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The Lounge / Re: Pickle Girl Fanboy
« on: October 30, 2011, 03:11:31 AM »
I sent a friend request (my name is Steve)

Um, I'm originally from Michigan, do we have accents? lol

Read the other link in my sig.
^This one.

I read your link, Dude, fuck that, to bad i live in AZ, i own a ski mask and a real sturdy bat.  :mrgreen:

Old Project Ideas / Re: Descend To Darkness UPDATED!
« on: October 30, 2011, 02:50:00 AM »
That sounds pretty cool :) if you need any help with the event editing lemme know

The Lounge / Re: FFH Contact Info Database
« on: October 30, 2011, 02:44:06 AM »

Spam / Re: I've Got Doujinshi!
« on: October 30, 2011, 01:00:05 AM »
I wonder if that book will have any interesting job ideas...

« on: October 29, 2011, 11:40:27 PM »
Nothing. Blame yourself or God.
This still has me laughing.. Its my favorite line from FFT :)

I will do it once I get more time. But cannot really tell when, now that I plan to work on monsters.

The fact that you're willing to do it at some point makes me happy enough :)

Old Project Ideas / Re: Descend To Darkness UPDATED!
« on: October 29, 2011, 09:08:32 PM »
I subscribed to your youtube channel, :D looking forward

Dante definitely needs rework.

One again, I agree, but i am not a spriter lol

Spriting / Re: Kagebunji's sprites- Moving on...
« on: October 28, 2011, 06:48:39 PM »
ooooh ok that makes more sense now :P still i was thinking it reminded me of something from secret of mana. my mind must be going lol

Spriting / Re: Kagebunji's sprites- Moving on...
« on: October 28, 2011, 06:23:24 PM »
^ this is awesome Kage :) where have i seen this before?

yea i know what ya mean, it would definitely be the sprites since I'm using the same standing animation for everyone lol

New video posted, this will likely be one of the last videos displaying events from chapter 1 for a little while, I don't want to give everything away before you all can play it.

Where souls become Unchained

This is also in the main post

Old Project Ideas / Re: Descend To Darkness UPDATED!
« on: October 27, 2011, 08:05:11 PM »
You're quite welcome, do you have a youtube channel that i could subscribe to? i would like to be able to stay updated on your progress :)

The Lounge / Re: Greetings and hello!!
« on: October 27, 2011, 03:20:05 PM »
Your very welcome my friend, if you ever need any help sent me a PM

Non-FFT Modding / Re: OMFG FF7 MODDED
« on: October 27, 2011, 06:44:05 AM »
I played and beat this hi quality graphic version with the mp3 music about 4 months ago, it was one of the best experiences of my life lol

War of the Lions Hacking / Re: ENTD 188
« on: October 27, 2011, 02:18:12 AM »
Hmm.. i used 188 for one of my intros and had no issue replacing everyone..

The Lounge / Re: Greetings and hello!!
« on: October 27, 2011, 02:02:24 AM »

Now since I just started, I pretty much have no idea how to even make my own version of the game. I do however know how to edit sprites into the game and somewhat into formation and portraits. I have experimented with making custom patches and adding characters into the game accordingly. (i.e. adding Cloud to the first fight in Gariland lol.) But I would like to know more as to how to add more/different job classes to the game w/o having to rewrite a current one. I would also like to know how to make cut scenes and even learn how to make my own story. I feel in time I will learn these things.

Welcome to FFH!

First off if you do intend to make your own mod this is a mandatory read:

For several of the things you mentioned you should download this:

For making cutscenes:

This is a huge help to learn basic event setup:

Many other useful things in the tutorial section here:

Many many questions you will most likely have will be answered here:

also using the Help section or chatting on IRC is a great way to find additional help (provided you've already looked for it in the forums lol)

Best of luck to you, and once again welcome to FFH!

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