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{6B} BGSound


Plays the indexed background sound effect.

See Also: {21} SoundEffect{22} SwitchTrack

Sound ID : Byte (hex)

Plays the background sound from a list (*=loop/continous):

Echo : Byte (signed)

Strength and duration of the echo effect.

Volume : Byte (signed)

Volume based on original level of the sound.

Sound Stacking : Byte (hex)

  • x00 = will kill any currently playing background sounds
  • x01 = will play assigned sound over the ones already playing

Time : Byte (unsigned)

Amount of frames needed to reach maximum volume. (a frame is the equivalent of 1/60th of a second)

  • 060 = 1 second
  • 120 = 2 seconds
  • 180 = 3 seconds