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{1B} MapLight


Controls the map's lighting, and has the ability to change the color of the light.


See Also: {1A} MapDarkness{2E} Background{31} ColorBGBeta{32} ColorUnit{33} ColorField{3E} ColorScreen{E5} WaitForInstruction(x07,x00)

Details about the Unknown parameters:

Please ask a light technician about these parameters, because they are unbelievably confusing. They affect the light and darkness levels all around the map in some way, but I (Xifanie) was unable to word it.

Unknown 1 : Half-Word (signed)

See Unknown Details

Unknown 2 : Half-Word (signed)

See Unknown Details

Unknown 3 : Half-Word (signed)

See Unknown Details

Red : Half-Word (signed)

Red value of the RGB color.

Green : Half-Word (signed)

Green value of the RGB color.

Blue : Half-Word (signed)

Blue value of the RGB color.

Time : Half-Word (signed)

Time in frames required to complete the operation. (1 frame = 1/60th of a second)

  • +00060: 1 second
  • +00120: 2 seconds
  • +00300: 5 seconds
  • +32767: 546.11 seconds