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Hacking/Patching Tools / Random Battle Editor - UPDATE: 4/12/2017
« on: April 12, 2017, 02:52:53 AM »
MediaFire FULL Download

Random Battles, how do they work, right?

Well, thanks to Xifanie providing me with some documentation and a trip to McDonald's for some delicious coffee, even you, dear user, can now know exactly how Random Battles actually work, and edit them to your liking!  This tool even allows editing of Deep Dungeon Random Battles!  Saving and Loading uses the same logic as my ATTACK.OUT Editor Special Awesome, allowing .XML files to be saved and loaded from the included .XML Directory and custom-named WLDCORE.BINs loaded from the included .BIN Directory.

How it works:
  • "Random Battle Location" is the dot on the map in which a Random Battle can occur in.  This includes the 19 "Green Dot" locations from the main game as well as the ten floors of the Deep Dungeon.
  • "Battle Index" is what is more colloquially called the "direction" the battle is engaged from.  Each location has data for three different directions, even if that dot has less than three possible approaching points.
  • "Squad ID" is which Squadron in the ATTACK.OUT is loaded for this random battle.  NOTE: Only Squadrons 0200 to 02FF are valid.
  • "Path Battle Appears On" is the path along the world map Ramza much approach the location from to trigger this random battle.
  • "Variable to Unlock" is the variable which controls when Random Battles unlock.  By default, this is the Shop Progression Variable.  This can be changed for individual locations or changed globally via the "Set Global Values" button.
  • "ENTDs" are the 8 potential ENTDs each Index can load.  By default, Vanilla uses doubles in each of these entries to give each ENTD a 25% chance of loading.  The only time this behavior is changed is when what have been dubbed "Rare" battles were utilized.  Adjusting which ENTDs are available allows for adjusting how common or rare each formation is.  NOTE:  Only ENTDs 0001 to 00FF are valid.
  • "Battle Set" 1-4 is the data for the four instances of progression allocated to each Random Battle Index.  "Variable Max" is the max value the progression variable can contain before it moves on to the next set.  The checkboxes determine which ENTDs are allowed into the randomization process.  "Encounter %" adjusts the exact encounter rate for that Set while it is active.  The different aspects of the Battle Sets can be adjusted via the "Set Global Values" button.



Hijacking Ravens thread to upload my Unofficial EasyVent 2.1 update. 2.1 is the same as 2.0, but it fixes issues in a couple events that weren't setup correctly in 2.0, such as the mid-bttle dialogue with Balk and Ramza in the battle right before the end of the game. This also adds all the FFT - The Lion War events to the folder already created for it in 2.0, as they were always supposed to be there, but were not ready when 2.0 was released. This includes the TLW TEST.EVT file as well, and a few typo fixes in the readme.

You can download the UNOFFICIAL EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.1 HERE


If this is your first time using EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0, please download the full program.  Legacy versions (1.91 and previous) are no longer supported.  If you already have a copy of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 but an update has been released, simply download the updater and apply it to your copy of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0, overwriting all files where applicable. 

When you want something done more right, it's best to take three years off to code an autistic MMO then re-do it yourself in a day.  Welcome to EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0!  While this shares the name of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect with another program of similar purpose by some defunct bastard named RavenOfRazgriz, this entirely-new tool shares nothing in common with it aside from the concept.  EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 will bring the latest and greatest in event editing, including many features designed explicitly for managing large projects and managing multiple projects at once.

Features Included:
  • User-created directories for storing events in, with a number of starter directories to get started with.
  • Compilations in both event and TEST.EVT format of both Vanilla FFT and FFT: Complete provided stock, with write protections to prevent them accidentally being saved over.  Good for the aspiring event editor who wants easy access to initial files.
  • Saving and Loading Events from any number of user diirectories, with error-checking to catch incorrect commands.  Automatically concatenates a decimal value to the title of your event based on its Offset() to help keep things organized.  Has multiple protections to keep your events saved and prevent data loss or accidental overwrites.
  • Compile to any .EVT file stored in the .EVT Directory folder.  .EVTs can be given unique names for easy organization without issue.  No more managing TEST.EVTs by hand!
  • Compile to any savestate stored in the root folder of EasyVent Editor Super Perfect - with no need to fuss with offsets, editing CONFIG.INI, etc., everything needed is done by the program itself.
  • Compile any directory of event files to any .EVT file stored in the .EVT Directory folder.  WARNING: This can take about 10 minutes to perform with a full list of 500 events.
  • Decompile entire .EVT files to any chosen user directory for parsing.
  • Compile and Decompile in War of the Lions Mode for PSP users.
  • Right-Click menu for Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find (+Replace), Undo, and Redo.
  • Many keyboard shortcuts for keyboard-oriented users.
  • Batch Offset Writer for editing the offsets of many events at once based on a name signifier.  Good if you need to rearrange many events at once.  Also supports War of the Lions Mode.
  • Instruction Viewer that allows for easy viewing of any help file for event commands.
  • Map Viewer for easily finding where your units need to be placed during events.
  • Camera Instruction Generator and SpriteMove Instruction Generator for easy generation of complex commands.
  • CONFIG.INI is the same as used in Xifanie's Event Compiler/Decompiler and is stored in the root folder.  All updates can be applied manually by the end user to this CONFIG.INI.  Event command parameters and help files are stored in root\Resources\Source Files\Event Instruction List\.  Any changes to commands must also be made in the matching event instruction text file to ensure the error-checking functions properly.  All can be handled by end-user to prevent program going out of date.
  • Fully supports the Event Instruction Upgrade Hack, a copy of which is packaged with the program.  While it is not mandatory to use, it is recommended.

Stuff Missing:
  • No more Auto-Complete.  Sorry, Jon!

More details can be found in the included README.txt file.  Bugtested only by myself.  Post bugs and they'll be fixed whenever I get around to them based on urgency.  Enjoy, you filthy animals.

*2.0 is a vital update.  Anyone using this please download this new version and get a fresh BATTLE.BIN and WORLD.BIN, the old one had several errors.

See: Title. 

With a program I made to generate a LOT of 00s and a bit of help from Xifanie and the FFHackics Wiki to be sure I didn't fuck it up, I've created a fairly large XML file that literally just nops out all the Kanji Space for each Character Graphics and Character Lengths in both WORLD.BIN and BATTLE.BIN, allowing you to see exactly what free and safe space there is on the ISO for making and placing ASM hacks.

This should also make things like identifying hack conflicts much, much easier since there won't be a bunch of garbage Kanji around. 

If anyone notice an error when using this, let me know, they should be pretty easy to fix.

MediaFire FULL Download

ATTACK.OUT Editor Special Awesome is now completed and released!  This powerful tool is capable of modifying the scenario data in ATTACK.OUT, without any fuss with unknown values or mucking with constant importation of exportation of ATTACK.OUT via the use of .XML application.  (It still, however, does support directly loading from and saving to a .OUT if this is the user's preference!)  Easily edits both Scenario data and Squadron data!  Much like EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0, this program is designed with managing multiple, large projects, and with the needs of those seeking to do large-scale edits of the ATTACK.OUT, in mind.

NOTE: If you're a user simply looking to modify the Vanilla game, the program boots with Vanilla pre-sets, so you can load it and get to work without any fuss!

WARNING: When flagging as Squadron as "Upper Level", all members of that squadron must be capable of spawning on an Upper Level.  (Eg the bridge in Zirekile Falls or the overpass in Golgorand Execution Site.)  Units not capable of spawning on an Upper Level WILL NOT BE SPAWNED.  This is the behavior of the Upper Level Flag itself and not something I can do anything about, so be warned.

Features Included:
  • RELEASE version now handles both scenarios and squadrons!
  • Copy and Paste Scenarios/Squadrons between indexes in ATTACK.OUT via keyboard or right click!
  • Load from and save to .XMLs stored in the .XML Directory folder, then apply with FFT OrgASM.
  • Load any .OUT file stored in the .OUT Directory.  No more ATTACK.OUT DUMP.txt!
  • Save to any .OUT file stored in the .OUT Directory.  Perfect for people who prefer not fussing with .XML!
  • No Unknown variables!

Stuff Missing:
  • NONE.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Journey of the Five FAQ + Q/A.
« on: April 21, 2013, 06:37:17 AM »
I figure the first Chapter's been out long enough to warrant this.  NOTE: If you decide to ask your own question, know I will not tell you anything about the story that isn't already revealed, will not give you any gameplay advice that isn't already listed here, etc. I will only be answering questions related to the design aspects of various parts of Journey of the Five and the kinds of thought processes that went into them.  While my main involvement originally in Journey of the Five was gameplay, I eventually ended up doing a lot of everything so I can offer a lot of insight as long as it follows the above criteria.  Now, onto the "FAQ" part of this OP:

This concept is silly, and you're all silly!

Yeah we know and we don't care, and that's not a question.

How much of this game is actually edited?

Basically all of it.  Firstly, and most obvious as soon as you press the New Game button - the story has been obviously completely rewritten and all the spritework completely redone, setting the game as a sequel to the original FFT we know and love.  This would include a new, fully-functioning World Map to explore as well, allowing you to battle and grind to your heart's content.  Every Description, Help Text, etc. has pretty much all been edited in some way.  The Brave Story has been retooled to follow the Journey of the Five storyline, some unused menu entries have been adapted to create the "Letters, Journals" section where you can learn much about the gap of time between the original game and Journey of the Five, etc.  Obviously, like any FFT mod, this also applies to items, Jobs, stat growths and multipliers, available skills, ASM-related thingamabobbers, and even some things other patches don't touch like the raw stats of monsters themselves along with the effects and interactions of various Status Ailments.  There is also now a more expansive sidequest system (Marks) which will become more prominent as the game progresses.

Help!  I can't seem to unlock more jobs but Base and Chemist!  What do I do?

All Jobs in Journey of the Five require Levels in at least two or more Jobs to unlock.  In this case, the second Job "tier" requires 3 Base 2 Chemist for Knight and Ranger (physical Jobs) and 2 Base 3 Chemist for Priest and Wizard (magical Jobs).   As far as unlocking Jobs beyond that, you're on your own, good luck.  If you're wondering why we chose to make the Job tree this way, there's two answers:

1. AI.
2. To force players to make use of Chemists.

This is important because we know most people will want to run around in the unique Jobs of the Five, but the lack of new Jobs should quickly be a hint that they need to change to Chemist for a while.  This way, the player (you) will be guaranteed to have enough JP in Chemist to at least buy basic Item skills (Potion, Ether, Phoenix Down, Sapling) and in turn will have a much easier time in Chapter 1.

Why does everything always become Crystals?  I want that asshole's Bow Gun!

This originally started as a technical quirk of one of the ASMs we used, and we had intended to fix for the actual release.  However, we found that for various reasons, the game just played better with the 100% Crystal drop rate.  Many Journey of the Five-specific quirks such as the slower JP gain were easily addressed by simply making Crystals more common to ensure the player always had a basic set of skills, and it added more to the strategy and comeback-elements of fights by always having Crystals pop up for the player or enemy to grab.  It also meshed well with the "loot" system of Journey of the Five where every enemy in every fight already drops you an item upon winning - so not being able to get a random Treasure Chest here or there wasn't particularly a bad thing outside of making it impossible to Treasure Chest farm random battles for gear.

Why is the difficulty higher than Vanilla?

Because, we wanted a game that was more reminiscent of a NES or SNES era RPG (I think the Japanese release FFV would be a good example but my memory escapes me at the moment), and we wanted a game that would challenge fans of the original game in ways beyond just adjusting to the new content.  A few fights (namely end-Chapter bosses, a handful of optional battles, etc.) dip into the "Nintendo Hard" area, but this patch is ultimately designed to be playable on a Console once some ASM quirks are worked out, so there will never intentionally be anything that rates "Kaizo Hard" on the difficulty scale or require mass resets + RNG abuse to complete.

Wow, Gil is a lot harder to get! I can't afford Phoenix Downs!  Why?!

Honestly, we're encouraging you to stop between battles and "grind" (or at bare minimum, fight any random encounters you run into naturally on your quest), because the design of the game expects you to have fought more than the bare minimum battles.  If you're skipping all random encounters, you are intentionally making the game more difficult on yourself and your ability to equip your party or keep up with the enemy's skills will reflect that.  Fighting random encounters will not only reward you with (some) Gil, but also a number of consumables equal to the number of enemies you battled against.  Fighting what appears to be a large and complex random battle (the one at Bariaus Hill North should be well known by now) may take a while, but it will offer tons in terms of monetary and consumable rewards as well as plenty of EXP, JP, and Crystals for your characters.  Yes, this means you will be rewarded in random battles directly based on the fight's difficulty, assuming you can win without using tons of Items in the first place.  Which is kind of a small caveat to this - we're also trying to encourage you to explore other means of playing the game beyond "Item, win.", which was a very easy way to beat the original game.  Many "good" things in the original were altered simply to make you look over your in-game tactics and knowledge of the game in general, so you can adapt yourself and have an experience that's actually different from the original game.

Why doesn't X Member of the Five have Y Ability?  He totally should!  This is stupid, you're stupid!

There's actually a short answer to this - FFT has very limited design space, and to make each character feel unique as the Five should, they had to be boiled down to the 'essence' of their character.  (Design space, for those wondering, is a term that simply means how much new and different content can be made before things overlap.  FFT is actually far shorter on this than you'd imagine because it's honestly a very simple game on a mechanical level.)  Basically, we had to pick a particular game or incarnation of that character (when applicable), then further narrow it down to what truly makes that character 'feel' like that character.

For example, Dante is based on his Devil May Cry 3 incarnation where you would choose one 'Devil Style' and are stuck with it for most of the level unless you visit a Goddess Statue.  In the case of Journey of the Five, you "choose" your Devil Style by setting Dante's equipped weapon, and can't get access to Equip Change because Dante can't change his Devil Style mid-battle.  Whereas Link, while he has many weapons known to him such as the Bomb, Boomerang, etc., the thing that truly makes him 'Link' is his great ability to make use of whatever items his current environment give him access to and switch between them on the fly in a tough situation.  This is why Link not only gets Equip Change, but his primary Job gets it innate as well as a learnable Support Ability on top of the ability to use most items without restriction.  Snake focuses on his 'sneaking' skills (Hide, Smoke Break, Sleeper Hold, etc.) but doesn't really get any damage-based skills such as CQC moves or a grenade because this would both not mesh with the majority of his skillset (where Snake is mostly a status-dealer), and would cause a lot of overlap with both generic Jobs and other members of the Five.  Other skillsets such as Martial Arts can make up for Snake's lack of damage-based CQC similarly to how they make up for weaknesses other members of the Five have.  Cloud and Ramza are mostly as you'd expect them to be from Vanilla since there's not as much for them to overlap with, though Cloud lost Cherry Blossom because it's stupid and Ramza lost Throw Stone and Dash because they no longer fit in with his Job, gaining a healing spell instead.

Will you be posting a Master Guide of all the changes in Journey of the Five?

No.  We're designing this as if it's an actual separate game from FFT and not just a mod, so we neither intend to or have reason to give a precise changelog that lays out exactly how everything works for the player.  Part of the fun of exploring a new game is the discovery of awesome skills, combos, etc. and this is intended to be no different.

Well, there's your FAQ.

Yes, there it is.  If you have something to ask that isn't covered here, feel free to ask, and if it doesn't violate anything I said above I MIGHT answer it.  But I promise nothing.

(NOTE: Current Version is Journey of the Five - Chapter 1 v1.97e, so make sure you're up to date!)

It's finally released!  The first Chapter in an epic story, pitting the most unlikely of forces both with and against each other to prevent the fabric of the entire multiverse from unraveling!

Enter the expansive land of Ivalice and join Ramza Beoulve and his younger sister Alma Beoulve as they cope with the less-than-favorable aftermath of both the Lion War and their own personal war against the Zodiac Beasts and their leader, the Bloody Angel Altima.  Forced into hiding, Ramza, under the assumed name Drake Seymour is reunited with one of the strangest of his previous companions - Cloud Strife, who Ramza met on his previous adventure after powering some kind of dimensional-forwarding device with one of the retrieved Zodiac Stones and calling him from his own world.  Though Cloud was returned to his own space after Altima's defeat due to reactions from the Zodiac Stones, he has returned to Ivalice through some unknown power - and this time he's not alone!

Joining Ramza and Cloud on their quest to unravel the mystery behind the powers distorting Ivalice and find a way home will be the pointy-earred warrior Link, the espionage expert known to most as Solid Snake, and the charismatic devil hunter Dante.  As the reality of Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, and many others begins to unravel and create a perfect storm of chaos within Ivalice, will these Five Knights be able solve the mystery of their summoning, vanquish whatever evil has befallen the land, and return to their own worlds?


Featuring a completely new quest, a battle system that's been rebuilt from the ground up, an entire new library of sprites, and much more, Journey of the Five is an experience not to be missed out on by any Final Fantasy Tactics fan or Strategy RPG fan in general!

Help! / Troubleshooting FFTPatcher! (Post all FFTPatcher questions here!)
« on: December 10, 2012, 05:31:47 PM »
Lately we've been getting many people asking questions regarding FFTPatcher, which is great - but many of them are related in one way or another, and trying to use the Search Function to try and find answers can be difficult at times because of how word-specific it can be and how large the forum is overall.

In light of this, please post all questions related to FFTPatcher errors here (This includes ENTD setup, Ability Setup, Job Setup, etc.) and we'll answer your question as soon as we can.  This will help people have a nice "hub" to look to when using FFTPatcher as well.

This thread only has two rules:

1. It must be directly related to a basic function of FFTPatcher.

2. Please, please, please post a screenshot(s) of the current setup of your Job, Ability, ENTD, or whatever is giving you trouble.  It is very hard to troubleshoot FFTPatcher without seeing exactly what you currently have set up because some of the oddest mistakes can result in errors.  Many are fairly easy to fix, but this will save us the inevitable step where you ask a question and we ask you to post a screenshot before being able to help you anyway.

Other than that, fire away.

PSX FFT Hacking / Important Links! Check Here First!
« on: September 19, 2012, 04:03:59 AM »
(Deleting and reposting the thread it needed some serious updating, but I couldn't edit it myself for some reason and was not dealing with that. I also reorganized things slightly.)

Here are Links to old Stickied threads, useful programs, hacking resources, etc. to ensure they don't fall into the depths.  If you feel something is missing, just post here.

Help! Section

Tutorial Index

FFHackticks Wiki

ASM Hacking Resources:
ASM Starter Kit
MassHexASM - Alternative to Renegade64
LEDecoder - Little Endian Decoder
ASM Collective BATTLE.BIN Map
Terrain Data
Hex Discoveries on Status Effects

Users' ASM Hacking Threads:
Xifanie's ASM hacks
Pride's ASM hacks
Razele's ASM hack
formerdeathcorps' ASM hacks
Nates1984's ASM hacks
FFMaster's ASM hacks
pokeytax's ASM hacks
Rfh's ASM hacks
Choto's ASM hacks
Glain's ASM hacks
Archaemic's WotL ASM hacks

Programs, Spreadsheets, Other Utilities:
FFTPatcher Suite .482
Status and Item Consolidation Patch
War of the Lions Slowdown Removal Patch
LvlSim - Character Growth Checking Program
Palette Editor
Raven's FFT OrgASM XML Generator
Raven's Spreadsheet Shoppe
Raven's Utilities Shoppe
Editing World Events & Drawing
Editing Game Events, World Events & Battle Conditions
Raven's EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0
Raven's ATTACK.OUT Editor Special Awesome BETA
ARH: Ability Requirement Hack
Extend Party Roster Hack (20 units)
ALMA: Ability-Linked Multiplier Attributes
RAD: Forty Job Classes

Graphics/Effects Threads:
Change Opening Video
Item Graphics charts
Complete spritesheets
Monster Animations
Effects videos
Dinosaur's animations
Converting Weapon Catagories by Ashiel

Other Important Threads
Birthday Listings
Generic Jobs Editing, Skillset Limitations
FFTPatcher Editing Mechanics
Speed Growths Balancing

Tutorials and Learning / Tutorial Requests
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:00:39 PM »
If you notice a Tutorial is missing for something you're trying to do, post here and inquire about getting one made by people who know how to do it, or about making one yourself.  While I can't promise every request will be fulfilled, we won't know if there's something more we can be explaining via Tutorial if no one asks.

Tutorials and Learning / Tutorial Link Index
« on: September 17, 2012, 10:56:49 PM »
You can find Links to most helpful Tutorials on FFH through this thread.  Just find the category you need help with and see if there's a Tutorial that can fill your needs.  If not, ask and search around, that Tutorial you need may have just escaped my grasp.


Post if you notice a key Tutorial is missing from this list and link to that Tutorial so I can add it.  Post if you notice a Tutorial here is inaccurate or out of date and link to that Tutorial so I can remove it.  Otherwise, don't post in this thread.

"HELP!" Tutorials:

"Things I Wish I Knew Starting Out" by Shrikesnest

ASM Tutorials:

Hex Editing Stuff & Basic Tutorial by Vanya
ASM Tutorial 2 by formerdeathcorps
Glain's ASM learning segment #1 by Glain
Pokey's ASM Tutorial Part #0 by Pokeytax
ASM Lessons with LastingDawn and Xifanie

Event Editing Tutorials:

ATTACK.OUT Battle Event Conditionals Tutorial by RavenOfRazgriz
Event Editing 101 by Elric
How to reassign Event Slots by Xifanie
Event Editing directly to a savestate (pSXfin only) by Xifanie
What to do about Arazlam's speech by mucus

Graphics Editing Tutorials:

Running map2gl and Ganesha Duplicate Function by Elric
FFT Spriting (detailed video tutorial) by Lijj
Step by step on how I make Portraits by Twinees
Importing Custom Formation Sprites and Portraits [Warning! Image Heavy Post!] by Celdia
Editing Effects' Palette and Graphic by Xifanie
Modifying Spell Effects [Warning! Image Heavy Post!] by Celdia
Item Icon Editing by Celdia
Converting Weapon Catagories by Ashiel
Basic Franken-Spriting Tutorial by CONMAN
Editing FRAME.BIN with BigManStan

Fixing Emulation Errors Tutorials:

FFT in pixel perfect resolution! by Lijj
no black map settings using ePSXe by Mando
How to set up and run a PSX emulator on Macintosh computers. by Pierce
Getting pSX 1.13 to work on Linux

ISO Patching Tutorials:

How to Patch an ISO with a .ppf File
How to create a proper .ppf patch for your mod by Xifanie
How to format a hack for FFT OrgASM by Pokeytax

Miscellaneous Tutorials:

Complete noob's guide to ripping sound effects while in game by Bowser Koopa

New Project Ideas / 'New Project Ideas' Posting Guidelines
« on: September 17, 2012, 10:31:48 PM »
What The "New Project Ideas" Section Is For:

Threads discussing Project and Project Ideas that you, yourself, are interested in pursuing.  If you are merely doing an "Interest Check" for a Project Idea or are just posting some to see if another person might be interested in making it, use the shiny and new Patch Ideas Proposal Thread.  If you are merely looking for feedback on Job or Skillset Ideas, suggesting Job or Skillset Ideas, etc. without them being related to an existing New Project Idea, use the Jobs and Etc. Proposal Thread.  If what you're looking to post doesn't seem to fit as a New Project Idea and doesn't fit in the scope of the above two threads, feel free to post and ask what to do with it so I can clarify it for you then clarify the rules so it doesn't get mixed up again.


-> Interest Checks and ideas you don't intend to personally pursue belong in the Patch Ideas Proposal Thread.

-> Job Concepts and other related ideas not directly related to an existing New Project Idea belong in the Jobs and Etc. Proposal Thread

-> Project Ideas you intend to work on yourself can be posted here.  For a New Project Idea, there is no rule about how much work needs to be shown in order to qualify, but know that you'll get more interest by having showing more concrete work, ideas, and work ethics than you will by not.  Once you've reached the level of being able to display some serious work (demo videos, playable demos, other such work that entails you've begin working on something that's actually a game and not a design document) contact myself, Elric, or another Moderator or Admin and we will see about getting your project upgraded to a Progressing Patch.

-> Understand that making a Patch is a lot of work.  I recommend reading this fairly harsh reality check from Asmo X about that topic.  Even something as simple as what we consider a "Vanilla Mod" here (that is, rebalancing the original game with minimal other changes) can be a lot of work depending on what you intend to do, and it can be very monotonous work - larger, more complex patches just become even more work as you add more onto them.  It can take a lot of effort and dedication to get things done, but once you've released something other people can play, it's one of the best feelings there is as a game designer.  Just be aware of what you're getting yourself into and start with an idea that's within your abilities to complete.  Patch design can be a long and often lonely road, as people will tend to only help those who show they're capable of creating progress on their own.  If you can get help, that's great - but don't expect it (at least, hands on help) as a privilege just because you posted a New Project Idea, it's something that's earned through hard work and dedication.  In short, work on ideas you know you can complete by yourself if worst comes to worst, and don't get discouraged by how much work things can be at times - it's well worth the work once you complete your project and other people are playing the game that you made.

New Project Ideas / Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
« on: September 17, 2012, 10:12:58 PM »
What Goes Here:

This thread is specifically for suggesting ideas that you personally don't intend to pursue or don't know how to pursue, but think would be cool to pursue.  If you do not intend to actively work on the Project Idea and are just posting it to see if others might be interested in pursuing it, post it here, do not make a new thread.  Making New Project Ideas threads is reserved for ideas the topic creator will be trying to pursue themselves.  The old "Patch Proposals/Ideas Thread" can be found in the Old Project Ideas Archive here.  Note that this thread is Archived, meaning that (obviously) it is old and that it may contain information that is no longer accurate, but it can still be useful in finding Patch Idea discussions that may aide you in figuring out exactly what you want to do with your own Patch.


Pretty simple.  If you intend to actually work on the idea yourself, you're in the wrong thread.  Go make your own thread detailing your idea and what progress you've made so far.  If you simply want to post something like "Someone should make a Halo FFT Patch", but do not intend to or do not know how to make such a patch yourself, that goes here.  You can also use this thread as an Interest Check thread if you want.  For example, "Would anyone here be interested in playing a Halo FFT Patch if I began working on one?"  Note that even for an Interest Check, it is common not to get feedback until you've made something to show to people, so don't immediately get discouraged if replies are sparse early on.  It's a hard road to prove you're worth people's attention, and it can be discouraging, but work and show you're working and likely to finish the project you've started and help will eventually come to you.

New Project Ideas / Jobs and Etc. Ideas Proposal Thread
« on: September 17, 2012, 10:05:03 PM »
What Goes Here:

This thread is specifically for suggesting ideas for or asking for help with the design of specific Jobs, Skillsets, and Skills.  If you have a Job (or Jobs) you think would be cool, or would like help with designing a Job, but that Job is not associated with an existing project, use this thread to ask for help with it.  Do not make a new thread for this purpose.  The original "Job & Skill Proposals/Idea Thread" can be found in the Old Project Ideas Archive here.  Note that this thread is Archived, meaning that (obviously) it is old and that it may contain information that is no longer accurate, but it can still be a wealth of ideas for the aspiring Patcher looking for new Job ideas.


This should be simple enough.  Post your Job, Skillset, or Skill concept here, along with any information you have for it so far (stats, existing skills, innate abilities, etc. pending on it being a Job, Skillset, or Skill), and what you would like help with on it. If you're looking for help on finishing a Job concept off, the more information you can give, the better the feedback you can get.  If you're just looking to post Job ideas here as a resource for others to use, that's fine too.

This thread's for containing miscellaneous spreadsheet utilities I make for myself and decide to publish that don't relate to ASM hacks or otherwise modifying the ISO.

Right now, the only entry I have here is my Mass Stat Calculator, which does what it says on the tin - it lets you input your Level 1 Raws for Male, Female, Monster, then input your C and M values for each job class, and it will output the stats of that class at Level 10, Level 35, Level 50, and Level 99 so you can see how straight-leveled classes balance against each other at three of the more key points in the game.  (Those being AI-battle accepted strength, ~End Chapter 4 strength, and Max Level Strength, assuming an averagely played generic game.)  This information is good for a lot of things, especially AI-stat balance and monster balance.  It comes with Vanilla Defaults as all my workbooks do, so you can quickly see how well Vanilla (didn't) balance itself out at each point in the game, see growth trends by having every class' information directly adjacent to each other, etc.  Now compatible with every Job in the game.  Special Jobs now all have Gender toggles. You must enter the final Multipliers for Zodiac HP and MP to get the correct value though - for example, Queklain's HP multiplier in FFTPatcher is 50, but because he comes with ??? and has his multipliers modified by a factor of 10 in-game, you must enter his HPM as 500 in Mass Stat Calculator to get the value he'll actually have in-game.

After making this, I found it invaluable in finding balance issues I would've easily overlooked otherwise, so hopefully you'll all do the same.

NOTE, if for some reason this spreadsheet "breaks" and you get something like "Err:502" on your stat table and you're not doing something dumb like dividing by 0, go to the Big Sheet 'O Guts tab, find the Job/Stat combo that's errored out, then go to Column AJ.  Column AK should be the bugged column, and merely dragging the contents of AJ into AK should fix AK and all columns after it.  This doesn't happen often but I've had it happen a couple times so if it happens to you, this is how to fix it.


...There are no words I can use to describe this game.  It is literally just the best game ever.  If you want a game that's completely fucking insane and hilarious, just try this one.  There's a free trial play in the description and the full game costs under 6 bucks, and it's well worth it.

Just... trust me on this one.

FFT Arena / AI Team Building Guide 2.0
« on: October 16, 2011, 02:14:35 AM »
(Many months back, CT5Holy wrote the AI Team Building Guide,  This is an updated version that aims to be more accurate and detailed.  While written with FFT: Arena in mind, most general information should be applicable to any FFT AI Tournament.  This Guide will have two sections, one for basic tips and AI help, and one for more in-depth ones.)

If you're new to FFT: Arena or AI Battling in general, this thread will help you better understand the AI and what goes into making a successful team.  For the Rules on making teams in FFT: Arena, Gear, Abilities, Stats, etc, you can check the Master Guide, which should always be up-to-date.  Don't worry about those until after you've read the Basic Team-Building Tips and Basic AI-Behavior Tips sections, though.

Basic Team-Building Tips

0. Observe other teams through the many videos of AI battles, here and elsewhere.  Even if they're not FFT: Arena videos, they'll give you a good glimpse into how the AI functions at least a basic appreciation of how to build good and not-so-good teams of various battle styles.  While the skills, classes, stats, etc. can all be different between Vanilla, Arena, and the many other FFT patches out there, core game concepts are universal.  Knowing your core game concepts is a key step in being good in any AI-Battle situation, and is what the "Basic" sections of this guide focus on.

1. Pick a plan, and stick to it.  Make sure every unit fills a role without being dead weight, and make sure you don't put too much importance on any one unit.  A team that can support each other well will do better than a team of four "good" standalone units.  You don't need any sort of involved concept, nor do you need stick to a basic rubric like Physical-Magical-Status-Healer, but you do need synergy among your team.  A team that isn't well-focused and can't support each other well is usually bound to fail.  Don't worry about having a full Primary/Secondary/Reaction/Support/Movement loadout on every unit, because this is secondary to ensuring the unit does what you need it to do.  There are many ways to give a team synergy, such as Elemental Absorption, Ability Combos (Zombie + Seal Evil or many others), screen-wide skills such as the Lore skillset being used to heal small values and trigger one's own Save or Up Reactions.  It doesn't need to be complicated like that, though - a simple team that does damage and keeps itself alive is fine too when done correctly.  Some concepts are definitely a lot more involved than others, but once you've chosen one you feel can be successful, stick close and don't stray too far from it.  That's the best way to ensure its success.

2. Don't give your units abilities they don't need to fulfill their roles, and don't feel forced to spend all your JP if your units all do what you need them to and still have some left over.  This is very much a part of the previous tip, but in reverse.  If the AI has skills you don't need it to have, you run the risk of it wasting turns on it at inopportune times and losing easily won games.  It's good to cover as many bases and flaws as possible on your team, but don't extend beyond your comfort zone to do so.  Cover too much, you begin losing to stuff you should beat because you lose focus.  The AI isn't a player like you - more options isn't always good.  Similarly, as I'll detail below, more Move and more Speed also isn't always good.  Constructing a team for the AI to use is far different from constructing a team for yourself or another player to use.  Remember this at all times.

3. You'll want some form of healing and resurrection on most teams you make.  Not every unit needs it, but its usually a good idea for 2 units (and almost required that at least 1 unit) carry some form of it, even if it's just a Phoenix Down.   Murphy's Law - everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and the ability to recover and revive is your answer to that.  Make sure you keep this revival on a unit that's not likely to die early, either - especially if you only run one or two units capable of revival.  Being able to raise things is no good if the things casting your Raise Dead skills are the first things to kick the bucket.

4. Speed is important, as should be obvious.  More turns means more Tempo, which wins games.  The AI knows this, hence why Haste is one of its top priorities when its either idle or looking to cast a positive Status.  However, don't forget your other stats - if you don't have the MP to use your skills, or the PA/MA to do relevant damage, or the HP to live long enough to even see those additional turns, then getting more turns than the opponent is obviously not worth a lot.  This is why it's important to balance how much Speed you want to add with your other stats.  A 9 Speed unit that's constantly threatening is usually better than a 12 Speed unit that barely jabs for 70 damage and can easily go ignored.  An important note here is the concept of Speed Synching, or making sure your Speed is well-balanced between the individual units on your team.  If one unit runs forth before the rest, it'll likely die far too removed to be revived and spell curtains for the remainder of your team.  For that reason, a team with four 8 Speed units is usually better than a team with one 12 Speed unit and three 8 Speed ones. 

4.5. A note that specifically applies to FFT: Arena - Haste only boosts Speed by 25% and lasts for 32 CT, while Slow reduces Speed by 50% and lasts 24 CT.  This means that, unless you're running an uber-Speed setup to begin with (12+ post-ger Speed), Haste will only give you 2 Speed, and past 12 will only give you 3 Speed.  Slow, meanwhile, will undercut Speed by at least 4 no matter the target, leaving anything hit with Slow at 4-5 Speed for the most part.  Considering Speed changes are far more noticeable going down than up, this makes Slow very, very powerful when used correctly.  Haste is still powerful itself, because the difference between 8 and 10 Speed is very noticeable, but it's not a mandate for every team running 8-9 Speed, and units already running appreciable Speed (10+ base) are probably best off foregoing it entirely unless it's just something you can get without going out of your way.

5. Similar to Speed, Move is obviously important, for similar reasons.  The less turns you spend idly Moving into range, the more turns you get performing relevant actions and the more Tempo you gain.  Again like Speed, though, max Move isn't always good the way it is in single player, since the unit's other stats still need to be sufficiently fleshed out or their extra Move means little.  High Move also means your squad can become quickly divided, even if properly synched, so there's the risk of a unit going down and being unable to be revived before its permanent demise.  It also runs the same risk as Speed in that a team with one 6 Move unit and three 3 Move units is generally going to be worse than a team of four 3 Move units - the unit with 6 Move is essentially getting two-to-one turns to Move when compared to its allies, allowing it to make contact long before the rest of its team and get killed long before the rest come into range.  Move Synching, while not as important as Speed Synching, is still important to a team's success, so at least be sure the Move differences between units on the same team isn't too great.

6. If you're having trouble figuring out how strong or weak something is, WinCalc.exe is your bestest best friend in the whole world ever.  I mean it.  Outside of Critical Hits, nothing about FFT's damage is randomized outside of skills explicitly made to be so.  It's very easy to number-crunch your expected damage or hit rate in literally any and every possible situation in a matter of seconds.  Just remember that FFT always rounds a number down when a fraction appears (outside of Short Charge, which rounds up), and that with Protect/Shell/Attack UP/Magic Attack UP/etc, its your primary PA or MA factor that is multiplied against, not the final value.  The Arena-custom Supports Overwhelm and Unyielding (along with Fury/Faith) affect the final damage value instead, but they're the exception, not the rule.  Numbers are scary at first, yes, but FFT is fairly simple about them.  Even if you don't do the math "right", what you end up with should be close enough to give you the right idea.

7. Arguably, this is the most important tip.  Remember that sometimes you just need to get lucky to win.  This is important to know, important to remember, and important to accept as something that is perfectly fine.  No team is flawless, and as stated many times before, trying to extend too much and cover too many flaws will just make it cave in on itself.  The important thing is being aware of your team's weaknesses, and knowing which you can and cannot cover.  When interpreted in its broadest sense, this tip is true of almost every competitive game in existence.  Even the best player needs a little bit of luck.  Sometimes you don't get that luck, or your opponent does, and you lose.  It sucks.  That's when you examine your team, figure out whether there's something you can do to remove the need for luck in that kind of a matchup without weakening it in other areas.  If you can't, you can't, and it's a bad matchup.  You do what you can and just hope to be the one who gets lucky next time.  This goes right back to focusing on your strategy.

Basic AI-Behavior Tips

1. The AI is quirky, and has a tiny bit of randomness to it.  It'll usually use the best skill in its arsenal, and is very smart about knowing how to use many skills you'd expect it to be dumb with, such as MP Destruction.  The AI isn't "stupid" so much in that it merely has a different set of priorities than a player does.  Like I said though, it is quirky and has a very mild bit of randomness.  If you're using a status-based unit, such as with Talk Skill, and it decides it wants to do damage on a specific turn, and all it has is a 4 WP Knife for damage options, it'll run up and stab a bitch instead of using Mimic Daravon.  Even if the unit isn't geared for damage, remember the AI will sometimes do things like this when deciding what to do to an opponent.  This means that emaciating a unit's DPS won't cause it to spam non-damage skills all of the time, so you'll want your units able to do some kind of damage, even if it's only 80 or so. 

2.  Self-preservation is top priority.  People seem to misinterpret this as "healing/revival is top priority", but this is actually not true.  If a unit is going to kill the Acting unit, and the Acting unit can disable or kill the enemy before the enemy can kill it (such as with a Short Charge Paralyze), it will do that instead of casting Raise on a dead ally or healing itself, if the healing will not allow it to live through the skill.  If it is in Critical and there is a dead ally within range, it will heal itself instead of Raising the dead ally.  If the AI heals itself, it will always Move away from enemy units, even if moving past them would place it in range to Raise a fallen ally on the following turn.  If the AI heals an ally, however, it'll still be willing to move forward, as long as the recipient of the healing skill was not the casting unit. The AI does not pay attention to the Crystal Counter (3/2/1/0), but does pay attention to turn order on dead units.  If it has the choice of reviving multiple units, it will go for the one that will reach 100 CT first.  It will, however, prioritize both preservation of self and allies over the death of enemies, unless that enemy is the final enemy on the map and they have the DPS to kill it in a single attack.  Units with the Reraise status are generally treated as lower priority when healing, and won't be revived because the AI sees wasting a turn on making a unit get up that was going to get up anyway as a waste.

3. The AI will always use both its Move and Act command if possible, with rare exception.  Idle Acts will be used to cast things like Haste, Accumulate, etc. and the AI will usually Move away from an enemy unit after attacking if it attacked before Moving.

4. MP restoration is based on both the other things the AI can do at the time, and how important it feels the target's MP-requiring skills are.  Powerful skills like Flare and Slow Dance will usually see the AI using skills like Chakra and Ether to replenish MP, but if the AI views the target's skills as unimportant, it won't replenish MP, regardless of how important the skill may actually be to the current situation.  The same is true of some Status-healing, such as whether or not the AI decides healing Silence is worthwhile. This is part of the reason Move-MP UP (and in Arena's case, sometimes MP Restore) is such a staple on MP-using units in AI tournaments, even more than in the single player game, on top of the obvious bit of it being MP restoration without performing Actions.  The AI will still usually use skills such as Ether correctly, and whether it decides something as being worthwhile or not is at least partially based on the team its fighting.  I've had situations, for example, where my units are Silenced but the enemy is immune to most of the skills in my Talk Skill set - so the AI just won't cure Silence until something changes, which can be both a blessing and a curse depending on the situation.

5. The AI views most buffs as things to apply when a unit is somewhat damaged, as a form of light-medium healing.   Reraise, Protect, Shell, etc. will get applied not at full HP, but when damaged and in need of a light heal (or in need of a large heal, if one isn't available), or sometimes when the AI is idle and has no better Act to perform, though the latter is not guaranteed.  Haste, Transparent, and Wall are seen as proactive buffs that the AI will try to apply when it doesn't need to kill something.  In Haste's case, it knows Speed is good, so it tries to keep itself and allies Hasted when possible.  In the case of Transparent and Wall, it thinks these statuses make it invisible / invincible respectively, and will use them proactively as it sees those statuses as the best means to keep the party alive.  In Vanilla, applying these proactively is impossible, and in most mods, it is either also impossible, or the statuses are altered in some way to make the above no longer true, so be careful when making a team that can use one or both of these statuses proactively.  (In Arena's case, the skill Carbuncle comes to mind as a proactive source of Transparent.)  When buffing a unit, though, the AI is generally smart on knowing which buffs are most important.  Sometimes, it'll do something odd, like add Protect over Reraise, or add Shell instead of Protect if Protect is better for the situation and it has both, but those are similar to point 1.  Just make sure the AI can only access the buffs you need it to access and this behavior should be well minimized.

6.  If it has a choice between two enemy units, the AI will prioritize units with the lower Current HP, decided by its raw value.  This means that a 250/250 Priest will be targeted over a 300/450 Knight, because its Current HP or 250 is less than the Knight's Current HP of 450, despite the fact the Knight is technically at "less" HP in terms of a percent (100% HP Priest v 66.6% HP Knight.)  Going back to my point on keeping revival on units least likely to die, keep this in mind.  You probably don't want your primary revival on units with low Max HP unless they have something like Defense UP to compensate.  You can also use this trait of the AI offensively - if you want the enemy AI to ignore certain units on your squad, make them have higher Max HP and have it so that both that unit and a unit with lower Max HP enters the enemy combat range at roughly the same time.

7.  There are several things the AI cannot understand properly.  Firstly, it cannot properly compute Haste when it calculates the turn order, in respect to CT-bearing Spells like Flare.  This is another large part as to why Haste is so gamebreaking in single-player.  It also cannot properly compute when the Lancer's Jump skill will land, meaning it'll sometimes kill-steal from an allied Jumping unit.  It also cannot tell what Reactions a unit has equipped and what the result of triggering said Reaction would be.  For someone whose played through Vanilla FFT, this is probably the one thing on this list they've noticed if they've noticed nothing else in this entire Basic AI-Behavior section.  If I've forgotten one or two things, I'll edit them in later, but these three are the most important.

Having a hard time formatting your hacks to be used with FFT OrgASM and have no clue what the fuck to do?

Nay, I say.  Just download this simple application and input the data for the ASM you're trying to use into it, and it'll output an XML file that OrgASM can process.  If you place it in the same folder as your FFT OrgASM, it'll even ask you if you want to run OrgASM immediately upon closing as a convenience feature.  The default location options should be enough to cover just about any existing hack you'd use OrgASM for, but I can easily update them if needed and the app will accept your own custom locations, though it'll give you a warning to verify it's what you want.  It also has more editing windows a button-press away if you're trying to OrgASM-up a large hack - up to 25 fields!  If someone makes a hack that needs more than 25 fields... first, bless them, then let me know so I can update this with more fields, since it's pretty easy.

Use and enjoy, broskis.  It'll concatenate each hack you add to the end of your My Hacks.xml, so don't worry about overwriting anything when using this!


Download the Latest Version Here!  (Mediafire Mirror)

Because when you want something done right, sometimes it's best to do it yourself.  This is EasyVent Super Perfect!  While it shares a name with ffta707's now-abandoned EasyVent tool, the application itself doesn't actually share anything in common with it besides the concept.  EasyVent Super Perfect will bring you the latest and greatest in Event Editing ease to date with both features intended for the ne'er-arriving EasyVent 4 and some an insane amount that I added myself.  

Features Included:

  • Index of every Event by Event Offset, now with Event Script and name listed as well.  This allows you to use the Open Event button to load any pre-existing Event directly into your editing window.  Now includes proper Open/Save Windows instead of the ComboBoxes I was using previously, meaning you can now name your Event and all kinds of other stuff.  The Event files are held in the various "____ Event Directory" folders included with the program.  All the default Directories aside from the Custom Event Directory are safe from being overwritten, so you can use them as source Directories as you please.  Naming support for styles other than EVT_DEC_SCR YourName was dropped, however now you have full freedom to give your Events names and Multi-Compile them even with their names as long as they follow the aforementioned EVT_DEC_SCR format.  Now also supports CTRL+A, CTRL+F, and more for even easier Event Editing and a full usurption of Notepad.
  • Index of every Event Command by ID and Name, as per FFH's front page.  When one is chosen from the drop-down list, its automatically added to your editing window at your cursor's location, and a help listing is displayed to the right of your editing window to help you use the command with as much ease as possible.  Commands added to your editing window also now have a consistent and easy to understand notation of what goes into each data field to further help you understand and remember what they do and how they work.
  • Index of every Map by Map Name and ID.  This allows you to see a top-down preview of every map, with X/Y Coordinates and N/E/S/W labeled as per the list on FFH's front page.  Now with a second box that allows you to switch between a bird's-eye view and four dynamic views!  The "corner" referred to in the names of the dynamic views refers to what the cardinal direction of the bottom-left corner is, if it wasn't obvious.  These maps are located in the "Map List" folder included with the program, so you can feel free to mark them up in Paint or something if you want to remember where certain things are!
  • Button-press Compiling and Decompiling of TEST.EVT.  Place the TEST.EVT you wish to edit in the External Program Hub folder included with the program, and when you're done your event, press Save, then press Compile Event, and EasyVent Super Perfect will run Xifanie's Event Compiler directly, no need to leave the window!  If you wish to decompile, click Decompile TEST.EVT and it'll do the same with her decompiler!  Starting with v1.3 and onward, I've even begun including a Vanilla TEST.EVT and Vanilla decompiled PSX Events to help people get started.  Starting with v1.4, you can Compile entire Directories, and Decompile will automatically output both a PSX Events.txt and a PSX Events Folder, the folder of which can be Compiled from, among other crazy shit.
  • Comprehensive Error-Checking before Compiling and Saving Events, as of v1.8, and buffed heavily in v1.9!  The program will now search for commas, parentheses, x's, french braces, line length, etc. to ensure your Event is correct before Compiling.  You'll be allowed to Save after a warning if you encounter an error, but not Compile until all errors are removed.  If you have an input error in your commands (such as using +00X for a +TIMER), you'll get the name of the command that's errored, which line it's on, and which argument is wrong, allowing for incredibly precise error-checking.  This logic also works on the Multi-Compiler, and now has its logic enhanced to interact with it properly.
  • You must keep the main program and its source files inside the EasyVent Editor Super Perfect v1.8 folder as I've organized them, or the program won't be able to find its source files and will display errors.  As of v1.2 onward, however, you can make your own Event Directories, as long as you follow the same organizational pattern.

To-Do List:

  • Make comments (statements preceded by //) green, must debug Lirmont's code...
  • FAR FUTURE - add options that allow for ATTACK.OUT editing, potentially, but probably not.

Download and enjoy, kids.  Report errors and I'll fix them as soon as I can.

Thanks To, in No Particular Order:

  • Celdia, for taking and resizing all the Map Screenshots.
  • ffta707, for the original EasyVent.  Though that program in this no actual relation, the concept and many of this program's ideas were only thought of while trying to upgrade EasyVent 3.
  • Pokeytax, for making me adamant enough that this'd be better than a Spreadsheet to actually get off my lazy ass and make it.
  • Cheetah, for giving me a pile of ideas I'm surprised I didn't think of myself that'll up the customizability and ease-of-use of this tool.
  • Xifanie, for making the original Event Compiler and Event Decompiler this is built on top of.  How I didn't think to thank her before now, I have no goddamn idea.
  • Elric42, for doing a fantastic Job in helping me identify several commands and pointing out tons of Help file errors.
  • Lirmont, for providing me with code examples for several of the more recent features, either directly or indirectly.

As most of you may or may not know, I've been working on a patch that reorganizes the entirety of FFT into chronological order with better organization of Sidequests/etc, which should make the game far easier to mod in terms of Event Editing, compared to the slapdash organization method the game is in naturally.  I've already finished the majority of this project - the main hurdle that's been left for a long time now is a portion of the ATTACK.OUT, because it's a very tedious job that was already finished once but was lost in one of Pride's laptop crashes.  This is what I need help with - remaking that lost ATTACK.OUT, then there's very little left to do before I can just compile and release a version 1.0 of this.

To put it simply, I just can't do it - it's too much for me, I lack the attention span, and I'm busy with many other projects, mostly other hacking tools like an Event Editor.  The idea's simple.  I've already got exactly what I need incredibly explicitly written out in a notepad, I just need someone(s) to take what I wrote and plug it through the ATTACK.OUT Editor onto my ATTACK.OUT.  Literally just look at Field A on Notepad, change Field A on ATTACK.OUT Editor to that.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.  Just download it, do what you can, reupload it and say where you stopped at, as I doubt a single person will want to do the entire thing.  Everything needed is included in the download.  Many advanced thanks for anyone who actually bothers to help. 

Currently, up through offset 060 is complete.

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