Calculate Accuracy for Magical

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Calculate Accuracy for Magical Spells 
00188a24: 27bdffe8 addiu r29,r29,0xffe8		
00188a28: afbf0010 sw r31,0x0010(r29)		
00188a2c: 0c061760 jal 0x00185d80		Load MA and X
00188a30: 00000000 nop				
00188a34: 0c0617ff jal 0x00185ffc		Elemental_Strengthen
00188a38: 00000000 nop				
00188a3c: 0c0621d1 jal 0x00188744		Magical_Support/Status/Compat
00188a40: 00000000 nop				
00188a44: 0c061967 jal 0x0018659c		XA + YA for Accuracy 
00188a48: 00000000 nop				
00188a4c: 0c061c54 jal 0x00187150		Faith Calculation
00188a50: 00000000 nop				
00188a54: 0c061d44 jal 0x00187510		Set XA*YA as hit%
00188a58: 00000000 nop				
00188a5c: 3c028019 lui r2,0x8019		
00188a60: 8c422d90 lw r2,0x2d90(r2)		Current Action Data Pointer
00188a64: 00000000 nop				
00188a68: 90420000 lbu r2,0x0000(r2)		
00188a6c: 00000000 nop				
00188a70: 2c420001 sltiu r2,r2,0x0001		
00188a74: 8fbf0010 lw r31,0x0010(r29)		
00188a78: 27bd0018 addiu r29,r29,0x0018		
00188a7c: 03e00008 jr r31			
00188a80: 00000000 nop

Returns locations (in progress)

00188e14: Formula 09 - Dmg (Y/100)% Hit F(MA+X)%
0018935c: Formula 1B - DmgMP (MA+Y)% Hit F(X)%
0018ab38: Formula 61 - –Brave (Y) Hit F(MA+X)%