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July 04, 2020, 05:58:50 pm


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Desperation --- Roleplay of Pairs

Started by Taichii, January 18, 2012, 02:48:37 am


January 21, 2012, 02:47:48 pm #40 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 09:22:13 pm by Ryqoshay
   "RedRum! Amam Eht Ton RedRum!" Anita's eye glaze over as the two men talk. "RedRum! RedRum!" She repeats like a mantra. "Og Uoy! Og Uoy Amam Eht Ton!" She groans as the hostage taker finally leaves. "RedRum! RedRum!" She barely seems to sense the younger man come over to her and the hostage left behind. He is asking her something. "RedRum!" She responds. He is comforting the woman. "RedRum!" She brings her scythe down upon the former hostage. "RedRum!"
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While she was scrambling backwards, a scythe suddenly pierces the ground where she was. Completely hysterical, she gathers the last of her strength and begins to flee.


January 21, 2012, 02:56:49 pm #42 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 09:23:03 pm by Ryqoshay
   "RedRum! Ekaf!" Anita growls, throwing a black dagger at the woman. "Noisulli! RedRum!"
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"OH GOD SOMEBODY SAVE ME" she cried out, she tries to dodge the oncoming dagger, but it doesn't seem quite clear that she will...


January 21, 2012, 04:35:18 pm #44 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 06:00:43 pm by formerdeathcorps
OOC: Ryqo and Doku...no more posts from either of you until Taichii returns.

IC: Kanth gingerly extended his hand, touched the palm of the knight's gloved hand, and felt the man's tight grip.  Wincing at the pain, Kanth immediately snapped his hand back.  He had seen the gesture before, but he'd never had it offered to him until now.  All the while, the knight's expression did not soften one bit.
"Does he really think me his equal?  Or is this just an empty habit that all the people who live behind walls use?"

Shaking his head, Kanth whistled a brief high note.  Moon, however, remained still.
"Come on, Moon.  Go lead."  Repeating the shrill command, Kanth turned to see his wolf take a few tentative steps.  Kanth smiled as he watched Moon slowly slink ahead of himself.
"That's good.  Keep it up."

Taking minimal steps, the pair slowly stepped away from the threesome behind them.  The wind had finally died, leaving a still forest in its wake.
"Please! Let me come with you. I have to help... If there is something unnatural in this forest, maybe it caused Arel's...problems."
Kanth scowled.  He had just solved one problem, only to face another.  Remembering to bury his annoyance as he spun on his feet, Kanth sighed.
"I don't like being followed.  But if you can keep up, I won't stop you."  Not allowing further distractions, Kanth turned and jogged away.  Each step against the mud squealed with delight, as Kanth slowly stepped away.

Halfway into the run, Moon stopped and began to howl.  Kanth smiled, and cupping his hands around his mouth, joined in.
They were answered by silence.  Moon howled yet again.  Too busy chuckling to repeat, Kanth ruffled his friend's curly fur.  Although rough, it was no longer stiff.
"They won't scare us again, Moon."
Against the voiceless forest, the smiling pair vanished into the trees.

The trees finally thinned to reveal a lake.  Stepping onto the shore, Moon bent down and began to lap the water.  Joining his partner, Kanth cupped some water into his mouth.  He then lifted his head and glanced across the blue lake.  Freedom tasted so good!

Suddenly, a scream pierced the calm.  Kanth couldn't hear the words, but the pain was unmistakable.  Moon, however, seemed unfazed, still gazing across the clear lake as if expecting something.  Moments later, Moon began to growl.  Kanth blinked, unsure of his eyes.  The crimson glow across the lake wasn't there just a moment ago.  Another few seconds, however, changed nothing.  The light was now accompanied by a pulsating unease, something his sister had mentioned so many times before.
"It is..."
Kanth turned to Moon and nodded.  Now with the boy leading, the eager pair sprinted along the shoreline, their hearts skipping to the beat of an ever stronger aura.
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The dogmas of every era are nothing but the fantasies of those in power; their dreams are our waking nightmares.


January 21, 2012, 05:06:17 pm #45 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 07:32:51 pm by DarkShade
As the Three head off John remembers a fast way to get there "Hey guys i know a faster route to the Falls but it requires to well." "well what does it require?" "the area is a goblin territory, but it the only thing to get there fast." "are you sure?" "Yes it is, L can you fight them" L looks down and closes his eyes to think. He gathers thoughts and then tells them. " Yes i will, just stay behide me."

As the go further and further into goblin territory Benjamin starts to panic. "Oh my god. I cant take this, John I'm your best friend but this place, I Don't want to die. "Its okay my Friend you can head back." Benjamin then turns around and runs back safely to the village. "Well L, its just you and me now lets get go." "Okay." the they both here a noise in the distance. L trys to unsheath his katana but is stuck and won't budge. Two goblins jump out and try to attack. "Look out!" cried John. L immediately attacks the goblins but does hurt them that much. " We must run." "Right be hide you L" They both immediately dodge the goblins next attack a track off deeper into goblin territory.

"I think we lost them." L closes his eyes to listen and still hear footsteps. " there is still one following. Stay behide me." the goblin jumps out and stares at the two and then charges. L trys to predict its moves but is to slow and only blocks the goblin. "What can i do?" as L thought trying to protect John. and he then remember some more fragments of memory. "Jet Kruez" A spike appear and blocks his path. "L, come on we got to go." the both ran and got out of the goblin territory.
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As they travel north thousands of little thoughts swarm Firkon's young mind nagging him. 'Mom and dad are going to be angry'... 'For this transgression I'll be beaten; not only by my parents but by the elders' He looks at the alien entity gliding in a rhythmic pulse sometimes slowing as if to sense its surroundings. Firkon wishes the slime could speak directly only to distract him from the guilt he feels.. 'I should have snuck back and at least left a note; that would have been impossible'. I've already betrayed the order, what was I-'
Suddenly, interrupting his inner doubt a pack of three goblins drops from a tree fort before them. "Hogulf-gobbledeguk hobhob-gog!" "hob-dob-gog!" The one in purple declares The two, in less outstanding attire, pull out weapons one seems to have a rifle. He instantly fires at the slime. Slime recoils then vibrates for a second. Firkon, quickly realises that it was a one shot rifle so he tangles the other goblin's feet to the ground. In an instant Slime envelops the rifle bearing goblin entirely, glows orange then deflates apparently destroying all evidence of any goblin. This causes the one in purple to run yelling "Glarg-hog doggle!" Overwhelmed with adrenaline the tangled ambusher starts using his weapon (a hatchet) against the vines. Firkon releases him out of pity. He also runs off apparently weakened with terror as he stumbles twice. Firkon laughs.
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January 21, 2012, 07:57:39 pm #47 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 08:20:51 pm by Taichii
Taichii held out his hand to invite the kid, only to be shocked as the kid quickly moved forward towards the woman.
As he saw her go after the woman, He looked at Crimson Red Rose and nodded... The wolf barked.
"Protect the woman, i'll try to calm the kid down... She might be dangerous, but i don't want to hurt her."

Crimson Red Rose leaped in the air landing between the woman and the kid stepping down at the black dagger and stomps it to the ground..
Taichii then yelled "Don't be afraid miss! The wolf won't harm you, he will protect you.. don't worry!"
Taichii Sprinted towards the kid...
"don't hurt her...please!" Taichi said while flowing with the air, swinging left and right.

The wolf walled out the kid so that she could not see the woman.
Taichii then appeared behind the kid and attempts to pat her back.
He placed his hand on her shoulder and whispered... "It's okay now little girl... Mama's here... Calm down now."
He then sat infront of her and smiled.
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As the pair jogged off, I sighed, this again. She always got in other people's business, and the geomancer made it clear he didn't even want us coming along. Nonetheless, I have a duty. I followed along for now, still somewhat suspicious of Kanth's motives in spite of him being cleared of the village burning. I mean, when you think about it, he's reacted harshly to almost every nice thing she's said to him, and he simply has that...feel about him. A feel that screams he hates human beings everywhere.

As we came up to a lake, I saw him drink water with his pet. Like a pet. Still, I signaled for my duty to give me her flask so that I may fill it up for her. As I did that, she tried to make conversation with them, poorly.
"So, you drink with your dog?" she started, and I laughed in my own head. I think I'll need to protect her soon. "Why's that? Is he that special to you? And what were you doing earlier? Can you actually understand wolf?"
I blinked at her...she's more inquisitive than usual. "So, how long HAS Moon been your pet? Are you a geomancer?" What's it like exploring all over the world? I've only gotten to go a few places..."

Suddenly, there was a scream and an aura. I draw my blades Masamune and Kiyomori.
Poor Mira nearly dropped out of her skin, and I had to snicker a little, but followed them intently, just as Mira did. They were fast, but not quite as fast as we are. A white light surrounded me and my duty, and our pace quickened to easily match and surpass their's, but we were careful to only keep up.

If for no other reason than to not embarrass them.


January 21, 2012, 09:04:03 pm #49 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 09:15:21 pm by DarkShade
As the two ran for what seem like hours they to a breather and rested. John handed L some bread and water. "Sorry that's it for now I'm almost out of food." L look at him and said with a nice voice "thanks." John look towards the east. "We are almost there. L just nods and continues eating the bread and drinking water. "Well since we ran a lot it should only take about an hour to get their.

After L and John got done eating they head east get to the Falls. L wandered why he wanted to go to the falls personally, but kept to himself and continued protecting John.

Soon John and L hears a scream and L grasp his katana and told John to get behide him. "Who could that be" L thought in his head. "stay hear and out of sight until I give you a call." John nods his head and hides in the bush. L starts heading in the area of the falls.

Edit: i changed it to the Falls i didnt mean to put scream down.
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"I win!" Called Mother to McCloud, who was a good 10 feet behind. McCloud slowly walks to Mother.
"You just... Ran ahead..." McCloud replied out of breath. "I have. One hundred pounds of metal on?"
"You're just making excuses now."
"Oh yes, you caught me..."
Mother Turns and around to face the town. "We need to find an Inn. You must be cooking in that Metal again." She turns to face McCloud. "Oh and you're in luck, I think we get to cross a desert tomorrow." A very displeased look found its way to McCloud's face. Mother turns and starts walking around looking for an Inn, with McCloud slowly following behind.


January 21, 2012, 09:47:45 pm #51 Last Edit: January 21, 2012, 10:03:39 pm by Ryqoshay
   The blade-turned-wolf steps down on Anita's dagger, effectively preventing it from striking the terrified woman. However, even before its paw reaches the ground, the dark spell is absorbed into it, dealing its damage to the transformed weapon instead of its intended target. Amazingly, the mobile sword shows no reaction, merely moving between Anita and the woman as ordered by its master.

   Mama appears behind the girl, placing a hand on her shoulder and speaking in soothing tones. However, he does not notice that there are now two girls, one mumbling nonsense at him as he sits in front of her and the other...

   "Eeht Slepmoc Aroja Tnias fo Rewop Eht!" Anita proclaims, pointing accusingly at the woman, as her double disappears. "RedRum!" She has taken up position opposite the meddling wolf-thing. "Eeht Slepmoc Aroja Tnias fo Rewop Eht!" A sable stiletto materialized before her outstretched finger. "Gniht Luof, Esrepsid!"
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January 22, 2012, 01:32:05 pm #52 Last Edit: January 22, 2012, 02:13:37 pm by Taichii
Taichii dropped his jaw as she saw the kid continue to pursue the woman.
Taichii looked to his left. The girl is gone.
He then finds her opposite of the wolf.
Taichii jumped in the air and spun... Twisting his body, he reduces inertia and landed safely in front of the kid.
The wolf was about to bite the kid but then Taichii pointed his finger and gestured
He then grasped her hand and pointed the stiletto towards his chest.
"I have to try" Taichii mumbled at his head.
Taichii pulled the kid's hand towards his chest lightly and smiled...
"Take me instead."
Even though his pulling force was weak, the sharp end of the stiletto slashed the skin of Taichii's chest.
Crimson Red Rose howls as drips of blood came out from Taichii's chest.
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January 22, 2012, 05:41:29 pm #53 Last Edit: January 22, 2012, 08:16:08 pm by Ryqoshay
   Anita's face twitches as her attack intended for the woman is intercepted by Mama. Why? The wild energy makes its presence known as it enters the man's torso. For a moment, the girl's glazed gaze is broken away from the woman...
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Suddenly, a familiar looking ball landed at the fairy's feet and exploded, covering the area around the boy and fairy with chloroform. "This is my only chance." thought the woman as she dashed over to the boy and through the gas. She immediately produced a needle and plunged it into his vulnerable body, injecting powerful tranquilizer into him. "Got him." Clayton thought, under his womanly illusion.


January 23, 2012, 03:12:28 am #55 Last Edit: January 23, 2012, 03:47:44 am by Taichii
Taichii miscalculated. He thought that pulling at a weak force could do only little damage to him.
He was wrong...
Taichii gasped. He looked at the kid.
Taichii covered his mouth as he coughed blood.
He lost his grip over the kid's stiletto.

Suddenly, a round ball bounced over Taichii and the kid's feet.
He felt something pierce his lower back.
He looked at his back only to find the woman stab a needle at his back. "How is she able to recover so quickly? Wait this gas again? Was the incident earlier just a set up? Is this a trap?" Taichii thought.
He looked at the girl. "Was this kid trying to protect me?" This crossed his mind as his vision started to blur...
But Taichii still smiled at the girl as he coughed. He looked at Crimson Red Rose which is growling at the woman now...
"I'll leave the rest to you my friend." Taichii whispered.
He held his scythe hard and then blacked out.
Crimson Began to bark at the woman and became agitated.
The great red wolf barred its fangs and lunges at the woman.
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The wolf lunged at Clayton, but not at the previous speed it had once before. Clayton did not understand that the magic of the fairy's dagger had severely damaged wolf. He had found it interesting that it did not break, or even so much as scratch the wolf's hide, and yet it had clearly effected the wolf, clearly the work of fairy enchantments. All Clayton knew was that an already weakened wolf was jumping into his chemical cloud, guaranteeing an easy victory. If the Chloroform itself could not knock the beast down or plunder it's remaining vitality, it would still make for an excellent nasal/sinus and eye irritant.

The beast's desperate lunge was weak and pathetic. Performing the easiest dodge of the night, Clayton effortlessly sidestepped the wolf's pounce. He even had time to pull out his blade and slash across the wolf's length as it passed. With his other hand, he readied multiple kunai between each of his fingers, readying for a possible attack from the fairy.


January 23, 2012, 03:37:26 pm #57 Last Edit: January 26, 2012, 01:40:17 pm by Ryqoshay
   "AhhhChooo!" Anita sneezed as the annoying ball-thing exploded under her. Suddenly, she finds herself just outside of the cloud, opposite the lake, while her double stands stupefied back where she used to be. The sneeze and unexpected teleport snaps her out of her trance. She sniffles and wipes her nose on her sleeve as she watches Mama collapse.

   "Miss Anita." Charon intones in her mind. "Imploration: Retreat, withdraw. Concern: Harm befall you."

   It certainly is time for a change in tactics. There are others near, she is certain. Without further hesitation, the girl teleports up high into a nearby tree. The image she leaves behind, however, is no longer clad in clerical vestments, rather a tattered rag of a dress. Its hair is mussed, its wings are gone and it no longer carries a scythe.

   "HELP!" The double screams at the top of its lungs. "SOMEBODY HELP ME! A BANDIT HAS ATTACKED ME! SOMEBODY! HELP! PLEASE!"

   Meanwhile, Anita sets Charon on a secure and relatively well hidden branch. She hastily removes her belt and dismisses her wings. Then, in a well-practiced ritual, she swaps her robes for the ill-kempt outfit. She teleports down to take the place of her duplicate before it fades and resumes its shrill shriek. A few steps later, she is back in the tree, leaving a fresh doppelganger behind. She tousles her hair before grabbing her scythe. Quickly and carelessly, she drags its tip across her cheek, then her shoulder, her side and finally her leg. As each wound is inflicted, a mirror version appears on the image below.

   Finally, just before her duplicate fade again, she teleports again to take its place. "HELP!" She continues her banshee wail. "PLEASE HELP ME! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! PLEASE!" A seamless show for those who are unfamiliar with illusions. But for those who are, well, this shameless display is not for them anyway...
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The wolf sneezes hard in the cloud of chloroform.
It became enraged. As the wolf saw what's happening to the kid,
It thought that this is its chance.

Its purpose was to protect, not to attack.
Crimson Red Rose turned around and ran outside of the cloudy smoke.
Once outside... It Looked hard beneath the cloud of gas.
Timing its next move, the wolf ran back towards the   center of the gassy area...
It grabbed Taichii's cape and dragged him towards a tree and licked Taichii's wounds...

Taichii's wounds are starting to recover..
The wolf covered Taichii with it's huge body.
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January 24, 2012, 12:28:52 pm #59 Last Edit: January 25, 2012, 07:22:30 am by DarkShade
L found the the falls and called John to his location. He got paid and they parted ways. Curious about what happened earlier, L runs towards the area where the howl occurred.

After a while of running through the woods, L waited a minute and look around. He was able to here the something. "It has to be around here", he said to himself until he heard a scream. "HELP!" "SOMEBODY HELP ME!" He grabbed his katana and heads off to the area as fast as he can still hearing the scream.
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