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made a few changes to skills in the Spreadsheet, I am working on finalizing the story and characters I would like to have before modding can begin ^^:
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April 08, 2017, 09:19:18 am
XD I love this group XD
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April 05, 2017, 04:26:42 pm
Quote from: Xifanie on April 05, 2017, 01:00:58 am
Maybe try a different IRC client?

I should... but i'm on discord or skype more anyways ^^:
The Lounge / Re: so if you want to chat with me
April 04, 2017, 10:50:20 pm
Quote from: Xifanie on April 04, 2017, 06:42:24 pm
How does IRC "hate" you?

Oh it either doesn't load for me or crash on me after I get it to work
after playing FFT so much a few things kind of bugged me in the Vanilla gameplay, and I wanted to talk about them.

Oh and spoilers by the way:

1.Teta's Death:

For such a pivotal moment of the Game and the catalyst to Ramza and Delita's separate ways of life, Ramza finding his own purpose in life and Delita ascending to the throne, Her death and her impact seems very forgotten, you see Ramza admit that his brothers used her out of convenience but Teta and Olivia's situations were quite different in scale and don't really compare, other than someone is willing to kill them to accomplish their goals, you would have thought Delita or Ramza would have gone after the elder brothers Dycidarg or Zalbag and asked "Why did you order this?" or something, Hell Delita must have some MAJOR self control to obey the shrine Knights and go along with their plans until they no longer suited him and he took the throne.

Teta, was a pretty big part of the story, her death was more emotional than Aeris' death in FF7 in my opinion but it's impact should have been felt more on the Hero's of the story Ramza and Delita rather than just up and forgotten about by the end of Chapter 2.

speaking of...

2. Olivia and Alma's Capture:

Olivia and Alma are two characters you seem to chase after in different parts of the game's story, first you are trying to rescue and escort Princess Olivia to safety then she gets taken by the shrine Knights and the Alma Helps you and gets captured as well, Olivia does take the throne, ascending to become queen, but after that you see very little of her you don't even see her when you free Orlandu before he is to be "executed" by Delita in a plot to frame him for killing Duke Goltanna, you also don't see much of Alma being held captive by the Shrine Knights to add that sense of urgency to the plot.

3. Sidequests:

I think FFT could have used more side quests for rare items and equipment, nelveska temple should have opened up even after the fight with Worker 7 New for added attempts to get the Javilin II and other items on the map, as its hard trying to move find when you are getting your ass kicked by Hydra's and Worker 7 New but also too, Ivalice is pretty big why not offer fights like in WOTL where you can hear a rumor and boom have a fight at the thieves fort or for Zekaden

4. What do we need?


The Lounge / so if you want to chat with me
April 04, 2017, 05:04:25 pm
Because I'm not on here all that much due to work and such and the IRC channel hates me, I was wondering if anyone wanted to chat either on Skype or Discord?

I'm mostly on Discord, so if you want to chat with me my user id is: RayKamiya#5776

i'm rarely on skype, but if you want to add me my username is RayKamiya
Quote from: snovlo on April 03, 2017, 11:42:22 am
keep up the good work!
maybe you could use synthesis shop for next step
waiting the demo trailer video about the story :)

Thanks X_X getting the time to work on this has not been fun...

on the subject of this project, I am thinking about making changes to the classes I have as well as a few other tweeks for the gameplay, for a rookie like me I was thinking just an Equipment, Job, Sprite Item and skill overhaul while keeping many of the original cute scenes and plot events in tact only edited to some degree to fit the new story, some Ideas I had in mind were:

1. At the start of the game the player is given a Party of 4 generic "Guests" and will not have access to the Soldier office until after a story event as Meko is not yet given a rank of Knighthood, After proving herself to Delita, she can access the Soldier office and after certain events can recruit other Job classes like for an example.

Stage 0: Shop is closed
Stage 1: Squires and Chemiests can be hired
Stage 2: Knights and Archers Can be hired
Final stage: Mages can be hired

2. I want to make the storyline enemies scale with your party's level and be a bit harder than normal, I'm not going for like insanely derpy but something with an added challenge to make the game more fun and more engaging. 

3. I want to raise the in game party limit from 16 to 20 if at all possible for the roster, if that's possible then I would do it.

4. I also would like to figure out the limits on Guests, enemies, bosses ect so I can better plan out and organize skills and Items so I'll know what to cut when I go from planning to Development.

5. is anyone here open for sprite commissions? because I would like to get sprites done up for this mod. Trying to get refs of what I would like added in and how to get characters to look.

6. Trying to do up the story and how I want events to play out is also a pain as well... 
Quote from: Angel on March 26, 2017, 02:33:31 am
It's cool. This was the first year in six that I've had my birthday off (though my cousin also died on my birthday, so...), and I hardly get days off anymore. It happens. You don't need to apologize or explain. Long as you keep coming back, that's all that matters.

Thanks xD I'll try and be more active XD
The Lounge / Re: FFT Bad Gameplay Habits
March 26, 2017, 12:16:30 am
I guess one of my bad habbits is exploiting the Level down and Up Trick in chapter 1 to power up my party members then doing the same thing with my other characters...

least this way EVERYONE can be as broken as Orlandu.
Holy God have I been busy the last....

wait how long has it been?....

THE HELL 4 MONTHS O.O holy crap that's bad...

Well... Crap Sorry I've been away for so long X_X been busy with a lot of crap here in real life, I am making a return here though.
Okay yes I was a little late with the update I had, but with how much work has been random with my schedule its been hard to keep to a schedule X_X
Hey guys, just working on story and making a "script" of sorts for character movements and Dialogue, I'll post an update to the project some time over the weekend to show changes that I have made thus far.

I am doing up the script and character details in a doc file as well as I can't format the story too well in a spreadsheet, but its getting more organized at least.

yes Spoiler tags are Nice XD

but here I will answer many of your questions:

1) Why does the knight class have higher jump than the Squire class? One would think heavy armor would impede jumping.

A) the spreadsheet will be updated periodically, and many Classes will have their stats re-worked and some may be scrapped for a new job all together keep an eye out as I update the spreadsheet, because for sake of balance and to better spread out skills and abilities.

2)I'm sure you have thought it out already, but what's the deal with the Sentinel class? I can see it being a hindrance more than anything. Low move, low mp. I'm going to assume low speed as well. Interesting idea, yeah. But I'm not sure how Well it will work. Have you tested it yet?

A) The Sentinel is basically a moveable Wall, it will have an insane Hp pool and will focus more on covering Allies and Taking hits more than Attacking, but as I look at it more and more I don't think it would work out very well so I may end up replacing it with another Class all together. 

3)Purely curiosity, but why give the White Wizard's heal spells Holy Element?

A) I'm used to games like Breath of fire 3 and 4 where healing spells were Holy element and if you equipped Items that took extra damage from holy attacks or reduced damage from Holy attacks it effected your healing when you were trying to heal, so your Healing skills can deal bonus damage on Undead enemies.

4) As for the Magic Attack Up innate of the Black Wizard. How well will that fare with balanced classes? Especially early game. Early game wizards in Vanilla were already godly. That's without Magic Attack Up.

A) I'm planning on lowering the damage output on some spells when I get into the guts of the game, to help balance it out plus I may also adjust Wizards Magic growth to be a bit lower compared to the more advanced mages.

5) Are you sure about the Auto-Heal ability doing a static +50? Again, beginning of game it would be great, but would lose its luster quickly.

A) I may increase it a bit when I start testing, you are right though it will lose its effectiveness in the late game when you are looking at damage and Hp in the 300-999 Range, I May have it heal a set amount like 25% of max Hp but I'll re work it later on.   

6)How large a role are you wanting returning characters like Rad, Alicia, Lavian, Agrias, Meliadoul, Ramza, and others to have?

A) I'm toying with the others joining at some point, but I also have some named generic's in mind as well to play as "Guests" or who will join you later on I'll be adding them in with the special Characters as well later on.

7) Why does the basic rod give +1 MA? Goes back to the OP Black Wizard.

A) I found Rods to be a focus for Magic, so magical items like rods should boost magic, but again I plan on nerfing the Wizard so its not OP as hell.

8) Why are there multiple equips of the same type that give the same buffs?

A) Honestly I'm gonna go through them later and try and weed out the multiples that give the same buffs, however some are mostly trying to have equality between the classes, as you saw few Knight gear give buffs to the user.

9) Are you sure about giving Ray Two Swords in his base class?

A) YES, sorry but hes one of my OC's and hes always been shown with two swords as a cross knight, I'm mostly going off the Cross knights Byuu and Palpaleos from Bahamuts Lagoon.

10) Seems like there are a plethora of equipment that raises speed.. Is a significant reason available?

A) Well at first I thought speed was one of the most overlooked stats in the game but I am planning to rework that as well.

Phew now that that's done allow me to address your comments xD

-The changes to the Archer class look fun. I can't stand Vanilla archers.

--Agreed, I hated the charge skills and I felt the Archer could have benifited more with having a more varied skillset, still tweeking it so I don't look like I'm ripping off either JOT5 or 1.3/WOTG'S mods either wich is the hardest part XD

-If I remember correctly, Galaxy Stop will not affect units with the same zodiac sign is the caster(correct my if I'm wrong about that).

--I think you are wrong on that, several times i played both Vanilla and Modded versions that had that skill available, and it hit enemies of the same Zodiac as Olain and the caster and worked, it may seem that way because of how much compatibility plays in the game.

-I too like how you portray Delita. I always assumed after some of his more heinous acts would haunt him. IT seems like the story you are working on would have him atone for past mistakes.

--Oh trust me wait till I start getting the storyline sections filled in, you may like what i have in mind ;)

-With a 30% proc rate on toad, I think you can afford to increase the WP a bit more. Even with +2 PA, MA, and 50% wepon evade. Maybe around 4 or 5 WP?

--I have thought about it but I may change it later on.

- I like the addition of -2 MA on Blood sword and that you plan on a similar knife in game.

--I may do that, maybe make it a rarer Knife.

-I feel like there isn't enough of a difference between Sage Staff and Dreamwalker to justify using DW over SS.
SS= 9PA 25% Wep Evade
DW= 10PA 15% Wep Evade and start with sleep?

--Oh DW has the chance to put the target to sleep when hit, but yeah I may also make a change to them as well.

Monster units using equipment is an interesting idea..

Yeah, I always felt that the Humanoid monsters like Goblins and Skeletons should have equipment and a better move pool.
hey guys, still working on this, just going slow as I have been bombarded with work recently but I'm hoping things slow down now X_x
Made some changes to the spreed sheet file take a look XD
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Chapter 2 Progress Log
September 26, 2016, 03:26:47 pm
Quote from: Elric on September 26, 2016, 05:10:58 am
Haha, welcome back

thanks Its good to be back X_X
So I was playing Tactics Ogre Let us Cling Together and some of the Lawful events made me scratch my head... one part in particular...

In Chapter 2 in the law route, after the start of the chapter Cautia leaves your party saying that you have abandoned her, regardless of if you said things in support of her or not, then when you get her to rejoin you late in Chapter 3 going into Chapter 4 and you are trying to get her to join you she still blames you and will commit suicide even though you are forced to say her leaving was your fault even though she CHOOSE to leave the party of her own accord.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Chapter 2 Progress Log
September 26, 2016, 02:19:26 am
Speaking of people who disappeared....

The Lounge / No I'm not dead...
September 25, 2016, 10:46:25 pm
Although I am over worked and I feel like i'm dead with the amount of sleep I've been doing lately...

Anywho I'll try and be more active I got some more work at my project from hell this week and next week and hopefully it will be over...

I do wanna keep active here.
Okay still working on the file, Finally starting to get a groove going as well as changing up a few things, mostly removing some monsters and going with a more Humanoid enemies, I may keep many staples but for the most part I may replace some monster classes with Enemy only Human jobs that will not join you so are innately immune to the Invite skill.

Been also working alot lately as my work got a new project that is THANKFULLY almost done, just spent 4 days in New Brunswick doing it and it was a shit storm...

but if you wanna contact me please by all means hit me up for my Skype or Discord usernames, In the meantime I will be posting ref pics later on of my characters for this project.