is focused enough, a member can make a weapon that he yields for a long time, an animal”
“Once transformed, the member who combined with the amulet becomes half a vampire. One does not perish at the radiance of sunlight… The only reason that vampires don’t walk around sunlight is that, flowers with low life force or a newborn plant dies around him/her. Be careful of weapons with silver, as one cannot regenerate when a weapon stays pierced in the body. Drinking blood will have a slight effect to regenerate faster. ”
“Woah... so... so... im a vampire now? Wait what?! O_O if I am... then what is dad? I have to find out.”
Taichii looked around.
“I have to go back to our house…” Taichii said just about the time when his stomach growled again.
“Oh Sh---, Does this mean I have to drink blood?!” Taichii thought.
“Hmm... Half a vampire…I have to find out…” Taichii said as he was sad to know that he may not be able to eat normal food.
Suddenly, He hears a faint sound… He got up and moved forward.
“The Lake!” He thought... “I have enhanced hearing now… maybe that’s how I can hear sounds from a distance now. “Taichii said.
Taichii moved and followed the trail of sound in which the sound of the lake would become louder.
Finally, he sees the lake, untouched and the trees surrounding it weren’t burned.
“Well at least this part of the forest is still preserved.”
Taichii spots a large fish lurking near the edge. He quickly threw his blade, piercing the fish’s flesh.
“Finally I get to eat” Taichii said with hungry eyes…
He cooked the fish and licked it... then he started to bite and munched on the fish.
He slowly swallowed the fish and then closed his eyes…
“Okay eating food is still normal” Taichii said as he gobbled up on the fish.
“Maybe it’s time to call it a day” Taichii said as he sipped water from the lake and lied down looking at the stars… “Father… you’re somewhere up there aren’t you-“Taichii became startled.
Suddenly he heard a snore. He quickly became alert and looked around... He looked above the tree and spies a kid snoring from above the tree on the other side of the lake. His vampiric eyes began to glow red as he sees the kid’s dark PURPLE aura. XD

He reached for his scythe, blade and then quickly lunged forward towards the edge of the lake.
Suddenly, something appeared at my back… a black round object falls to the ground and explodes with a huge amount of smoke... Taichii’s visibility was weakened, however he can still hear some of the sounds that were approaching him... He quickly saw the shadow of the kunai knives and deflected two waves of barrages in front of him... The shine of the opponent’s sword shone with the radiance of the moonlight, so Taichii quickly deflected them again using his blade…
Taichii saw the enemy’ shadow…
As he was about to attack the enemy with his Scythe, an Un-decent feeling came through his stomach…
He thought that it was the gas that upsets his stomach but the gas doesn’t affect his new lungs... His stomach got more upset. Taichii stopped in his tracks...He watched as the the shadowy figure launch a barrage of attacks... He was not able to retaliate because of his upset stomach… he coughed up some of the fish’ flesh and some of it splattered along the mysterious opponents face… Finally he felt relieved… and shouted…

“My dad said that I am not allowed to fight for one hour after my dinner… Sorry.” Taichii said while laughing and was able to get a good grip of his scythe. He locked his focus on the opponent’s head.
As Taichii was going for another attempt to behead the opponent and gets near enough, the opponent’s face, splattered with fish flesh appeared. Taichii was surprised and begins to laugh again...
The opponent found an opportunity and held Taichii’s arm.
He quickly swiped Taichii’s foot that sends him lying to the ground...
Taichii, lost focus on the opponent pinning him down… He saw the kid that has a dark purple aura above them…
“Behind you!” Taichii Shouted.

OOC: There I followed your plot XD please refrain from controlling my character’s action again XD thank you
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #9 on: January 19, 2012, 03:26:58 PM »
Leon strikes against the barrier before hearing the child's words. Not even noticing the earthen threat (OOC: That is for your own good.) he snaps to the boy and gives him a questioning look. "Your pet...?" he thought...not entirely sure of what to make of such a situation. He'd always been rather comprehensive as a person, but a wolf as a pet... was he a beastmaster, or maybe a mediator? He almost entertained the thought of a geomancer, but those outsiders would never dare to enter a village.
"...What if he burned down the village?" he also shook that out of his head, which showed to the boy as him shaking his head.
He wasn't going to start making accusations until he knew what was going on, or at least until he'd spoken to the boy.

Mira came up behind him and latched onto him, as she often does when speaking for him...
"Another annoying habit," he thought. The voice calls out and screams right into his right ear. "I'm sorry! We had no idea he was your pet." she explained, "we thought he was taking you prisoner or something to drag down to the pack to devour you alive and then you'd be--" Leon gave her a quick and unnoticeable pat on the back as a sign that she'd speaking too much again. She stops with a sigh and continues, "So, anyways, we're very sorry! Where are you headed?" she asked.
Leon sighs. You never ask strangers where they're going--it's a great way to pick a fight.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #10 on: January 19, 2012, 04:44:17 PM »
   “He can see me?” Anita thinks. “That’s not good…” She immediately teleports a few dozen feet strait up, leaving a pondering, still invisible image behind.

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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #11 on: January 19, 2012, 06:00:39 PM »
Clayton thought that the boy's warning was a desperate attempt to get away. Nevertheless, keeping his eye on the forest behind him while the chloroform worked it's magic was a good idea. Rival bounty hunters could be just waiting beyond the trees, waiting for me to subdue him and then take him from me. Clayton pivoted himself, keeping his foot on the boy's body, towards the forest. He might have heard a whooshing sound as he was turning, but he wasn't sure.

"The boy is still struggling, how impressive", Clayton thought. "I have his sense of balance now, there is no getting up for him. All I have to to is wait until he stops struggling." He applied some extra pressure onto his back. There was nothing the boy can do now, right?
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #12 on: January 20, 2012, 12:48:00 AM »
From the bowels of the inner surface a form seeps up. It recognizes that it is in an unfamiliar place in a similar way as to birth; it is a thoughtless rite for the child, soon forgotten. The featureless form emerging from the crust is aware but not in any ponderous human sense. Without hindrance, once surfaced, it mindlessly moves as if magnetized.  There is no thought, only knowing it's purpose at the moment. It moves in impulses in an unknown direction like a single white blood cell  within an unseen body.

OOC: I'm playing as a slime which has no mind; but operates from nature's life force which is alive but in the way trees are and the wind etc. This slime is part of the inner liquid crystal magnetic core which is sentient in a timeless sense.
Something on the surface in Ivalice has caused a major disturbance in the electromagnetic field surrounding the planet effecting the core enough to cause part of it to seep up to the surface. This is not magma but magmoid.. something living normally within the the magma.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #13 on: January 20, 2012, 02:54:41 AM »
   “Wait… why is it not good?” Anita thinks, staring down at the men below her. He can see invisibility. She can see invisibility. He has a scythe. She has a… he has a scythe… a… scythe… A beautifully, masterfully, wonderfully crafted scythe! Not as cute as Charon, but a scythe nonetheless.

   “Reminder: No heals.” Charon’s voice says within her mind. It would obviously prefer she not join in the brawl.

   Anita makes no noticeable reaction to her guardian. “Ma…” she murmurs aloud, drifting downward.  “Mama!” she cries, dismissing her invisibility and descending rapidly until she hovers mere inches from the ground.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #14 on: January 20, 2012, 04:12:13 AM »
Taichii couldn't move... but he can still think.
"Okay the kid went away..." he thought...

He looked at the mysterious man above him.
The man still, pinning him down...
Taichii thought that he needed to escape... something doesn't feel right...
"Let me go! What have I done to you?!"
Taichii screamed at the man's face.

Finally... he thought of a plan.
He stopped struggling, closed his eyes and concentrated...
His hands started shaking.
He opened his eyes with a mystical glow of an inverted star.
He looked at his scythe from afar...
His scythe transformed into a dark phoenix and flew around them.
He looked at his blade....and his blade... was pretty much still a blade...

The dark phoenix that came out from the scythe swirled around the man....
Then... the dark phoenix swooped down towards the guy...
At the time that the phoenix became too close, the phoenix returned back into a scythe swirling its blade towards the man...
Taichii remembered his dad's lessons well...
Taichii screamed out..."Crez Ventes!" the scythe's back spikes started to spark and the scythe became generated with red lightning.

Taichii prepares for the next step... he knows that whoever touches the scythe will be electrocuted...
Taichii endured the training of holding the scythe while being electrocuted for two years...
"If that man tries to deflect it... or moves away... that'll be my chance... there can be no way that he can completely focus on two things at the same time" he thought...

Taichii kept still... awaiting his next move... but something inside him still feels that something isn't right....
He looked back at the sky and saw the kid falling downwards towards us...
"She's there again!" Taichii said as he plans his next moves carefully... but with the girl in the picture... he doesn't seem sure...

OOC: will this be a triple threat pvpvp? What will happen next? Stay tuned at dragon ball z! XD I mean Desperation hahaha XD
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #15 on: January 20, 2012, 05:31:12 AM »
"Let me go! What have I done to you?!" the boy pleaded inbetween struggling to get his ground underneath him. Clayton, having heard the pleas and begging of much more noble men, failed to move him. The boy must have finally given up with that last desperate plea as he finally stopped struggling. "Hurry up and drop already. I need to get this fish vomit washed off of me before it dries." Clayton thought. "Seriously, why is this taken so long? Did I mess up the concentration? No, that's impossible."

As Clayton continued on in his thoughts, the movement of the boy's scythe caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. It was transforming into some kind of bird spirit. It looked like a phoenix. After blasting it's wings open to showcase it's regality, it began to fly towards me. As it neared, it transformed back into a scythe aimed straight for his face.

"Crez Ventes!" The boy's shout immediately caused the scythe to become electrified with red sparks and surges across it's surface. "Damn this boy." he cursed internally. Clayton retaliated with a dose of his blinding pain illusion to his back via his foot. The pain of crushed multiple vertebrae and sudden whiting of his vision overwhelmed the boy's body. Clayton immediately let go of the boy in evading the phoenix scythe.

With the scythe no longer occupying his sight, a new sight appeared. A...fairy? descends from thin air. Clayton instinctively reaches for his blade. But to attack? This...thing looks like some kind of fairy, and angering fairies is a fast way to a miserable death. He recalls stories about how they use their powerful fairy magic to warp people 1000 years in the future, or turn you into a Malboro. Fairies are unpredictable in temper and disposition and this one certainly fits the bill judging from appearances.

The body of a young girl, she is dressed like a cleric doll while carrying a doll that looks like some kind of black and white bear. He was sure he just heard her say "Mama!". As she hovers closer, he sees her collection of knives on her belt and the scythe on her back. "Wait, a scythe? Are these two allies? If so, why did she take so long to come to this boy's aid?" She looks curious, her eyes trained on the boy's scythe, which was now hovering around him in a protective path.

"This is just too much." Clayton thought. The boy was still on the ground from the chloroform and the pain. If he didn't go down in the first 30 seconds of being pinned down in a gas of chloroform, then there is no telling when he would finally drop, if at all. Any hopes of a clean or even success capture had gone down the drain the more distance he put between himself and the boy. There was only the option of escaping now. He pulled out a flash bomb and threw at the fairy's feet while turning away from the imminent flash. As it detonated, Clayton bolted off the beach and into the thickness of the forest, fuming with rage over being muscled out of his capture.
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Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
« Reply #16 on: January 20, 2012, 06:43:06 AM »
Firkon wakes suddenly in the blue night to his friend and the leader the secret order of magic endemic to his village and a well kept secret to outsiders of the small farming village of Cemplis. It's Galen Rendalshem telling him "Awaken Firkon!" He asks "what is it" then notices he must have snuck in (the imp). Galen says "Just come on, you have to see this!" Galen is the oldest son of three of the well respected Rendalshem family. He has always had a bit of a wild side yet accepts his responsibilty as the future retainer of their school; The family is renowned locally for keeping the village school in operation for generations. They have kept the local villagers, for the most part, literate and innovative in trade for many years now.

As they venture out Firkon asks "Where are we going this late anyway? What could this possibly be?" Galen replies with an oddly serious expression.. "We have to hurry because whatever it is I want to show you is moving slowly.. I hope it's still there. I was checking out the Wendal Meadow  when I noticed the dogs were acting insane." I noticed they were running around panicked because something was passing through that isn't like any animal I've seen. It might be a monster!"  "I slowed it down a bit by changing the terrain around it and ran towards your house." "I was trying to stop it completely but couldn't.. I don't want to attack it; whatever it is." Firkon was really intrigued now.. He's never seen a monster before; it didn't sound hostile and with his and Galen's magic combined he felt safe enough to approach anything. His sleepiness completely passed as he could now hear the dogs barking, they now quit talking and jogged up to the meadow.

"Is that  .."  Galen yelled angrily, "Fenton!?" One of Galen's favorite dogs body was sizzling on the ground. As soon as Firkon saw the creature something overcame him. In Galen's rage he was about to crush the creature with stalactites but Firkon Blew them aside with a gale along with Galen knocking him down. Now Galen, Firkon's senior, was really mad. "What's wrong with you Firkon?!" Firkon said "Look at what it's done to your dog.. we don't know what that thing can do to us... I just.. have the strangest feeling.." Galen Raises the earth in front of the slime to stop it for a moment and they sinch a bit closer to it. Firkon is definitely more scared than exited at this point. They see the creature is a blob of slime and right then Firkon stops. "I can feel something inside my.." he sways a bit, "It's like this immense pressure; I can feel this sad emotion, it's ineffable. There is definitely some kind of feeling, like an emotion.. but one I've never experienced." Galen then notices the slime is shimmering with little specks of effulgent  orange light. "But I can feel it in my stomach too." Firkon also starts to shimmer with the orange speckles of light. Galen then terrified grabs Firkon and he collapses.
A ubiquitous red-orange glow surrounds Firkon's vision. It's as if he has his eyes shut in the sunlight but he can't open them. He starts to see details and it now looks like sand, he now sees the sand up close and there is a dew droplet of water sitting on this endless ocean of sand and there is this strange appreciation for it. The dew droplet seems holy in it's delicate solitude, but then a tremendous pain and sorrow enters his mind and a rumbling mass of tons and tons of kiloliters of water are now crushing through the sand all around. Strange Geomantic visions continue to flash  in his mind as the light flashes brightly now completely dazing Galen, whom is again knocked back, for the moment. Firkon cries out as the light intensifies then suddenly dims out. "What happened?" Galen asks. I think I understand at least that this slime needs to be protected and.." he turns towards the slime and holds out his arms casting. The slime reacts by sloshing forward like a wave of the sea and crashing with orange flames. "This is a geological entity, so I can manipulate it, or we both could most likely." "Don't worry about the slime as a threat any more." Galen smiles for a quick moment at this but is still upset about his dog.

cont. soon

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    • [January 20, 2012, 07:50:22 AM]
    Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
    « Reply #17 on: January 20, 2012, 07:50:22 AM »
    Taichii's Scythe was deflected by the man that pinned him a while ago, leaving Taichii alone.
    Taichii quickly rolled a few meters away from the man... He tried to sit but couldn't get up.
    The scythe quickly circled Taichii. Still a phoenix's squawk can still be heard from within the scythe.
    Emphasizing that it's ready to release into phoenix form anytime when ordered.

    Taichii was blinded... but he tried to open his eyes... his vampiric sight saw a blurred image of the man looking upwards...
    The blurry vision slowly faded into a shadow... He then saw a shadow of something falling down and a shadow that threw something above...
    Then everything went white again...

    After several moments... Taichii has recovered.
    He tried to sit up... he was able to move now...
    He held the scythe and used it to stand up... Then his stomach growled again...
    "Man... the food tasted very tasty when eaten... but when puked, uhh... nasty."
    He said in a low tone... "Oh I almost forgot!" Taichii held his scythe in a battle stance...
    He held his left hand and summoned his blade, which got pulled back to his hand like magnet.
    He then looked around...
    Taichii could not find the man anymore...
    "Maybe he's a high ranking soldier of limberry" He thought...
    "Well he's gone now..."
    Taichii exclaimed.

    Taichii decides to head towards dorter to rest before going back at his house at zerikyle.
    But before he could even take a step... he began to feel the uneasiness that he felt a while ago...
    He feels like he's being watched... "Looks like I overused my sight a while ago... okay then..."
    Taichii said as he closed his eyes and concentrated... he now relies with the other senses of his body...
    Suddenly... he hears something from behind him...

    "Hurry up and drop already. I need to get this fish vomit washed off of me before it dries."
    This made my day :">
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    • [January 20, 2012, 04:14:28 PM]
    Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
    « Reply #18 on: January 20, 2012, 04:14:28 PM »
       “Don't hurt Ma... Kyaaa!” Anita is blinded by a sudden flash.

       “Miss Anita. Theory: Chloroform. Request: Retreat.”

       The girl doesn't hear the mental warning as her mind fogs and she falls to the ground like a puppet with severed strings.

       Charon prepares to cast fear upon any who might mean its charge harm.
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    Re: Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs
    « Reply #19 on: January 20, 2012, 06:16:24 PM »
    Safely hidden in the bushes, Clayton decides to give in to hope and look behind him, if only to see if they're coming to pursue him. The sight of the fairy falling to the ground when entering the cloud of chloroform delights Clayton. "So much for being a fairy. At least I know it can be poisoned." he thought. What's more, the boy was stumbling around blindly, vulnerable to one last strike. "Finally, Ajora looks down on me with some favor. All this unbelievably bad luck is finally going my way." He began to blend himself into the beach. As he moved towards the boy, he pulled out his rag soaked in chloroform, his free hand primed with debalance spell. All he needed was a little distraction to seal the deal. "I've had just about enough of tonight. It's time to go all out."

    Clayton played the sound of something exploding out of the water from his side. The sound masked the sound of Clayton sprinting over the beach towards him, rag and spell ready to wrap around him.
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