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Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs

Started by Taichii, January 18, 2012, 02:48:37 am


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        A large mountainous strip of land lay before her. In the center of the strip laid a small mining town by the name of Gollund. From where she stood on the hill, she over saw the entire town as it rested in its little nook in the mountain range. It appeared as though the town had a central location, full of pubs, an inn, and a small area of merchants for goods. Other than that there were tiny speckles of buildings that appeared to be homes of the locales spread out outside of the main town. There were 5 roads total parting in and out of the town. One from the south to the town, and one parting from it headed north. The other three lead to the coal mines that gave the town its name.

        "Gollund, The Coal Mining town." Said Mother to herself in a light tone, her sight was occupied with glancing at this beautiful town. The sunset was resting neatly over the town, it's colourful array of lights poured into what used to be a blue with white clouds here, and there. The sun shone dimly, but bright enough to help bring out the dark, yet faintly yellow colouring. It was such a beautiful sight. She took a seat on the hill and continued gazing upon the town's beautiful show it was putting on for her.

        Mother sat there watching the sunset slowly dim and darken. Her beautiful yet spastic view became a dull, yet calming deep dark blue colour. The moon had also changed shifts with sun. It to like the sun shown a light on the town, but this was less of a radiating light and more of a light glow. It was so relaxing, so calming to the nerves. After all that walking with no rest, she couldn't help but relax this easy.


Grey and Lily lunged forward towards Taichii..
Grey slashed his swords towards Taichii, While Lily stabs her rapier unto him as well...
Taichii on the other hand, parried the swords with his blade and deflected the rapier's stab...
"watch out..." the ancestor's voice echoed which made him a little bit confused....
Taichii's smirk slowly faded as he saw Grey and Lily followed up with a quick left and right kick....
"It's too fast... I can't dodge it..."
Grey's right foot hit Taichii on his head and Lily hits him on the abdomen....
Taichii fell down and the two elite warriors withdrew....

"Darn it old man, shut up! i cant concentrate..." Taichii said as he got up...
"Just warning you little boy, they're fierce fighters.. you cant defeat them both at the same time...."
"Then i just have to split them up?"
"That requires my help though..."
"No.. I can take 'em on my own.."

"Who are you talking to Taichii?" Lily mustered..
Grey looked back towards Taichii and said... "Did my kick shuffled your brains out? haha"

"Oh sorry for the interruption guys.. alright.. where were we?"
Taichii said as he jumped forward towards the two elite warriors...
Lily and Grey lunges forward as well...

Lily and grey launched the assault they did a while ago...
Taichii moved differently this time... as grey slashed his swords, taichii moved right and jumped on Lily who was again, going to stab him... Taichii swinged his scythe and hit Grey's left arm.. Grey withdrew a little.... Taichii is starting to smirk again...
But just as he was about to regain his security, Lily unleashed a whirlwind which sent Taichii back to where he was before...
Taichii is lying once again....
"It seems like this is a tough one...."
He looked back towards the two warriors... Grey's wounded left arm recovered as it got covered up in flames....
"Oh boy...." taichii rested his head and looked upwards....
"Wait a minute.... I am ....? Oh great!" Taichii thought...
He then got up and unleashed his blade....

"Still got steam Taichii?" Grey asked..
"I think he is winded Grey... hahaha!" Lily said while laughing....

"Sorry, sorry... I was dumb... I forgot i have more important thing to do than fighting you guys!"
Taichii drew a circle in the air and slashed it sideways.... a barrage of snowflakes started to burst upon the two elite warriors...
Taichii summoned his wolf and jumped unto it....
"Do you remember anita's scent? Let's find her!"
Taichii ran out the exit and escaped the dungeons...

As the snow hale calmed down, Grey melted it with his flame....
It turned into steam... and Lily blew it away....
"Great... He got away...." Lily said a bit disappointed...
"Let's just make the other team handle him..." Grey said as he pats Lily's back...
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   "Say..." another guard says, pausing before passing the group, "that girl looks familiar, isn't she the one they..."

   "These aren't the droids you're looking for." Anita interrupts, holding two fingers together and making a slow arc in front of her with her forearm.

   "These aren't the... wait, what?"

   Despite the confusion, she can tell things worked right, so she smiles pleasantly up at him. "They're helping me find Mama!" she explains happily.

   "Oh, I see," the man says with a nod, "never mind then, carry on." That said, he continues on his way.

   "I'm gonna go find Mama on my own now." Anita says, stepping away from the two guards helping her before spinning on her heel to face them.

   "Alright." The older guard replies. "I'm sure a capable young woman like you can take care of herself."

   "Which way to the castle?"

   The man chuckles a little. "Little lady, this whole city is technically the castle, but if you mean the castle proper..."

   "The general man said he took Mama to the castle."

   "Ms. Anita: Observation: Mama unknown to them." Charon says in her mind. "Name: Taichii."

   "Taichii." The girl speaks the name, though it feels strange crossing her tongue.

   "You're looking for Taichii?" Something clicks in the guard's mind as he glances in the direction of the one who passed a moment a go. "We were told to be on the lookout for a girl with black hair and carrying a scythe. You're her aren't you?"

   "No I'm not." Anita says in a sing-song voice.

   "I see." The man blinks. "Well, to get to the castle proper, just keep going down this way until you get to the main road. Turn right and you can see it. If you can't find your way then, well..." he chuckles again.

   "Thankees!" she replies, waving as she turns and runs off.

   "What a nice girl." The younger guard comments, looking after her.

   "Reminds me of my daughter when she was her age." The older guard reminisces.

   "Right," the younger man starts to laugh, "and how many years ago was that, 'grandpa'?"

   "Just because she's old enough to be your wife and bear your child doesn't mean she won't always be my little girl." The older man replies, brushing off the snide remark.

   "Yeah, yeah." The younger man continues to laugh. "Back to patrol then?"

   "Back to patrol."
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August 25, 2012, 06:45:52 pm #323 Last Edit: August 25, 2012, 07:58:34 pm by Dokurider
For Jo Ann, sleep was now an prison. She tried to think of anything else, but her own fears betrayed her. It played out the same way it had been for the past few days now. The Juravis are feasting on her little boy, innards completely exposed, ripping and tearing and yanking his flesh off, then snapping it down. Then they see her and immediately descend upon then, knocking her to the ground. They're tearing her apart now. The pains of that night came back to haunt her again. Her arms stung to the bone again. She's helpless to fight back. "A weapon...I need a weapon." She tries to summon the first thing that comes to mind: a bow. She tries to remember what her bow felt like in her hand: smooth supple wood with a basic finish with a leather grip in the center. She focus on it. She could almost grip it. But then, a Juravis struck into her face. Panic overwhelmed her and sent her catapulting back into the real world.

Her eyes shot open. The tent over her briefly looked unfamiliar and she panicked briefly in trying to remember where she was. She was exhausted and sweating, but the spell of sleep had yet to wear off completely. While she laid there, she listened to the noises and voices starting up around her. She could tell it was morning from sound alone. People were starting to move around and talking. Among those awake and talking were her tent mates.



"Let's never speak of last night ever again."


"Oh, good morning, Jo Ann. Did you get some good sleep last night?"

"Not really."

"I'm so sorry to hear that, darling. I wish we could help you. Tell you what we can do. Elizabeth can fetch you some water while I replace your bandages."

The morning routine is the same as it has been for the past few days. Elizabeth gets water and, if available, food and Sarah rips up more clothes to replace the bandages. Once she is ready, they finish packing up and head out to the carts after a brief encouraging sermon from the Anisuasor. The Chocobos make their healing rounds and continue their descent down the treacherous mountain path.


It had been two nights, and Jo Ann still could not fight her nightmares. She could feel and see her bow in her hands, even make arrows for it and nock them, but she can't even draw the bow, much less release and defend herself from those monsters, or her son. Each morning she woke up weaker and weaker. She stopped combing her short light brown hair, letting it become wild and frayed. Her skin had become dead pale. Her once alert and curious dark brown eyes became bloodshot and dry. Her hours awake were getting shorter and the nightmares grew longer.

The Anisuasor spoke so sweetly of the Savior; she wanted nothing more now than to touch her hands on his divine face, or listen to his great teachings about life. It was her only reason for living. She couldn't go to her son now without being able to tell him all about the Savior. In the back of her mind, however, she knew she was dying: a human body wasn't meant to last this long with such wounds without being properly cured. Seeing her blood leave her day after day, she often wondered just how much blood she had in her. She hoped the Anisuasor would finally be able to heal her, but she knew the  Blades and those that could defend and help everyone else had to come first. She was just a mother, ex-mother.

The Blade and Scythe were had finally left Zirekille behind and headed to Limberry via the Dolbadar Swamp. They still found themselves in deep within the forest, traveling at a crippling pace. They continued on, desperately hoping they could still make it in time to help the Savior, but each day the journey dragged on, they found the fight against the doubt he'd still be there harder and harder. They all prayed for a miracle night and day. Who would deliver the miracle to them? A god in heaven? Or men of sympathy in the woods themselves, catching sight of the miserable sight before them?


While the Blade and Scythe were making camp after failing to travel over half a day's travel again. It was also an impromptu funeral; two more members had died of their wounds. The Chocobos wearily sat down and tucked themselves under their wings, exhausted after another day of healing and toting carts. The Anisuasor heals three people this time, but many more still need attending, Jo Ann included. Whether they wanted to admit it or not, it was a dire situation. It was certainly clear to the folk of the forest observing them from the cover of the thick and obscuring forest canopy.

"Look at all the sick people they have. They must have been raided or something." A woman with untamed long hair remarked in concern.

"Yeah...they do look like they're in bad shape." The man standing beside her, hair also a extra shoulder length sheet, hesitantly remarked.

"Don't be like that, Makri. We have to help them. We can spare some supplies. Look at how they're dressing their wounds. They're just ripping up clothes. We can't leave them like this!" Kiyomi pleaded with Makri.

"We can't stop and help every face that has some trouble, especially those from Man's world. Who knows what they'll do to us if we try to help them?"

"They'll be grateful. They're people, Makri."

"What is with you? Why do you want to help people that have no regards for Great Nature?"

"Lemme ask you something: How are we going to spread the Way of Nature by being isolated and hidden all the time? Each day, Man destroys Nature because they don't understand what they're really doing. If we explain and show them the error of their ways, Nature will be saved. They're just ignorant, let's open their eyes!"

"Kiyomi, it's not that simple..."

"And what would you do instead? When we wage war on them, they just kill us and take what they want unimpeded. When we regrow the trees and repopulate the fauna man takes, it's just a bandage on a wound that keeps opening. It's not even a proper bandage, it's just makeshift, like what this people are doing. If we want to save Great Nature, we must change Man itself. Let us show them the error of their ways!"

After an awkward moment of silence, Kiyomi spoke again. "I'm going, with or without you and the others." As she moved to climb down the tree, Makri stopped her.

"Kiyomi stop. I can't let you go alone...I'll see if anyone else wants to help these people."

"I knew you understand. You won't regret this. You'll see." Kiyomi smiled widely for her brother. She knew peace and respect for Great Nature would not be won with swords and magic, but with education and understanding. Nevertheless, she was nervous about meeting those unfortunate travelers as she tagged along with her brother to convince and gather people to help them.


The two have been running for minutes now...
Crimson took a left along the corner and finally reached the stairs going up towards the main floor...
As they leaped forward and climbed the stairs, the castle shook...

"Wow Crimson.. you gained weight?" Taichii mustered as he brushed his hair.
"That wasnt me Taichii..." The voice of Crimson echoed on his head..
"Then that means...."
"Yes Taichii, there's more... prepare yourself.."

As they reached the main floor... A beam of light emerged from a distance... Taichii covered his eyes a bit and then looked moments after...
"It's the exit! We made it!" Taichii pointed at the huge door beneath the fountain and pillars....

"Not quite young warrior...."
A voice said and a figure followed... a boulder bulged from beneath the castle floors and cracked open... A man emerged and cracked his neck...
"Hello, Taichii... I am Canyon...."

Moments later... Water started to flow from the dry fountain...
A girl in a two piece armor splashes and sits in a chair which the water took form of...
"Hey, now, not the time to get all flashy.... I'm Lina" The sexy girl winked an eye at taichii....

Taichii scratched his hair... "...again?"
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   "Gonna find Mama!" Anita sings merrily, skipping through the street in the direction the guards had directed her. "Gonna find Mama!" Her elation earns her some attention from the market crowd. "In the castle~!" Though she doesn't seem to mind. "In the ca-oooh candy!"
   Mikoto and Lulu almost run into one another as they try to keep up with the girl's sudden direction change.

   "Candy candy candy candy!" she repeats, frantically glancing about to take in all the possible choices on the cart. "I want one of those." She points to her selection. "Two of those, a bag of these, definitely want some of those..."

   The young woman behind the cart smiles pleasantly but searches the throng of people in an attempt to find one of the parental persuasion to handle the pint-sized customer.

   "How much?"

   The shopkeep blinks as the girl produces a pouch and begins pulling out Gil coins of various value. "Uhm..." she continues scanning the crowd.

   "Mohhh... how much?" Anita repeats, getting impatient quickly and stamping a foot lightly on the ground.

   "I-I'm sorry." The young woman gives up her search. "What did you want again?"

   Anita purses her lips and furrows her brow while making a rude noise through her nose. Nonetheless, she repeats her order and points to everything she wants again. Moments later, she renews her progress towards the castle, though her singing has been silenced by the sugary sweetness of her purchase.
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Taichii looked at Crimson... He sends a message at the huge white wolf telepathically...
"I'll take care of the guy blocking the huge gate... You go after the girl.. we only have to restrain them.... "
The huge wolf nodded and targets the girl.

Taichii drew his scythe and pointed it at Canyon.. The scythe slowly generated red lightning currents and started to flash around the scythe.
The white wolf's hair stood up as it prepares to strike its lunge... it growls and exposes its very sharp teeth.
Luna started to laugh... "Oh.. is that supposed to intimidate us?"
"Let's go, Crimson!"

Crimson lunged towards Luna... It charges from left to right.. as it neared Luna, it jumped up towards the ceiling and lands on top of her... As Crimson was about to strike her with a huge bite, Luna called up the spirit of water... the water flowing around her formed hands and tries to hold down Crimson's jaw... "
"Is that all you can do, white mutt?" The overflowing current stops Crimson from getting through....
In a split second, Crimson smirked...
The water that is around them started to freeze... As the cold ice solidifies, Crimson breaks through the hands and prepares his deathblow...

Taichii jumped forward and rushed Canyon... He slashed his scythe sideways attempting to decapitate Canyon's head....
Canyon raised his left arm up and it forms a solid rock shield which stopped the scythe's strike... Taichii screamed "Crez Ventez!" The red lightning generates around the scythe but the lack of conductor caused by the earth shield renders it useless....

A scream echoed throughout the hallways... Canyon tilted his head and found Luna in danger..
He screamed at Taichii "Stop! Do you want your beloved Anita to get hurt?"
Taichii's eyes widened.... "Stop Crimson!"
Crimson growls.... "So close...." He tells Taichii telepathically.. He lays off of Luna and headed towards Taichii...

"Where is Anita?! Tell me!" Taichii rages out as the evil aura of the scythe feeds off on his negative energy....
Canyon lets out an evil grin..
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For all of her gusto, Kiyomi wasn't entirely sure what was the best way to approach these people. The strange, almost jovial way they carry themselves around their suffering and dying is appalling, perhaps initially? After all, they are the people of the city, she reasoned, so it stands they'd be somewhat unnatural. Still, the way they admonish their leader and hang off his every word was very offsetting, almost fanatical. Was her gut screaming danger? Or was it just nerves? Either way she couldn't back down now after she went through all this trouble of gathering everyone.

She can feel the other's stares and contentments pricking at the back of her neck. She had ripped them from an evening of relaxation to help out the folks of the city and they made no effort to conceal their displeasure. "Why are we doing this, Kiyomi? You really think you can reason with people of the city?" one of the posse Kiyomi and Makri rounded up blurted incredulously. "All of you said you'd help me do this, and you've made it this far, so stop complaining."

"Not everything can be solved with words and understanding, Kiyomi..." "And not everything can be solved with swords and death either." the determined youth immediately retorted. "Trust me you guys. This is gonna work out." As she prepared herself to introduce herself to these people, Makri turned around and gave everyone a knowing look which made everyone collectively throw up their hands and resign in disgust to Kiyomi's seemingly ill-fated scheme.

Finally managing to wrestle her anxiety down, she tooke a deep breath and stepped out of the protective growth of the forest and into the clearing that the Blade and Scythe had set camp. "Excuse me, everyone." Kiyomi rang out awkwardly to the Blade and Scythe, giving them a startle. She leaned against a nearby tree for support. "I couldn't help but notice that you guys are having some trouble. I'd like to help."


The Blade and Scythe looked amongst themselves in uncertainty. "I mean we would like to help." Kiyomi clarified.

Then the Anisuasor came forward. "We would greatly appreciate any help we can get. But exactly who is 'we'?"

"M-my friends I brought along. We're the Folk of the Forest."

As soon as she said that name, an uproar began to swell among the Blade and Scythe.

"We brought along some herbs and medicines to help, treat your...wounded..." she started to slow down, feeling very uncomfortable.

The Anisuasor knew he had a situation on his hands. His congregation needed help getting back on their feet and if everyone loses control, they will lose more even more time.

"Enough! All of you will be calm." he commanded. The instant silence chilled the air. "I'm truly sorry about that, Miss. The Folk of the Forest have a very ill reputation as you may already know. However, I genuinely believe you want to help us. Just allow me to have a talk with my brothers and sisters while you get your people. I believe an understanding can be reached."

As Kiyomi left to bring out the others, the Anisuasor motioned his little family to move in. Immediately they resumed their mounting panic and fury. "What if it's a trick?" "We can't let them put their hands all over our members." "Why are we letting them live?" "They attacked us, we need to get back at them."

"Enough!" The Anisuasor silenced the crowd again at full volume. "First off, if they wanted us dead, they would have attacked us already." As he spoke he began to gradually shift into a normal speaking voice. "They're only helping us because they want to turn us to their savage ways. This will not happen. They will die for what they've done, make no mistake. However, we must not give in to our emotions. We cannot afford to make anymore mistakes. We will let them heal our people. We will even let them speak of the 'virtues' of their savage ways. And we will also let them drop their guard."

He was at a whisper now. His whispering should not have been loud enough to be heard even by anyone within shoulder's distance, yet every member of the Blade and Scythe could hear every word like he was standing right next to them, speaking directly into their ears. They still seemed to have doubt. "But...are you even sure they'll drop their guard?" one asked.

"Leave that to me. Remember, if we are to be faithful and helpful servants of the Savior, we must be just as cunning as we are brave. Swallow your anger for tonight. Save it. The wolf does not strike until he is close, and the scythe does not harvest until the wheat is golden. This is just another test of our worthiness everyone. If this works, we will be moving at full speed again. Do not let the Savior down. We will strike when the time is right."


When the Blade and Scythe returned from their chat, they were greeted at the sight of multiple Forest Folk lining the edge of the clearing. It was a moment of tenseness, both sides froze in place, waiting for the other side to make the next move. It was the Anisuasor who had to break the ice.

"Okay everyone, resume setting up the tents for the night and searching for food." Despite the order's misgivings about the Folk of the Forest, the Anisuasor seemed to have complete faith in his congregation's ability to manage themselves. "Wheel out our injured and let's see what they can do." The Blade and Scythe quietly dispersed to carry out their tasks, carting in all of their surviving injured all while trying to keep their disgust to a minimum.

While this was all happening, the Folk looked at one another with unease. Makri, standing next to Kiyomi, whispered to her, "Are you sure about this? I really don't have a good feeling about this at all." "We can't back down now. What happens happens, but aren't giving up. They'll warm up to us once we treat there people."

Even the injured acted coldly to the Folk of the Forest They made as minimal of eye contact as possible and when they had to respond to their questions, they kept their answers to curt half sentences. Daunted by this stone wall, the Folk began their treatment.

Even a cursory look above them told them an ugly story. Flies swarmed around these these people, trying to make a home into their wounds, only to be swatted off by the carting members. It was like they just carted a gut wagon in front of them. Despite the amount of time it's been since they were injured, these still appeared to be still somewhat fresh, mainly because these wounds should be fatal.

What information they could pull out of these people was that they've been using their chocobos to maintain these people from succumbing to their otherwise fatal wounds. Looking over their chocobos confirms their overuse. They looked so weary and drab looking as they rested, their coat of feathers were in disarray. It was hard for them to look at, seeing the byproducts of enslaving animals and making them suffer for their owner's carelessness and foolishness. Some of the Folks had to be stopped from dropping everything and leaving. Even Kiyomi was taken aback at these poor chocobos suffering, realizing that convincing these people was going to be much more involved then she realized.

Nevertheless, she could not quit now. It was difficult to convince her peers to stay and help these people, primarily by noting that if they quit now, these chocobos will continue to suffer and it'll be her first priority to free these birds. Reconvening, they got down to business.

They produced garishly colored and odd smelling poultices. They removed those awful tattered blood slick rags they called bandages and tossed them to the ground with absolute disdain, holding back their impulse to face palm at these people's foolishness. The magnitude of damage presented to them was unexpected. What could have happened to these people? It seemed asking anything beyond what was absolutely necessary was out of the question. All the little band of Folks hoped for was that they brought enough supplies.

With varying degrees of skill, they wrapped, stitched, scraped, cut, applied and reapplied for what felt like an eternity. All while they were doing this, they could feel the members the Blade and Scythe posted to watch over them breathing down their necks. By the time they were done, the sun had set, and it was night time.


        "I feel sorry for Clayton" Mother said to herself. "I really lied to him a lot back there, and I don't feel as though I helped him as much or as well as I really should have done." Picking up a small stone from the ground where she sat, Mother dropped it, watching it roll down the hill's side until it met the ground below. "I wonder about the Platypus group in Dorter Trade City. Something about them makes me feel as though there is more to them than what Clayton told me, or maybe more than he himself knows."

        "Mother I bought us a room in the Inn."

        "Ah" Mother exclaimed. "Thank you dear." She looked up at McCloud and smiled. "What do you think about Clayton?"

        McCloud paused for a moment to think on this. "Nothing much. I found it funny how he reacted to you calling him 'Child' though."

        Mother turned her head to face Gollund once more. "Yes. But that is understandable. Think we will meet him again?"

        "Yes. I think we will."

        Mother smiled at this. "Good, I would like that. I thought the same myself." She turned to face her close friend. "Lets head off dear, and remember to act silly as usual." McCloud grinned and nodded.

        "Yes Mother."

        "Good child, now to this Inn. I want to bathe and sleep some." The Mother stood up and proceeded with heading down the hill's surface. But on her way down a rock caught her foot. Two arms wrapped around her and she was quickly pulled toward McCloud. "Th-thank you dear." He nodded, and set her down so she can regain her footing. Mother tried standing back up but feel back down as a surge of pain weaved its way quickly through her ankle. "Oh dear. McCloud I think I broke my ankle." McCloud responded with his usual quick and gentle ways. He scooped mother up in his arms and carried her carefully down the hill side.

        "Thank you very much McCloud. I really owe you a treat"

        "Not at all, I'm here to protect you."

        "Doesn't mean you can't have a sweet or two now does it?" Her stern voice quickly became sweet and convincing. "I myself am kind of craving chocolate...."

        "Yes, chocolate would be nice."

        "Well then, push onward my guardian. We have an inn to get to!"


Canyon slams his hand to the ground and grabbed a chunk.
Luna braced herself....Canyon then pulled it out from the ground which rendered the fountain to move closer to him.
Canyon pointed out to the ground and drew a line in front of them while scratching out his finger.

Taichii screamed... "I've had enough of this! Tell me where she is!"
Crimson stretched his paw over taichii's chest... "Don't rush them.. it might be a trap... we need to know where she is..."
Taichii seemed deaf because of the negative energy overflowing from the scythe.
Crimson's eyes widened... "Don't let it control you!"

Canyon laughed after drawing the line...
"Alright then Taichii... If you can cross this line... I'll tell you where she is...."
Luna chanted rendering water spirits swirling around them...
Canyon clenched his fist and stated... "Bring it."

The emotion on Taichii's eyes started to fade...
"Taichii stop!" Crimson blurted out...
Taichii continued to lunge against Canyon and Luna..
The scenery changed into black...
A guy sitting in a rosey, yet bloody throne appeared...
He smiled.... Which revealed his fangs....
"Just a little bit more...." he said and then laughed....
inside taichii's head...
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Rai and the others continued their path north for a day....
as the golden sun strikes with its heat rays directly above them, they started to get exhausted.

"Kupo... wait... im getting kupo thirsty."
Ardin said as he stopped walking and sat down below the shade of the mountains...
"Here you go Ardin" said Lucious as he pours water on a cup and gives it to Ardin...
"Thunk yu kupo...." Ardin said as he gulps down the water.
"Rai, where exactly are we going?" Ignias said...
"We should keep going north....." Rai said as he pointed forward.
"But at the pace we're at, we might get lost in these mountains.... How will we find out if its north we're going?" Ignias shrugged.
"Then we should head for higher ground...." Rai said as he looked up....
Ardin and Carl sighed....

Lucious stood up... "Dont worry Ardin and Carl, Me and Ignias will just carry yo--- AH!"
An arrowhead comes out from Lucious' chest... Everyone looked at him... "N...not he-here..." Lucious said as blood flows from his mouth and chest...
"Lucious!" Everyone screamed.... Ignias catches him as he slowly drops dead..
"Lucious, wake up! Lucious!" Ignias said..
Everyone was shocked... Lucious isn't moving...
Suddenly.. it gets dark... Ignias looked above...
A volley of arrows filled the sky.... "Rai! Carl! Ardin! get down!" Ignias shouted as he pushed the three in front of him under the mountain walls and covered them....
"I guess I'll be parting early... It was nice knowing you lads... Stay strong!" Ignias whispered to the three...   
"I am sorry... I will send Lucious your regar--" One after another, arrows stormed Ignias' large body... "Igniaaaaas ~! Kupo Noooo~!! Ardin could not help but to cry as he saw an arrow head pierce Ignias eye... One of the arrows, pierced through Ignias body and hit Rai in the chest.. as the arrowhead and his core collide... Rai's eyes became black and green....
Time stopped for the three...
"System start... Teleport damaged. Options. Dimension Rift. okay. Platform distort. on. Time warp. on. Critical Quick. intact. Quick Regen. Passive on recovery. Travel distance. .6586548764 . System take over...."
Rai looked unto Carl and Ardin..  "This is Rune... I have no other choice but to send us into another dimension. I could just use the impact explosion , but it would obliterate the both of you as well.. Rai would not want that. Hold on to me because it is unstable." Rai said in Rune's voice as he held out his arms... Ardin and Carl jumped onto him and braced themselves...
"Reality Distorter!" 

Meanwhile on the mountain top....
"Boss we got them!" Said one of the men who were chasing them..
"Are you sure?" The big boss looked below and found the area full of arrows...
"Are you out of your mind?! I said only mild shots that could kill them... what if the treasures get destroyed?!"
The big boss said as he punched one of the men... 

suddenly... a black shadow appeared on the area where Rai and the group are....
"Hey boss! what is that! " One of the men pointed at the area...
The big boss tilted his head but still saw nothing but arrows....
He punched the man again.. "Don't fool me! you little weasel!"
"but..but there was something there..." the man said.."

Outside of Castle Limberry...
A black portal appeared... and closed after a while....
a gale of wind chills the air...

Hallways of Castle Limberry
As Taichii was about to strike Canyon and Luna... A black portal appeared in front of him and sucked him inside.... "Huh!? Anitaaaaaaaaaa~!" He screamed as he fell into the dark never ending abyss...
Crimson's eyes widened... It rushed forward, following Taichii inside the dimensional rift....
The portal immediately closes....

Canyon was shocked.... "Wh..where did they go?"
He looked at Luna... "I dont know... But what i know is General Elmdor would not be happy about this..." Luna replied..

few portals scattered throughout the land of ivalice. in random areas....
And then... in the eyes of those who were consumed by the dimensional rift.....
faded into...

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