Storyline Progression

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Storyline progression table. The address for storyline progression is 0x800578D4. These entries are the events where the storyline progression variable (x006E) is altered.

Byte (hex) Description
0x01 "Gariland Fight (Victory)"
0x02 "Balbanes's Death"
0x03 "Introducing Algus" (Mandalia Plains fight)
0x04 "Family Meeting" (Igros)
0x05 "Sweegy Woods (Victory)"
0x06 "Interrogation" (Dorter fight)
0x07 "Gustav vs. Wiegraf" (Sand Rat Cellar fight)
0x08 "Larg's Praise" (Igros)
0x09 "Attack on the Beoulves" (Thieves Fort fight)
0x0A "Expelling Algus" (Igros)
0x0B "Reed Whistle"
0x0C "Miluda 2 (Miluda's Death)" (Lenalia Plateau fight)
0x0D "Finding Teta Missing" (Fovoham Wiegraf fight)
0x0E "Partings" (Fort Zeakden fight)
0x0F "Chapter 2 Start"
0x10 "Dorter 2 (Victory)"
0x11 "Araguay Woods (Victory)"
0x12 "Ovelia Joins" (Zirekile Falls fight)
0x13 "Ramza, Mustadio, Agrias & Ovelia meeting" (Zaland fight)
0x14 "Ruins of Zaland" (Ovelia scene)
0x15 "Dycedarg & Gafgarion Reunion" (Barius Hill fight)
0x16 "Meeting with Draclau" (Lionel)
0x17 "Zigolis Swamp (Victory)"
0x18 "Goug Machine City Town" (Mustadio investigates)
0x19 "Besrodio Saved" (Goug fight)
0x1A "Warjilis Port" (Delita scene)
0x1B "Draclau hires Gafgarion"
0x1C "Barius Valley (Victory)" (Save Agrias)
0x1D "Substitute" (Golgorand fight)
0x1E "Gelwan's Death" (Lionel fight)
0x1F "Chapter 3 Start"
0x20 "Goland Coal City post battle"
0x21 "Talk with Zalbag in Lesalia"
0x22 "Outside Castle Gate in Lesalia Talk with Alma" (first Zalmo fight)
0x23 "Meet Velius" (Orbonne battles)
0x24 "Malak and the Scriptures" [either choice]
0x25 "Delita swears allegiance to Ovelia"
0x26 "Meeting again with Olan" (Grog Hill fight)
0x27 "Exploding Frog" (Yardrow fight)
0x28 "Yuguo Woods (Victory)"
0x29 "Searching for Alma" (Riovanes fights)
0x2A -unused-
0x2B "Bervenia Free City (Victory)" (Meliadoul fight)
0x2C -unused-
0x2D "Unstoppable Cog" (Zeltennia Zalmo fight)
0x2E "Balk I (Victory)" (Bed Desert fight) *AND* "Seized T.G. Cid"
0x2F "Prince Goltana's Final Moments" (Bethla Sluice fight)
0x30 "Germinas Peak (Victory)"
0x31 -unused-
0x32 "The Mystery of Lucavi" (Limberry Zalera fight)
0x33 "Delita's betrayal" [the 2nd event]
0x34 "Adramelk (Victory)" (Igros fight)
0x35 "Requiem" (Funeral dies)
0x63 "Reunion and beyond" (end of game)