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{5B} LoadEVTCHRClear


Allows to load an EVTCHR slot once more in the given memory block.

To replace an EVTCHR, this must be used before {58} LoadEVTCHR!

If you are just trying to Clear out an EVTCHR for any reason, such as issues with UnitAnim in a event, on attack frames. You can simply put LoadEVTCHRClear(xBL,x00) followed by SaveEVTCHRClear(xBL,x00) for the corresponding block you would like to clear out.

See also: {58} LoadEVTCHR{59} SaveEVTCHR{5A} SaveEVTCHRClear

Memory Block : Byte (hex)

  • x00 = Block 1
  • x01 = Block 2