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{1A} MapDarkness


Modifies the color of the map's lighting.


See Also: {2E} Background{31} ColorBGBeta{32} ColorUnit{33} ColorField{3E} ColorScreen{E5} WaitForInstruction(x06,x00)

Blending Mode : Byte (hex)

You must use at least one one of the following; x00 will not work:

  • x01: Darker Blending (adds -30,-30,-30 RGB)
  • x02: Normal Blending
  • x04: Absolute Blending (resets previously set color blends)
  • x10: Blacken (-128,-128,-128 RGB)


  • x09: Glow (colors from 0,0,0 to specified color, then back to 0,0,0; rinse and repeat)
    • After the first glow, it resets previously set blends and turns negative colors into positive colors (ex: -80,0,0 becomes +80,0,0)

Red : Byte (signed)

Red value of the RGB color.

Green : Byte (signed)

Green value of the RGB color.

Blue : Byte (signed)

Blue value of the RGB color.

Time : Byte (unsigned)

Time assigned in frames to complete the instruction. One frame is the equivalent of 1/60th of a second.

  • 030 = 0,5 second
  • 060 = 1 second
  • 120 = 2 seconds
  • 180 = 3 seconds
  • 255 = 4,25 seconds