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{14} PlayTrack


Loads a song and immediately plays it.

See also: {21} SoundEffect{22} SwitchTrack{5E} EndTrack{60} FadeSound{84} PlayTune

Song ID : Byte (hex)

ID Song Name
x00 ~End Current Song~
x01 Unavoidable Battle
x02 Run Past Through the Plain
x03 Back Fire
x04 Random Waltz
x05 A Chapel
x06 Bloody Excrement
x07 Decisive Battle
x08 Night Attack
x09 Under The Starts
x0A Remnants
x0B Antipyrectic
x0C Trisection
x0D Antidote
x0E Apoplexy (original part 1)
x0F Desert Land
x10 Espionage
x11 The Impure
x12 Ultema, the Nice Body
x13 Ultema, the Perfect Body
x14 Award 1 - Completed
x15 Award 2 - Unlucky
x16 Job Level Up S
x17 General Unhappiness L
x18 Job Level Up L
x19 To the Ball
x1A Tutorial
x1B World Map
x1C Shop
x1D Warrior's Hideout
x1E Fur, Meat, and Bones stores
x1F Team Making
x20 Brave Story
x21 Pub
x22 Character Making
x23 In Pursuit
x24 Final Report
x25 Ovelia's Worries
x26 Treasure
x27 Apoplexy (original Part 2)
x28 Algus
x29 Data Screen
x2A Attack Team
x2B Mission Complete
x2C Fanfare
x2D Level Up S
x2E Treasure Discovery S
x2F General Happiness S
x30 General Unhappiness S
x31 Job Change
x32 Game Over
x33 Pray
x34 Enemy Attack
x35 Commander in Training
x36 Anxiety
x37 Cryptic Mood
x38 Cry of Pain
x39 Invasion
x3A Requiem
x3B Count's Anger
x3C Kourin
x3D Memories
x3E Ovelia's Theme - variation
x3F Cry of Pain!
x40 Terror 1
x41 Terror 2
x42 Ovelia's Theme
x43 Alma's Theme
x44 Delita's Theme
x45 Ovelia's Theme (music-box)
x46 Dycedarg's Theme
x47 Zalbag, the Holy Knight
x48 Thunder God Cid
x49 Hero's Theme
x4A Holy Angel's Theme
x4B Holy Angel's Theme Deluxe
x4C Tension 1
x4D Battle on the Bridge
x4E Shock!! ~ Failure
x4F And I Ran Away
x50 Altima's Theme
x51 Fighting
x52 Fighting - version 2
x53 Walking Theme
x54 Inside the Forest
x55 Evil Hormone
x56 Vengeance
x57 Yamanaka Lake of Fear
x58 Love Love Happiness
x59 Silence at Night
x5A Repose
x5B Sky Travel
x5C Brain Side Gyro Mono
x5D In a Limited Time
x5E Heard with Something
x5F Little Wing
x60 Fear After
x61 Espionage (alternate)
x62 Thunder God Cid (slow)
x63 Apoplexy (entended)