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Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs

Started by Taichii, January 18, 2012, 02:48:37 am


January 20, 2012, 03:55:17 pm #20 Last Edit: January 20, 2012, 04:08:52 pm by formerdeathcorps
OOC: Sorry about yesterday.  I was barely awake after coming home from class, but I have all day today.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kanth saw a silvery streak pounce against what seemed to be a white ball.
"Geroff me, you unkupo vermin!  Take that...and...owww..."
Temporarily ignoring the rude knight, Kanth turned his head to see Moon standing atop a moogle with his fangs sunk into his right arm.  Despite the pain, the mog still gripped his knife, his face contorted in rage.

"No, Moon.  Let him go!"   As the wolf leapt away, Kanth noticed that blood had mottled a small section of the wolf's fur.  As the mog slowly dragged himself upright, Kanth fully turned his back to the knight to face the new threat.
"Little one, why did you try to ambush us?"
"You humans are all alike!  What is my kupo family to you?  Just a weed to be burned and cleared?"  Holding his left hand against his right forearm, the mog pointed his bloodied knife at Kanth.  "Your kind will pay, kupo!"
"I didn't burn your village."
"LIAR!"  The mog, despite his unsteady gait, rushed straight at Kanth.  Before he could even step more than a few inches, however, the eight earthen globs whistled through the air, finding their marks across the mog's face and feet.

Turning away from his supine opponent, Kanth smiled and faced the young girl, trying his best to ignore her companion's cold look and uneasy glances at Moon.
"Little girl, I follow the birds along the winds and the beasts along the earth.  I don't know where I will be going, but I know there's one place I'll never return to."  Now meeting the glare of the knight, Kanth's smile disappeared, though his voice seemed unfazed.
"Someone disturbed this forest.  Normally, those who live behind walls only burn near their fields.  But this...why did they burn a place so far from their homes?"

OOC: Luna, feel free to control the moogle.  He'll be our first NPC.
The destruction of the will is the rape of the mind.
The dogmas of every era are nothing but the fantasies of those in power; their dreams are our waking nightmares.


January 20, 2012, 04:49:08 pm #21 Last Edit: January 20, 2012, 06:20:07 pm by Taichii
Taichii heard something from behind... but he smelled something familiar... the nasty smell of fish vomit nearing in front of him.
Taichii immediately assumed that maybe... the kid was behind him and that the mysterious man is dashing very rapidly in front of him.
He must move in order to be safe, he thought.
With a quick resolve, he quickly jumped at his right side....and to his surprise; he could jump in a longer distance now.
Upon learning this... he quickly jumped again towards a tall oak tree, landed at one of its branches and hid behind the leaves.
He took a quick glance at where he was a while ago.
Taichii saw the kid lying in the bushes but not in the lake.
"Okay... then who..." Taichii stopped as he saw the mysterious man charging at where he is a while ago...
"How did he do that" Taichii thought while being amazed...

He quickly gathered his thoughts while keeping an eye at the man...
"If he's the one responsible for that sound... then he might be the one who produced the sound of the flowing lake when the pendant merged with me.
The lake's a little bit far from here... so that's unusual.
okay..so from my observation... he can manipulate sound, he has kunai, he has a sword, he can produce gas from a round thingy and blind me with another round thingy he's fast but he doesn't fly...
Hmmm... maybe he's a ninja from Japan! Oh wait... there's no country named Japan...but maybe he's a ninja... with sound manipulation powers"
Taichii murmured.
He then concluded that this man is really persistent... and quite frankly still has the fish vomit on his face.
He remembered what his dad said while in training. "Fight to protect... fight for freedom."
He looked back at the girl... She's still lying behind the bush...
"He might harm her." Taichii thought...

"Okay blade... let's see what form you can transform into..." Taichii said while he closed his eyes...
With deep focus, he opened his eyes and started to glow with an inverted star again...
The blade melted into dust and turned into a red wolf with larger claws and sharper canines...
Taichii looked at the wolf... "Wolf eh?" he exclaimed.
The wolf looked at Taichii and wagged its tail. It looked at the moon... The wolf became larger, breaking the tree branch...
It landed on the ground with Taichii also falling on the wolf's back.
"Okay... since you're a red wolf... I'll name you Crimson Red Rose...Fight to protect! Fight for freedom!"
Taichii shouted while charging at the man... with his Scythe ready to slash and compassion in his eyes...
The wolf quickly appeared in front of the man and attempts to bite him...
At the same time, Taichii somersaulted into the air and lands at the behind the man and swings his scythe.
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After a nice lunch of apples, Mother and McCloud stand up and continue their long walk on the road. A few hours of silence passed.
   "How long are you thinking it will be Mother, until we get to Dorter I mean?" McCloud inquired. Silence was held for a moment, before Mother opened her mouth to speak.
   "From what I remember. It was said to be a three days journey from Fort Besselat to Dorter." She replied in her usual soft loving tone. "So we will be seeing about half a days travel until we reach Dorter." The two exit the forest of Aragauy Wood, walls of trees left their sight; Vast open skies replacing the trees, and off in the distance, a tiny spec is seen, Dorter Trade City. Mother breaths in deeply, as though the air is somehow different. "Finally, a different environment," Mother said pleased.
   "It appears as though it won't take as long as you said ma'am." McCloud pointed out, gesturing to the spec that is Dorter.
   She Glanced over to see what McCloud was pointing out. "I guess you are correct. If we hurry, we will be there in time to snag a late dinner and a room." McCloud nodded and the two sped up their walking pace in hope to get to town faster.


"So what exactly happened just now Firkon?" Galen asked in a nerve-racked tone. Firkon replied, "I.. can't explain it really. I had some form of communication with the slime." There was no language involved just pictures and feelings. But I have to go with it; that's all I can really say." "Go with it? No way! Firkon this is crazy what about tomorrow's excursion to the mines?" "We should show the rest of the squad what we've discovered."

Firkon sighed showing that he was actually torn. Galen noticed that he was absolutely serious at this point and said "I can't let you go. The oath we all took wont allow it. If you leave you put our whole village at risk. you're acting really funny and I don't like it!" Infuriated at the change in circumstances Galen causes the ground beneath Firkon to collapse effectively trapping him. "He said I'm your friend Firkon; but my obligation to protect the order comes first and foremost." He covers the hole with vines knowing Firkon has no counter besides his knife maybe. 'That'll keep him there until I get back with my uncle.' he thought as he dashed back to the village.

Firkon struggles with the vine entanglement for a minute before realizing how futile it is. He then stops and meditates.. He feels himself enter the slime; in his mind's eye he can see from around were the slime is outside of the hole. It looks like he trapped the slime too with mounds of stone to further slow it down in it's northern path but he can see the vines over the hole in this external, yet obfuscated vision. He voices to the slime in his head 'Get me out of here. You help me I'll help you.' Just then he feels an immense heat above him he ducks and  puts his hood over his face and hair. He looks up again and the slime is ripping burned pieces of vine out from above him. The slime cleared out a hole but it's too high up and the vines are still smoldering. Firkon is frustrated at this knowing he'll be powerless against any elders' magic if they return soon. The slime then starts to seep down in a crooked circular shape and starts to form under his feet. As soon as the last bit seeps down Firkon is shot up by the expanding form out of the hole. Firkon looks at the hole Galen made and the Slime jumps out in a stretched wave.

Without hesitation Firkon and the Slime continue on the Slimes original North-Easterly path. "I have to go.. Sorry Galen. I will not betray the order."
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Just as the boy was in reach, he all but disappears. "Son of a-" he exhaled. The sound of someone bounding makes my head snap to the sight of the boy bouncing at least 3 stories in the air. I can't believe my eyes or my luck. It's like his gaining new powers by the minute.

He fell into the forest, he begin to back away, reading his blade. Sensing the inevitable pounce, he looked around to escape. He saw the fairy still laying there. He couldn't help but notice how vulnerable she was looking right now. "I bet even she couldn't win this. Of course, I bet she could just charm him into turning himself in. Females have it so easy. Wait a minute..." An idea just hatched. All I have to do is evade this next attack.

As he turns to face the boy's direction he sees a burst of light. Suddenly a monster explodes from the forest, it's bounding onslaught shakes the very ground. The boy is on it's back, reading to jump on Clayton. "FIGHT TO PROTECT! FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!" "I can't even believe-" He can't help but mutter at this unbelievable display of power, cut short by the boy leaping off and behind him as the beast, close enough to be identified as looking like a wolf, attacks.

It was a wall of assault. Every option was blocked off. "The wolf was coming right at me." he thought. "I couldn't move to the right because that's where the scythe was going. I couldn't move to the left because if I jumped in the lake, I'm a sitting duck. Can't jump high enough to evade anything. Only one thing to do. Do all of the above."

Multiple clones burst from his location in all directions. One jumped into the lake, one moved to the right and one jumped in the air. Clayton himself blended into the beach and rolled safely underneath the boy's scythe as it moved to hit my clone. Right on que, the bushes began to shake and a woman's voice cried out. I immediately rolled towards the sound and back into the forest.

After some more shrieks and rustling, Clayton comes out the bush, with a women held hostage with a blade to her throat. "Well, well, look what has been watching us the whole time. You can stop now, boy."


As Taichii and Crimson Red Rose was about to slash and bite...
He saw the man multiply... Taichii did not hesitate... he did not hesitate... he swings his scythe towards the man that moved right.
As the edge of the blade touches one of the man's skin, the man faded into thin air....Taichii stopped his scythe and turned it... he sliced the man that was avoiding the wolf's bite and at the same time, Crimson Red Rose then, bit the man that jumped into the air...
Taichii finally dipped the tip of his scythe and yelled "crez ventez!"
The scythe generated lightning and electrocuted the man by the lake...But the same thing happened...
The man disappeared...

Completely out of his sight...Taichii exclaims..."Where is he?"
Taichii looked around...
"It seems that I had underestimated him."Taichii thought...
Suddenly, the wolf turned around and growled at the bushes.

The man appears with a hostage.

Crimson Red Rose was about to charge when Taichii quickly stepped at its front.
"Stop..." Taichii said as he ordered Crimson.

Taichii looked back at the man with the hostage.
"Why don't we talk for a moment? Please let her go. A friendly talk without weapons is also nice. My name's Taichii. Please. Calm down. And let's talk. I promise I won't hurt you."
Taichii said as he lowered his scythe and sits down.
The wolf also lies down with its tail and head at Taichii's sides...
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I made no move, not entirely sure what this man was up to, but it was clear now he was a geomancer. A geomancer, while an outcast, wouldn't do this. They tend to keep to themselves like his unsavory companion. Still, he attacked that moogle without hesitation and harmed it. This boy is out of control. From behind me, my duty called back to the geomancer, "A-are you okay?!" she ran over to the moogle and cradled it with a healing spell. "Please, don't move, it'll make you bleed more..." her voice suddenly softened and she turned into such a maternal creature. I've never seen this side of her. I have always wondered why she practiced the white arts...

She spoke more, but this time to the geomancer, "Please, don't be so violent... he's only upset, and it's clear why. You have to be more patient with people, you know?" she sent him a soft smile, which to me, spoke volumes.
Still, after his response (or lack thereof depending on what you do FDC), she changed the subject once more, not wishing to dwell on it. Her saddened voice changed once more to a happy tune. Poor child was attempting to bury her pain.

"We were just at Zeklaus~" she sung, "and now we're going to Zirekile Falls! Would you like to come with us?" her expression was so excited and happy. I could tell she was hurting for every bit of happiness she was showing. "Will you come with us too Mr. Moogle?" she asked him, while continuing to shine the light of healing over the injured beast.


OOC: Ok this starts as a sceen and then gets to the character. i dont want to confuse people.

IC: It is a sunny day, the wind breeze could fill people with joy. The day seem to have lasted forever. There was a man unconsciousness on the ground floor outside of a forest. He wore light colored garments and a tan colored cloak like cape that covered his lower face. He had a scar going down his right eye. Soon the mysterious man woke. He starts to open his eyes and a huge headache appeared.

"Agh! My head, why does it hurt." he swung his left hand to he face and his right head griped the grass and screamed. Then the headache disappeared. The man sat up and look around the area. he sees an unsheathed katana lying next to him.

"Where...am I?" whispered the man trying to remember what happened last. He stands up but stumbles due to his legs are still asleep. He then gains balance and grabs the katana next to him. He feels like the katana belongs to him but he can not remember. He walks down the hill and sees a small village.
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"Hn~. That's more like it." Suddenly, the woman started struggling and screaming. "OH AJORA IT'S A WOLF. PLEASE LET ME GO, MISTER. I'LL DO ANYTHING." She cried out uncontrollable. "STOP FUCKING STRUGGLE, YOU STUPID BITCH." He growled out while shaking and increasing his grip on her. "PUT THAT GODDAMNED WOLF AWAY OUR I'M GOING SLIT THIS BITCH'S THROAT TO THE BONE!" He yelled, at his breaking point. He was losing control of it all and was in the corner. Anything more will push him over the edge.


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The stern knight remained silent, with no change in his icy stare.  His companion, however, was quick to return Kanth's smile.
"Please, don't be so violent... he's only upset, and it's clear why. You have to be more patient with people, you know?"

Kanth's laughed bitterly.  His sister had admonished him for the same thing so many times before.  And yet, disarmed by her smile, Kanth could not even summon the will to give his usual defiant reply.
"I...I...I...yeah..."  Kanth stared into the earth, trying to hide his scowl.

The girl beamed and squeaked her reply, "We were just at Zeklaus~ and now we're going to Zirekile Falls! Would you like to come with us?"
Kanth wanted to laugh, if only match the girl's enthusiasm, but one look at the knight's stone face withered the laugh into a mute sneer.
"Zirekile...Falls?  You mean you two want to follow the river up to its source?"

The girl nodded and then turned to the moogle, asking him the same question.
"You can count on me, kupo!"  The mog stood up and leered at Kanth, pointing his knife at the boy.  "This wandering goat does not know what it means to lose a village, but I do.  My kupo brothers, if they are still alive, probably are hiding at the Falls right now."
Kanth's left hand formed a fist as his right hand reached for his knife.  "Moogle or whatever you are, take that back!"
"My name is Arel.  I..."

Without warning, Moon began to growl.  Darting away from the forest's edge, he scurried behind Kanth's feet with his bushy tail tucked between his hind legs.  Although Kanth did not smell what his wolf did, his pupils opened just as wide.
"Moon doesn't scare easy.  What's going on?  Could it really be one of those monsters that Sis keeps talking about?  Whatever it is, it sure seems like something I should take down."
Facing the girl, Kanth smiled his widest, his heart now racing.  "I can't go with you, little girl.  Not yet.  There's something big and scary in these woods.  Something that shouldn't be here.  Something I'll have to kill."
The destruction of the will is the rape of the mind.
The dogmas of every era are nothing but the fantasies of those in power; their dreams are our waking nightmares.


January 21, 2012, 12:57:35 am #30 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 01:30:47 am by Ryqoshay
   "Don't hurt Mama!" Anita practically shouts, blinking into existence behind the man holding the woman hostage. "And don't hurt the pretty lady either, bad Mr. Man, Ninja, Person, Guy... Not The Mama!" The image of the girl back where she had previously collapsed is now sticking her tongue out at the hostage taker. "Actually, I don't care about the pretty lady." Anita amends. "Just don't hurt Mama!"
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Taichii saw that the man is really serious about killing her hostage...
As the man gripped the woman tighter, taichii gritted his teeth.

"Okay, calm down." Taichii said...
Taichii looked at the wolf's eyes and patted its forehead...
Crimson Red Rose lets out a long howl as he turns back slowly into its blade form and places itself on taichii's right hand.

He lets out a sigh and stood up again...
"okay... let her go now."
Taichii said... as something behind the man appeared...

"Don't hurt Mama!"
Taichii looked beneath the man and saw the kid from a while ago...
"So that's why she's here... she is just searching for her mo---" Taichii was interrupted by the kid's voice again..
"And don't hurt the pretty lady either, bad Mr. Man, Ninja, Person, Guy... Not The Mama!"
Taichii became confused... "huh? pretty lady? so that's not her mama?" he thought..

"Actually, I don't care about the pretty lady." "Just don't hurt Mama!" The girl said..
"Was she referring to me?" Taichii looked around and found no one else but the four of them.

"okay... so she think's im a girl? Kids nowadays"
Taichii thought as he let out a sigh and smiled at the girl...
He then looked back at the man.

"Hey... Mr. ninja... please calm down... and let her go."
Taichii said with sincerity.
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As the man approach the the small village he hears two guys talking in the distance.
"lets go to Zirekile Falls." One of them said in a loud tone. "but the place is far and not much people here go there anymore why do you want to?" questioned the other. "Well its been a dream of mine for a long time, but i wish we had someone as a bodyguard to protect us." they both look straight at the man who approached the village.

"Hey sir, can you me a favor?" The man look at him and said "Umm.... what do you want?" "We would like you to be our bodyguard on a trip. We will supply you with some food during the trip and a reward after we get their." The man look down at his stomach a hears it growls. "I guess i can help." he said since he was only doing it for food.

The guy yelled "excellent! My name is John and his name is Benjamin, what is your name." Suddenly the man remembers fragment of is life and remembers his last name starts with L. "just.... call me... L." John, Benjamin, and L got their stuff together and headed into the woods to get to Zirekile Falls.
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The boy was complying. For a moment, Clayton thought everything was going his way. Then a unwelcome voice rang out. "Don't hurt Mama!" It was the fairy, and she was right behind him. "Damnit, everything was going to plan!" He thought. "This is it, everything's gone to shit." He was panicking, he was about to cut his losses and run, when he realized that the girl had not struck.

"Actually, I don't care about the pretty lady, just don't hurt Mama!" the fairy's voice almost sung, going from a nursery rhyme to a curse. "Maybe she's lying. Or maybe she doesn't care enough to strike in her defense. Fairies are usually indifferent to the suffering of humans. The point is: I still got this. No need to panic." The woman had calmed down if only because she was catatonic. Clayton immediately stepped his right enough to get both fighters in his view, dragging the woman along like a corpse. "Don't worry, no need to worry about me hurting your...Mama or whatever. It's now all about this girl." he cooed as gently as possible to the fairy.

He turned to the boy. "Now listen you, here's the deal. You are all about fighting to protect and for freedom and whatever stupid crap, right?. How about this? You protect the girl and you give me my freedom." he confidently bargained, chuckling a little at his own wordplay. "You do want her, right? Look at her. I've caught quite the woman here." He pulled her out of a slouch. "What a beautiful neckline." He rubbed his face all over her neck and shoulder, getting fish vomit all over her. The woman could only shudder and moan in disgust. Clayton decided to take her moan in the wrong way.

"Oh, you like that?" He groped her breasts with his free hand. "Nice size, good support, I like this." She trembles at his nasty hands and smell violating her. "You body feels so nice up against me. Such a shame I can't take you with me. You are too much of a woman for this boy, anyways. I suppose not all of us can live up to our full potential." He looked up to the boy, snapping out of his supposed lust. "Oh, speaking of! Right, so what do you say? Her life for my freedom?" His cruel smile beamed such self satisfaction. "You promise?" he said while tilting his head on every syllable, every word dripping with contempt and mockery. He straighted up, narrowing his face. "Well?"


I watched as my duty caressed the moogle, attempting to explain to it--a BEAST--that everything was alright, and she could see the truth in Kanth's eyes. I looked over at Kanth, who seemed more than disarmed by me, and wondered if it was right for me to draw a blade. This beast meant much to her, as was her way, but it was only a beast. On the other hand, protecting her against a geomancer would not be easy.
For once, I simply wasn't sure what to do. I reminded myself that I am to protect and assist Mira.

I drew my blade slowly, careful not to offend the geomancer and start a fight, gauging his reaction.
Mira reassured him once more,
"he looks so honest, I don't think he did it. I can see it in his eyes..."
My katana glowed as I raised it to the sky. "Rain of Wisdom!" is what I would have called out as the red orb encircled the sky and formed holy raincloud above the two. The healing rains would serve Mira well as she personally treated him.

I turn once more to the geomancer, and put my hand out. I knew what was coming next, and it would be wise to make peace now.
A few moments later, before they left, she called out--and there it was,
"Please! Let me come with you. I have to help... If there is something unnatural in this forest, maybe it caused Arel's..."
she searched for the words carefully, "problems" I lipped it with her. I've known her for too long now.


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   "You go bye-bye now, Not The Mama." Anita says with a sadistic smile. "RedRum!" She croaks in a raspy inhale as a coal black scythe forms in her hands and she holds it at ready, fully prepared to strike both hostage taker and hostage if necessary.
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January 21, 2012, 01:10:33 pm #36 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 01:18:55 pm by Taichii
Taichii gritted his teeth as he saw the man molest the poor woman...
Hearing her screams, He growled "That's Enough!"
Taichii clenched his fist but let out a sigh.
"I will let you go... now please, set her free"

Taichii looked at the little girl...
and to his surprise... a Scythe appeared at her hand.
Taichii smiled. "Okay it seems that i'm not the only scythe wielder in this region..."
Taichii moved closer towards the kid...
Taichii thought that if the kid wanted to hurt him, she would have already struck the scythe against his back while he was being distracted with the man and the girl
"okay maybe she wouldn't harm me...well i have to atleast try it out..."
Taichii thought while moving towards the kid.

Arriving at a few inches away from the kid, Taichii sat down and smiled at the girl...
He then fixated his eye that glows with and inverted star at the kid's eye...
He notices that the girl's eyes are unusual. one is colored slate and the other one is obsidian.. he can see the deepness from the girl's eyes...
"Hello there kid. What's your name? :)" Taichii asked.
"Can you do me a favor please, and let the...." Taichii looked back at the man and screamed.. "What's your name again, mr. ninja?" he then looked at the kid again and continued his request... "could you also let that man, mr. ninja go?"
Taichii said while smiling, revealing his two sharp fangs...

He then tries to pat the kid's head as he looked back at the man.
He titlted his head and looked at the woman, "Hey miss.. are you okay there? i know you don't like his odor but can you please bear with us a little?"
Taichii focused his sight at the man... "I repeat... I will let you go. Now will you set her free?"
Taichii said as he stabbed his blade towards the soil and rubbed his nose.
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Despite Clayton's predicament, he had an unwarranted smile on his face. "Then it's a promise." He pushes the woman out of his arms. The woman pathetically drops to the ground. "Later." He bolted towards the forest, making hand signs with practiced speed. "Doingukaze!" he pushed the words out of his body. As he goes farther into the forest, he is suddenly surrounded by a orb of darkness. It disappears into thin air, Clayton with it.

The women is piled face first on the ground. Her amber eyes have a lifeless sheen over them. The only sign that she is even alive is her terrified breaths, each time is a dare.


As the man disappeared escaped and ran towards the forest, Taichii quickly rushed to the woman...
He carried her and walked back towards the kid...
He places the girl near the kid's feet...

"My my... she's stoned..."Taichii said while removing pieces of fish vomit form the girl's neck.
Taichii then, looked at the kid.
"I don't know how to treat her as she is completely shocked. But I still have 4 pieces of remedy back at my house in zerikyle ... maybe that can cure her."
Taichii said while slowly standing up.

"Do you want to come with me?
Taichii said while still smiling at the kid.

He then closed his eyes and focused... "Come out..." Taichii said as he threw the blade in the air.
"Crimson Red Rose!" Taichii screamed as he opened his glowing eyes...
The blade exploded into the air and turned into a red wolf...
The red wolf landed in front of Taichii and the kid.
It wagged its tail and sat down.

The red wolf howled in the dark cold midnight as the wind delivers a chilling cold breeze through out the forest...
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Somewhere in Dorter

"So you are sure that Clayton will be here?" said a man clad in brown, his clothes completely concealing his identity. "Clayton, oh, you mean Ironside? Right, he'll be here. He has to come this way to get to the cops or his house." said a older man nervously. He was a whale of a man, yet mind sharp as ever. "I'm just not used to calling him that. I suppose I knew it was an alias. I mean, people like him don't just show up on your doorstep without a reason, right? I had some idea that he was mixed up with someone, but I certainly wasn't expecting you guys of all people. Heh heh heh." he said, attempting to break up the tension, to no success.

"I have faith that you do not have any attachment to this man." "Of course, he's all yours. No loyalty is worth dying for. But, uh, what about the boy he was supposed to capture?" "We will turn him in to the proper authorities." "So does that mean we get a cut of the bounty? We did cooperate with your organization the moment you informed us." "Your cut of the deal is that we don't destroy you and your band of thugs on the spot for harboring a fugitive." The man was taken completely aback. The ninja continued. "We have a policy. Anyone that escapes us will die. We will hunt them down for the rest of their short miserable lives. No one has escaped the Black Platypus, and no one ever will."

The man had to take that last part in for a moment. The Black...Platypus? The man fell to the ground in hysterics. "You've got to be kidding me, right?" As the man continued to suck in air to laugh some more, the ninja's foot forcefully found it's way to the man's neck; any harder would have popped the man's head off. "The sounds of one's laughter makes an excellent cover for the whistling of a knife. Another one of our policies is that everyone gets to laugh at us. Once. You've just used up your chance." He let go of the man's throat, leaving him gasping in pain. "When we corner Ivalice in the drug trade, no one will find anything funny about the Black Platypus." The man recovered. "You may go now, but do not leave the city. If he does not show up, we will hold you responsible." "I-I understand. I'll just be home now, take care."

When the man scrambled off, the ninja grunted a command. "Gentlemen, fan out." Seven other ninjas appeared and took their positions. They all crouched in wait for their targets to appear.


The woman could hear a voice and footsteps over her. She had no strength except to breath. As she began to realize that she was no longer in danger, she heard a shout, making her cringe immediately. "Come out! Crimson Red Rose!" Suddenly. A wolf appeared. In front of her. The sight of that horrible beast filled her vision. Memories of the first attack by wolves and their subsequent raids on her village came flooding back. Her limbs found their strength in fear, just allowing her to scramble away.

"GET IT AWAY, GET IT AWAY, OH AJORA GET IT AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed in horror. The sight and smell of man and wolf blood intermingingly comes back to her. She sees the wolf in front of her, it's sharp and infinite teeth grinning with bloodlust. It's wagging of it's tail delighted at her fear it's kind has instilled in her. "PLEASE PUT IT AWAY, OOOOH!" Vulnerable and out of her mind with fear, she looked like she was about to have a heart attack.